Lost Girl: The Game App & Official Merchandise — Episode 3

Lost Girl: The Game

Lost Girl: The Game app

Pros of the game:
  • You can create your own Fae character and name it
  • Very detailed graphics that mimic the production design
  • It’s addictive!
  • You get notifications from Bo
  • Features locations that have never been shown on the show (Kenzi really has a bedroom!)
Cons of the game:
  • Initial bugs made the game load very slowly, though that has been fixed somewhat
  • No online guide, can get confusing
  • How do you use the friends function and recruit other Fae?
  • Difficult to play on iPhones
  • Not enough missions
  • It’s not truly a free game — you might spend some money to play it quickly
  • You can choose your character’s gender only to a certain extent — cannot be a female wolf, only a male wolf
  • You don’t play as the actual characters on the show
  • Some of the likenesses of the characters are a little off (e.g. Dyson and Kenzi). Bo has red hair when you fight her in the game?
  • People have experienced glitches with multiple characters
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Annie’s Merchandise Wish List
Light Fae Pendant
Several people mentioned wanting Lauren’s Light Fae pendant. Since it isn’t official merchandise, we won’t say that it’s the exact design, but K Robins Designs sells a Radiance necklace pendant that looks a lot like Lauren’s.
Other Merchandise Suggested by Listeners
  • T-shirts
  • Action figures/Dolls
  • Soundtrack
  • Glassware
  • Stickers

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5 Replies to “Lost Girl: The Game App & Official Merchandise — Episode 3

  1. I’d love to see the SDCC prequel comic book be re-released, find out what Bo was all up to before the start of the series. Maybe the reason we haven’t seen more merchandise out yet is because “Lost Girl” is known for being a kind of tight budgeted show, after all this isn’t “Stargate SG-1” or anything so maybe the financing just hasn’t been there before now.

    I’m kind of surprised it took this long for the Ash pendant link to come out, even if Shaw doesn’t want to do official merchandise to save on money you’d think the least they could do is direct fans to designers’ websites if they wish to sale copies of props they made – little publicity for everyone so Shaw doesn’t lose any money with lines that might not work but can see which well if they decided to go official. You’d think t-shirts at the very least would be an easy sale or posters or even an official soundtrack because they have some really good music on that show so that’d be something depending on the track list I’d be into buying myself.

    1. That’s right, there was a Lost Girl SDCC prequel comic book released. Since I wasn’t watching the show then (even though I was probably at ComicCon that year) I’d love to see the whole thing. I’ve seen a screenshot of a page or two. A comic series would be on my wish list for merchandise, if the art was done well.

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