Zoie Palmer interviewed on Canada Talks

Zoie Palmer at Ward & Al interview
Photo Credit: Canada Talks

Zoie Palmer was interviewed by Ward and Al on the Canada Talks SiriusXM radio show. She talks about the Lost Girl fan base, attending conventions, the response to the show from the LGBT community, and more. Listen to the interview below.

4 Replies to “Zoie Palmer interviewed on Canada Talks

    1. Zoie Palmer has proven herself to be a supportive ally of the LGBT community. However, she does not comment on her private life publicly, and out of respect for her and her privacy we do not speculate on it here.

      1. Nor would I ever expect you to do so. Anyway, I certainly didn’t mean to assume that she was out publicly. I think she’s awesome, and I love the show. I was just wondering out loud I suppose. Thanks for the interview. She seems pretty cool.

  1. More Zoie doing interviews is about all you can say to that. Hilarious, loved it and her; can’t wait to see “Sex After Kids” because she’s right in that she doesn’t get to do a lot of humor on the show. I love Zoie’s dramatic work don’t get me wrong, but if they ever did another humor based episode on “Lost Girl” I’d love to see them let her go wild and get to play to that side of her abilities. Fun interview; here’s hoping she’ll do more we can listen to in the future. 🙂

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