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Bo, Kenzi and a Goblin in Fae Day
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Have you got something to say about Lost Girl? Here’s a chance to become a contributor to Drinks at The Dal.

We are developing an upcoming series of podcast episodes focusing on each of the main characters, and we would love you to join in the conversations. We currently are planning to do episodes on Bo, Kenzi, Dyson, Lauren, Trick, Hale, Tamsin, and The Morrigan and Vex, but if you have another character that you’re really passionate about and would like to contribute commentary on, let us know. We would also like to do an episode about The Love Triangle and would love to talk to both a Bo/Lauren and a Bo/Dyson “shipper.”

The actual recording of the episode will probably require no more than about two hours, but you should also allow time to prepare and organize your thoughts in collaboration with Stephanie and Annie.

At this point, contributors must have access to a computer or mobile device with a built-in microphone that can run Google Hangouts. (You don’t need a Google+ account necessarily, but you must be able to run Google Hangouts on your computer or through an app.) International contributors are absolutely welcome, but Stephanie and Annie both live in the U.S. so a reasonable recording time must be possible for everyone.

If you are interested in being a contributor

Tell us what character or couple you would like to discuss and why by:

Don’t forget to include your Twitter name, email address, or some other way to contact you. Some things you can discuss in your message include what you find interesting about the character/couple, what storylines you have really appreciated, and how you would like to see the character/couple develop in future seasons.

If you don’t want to be a guest but have something to say about one of these characters, we always welcome your comments, which you can contribute using the above methods as well.

We look forward to hearing from folks!

3 Replies to “Contribute to Drinks at The Dal!

  1. The awesomest, most spectacular show out there. There is so much in real life to relate to with the each character and extremely enspiaring.

  2. se effettivamente si vuol discutere di qualcosa parliamo di Bo/Lauren.i loro personaggi erano perfetti rappresentavano l’amore quello vero,l’intensità dei loro sguardi,la dolcezza che sprigionavano era qualcosa di veramente emozionante,poi come per incanto la magia si è persa….perchè????è vero che viviamo in una società dove alcuni valori non esistono più,ma almeno fate trionfare l’amore,quello vince sempre e almeno per un po’ ci illudiamo che vada tutto bene.grazie.

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