Drinks at The Dal now available in iTunes

We are so excited that Drinks at The Dal launched yesterday with our first two episodes! Thank you so much for the warm response. We feel just like Bo right here, except without that nagging “I just saw the woman I want to be with making out with her girlfriend who I helped bring out of a coma but can’t tell her” feeling.

Photo Credit: Prodigy Pictures
Photo Credit: Prodigy Pictures

We are very pleased to announce that Drinks at The Dal has been added to the U.S. iTunes Music Store’s podcast directory, so you can now easily subscribe to the podcast in iTunes. If you have a minute to rate and review the podcast in iTunes, we would really appreciate that.

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We have also applied to be included in Miro Guide and Stitcher, and we’ll announce when we’ve been accepted and post links to those directory listings.

You can also use your favorite RSS reader, such as feedly, Newsblur, or NetNewsWire to subscribe.

You can subscribe to either the RSS feed for the website, which includes everything posted on the website, or you can subscribe to the podcast only RSS feed, which only has the podcast episodes.

We will always have the episodes available for streaming and download here on our website, and new episode releases will be announced on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

Again, thank you so much for the kind comments. We are really excited to be here.

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