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  1. I am so happy about this; more promotion for the series and more places to watch. 🙂 Although they will be up against Defiance on Mondays some…still it’s a nice thing to see. Congratulations to “Lost Girl”! 😀

    1. Yeah, it’s great that another channel wants to start airing the show. Usually a series has to have 100 episodes aired before it goes into syndication. I wonder if Chiller will air season four or if it will just air reruns.

      1. I’d look for it to be repeats more myself; Chiller doesn’t have a lot of shows on it’s network that are new shows, it’s mostly made up of horror movies and supernatural series which they can get the full the full series to already to put into rotation.

        The shows they have that they air new seasons of are usually ones they themselves of course created; I don’t watch the channel much honestly (just for Buffy and Dead Like Me repeats), but the only currently on-going series I’ve seen on there is Haven but I’ve never seen them air the new episodes while the season is currently going so I wouldn’t expect them to show season 4 of Lost Girl until after the season is done on Syfy.

        True they could surprise us and do it, but I’d believe they’d do the delay thing like TNT does Bones (FOX airs on regular night then TNT gets it like the Monday after) before I’d believe they’d get to show the new season along with SyFy on the same night. Honestly though, I’d again look more for them to show season 4 after SyFy does since SyFy was the first US network to get the contract to air it in the States. We’ll have to see though.

        Again it’s nice more channels are picking the series up for airings; my question to it actually is on which version they’ll air – will it be the SyFy one with all their weird edits at times or will they show the unedited Canadian version of the series (be great if they showed the unedited version) on their network?

        More “Lost Girl” yay! 😀

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