Stray Thoughts about Sexuality on Lost Girl — Episode 6

Trick and Stella in Fae-ge Against the Machine
First, we hope our Canadian listeners had a happy Canada Day yesterday, and we wish an early Happy Fourth of July to our listeners in the U.S.

Due to some scheduling conflicts, Stephanie and Annie were not able to record as usual. Instead of leaving you empty handed, we thought we would share a little piece of our conversation with Melanie Killingsworth (@mehlsbells) that didn’t really fit into either episode four or five.

Stray Thoughts about Sexuality

  • The portrayal of Trick’s sexuality is very refreshing. His sexuality isn’t limited by his societal difference or his age. Often older characters aren’t shown as engaging in sex, or their relationships are portrayed as very sweet or for comic relief.
  • The reference to Trick and Stella playing with bondage was good to see because prior to that mention, BDSM was only associated with Vex and The Morrigan, who are villainous characters.
  • Why no mention of birth control? There have been a few references to STDs, but no mention of birth control or barriers like condoms.

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12 Replies to “Stray Thoughts about Sexuality on Lost Girl — Episode 6

  1. “Half pints” – I totally love this idea for naming of the shorter podcasts! Ha! I love a good pun. And a bad pun. I love all puns.

    It’s interesting; I’ve thought about how the show doesn’t address safer sex or pregnancy and it would be tough to do that without including it in every single sexual encounter and getting a bit of a preachy feel to it. I could totally buy it that the Fae are immune to all or most STIs, but clearly they can reproduce. Maybe they just get to decide when they want to become pregnant? I read some speculative fiction stories back in the day and the fairy creatures in them were able to decide when they were ready to become pregnant. I can’t remember which book or series this was.

    It’s true that the one episode that sticks in my mind that seemed to hint about STIs is when Lauren said to Bo that as her doctor, she’d prefer that Bo had chosen someone “less well traveled” than Dyson for her sexual healing partner. But I also could make a case for that being something Lauren said out of jealousy or out of some kind of history or backstory that Lauren has with Dyson that we haven’t been fully shown yet, instead of an STI risk.

    1. If Bo got to decide when she became pregnant, that would be very second-wave feminist of the show…

      And was Lauren slut-shaming Dyson a little bit when she called him “well-traveled”? 🙂

    2. I definitely think it came from jealousy, leading to her intimating he’s had so much sex he could have STIs . . . interestingly, it’s also a possible case of slut-shaming, with Lauren knocking Dyson for having so many partners. It’s actually a pretty fine insult: she covers all her bases but keeps it under context of ‘professional concern.’

      1. Yeah, I was about to reply that whether Lauren was slut-shaming Dyson depends on what her motivation was for expressing concern about his being “well-traveled.” It’s possible that there is some esoteric medical concern for Bo that doesn’t involve STIs. Or, it’s possible that she was saying she’d prefer someone younger for Bo with less emotional baggage, since that could affect Bo’s mental health. Dyson’s over 1,000 years old, and Bo’s 30.

        BUT neither of those scenarios is very likely. It seems like 99% probable that her comment was motivated by jealousy and she was casting aspersions on Dyson.

  2. I think the biggest score for Trick is the fact he totally scored Miranda from “Mysterious Ways” aka Alisen Down who of course plays Isabeau on “Lost Girl”; Stella is interesting at times but I’d love to see Alisen back on the show or even still do a prequel movie about Trick/Isabeau/Aife and the Great Fae War and have her in that! 🙂

    I think fae would be subject to STDs, I mean they’re subject to food poisoning like normal people so why not that if you sleep with the wrong person at the wrong time? Maybe it’s an unspoken rule on the series, like a “unless stated otherwise assume condoms in use” type of deal. Pregnancy is definitely another issue they have yet to discuss on the series; we know it can happen because the characters exists themselves and we also have one dad on the main group in Trick…it kind of makes you wonder if any other male characters are parents and just don’t know it. It seems like something they’d be aware of but you never know.

    I would hope they would avoid doing kids on the show for Bo because while we know she’s open to them, once you start showing kids and pregnancy scares for the lead and knowing they don’t want them right now per say you just get into a mess and they have enough issues at times with writing so personally I’m ok with this topic being left up to fan fiction writers. At least when it comes to the main cast of characters; save the parental scares for Vex or parental reveals for the Morrigan or other characters – no stuff with Bo for sure, leave that for off screen. Talk about kids when a situation calls for it some ok but never show them on the series accept as individual characters linked to the story of the week – example frog boy in season 2.

      1. When I saw this, I asked the spouse “Why does Bo have condoms?” (harkening back to the “cure for an STI for a succubus is to have more sex” comment) and she said “So she doesn’t get pregnant.”

        Whadya think? No birth control pills for succubi even though they are now covered by the Affordable Care Act?

        1. Well, some women just don’t do well on birth control. Maybe Bo is one of those women. I would imagine succubi have killer hormone shifts.

          Plus, maybe she’s being mindful of potential human sex partners. She doesn’t always heal fully when she has sex with humans, so it’s possible she could pass an STI to another partner, even if she’ll eventually heal fully.

        2. Humans, right! I guess folks should not just worry about whether they themselves have an STI, but also about passing it along to other people. Or acquiring one from other people.

          Also, potentially for any accessories.

          And it’s probably tough to remember to stop by the Walgreens when you’re dealing with supernatural beings who could end the world, or when you have your memory stolen by unknown people and leave this mortal plane. Actually, the Walgreens would probably have all records of the succubus birth control prescription refill wiped from their computers, in that case.

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