Gateway Episodes: What Lost Girl episode got you hooked? — Episode 1

Bo in Vexed, episode 1.08
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In the first episode of Drinks at The Dal, my guest is Kris (@krisgen), and we discuss gateway episodes. What episode got us hooked on Lost Girl and what episodes do we use to introduce the show to other people?

This topic was inspired by’s recurring feature on gateway episodes. Read their picks for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Doctor Who, Deadwood, and Friday Night Lights.

Stephanie’s Picks

Episode that got me hooked: “Vexed”

  • Beautiful cinematography — I think the opening shots of blood dripping to the floor of the elevator and Bo making her way down that long corridor are some of the best cinematography of the whole series.
  • Sex scenes — This episode confirmed for me that the show was going to be something different in terms of how it portrays sexuality and sexual orientation. “Vexed” is the only episode we see Bo having sex with two different people (not at the same time), and both the male and female partners are portrayed as viable love interests.
  • Siegfried — In the midst of the Twilight craze, I found Siegfried very refreshing. Along with the Will O’ the Wisp in “Where There’s a Will, There’s a Fae,” Siegfried signaled to me that Lost Girl was going to have some fun and bring their own interpretation of mythological creatures.
  • Great scenes — I think this episode is full of great scenes: Dyson telling Bo that she needs to start handling her healing on her own, the fight scene between Bo and the Morag, Dyson insisting that Bo needs to join a side, and Bo being hurt when she realizes that Lauren had sex with her to distract her.


Episode that I would show others to get them hooked: “ArachnoFaebia”

  • Everyone’s here — All the main characters are in this episode, and it’s a real ensemble piece. Everyone, with the exception of Trick, has their own storyline, and everyone, including Trick, is introduced really well in this episode. All the character’s roles and relationships are clear in this episode.
  • Kenzi scams someone — I love it when Kenzi goes undercover and/or scams somebody, and her shaman scam is probably my favorite. Ksenia Solo does some wonderful physical comedy in this episode.
  • Good villain — Even though it’s only bug, I think the djieien is one of the better villains on Lost Girl because it’s creepy, our heroes cannot reason with it, and it’s difficult to kill.

Note: I say that a drawback of this episode as a gateway episode is that it doesn’t mention the Light vs. Dark Fae tension, but I was wrong. Dyson asks Bo to check with her Dark Fae contacts about his case.

Kris’s Picks

Episode that got me hooked: “Oh Kappa My Kappa”

  • I had the realization when watching this episode, “This show is ridiculous. And I love it.”


Honorable mentions: “Vexed” and “The Girl Who Fae’d With Fire”

  • “Vexed” is an episode that really stands out, and let’s you know that you’re watching something great.
  • The fight scene between Bo and the cherufe in “The Girl Who Fae’d With Fire” also really stood out.


Episode that I would show others to get them hooked: “ArachnoFaebia”

  • The introductory scene with the two sisters is an excellent mirror of Bo and Kenzi’s sisterly relationship.


Listener Picks

Overwhelmingly, listeners said that “It’s a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World” was the episode that got them hooked on the series.

My gateway episode is definitely Episode 1. It’s just a solid pilot and no one really knows what’s happening and you can feel that connection between Kenzi and Bo + Dyson and Bo + Lauren and Bo all from the start! It just sets the whole show up perfectly and it really is essential to understanding the fae world and the relationships that Bo develops with certain people and why. – Katie S. (@ilovebettymcrae)

Honorable mentions: “Oh Kappa, My Kappa,” “Food for Thought,” “Truth and Consequences,” “Caged Fae”

“Vexed” was the episode most cited as either the episode listeners show their friends to get them hooked on the series or as sort of a cut off point. Give it until “Vexed.” If you don’t like it by then, you’re probably not going to like it.

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5 Replies to “Gateway Episodes: What Lost Girl episode got you hooked? — Episode 1

  1. Hey, Thanks for setting up this podcast! Great job by everyone involved! 🙂 Looking forward to more in-depth analysis of the characters and their interactions, motivations, etc.

  2. I agree that “Original Skin” is a super-fun episode, but probably not the one to introduce new fans to the show with. To appreciate the hilariousness of “Bo-Bo, I’ve got the wolf junk!!!” you have to know how Kenzi and Dyson normally are. Glad there’s a new Lost Girl podcast up and running – looking forward to listening to the Comicpalooza one!

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