Comicpalooza 2013 — Episode 2

Kris Holden-Ried and Zoie Palmer at Comicpalooza 2013

Kris Holden-Ried and Zoie Palmer were guests at Comicpalooza 2013, where they held a Q&A panel as well as signed autographs and took pictures with fans. My guest Kris (@krisgen), my co-host Annie and I discuss our interactions with Kris and Zoie at Comicpalooza as well as share clips from the panel and our thoughts about their answers.

Interactions with Kris and Zoie

Stephanie: I had one-on-one interactions with both Kris and Zoie. I asked Kris about Dyson’s apparent love of the song “Hungry Like the Wolf.” (He dances to the song in “Confaegion.”) He said that he thinks Dyson actually hates that song and probably turns off the radio when it comes on the air, which surprised me. I told Zoie that I was looking forward to season four, and I was hoping that Lauren would get a friend. She agreed and said that Lauren needed at least a cat or something. I also asked her which she preferred: punching Vex or slapping Tamsin. Zoie said that she preferred punching Vex because she felt like he really deserved it, and she always loves working with Paul Amos.

Kris: I didn’t ask Kris or Zoie any questions at their tables, but I did get hugs from both of them. I gave them scarves that I knit, and they were both very appreciative. Kris said that the scarf would come in handy because it’s been cold in Toronto.

Annie: I went to Comicpalooza specifically to meet Kris and Zoie. Zoie complimented me on my “got Doccubus?” shirt that I had made. I had her autograph a photo of Lauren going down the stairs in “Faes Wide Shut,” and I asked her what it was like to shoot that scene. She admitted that she fell down the stairs several times trying to get that shot. I also expressed my appreciation to her for how Bo and Lauren are represented on the show. When I did a photoshoot with them, they both noticed that I was wearing Lauren’s Light Fae pendant and asked where I had gotten it. Zoie said that’s the one thing she wants when Lost Girl ends. When I mentioned I was going to FanExpo in August, Kris actually drew me a map of where good restaurants were in downtown Toronto. They were both so sweet and so nice.

Kris Holden-Ried and Zoie Palmer at Comicpalooza 2013 Panel

Q&A Panel

Thank you to Heather_D_ at Today I’m Obsessed. She recorded a video of the panel and allowed me to pull sound clips from her video to use in this episode. I only included the questions specific to Lost Girl in this episode, but you can watch the full panel on YouTube: part 1, part 2. She also wrote about her interactions with Kris and Zoie.

Thoughts and notes about the panel:

  • Interesting to hear that Zoie based her portrayal of Reynard in “Original Skin” off of the guest actor’s performance, not the other way around
  • Zoie notes that it was a good call on the writers’ part to have Lauren ask Bo to kill Nadia. That scene reveals the core of who Bo is, a compassionate and protective person.
  • Zoie emphasizes that Lauren is not a fickle person in terms of her affection. So even though she felt very hurt and is probably protecting herself at the end of season three, Zoie thinks that Lauren absolutely still loves Bo.
  • The mystery of the re-shoots in “Vexed” is revealed! There was a problem with the film, which required them to be re-shot.
  • Zoie and Kris’s choices of shows with which they’d like to do a crossover episode (Torchwood and Star Trek: The Next Generation) reveal that they’re genre fans.
  • Do Kris’s comments about Dyson pining for Bo in season four suggest that maybe he’s getting a little tired of the love triangle?
  • The fan suggestion that the season one Ash IS the living wall in Lauren’s apartment is an interesting idea.
  • Television moves so fast! One lunch per week of shooting is dedicated to a read-through for the next episode.
  • Zoie had to make some choices about how to say some lines in the first season when she didn’t know if Lauren really loved Bo or not. Did Zoie not knowing about Lauren’s intentions enhance the portrayal, given that the audience doesn’t know Lauren’s intentions either?
  • Kris really brings out Dyson’s wolf side, especially with the help of the CGI. Why did the producers make the decision to add the bulging muscles effect in season three?
  • Zoie says she auditioned with the scene in which Lauren examines Bo for the first time and “the one in the bar”? Which scene in the bar? The bar scene from “Faetal Attraction”? “Food for Thought”?

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