This Magic Bo-ment — Episode 7

Bo in It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World

We’re starting a new series of episodes focused on the main characters of Lost Girl and logically, we had to start with Bo. Our guest is Kris (@krisgen on Twitter), whom you may remember from episodes one and two.

Since the podcast is called Drinks at The Dal, we thought it might be fun to actually have a drink on Drinks at The Dal. Stephanie dusted off her bartender’s guide and found a drink that seemed appropriate to have while discussing Bo.

Drink Special: Hot Kiss

½ oz crème de menthe (white)
½ oz crème de cacao (white)
1 oz Irish whiskey
6 oz hot coffee

Pour the liqueurs and whiskey into an Irish coffee glass. Add coffee and stir. Top with whipped cream and garnish with a chocolate-covered mint.

Drinks at The Dal variation: The Chi Suck

(Kris also suggested “Succubus Kiss” for parallelism, but “Chi Suck” made Stephanie laugh more.)

6 oz iced coffee
1 oz Jack Daniels (ideally, we would have made it with Canadian whiskey)
½ oz crème de cacao (white)
½ oz crème de menthe (white)

Served over ice with a blue straw(!)

Protective and Compassionate Bo

Bo is a protector, especially a protector of women, and we particularly see her protectiveness manifest in her relationships with her human companions.

  • In the first five minutes of the first episode, we see Bo recognize that the guy’s a scumbag, succubus him to death, and not only rescue Kenzi but take her home with her.
  • Bo tries to protect Lauren from Lachlan in “Scream a Little Dream,” saying that she is “no one’s property.”

Bo’s protective nature can also bring out a darker side to her.

  • She murdered Nadia, not when Nadia and Lauren asked her to, but when Nadia attacks Lauren.
  • She goes into “dark/super Bo” mode when her loved ones’ lives are threatened, as seen in “Death Did Not Become Him,” “Flesh and Blood,” “Faes Wide Shut,” and “The Ceremony.”
    • The show doesn’t address the ethics of Bo sucking chi from her loved ones to revive Dyson when they return from The Dawning.
    • Is Bo aware of what she is saying and doing when she is in “dark/super Bo” mode? Is it Bo saying and doing those things?

In “Adventures in Fae-bysitting,” Bo mercy-kills the Duppy. It was a gentle, beautiful, compassionate moment.

Why We Love Anna Silk

She brings a warmth, compassion, and kindness to Bo, and she gives Bo an earnestness and idealism that makes her likable and relatable.

Bo Breaks Rules and Resists Binaries

  • “I choose humans”: when asked to choose between Light Fae and Dark Fae, Bo doesn’t choose “neither” – she specifically stands on the side of humans.
  • “I will lead the life I choose”: the philosophy of Bo and the show
  • Bo thinks “teams are stupid.”
  • Bo is full of dichotomies — Bo wants to be “and” rather than “or.” Tamsin’s bathtub speech in “Hail Hale” reflects this.
  • Stephanie thinks Bo’s refusal to choose sometimes translates as indecisiveness in season three.

Bo and Redemption

  • Bo had killed people for ten years, but she tries very hard throughout the series to save as many people as she can.
  • Bo’s greatest fear is that she is a monster. In season three, Bo could literally/physically become a monster. She faces this darkness in her past in “There’s Bo Place Like Home,” and learns to let go of some of it.

Moral / Virtuous / Idealistic Bo

  • Kris thinks idealistic heroes are too rare. She sees similarities between Superman (yes, really) and Bo. (A nerd-rant ensues.)
  • Bo wears her idealism on her sleeve and will sacrifice her happiness for loved ones.
  • These qualities can lead to Bo becoming a bit self-righteous, as in “Masks” and “Caged Fae.”

Lauren, Bo, and Dyson in Arachnofaebia

Nerdy Bo

  • Bo is (delightfully!) awkward sometimes. It humanizes her. For example, she makes a joking comment about threesomes to Lauren and Dyson in “ArachnoFaebia.” (Now is not the time, Bo.)
  • Bo reads self-help books and makes Les Miserables references. She also gets super excited about reading the history of La Shoshain in “Fae Day.”

Listener Feedback

It seems to me LG started out with the premise of Bo’s humanity and her connections to Kenzi and Lauren as the fae’s only hope for the future, but progressively abandoned that theme and began presenting Bo as increasingly fae oriented – Bo begins “hanging with a new crowd” and neglects her old friends? Bo still loves Kenzi and Lauren as individuals, of course, but does the shift also imply her growing indifference to all things human? — cleop527

  • Bo, in embracing her Fae-ness, grows apart from “her” humans (Kenzi and Lauren) during season three.
  • We think this is a plot point and part of Bo’s hero’s journey. (Heroic tales often involve the hero getting diverted, or lured away, from their primary goal.)

Calling Kenzi, Hale, and Vex Lovers

We are still looking for contributors to our series of episodes focusing on each of the main characters. Specifically, we’re looking for people who love Dyson, Kenzi, Hale, and Vex & The Morrigan, as well as a Bo/Dyson and a Bo/Lauren shipper. If you are interested in being a contributor, tell us what character or couple you would like to discuss and why by:

Don’t forget to include your Twitter name, email address, or some other way to contact you. Some things you can discuss in your message include what you find interesting about the character/couple, what storylines you have really appreciated, and how you would like to see the character/couple develop in future seasons.

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17 Replies to “This Magic Bo-ment — Episode 7

  1. Great episode you guys!! Thank you for this. Loved the perspectives you brought to thinking about Bo’s arc – which I totally agree with, btw. I really liked the suggestion that idealism can be excessive and veer into dictatorial and power-abusing behavior. This is supposed to be Trick’s drama in many ways. And it’s also Bo’s of course. I rewatched the last 3 episodes of Season 2, and was reminded that the moment she bound her friends with her blood Bo’s darkness began to manifest very strongly, and as Trick warned her (us) repeatedly, this darkness has a way of sticking around once the door has been opened. So it’s been coming for a while in terms of the show’s progression, even before the Dawning.

    I believe that with regard to the Love Triangle, the only viable option for Bo is to be with both Lauren and Dyson (not in a “threesome” kind of way, but in a long-term “family” way). *This* to me is the “3rd option,” especially because neither Dyson nor Lauren are, at this point, ok with it – mirrored in the fact that most of the audience is also not ok with it. The love triangle is very central to the show’s identity, in my opinion. And the way that this set-up has polarized the fandom is a huge part of what Michelle Lovretta/LG wanted to put forward and have audiences think about. But what exactly are we supposed to conclude or understand from this? And how much will LG stick to Lovretta’s basic premise…?

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you liked it!

      The thing I really like about the blood-binding plot point at the end of season three is that it tied back in to the Aife story from the end of the first season. They implied (I don’t think it was ever explicitly stated – correct me if I’m wrong) that Aife had blood-bound her hunky enthralled minions. And we all know how that ended.

      I wouldn’t say that idealism leads to dictatorial and power-abusing behavior. I do think that it could be used as “justification” for it, though. That’s true of a lot of things, though. Upon further reflection, I think the examples we cited of Bo being self-righteous are really the result of Bo’s idealism colliding with her impulsiveness. Because Bo doesn’t always think everything through. “The road to hell . . . ” though, right?

      Who can say where the triangle will end up? I actually like how it was set up in the first season. I thought the writers were pretty smart about it. Lauren’s and Dyson’s (romantic) storylines with Bo are kind of reflections of each other. Okay, maybe funhouse mirror reflections, but there is a certain parallelism to them.

      1. Yes, the symmetry is definitely there. The Dawning episode in season 3 makes it all come together clearly. If we have come full circle – both Dyson and Lauren ended up leaving Bo in some way but both are still in love with her – what’s next??? Square one? Oh well, we’ll see…

        Yeah, I can’t remember how we learn of Bo’s blood having the power to bind. When the Garuda is near in season 2, Bo has a conversation with Trick about their blood. That last episode of Season 1 is called “Blood Lines,” so a couple of things are being announced. One of them is that Bo will be revealed as the most powerful fae ever to exist, the direct descendant of the light and dark royal bloodlines. But it will be her humanity that redeems her, and the fae, and also saves the world.

      2. They found out about the blood-binding ability from 2.18, “Fae-nted Love.” Amnesiac Bo accidentally bound Ryan to her.

        Bo’s history as Light Fae, Dark Fae, and human is (to me) the entire point of her character. She is all of those things and none of them. Or rather, it’s a unique position to be in, and *that* is the point of her character.

  2. This is the best podcast yet. About Bo being virtuous, in faege against the machine, she lies to Lauren when it did not seem necessary on the phone. Maybe I’m missing something but it just seemed out of character for Bo.

    1. That’s an interesting question, Justine. It’s not completely out of character for Bo to fib to loved ones (Kenzi in “School’s Out,” Lauren in “SubterrFaenean”) but it’s puzzling why she felt like she needed to lie in that moment. The only motivation I can think of is that Bo felt badly/little foolish that she got tricked by the Spriggen and therefore was running late for Lauren’s awards dinner, and at that point she really thought that she could still get to the dinner on time. But, yes, her motivation to lie in that moment is murky.

    2. Hi, Justine! I’m glad you liked the podcast.

      I know Stephanie and I have discussed this same question before. I agree that Bo could have saved herself a lot of trouble by just telling Lauren what was going on. I keep coming back to the thought that everything in that episode is so heightened – and slightly off – that I can’t necessarily judge everyone’s actions the way I normally would. Of course, that’s just me. But one of the plot points of that episode is that Bo’s (and Tamsin’s) actions were being influenced by Trick’s operation of the game/machine/thing, so . . .

  3. You guys, this was so much fun to listen to! Great job! I wish I kept an actual list while listening, but alas I don’t, so I have to reply on imperfect memory when commenting.

    1. Bo never refers to “her” humans as pets or food EXCEPT in S1E1 when Kenzi has followed her into the glass factory and tries to go help her after she’s defeated the Fae of the mind (what was it called?). Some Fae grabs Kenzi and Bo throws a knife at his hand and says “She’s mine.” I’ve wondered if it was a subconscious thing, that some Fae part of Bo knew she had to claim a human to keep other Fae away, or whether it wasn’t meant to have deeper meaning and instead just be the equivalent of saying “She’s with me.” But “she’s mine” is pretty definitive and feels deliberate to me.

    2. Bo definitely has grown apart from the humans in her life, but I think it’s all part of her character’s growth. If we believe that the decade between killing Kyle and running away from home at 18 and then meeting Kenzi at 28 were pretty much arrested development emotionally, then it’s no wonder she’s taking Lauren and Kenzi for granted and making all the mistakes that people make in their 20’s, nevermind that she’s 30 in S3. I think the pendulum had to swing in that direction to pave the way for her earning back Lauren and Kenzi’s love and trust, as one of you said. (I knew at the time who was saying it, but imperfect memory.)

    3. I recall reading an interview that was either with Michelle Lovretta or Emily Andras talking about Anna Silk and how she brought incredible vulnerability and emotional range to the character and how they (the writers) enhanced or altered some of the things they wrote for Bo to help take advantage of those strengths. Or maybe it was a podcast I was listening to. But anyway, yeah. She rocks.

    4. On the ethics of sucking chi to save Dyson’s life – just to play devil’s advocate (or succubus’s advocate, if you will) – I tend to give Bo more of a pass on this, because Dyson was dead. There wasn’t a lot of time for conversation. And afterward, while it’s possible that some conversations were had off-camera, I don’t think they were other than Kenzi saying that now she knows what the big hoo-ha is about getting chi-sucked. I think everyone probably just decided to give Bo a pass, too. And I’m less bothered by it than I know a lot of other fans are. I’m interested in hearing more about why. In my view, if Dyson had been injured rather than actually dead, then I would’ve been more alarmed about what happened, but Lauren was ready to pronounce him dead, and I think Bo’s instincts just took over to save him, as she would have for anyone else in the room (although maybe not Stella, ha ha).

    5. Bo and Redemption – OMG. I am seeing so many parallels to Xena here. I don’t know if Bo was inspired by Xena to some extent, or if Xena and Bo both spring from the same idea of a hero who needs redemption, but YEAH. Xena spent a long time talking about needing to atone for her past crimes, in a really similar way to Bo lamenting all the people she killed in her decade of footloose and fancy-free succubus feed-kills. I wonder what her body count actually was? And if she made a conscious effort to only chi-suck scumbags to death, once she figured out what was going on. Irrelevant, but all I will say is – hopefully whenever Lost Girl ends, which will be 4 decades from now, it doesn’t end with SPOILER ALERT Bo dead, ashes, and her ghost talking to Lauren on a ship about how she can’t bring her back to life because of all the dead people back in the village or something. I’ve heard rumors of a Xena movie possibly in the works. FIX IT ROB TAPERT.

    1. Thanks, Sally!

      1. You know, I think I’ve just always chalked that “She’s mine” up to Bo being good at reading the situation. I suppose it kind of mirrors the opening sequence in that way.

      Also, we should have added the glass factory to our Nerdy Bo segment — I’m pretty sure Bo makes a Thunderdome reference when she walks in. I’m pretty sure the only 30 year olds who know what Thunderdome is are nerds. Or Mel Gibson fans, I suppose.

      2. (It was Annie who said it, but I believe she was quoting/paraphrasing something she’d seen online.) I do think that Bo is in some sort of adolescence right now. Yes, there’s the fae/Dawning element in season three, but I think a lot of it is social and emotional. From what we know, we can infer that she was pretty isolated during those ten years. Plus, I can see the value, in terms of storyline and character growth, in exploring Bo’s fae-ness. Bo has always been the fae who was raised as a human, and her ties to humanity have, arguably, been the key to her character. (Again, this is where my Superman thing comes in.) The fact of the matter is that Bo *isn’t* human. So, I think she has to explore and, to some extent, embrace what it is to be fae and figure out how to integrate that with the human values that she’s always had.

      3. As much as I love “Vexed” as an episode, I wouldn’t love Bo like I do if they’d kept her characterized the way she is in it. I love that they portray her as a compassionate, cuddly goofball (okay, maybe not quite a goofball, but you know what I mean).

      At Comicpalooza, Zoie Palmer and Kris Holden-Ried were talking about how kind and warm Anna is. I think that really comes through in her portrayal of Bo and gives me, as a viewer, a sense of certainty about Bo’s goodness. Does that make sense?

      4. I agree with you. As I said in the podcast, they almost certainly know that Bo would do the same for any of them. Plus, Dyson’s their friend, too.

      5. I never watched Xena, other than a few random episodes here and there. The story of a hero in need of redemption is hardly a new one, though. Or a rare one.

      (Fair warning: I’m about to start talking about comic books again.) I’ve actually been thinking about how Bo’s story reminds me a little of the X-Men’s Rogue. The movies touched on it, but didn’t use the whole story from the comics. Rogue’s powers (she absorbs people’s life-energy from skin-to-skin contact) manifested as a teenager when she was with her boyfriend (Cody, I believe his name was), and she put him in a coma. Her dad kicked her out of the house, then Mystique “adopted” her and got her to use her powers for nefarious purposes. The last thing Mystique got her to do was to absorb all of Ms. Marvel’s powers, putting her in a coma. Rogue retained Ms. Marvel’s abilities (including flight and invulnerability). After that, Rogue left Mystique and joined the X-Men in an effort to atone. At least that was the 90’s version of the story (or how I remember it).

      So, yeah, variations on a theme.

      1. I have to start with #5 because I also read a few days ago on Melanie’s blog that she’s never watched Xena either and my head exploded and it was messy. Didn’t watch Xena? Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yi yi yi. Actually I kind of envy you because if/when you ever decide to watch it, you have several seasons of great TV in front of you.

        I’m familiar with the story of Rogue but mostly from the movies since I never read the comics, and yes – variations on a theme for sure. As they taught me in high school literature, there are only four themes anyway.

        Wouldn’t a fun job be “succubus’ advocate?”

  4. I wouldn’t say the super succubus is dark necessarily, I mean it protected Lauren which was a good thing. I think the super succubus ability can be dark if wants to but just because it can be dark doesn’t mean it’s always dark you know? It’s a primal side of Bo…kind of like lifting a car off your kid; on any other day if you’re kid laid under a car you couldn’t lift it (no super succubus just normal rescue) but in the real deal situation that car is coming up (super succubus), if that makes sense at all.

    I definitely feel there’s different sides to Bo, good and bad just like with everyone else and the super succubus is just another side. It’s not dark just because it sometimes kills but it’s bot always good either. Sometimes I think it even has a personality all it’s own separate from Bo and it will force her aside at times for whatever reason it wants – good or bad is up to each viewer. Remember Bo kind of blacks out during these moments so her control of what’s essentially another person is debatable.

    The Dawning chi suck was complete bullshit, apologizes if swearing is not allowed but there’s really no nicer way to put it; much like a lot of the episode itself.

    Could you argue Bo was saving a friend? Sure. If you first determine it was Bo because as we know this is where things start to get really out of character writing wise for the character.

    Normal Bo would want to save a friend, true, but would she risks others to do it? Because regardless of the words that came out of her mouth she was NOT in control of herself in that moment; it’s arguable again she wasn’t even herself.

    I know there’s the debate triangle wise so throw that out a second, would Bo risk Kenzi like that? Hell no!

    If Dyson was dead, taking time to ask everyone can they help isn’t going to affect him. If he’s dying then still is three seconds to say “Guys?” really going to make a difference?

    The mass chi suck was just pandering in my mind to Dyson screen time and trying to make him still seem important to the Bo character when she’s never really needed him. If anything, he’s always held her back as this episode quite showed; he literally almost got her killed twice!

    Would the group want to help Dyson? We know Kenzi would. Lauren being a doctor would. Trick maybe since he’s using him. Stella…how was she not more upset?! This woman wanted Dyson nowhere near the test but suddenly she’s ok with being sucked for a stranger? I think not writers!

    That’s not even touching on the fact they tried to mirror “Death Didn’t Become Him” which was a standout Doccubus moment and for what? What purpose did it serve to take from that moment? None. It was pandering to the Dyson side. >:(

    The first time we see Bo chi suck Lauren and it’s to save Dyson…ARE YOU KIDDING ME WRITERS?! Dyson forced Bo to feed in the pilot, Bo stole from Hale in the spider episode, Kenzi agreed to the test in the season 1 finale yet Lauren has to share? Poor form writers, poor form!

    And let’s not forget the lack of apologies.

    Normal Bo would apologize for chi sucking the group, no matter the way or if they agreed she would apologize and see how they were but in the Dawning episode we don’t get that. What we get is Bo trying to justify actions to Kenzi.

    “You know I had to do it right?” is not the same as I’m sorry! No once does Bo say the words “I’m sorry Kenzi. Are you okay?”; yes we know Kenzi’s clear love for Dyson and she’d again be fine with helping but had Kenzi or Lauren died in the process of the chi suck how would Bo have felt then? Would she say she’s sorry then?

    The only good things about the Dawning episode were Lauren’s continual constant support of Bo no matter what, the flashback with Aife, and then the gender swap which proved Lauren was best with Bo even when Dyson tried to play her instead because of his jealousy. That’s it. The rest of the episode is complete bull.

    For all it was suppose to be it wasn’t even Bo’s episode, it was about Dyson and then you had Trick being really condescending to Kenzi saying he’d take her in when episodes prior he was saying she wasn’t one of them and didn’t have a place there; not to mention the lack of support/concern for Lauren. Her girlfriend was fighting for her life and no one stopped to ask how she was dealing with things?

    Not a fan of the episode for many reasons clearly and absolutely HATE that bull crap chi suck scene and the lack of apology that followed after it.

    Horrible moment when talking about the Bo character even if it wasn’t really Bo at all because again – normal Bo would not be that reckless with everyone else’s lives.

    Bo being distraught…she has been before, with Lauren in “Death Didn’t Become Him” she was freaking out she couldn’t save her thus the super succubus first appeared…she was upset over Trick possibly dying in the season 2 finale and Kenzi had to cut Hale to break the bond to help bring her back…she was upset about Kenzi in “Mirror Mirror” and risked her life then to save her so I wouldn’t say that’s the first time we seen Bo distraught over something or someone.

    Heck she was distraught about a memory of Kyle in “Raging Fae” and the past that essential lead her to letting Thrasher beat the living crap out of her. Not to mention her fighting Kenzi in the season one finale to save Aife and yelling “No! Mom!” as she falls. “The Dawning” is far from the first time we see a highly distraught Bo.

    Honestly, I don’t think Emily Andras really knows what the rules are with Bo; I don’t even know if Michelle Loveretta had those figured out yet. I’ve seen that interview with Emily and honestly her explanation doesn’t make a lot of sense. Especially when you apply it to scenes we’ve seen on the series so far; so I really don’t think she has a clear idea either.

    The mercy kill scene was well done by Anna Silk but the whole “I’ll be around in 100 years” bit was still out of character to me for Bo. She MIGHT live that long but remember fae can be killed as easily as humans and with the life Bo leads she could die tomorrow for all she knows. The valuing of life because she knows the mortality of it has always been a part of Bo and so that comment just seemed out of place to me.

    This idea that fae are suddenly immortal on this series is something that definitely rubs me the wrong way because as shown several times in the past they are far from it!

    Anna Silk does do a good as the character with what she’s given and I love at times she even tries to make it better. Because let’s be honest for a second…they could do better in their treatment of Bo; not acting wise because again Silk is good but just in the fact that Bo is suppose to be the hero of the series yet just think of how many times she wasn’t allowed to be it for whatever reason and got held back. Can you imagine what the character would be like if they really let Anna play Bo as the hero she’s meant to supposedly be? Totally more kick ass. Ha.

    The Lachlan-Bo sword fight…still possibly the best fight scene EVER on the series and definitely a great moment for both characters I’d say! 🙂

    “Neither! I chose humans!” – I miss that Bo. Come back to us S1/S2 (S3 episodes 1-4) Bo!

    The writers have enough problems balancing the two ships they have much less adding a third! And really after all this time of the Lauren-Dyson debate to pick someone else would be cheap I think; you’re really asking to anger your original hardcore fans with that move. If you need a third option then it would have to be neither and not neither as in someone else but neither as in – I’m going bang everyone like mommy talked about…you know?

    Although I would argue Bo has made her decision already, quite clearly as well; she said in season 3 she picked Lauren. Season two was really about her and Lauren. Even in season one you can argue it was Lauren who she was really in love with. As Anna Silk herself said in an interview, “Even when Bo was with Dyson the appeal of Lauren was always there”.

    There are things Bo did and does that only pertain to her human love. Heck even the pilot, again “I chose humans”…Bo isn’t like the fae at all so why would she want a relationship with one? They don’t believe honestly in anything she does, even her own grandfather talks smack about her decisions behind her back so why would Bo want a relationship with someone who’s not going to treat humans well? The only fae she makes sense with is Hale and that’s because they’re kind of similar but even he follows rules she wouldn’t dare, so if it’s not Lauren then you’d have to think it’d be no one.

    I’d argue “Raging Fae” is the best performance by Anna Silk as the Bo character in the history of the show so far. She was really epic in it for sure. Bo seeking redemption for what she did in the past is what makes her better than the fae we see on the show; the redemption arc was something that felt lost in season 3 and thus we get a really jerk acting at times. The writers need to remember this is one of those things that makes Bo who she is and if you take that away then you’re taking away a key part of the character and creating someone people don’t recognize and a lot of fans didn’t like in season 3 and when you make your supposed lead unlikable…that’s not a good thing.

    Redemption and humanity, two VERY important key factors for the Bo character that need to come back ASAP in season 4!!!!!!!

    The problem with “Bo Place Like Home” in part is Bo’s attitude; we see her being really kind of rude about Mary Dennis but you go back to season 1 “Blood Lines” and clearly there’s some good memories there of this woman – “she knits wicked afghans, helped me with all my homework, and never once abandoned me to figure out my true nature alone”; I’m not saying there weren’t problems with the family because other episodes suggest there were but they weren’t as horrific as S3 Bo tried to suggest I don’t feel. It was just one of the many inconsistent moments to the season I felt. Great performance by Anna Silk and the woman playing Mary Dennis at the table near the end mind you but a weird feeling episode if we’re being honest.

    Full fae Bo? God I hope not, that version of the character is horrible!

    There is nothing to cheer for with Bo embracing the fae lifestyle; it’s only because she’s not like them and better than them that we cheer for her. If she becomes like them then what’s the point of caring about her on the show?

    The fae for the most part, like 99.99999999999999% of them, are complete jerks at one point or another and most of them have SEVERAL moments like that. They treat humans like crap and belittle them, why as a human viewer would we want to cheer for that? Yeah they have neat powers but their still jerks personality wise for the most part (again Hale is like the only living exception and still even he has issues at times).

    Again, Bo’s humanity is key! Yes she is genetically fae but she has been human in ever other way and it has made her a better person for it.

    She’s not stagnate like the rest of the fae, she doesn’t disrespect people, she goes beyond their rules because she sees them as flawed which some of them are let’s be real…Humanity-Bo is and will continue to be a million times better than fae Bo could ever be.

    Again I hope it’s not the end of Bo seeking redemption because that quest helps keep her humble. Still definitely has some things to be sorry for with her treatment of Kenzi certainly in season 3; Bo’s got to make it up to her humans because they certainly are owed some apologies.

    I’m all for Bo not feeling like a monster all time, but still even if she conquers that she’s still not a perfect person and has things to make up for with again Kenzi at least.

    I just feel if they stop having Bo trying to make amends for things then she’ll lose some of that compassion we love about her and if she loses compassion well…again it’s a slippery slope and it ends with people hating Bo as person and character.

    Just because she accepts that was what she had to do to survive and it’s not her fault she didn’t know how to control it doesn’t mean she still didn’t kill people. It’s like Warehouse 13 in season 4 for those of you who watch that show as well, just because Artie in his right mind wouldn’t kill Lena doesn’t meant Artie wasn’t responsible for her death. His finger still pulled that trigger and fired the gun that killed her, just because someone else was inside of him if you will doesn’t mean he stops living with the fact it was his body that did the killing if that makes sense.

    Bo can accept that the succubus inside of her was just doing what it had to do in order to survive but it doesn’t have to stop Bo from saying she’s sorry because she feels like that wasn’t the nicest thing to do you know? It’s still her face people see. It was still her body that took someone from their family and she has to live with that; just because she understands why it happened better now doesn’t mean she has to stop feeling sorry it happened. Again I just feel the redemption arc is needed for the Bo character because it’s what helps separate her in a good way from all the fae who prey on people and could care less; it’s like humans eating animals and not being thankful to that animal for giving it’s life so that the human could live in a way. The fae don’t respect humans but Bo does and that’s what makes her better than them and it’s why we cheer for her, or at least it’s why we use to cheer for her.

    Bo rescuing Nadia was a nice Bo moment because while Bo was mainly doing it to save Lauren because she loves her, she came to realize I think as well a part of her was doing it because she knew it was the right thing for Nadia as well. It’s kind of shown in the scene where she starts pulling out the nails as if to say “who are you or the people asking for the curse to decide someone’s fate like that…what gives you that right”; of course as the shaman tells her not all the people up there are innocent but still. While 99% of her was doing it for Lauren I do think at least 1% was doing it to help poor innocent Nadia out as well.

    Nerdy Bo is awesome; is there anything better Anna Silk wise than watching Anna just geek out in a moment as the character or just Anna period doing it? She’s so adorable. 🙂

    The season 2 character you’re talking about is Tryst and Bo does play to him a lot at times, as you said there’s the grandma comment and just general wanting to see what this guy is really like much to Kenzi’s displeasure because she usually just wants him gone. Ha.

    Yes, Bo’s connection to Kenzi and Lauren is definitely the heart of the show because they help keep her a good person; they make her someone you want to watch and cheer for each week. They help remind her of what’s important not just period but to Bo herself. The chemistry of Anna Silk, Zoie Palmer, and Ksenia Solo definitely help make a big part of this series.

    The thing about using dark aspects of the fae to remind Bo they’re not all good people and she needs to return to humanity is that you have to actually show those dark elements and showing the dark side isn’t something the show has done really in season 3 or ever really. I mean we’ve seen characters do dark things and there is of course the Dark fae lead by the Morrigan who loves being evil but they’ve honestly never shown the Dark fae side of things and even still as we use to know on the show Dark doesn’t always mean bad and Light doesn’t always mean good so they really need to start showing again that the Light aren’t good people and there are dark things to the fae. Remind Bo why she stood against them in the first place.

    In the Light alone you have the S1 Ash who conned Lauren into serving his side, you have Trick who turned his own child over to the Dark because he was mad basically that she stood up to him, you have Dyson who lies to her constantly, you have Lachlan who used her endlessly, you had Light fae elders saling out their own side in the episode with Buzz Porter….the Stag Hunt – killing someone for sport all because they dared to love someone different, these aren’t good people and again the treatment shift as if they are is just really disturbing to see on the series. The writers could do with a rewatch of the first two seasons…see the world people fell in love with, see the characters people fell in love with, see what helped get them a season 3 and 4 because it certainly wasn’t season 3 that got them season four and made fans excited for the next season. It feels like at times season 3 is the reverse of everything in the first two years; we have the same players and the same dynamics for the most part but the total package overall itself is like a shell of what use to be. I’d like to see season 4 take after season 1 and season 2 more than season 3 myself.

    I liked the hour long episode. To be fair now though each characters’ case study if you will podcast has to be an hour long as well. 🙂 It’s only fair.

    Another interesting podcast. I look forward to the next one. 🙂

    1. I like that Bo chooses not to feed off Lauren (probably for fear of hurting her), so I was expecting the first time we see Bo do that to be an emergency situation like Dyson’s death. I don’t have a problem with the scene in that regard. My biggest issue with the post-Dawning chi suck is that there is no follow-up to it. I understand that Bo was reacting out of desperation, so I can understand why she didn’t take the time to ask everybody first. (I wish she had, but I can understand why she didn’t.) However, I really wish that we had seen some follow-up to that moment beyond that scene between Bo and Kenzi, which really left me cold. It just seems weird to me that Bo didn’t at least ask Kenzi and Lauren if they were OK. Trick and Stella were clearly OK after Bo chi sucked them, but Kenzi and Lauren hit the ground.

      I think we are supposed to interpret the Super Succubus as dark, or at least darker than Bo. Because while the Super Succubus does save people, it does so with a massive disregard for individuals, which is very unBo-like. When Bo super-sucks all of the Lich’s minions, she tries to save them when she comes back to herself. It wasn’t Bo’s intention to kill them all — it was the intention of whatever possessed her. And as we’ve both said, Bo sucking her friends without asking or apologizing is very unBo-like as well. The Super Succubus also says things like “you shall all tremble before my power” and “Even Death will fear us,” which are pretty dark things to say.

      1. “beyond that scene between Bo and Kenzi, which really left me cold.”

        That was certainly another big red flag to me with season; take all the triangle dynamics out of it for a moment and focus on just the Bo and Kenzi relationship…NO WAY normal Bo treats her like she did.

        Even when you don’t have super succubus to worry about and Bo has to save Kenzi from something, regardless if she’s mad or happy at the moment of rescue, there’s always that sense of “are you okay?”. The compassion to check on Kenzi’s well being has always been there and when that wasn’t displayed in the “apology” scene it left me as you said feeling very cold and not liking Bo at all in that moment! At that point it was big red strike number 2 in the season, the first flag being Tamsin’s forgotten mission all because Bo suggested she needed better friends and they bombed that character down to being an annoying drunk female version of Dyson.

        I can easily see why most fans would say the trouble with the season started in the Dawning episode, although again I’d argue the first downhill slide was in “The Kenzi Scale”. Hopefully they’ll fix issues like these before they destroy the series from within if you will.

    2. It is phrased “super/dark Bo” in the show notes because we don’t know which it is, necessarily.  That said, I think there is an undeniable element of darkness.  Certainly, Bo’s growling “get out of my way” at Lauren in 3.05 can’t be attributed to a primal protectiveness.  

      I’m not going to fault Bo for not checking with everybody before reviving Dyson. Regardless of how we feel about Dyson, Bo obviously considers him a trusted friend, and she is very clearly (to me) acting out of grief.

      Regarding fae “immortality”: to me, this isn’t anything new to the show, and it isn’t about being invulnerable. It’s about having an indefinitely long lifespan. We saw it with the Lich in season two. I don’t think it’s unusual for Bo to assume that she will be alive for hundreds of years. I’d guess most human beings live life assuming that they’ll have whatever they consider an average lifespan. We know that Trick is well over a millennium.

      I don’t think Bo is “embracing the fae lifestyle.” I do think that she is (and needs to be) accepting that she is fae and learning to integrate that into her life and self-image. Her fae-ness is a part of her and her identity. And isn’t that a large part of what this show is about?

      1. Oh Kris, so much to disagree on with this post. Ha. 🙂

        “Certainly, Bo’s growling “get out of my way” at Lauren in 3.05 can’t be attributed to a primal protectiveness.”

        I had a different take on that; back when things still made sense in season 3 and we thought dark Bo was coming, I saw that scene as dark Bo telling Lauren to get out of her way because the super succubus knew Lauren has the ability to talk Bo down if you will so she could bring normal Bo back and dark Bo didn’t like that. But that’s just my take on it back again when we could still apply it to dark Bo.

        “I’m not going to fault Bo for not checking with everybody before reviving Dyson.”

        I could work with the timing of the situation to a degree but I still can not excuse the no apology bit.

        Our normal Bo has always stopped to check on Kenzi after something like that regardless of her feelings on was Kenzi right or wrong in the situation. There was time to ask at that point for sure “Are you ok?” and she didn’t so either that’s not our Bo and our Bo is still trapped inside the Temple for some reason or they just wrote a really out of character scene with Bo and that especially isn’t cool.

        So I’m willing to excuse to a degree the timing of the situation – not the situation itself because it never should have happened for many different reasons, but I can’t excuse the lack of apologies or the lack of care that followed you know.

        “Regarding fae “immortality”: to me, this isn’t anything new to the show, and it isn’t about being invulnerable.”

        The handling is new to me; back in season 1 & season 2 they would show or talk about fae being killed by normal stuff, it wasn’t all just fae dying from fae – there was human vibe to it and they didn’t run around talking about 100 years this or 100 years that.

        Yes most fae were 100+ and some even 1000+ but that wasn’t a guarantee for them; heck the Glaive’s daughter could have died at 50 because of the coffee allergy. I’m personally just not a fan of this fae superior mentality they had going on in season 3; yes they talk of how old they are so you know they’re living longer lives than humans but they were shown to still die just as easily as humans so there was the fae/human balance and I think that was something misplaced in season 3 that needs to return.

        Just because a fae could live to be thousands of years old doesn’t mean they will – certainly not when so many are after them like which is Bo’s case.

        It’s just more fae superiority bull that I don’t care to see on the series. I know the show includes fae but they aren’t the only ones in that world.

        “I do think that she is (and needs to be) accepting that she is fae and learning to integrate that into her life and self-image. Her fae-ness is a part of her and her identity. And isn’t that a large part of what this show is about?”

        True, Bo finding herself is part of the show. But another part is her standing up to the establishment as it is and trying to change things for the better.

        Again, I’m all for Bo not thinking she’s a monster anymore but if she forgets her desire to make amends than you lose a part of her and that’s not a good thing. True Bo is not human in a biological sense but she’s also not fae in any moral sense or lifestyle; she’s not one or the other exclusively as was debated. 🙂

        You likened her to Superman – someone not human but who was raised by humans so….

        Superman isn’t human it’s true but he has all the moral standings of humans and he tries to live a human life because that’s how he was raised. Just because he found out he was Kryptonian didn’t mean he ran out to start dressing like them nor did he start acting like them. Just because Bo is fae doesn’t mean she has to accept anything about them.

        In fact that was what the whole fight in the pilot was about – her not wanting to be on their side of the fae and everything we heard/saw leading up to season 3 was Bo rebelling against the fae because she didn’t approve of how they treated humans must less how they treated each other. Bo may be genetically fae but she is human in every other way!

        Just like Clark might be Kryptonian but he’s no General Zod. In fact, if you’ve seen the newest film (which is really good by the way) he actually gives up saving Krypton in the name of saving humans and Earth which is he’s second home. You can’t dismiss the fact that Bo is just as much human, if not more, as she is fae. “I chose humans!” – that’s a big part of the series as well as it’s her second mission really and right up there with finding out who she really is; if they forget that and Bo becomes more fae then it completely changes the character and that’s not a good thing.

        Bo is special not because she’s fae but because she’s fighting against their elitist ways. She doesn’t want to just be absolved of her past incidents, she wants to be able to bring those people back but since she can’t she tries to make amends for that. She’s not stuck in some ancient way of thinking like the majority of fae are, she’s trying to be better than them and make things better for those affected by the fae. Her accepting faehood if you will isn’t a good thing I don’t think for the character.

        As Lauren said they aren’t all monsters and neither is Bo so I’m okay with her finding peace living with her new feeding situation, think like adjusting to a food allergy in part, but the rest…that’s just not the Bo we’ve been shown over the last two years.

        Our Bo doesn’t dismiss human bad guys like Bo did in “Delinquents” when she told Kenzi that the fae bad guy wasn’t like some human bad guy…a bad guy is a bad guy no matter their power ranking.

        Our Bo apologizes and checks on Kenzi for sure when she’s been harmed even if it was by Bo’s own hand.

        Our Bo is into power control not into power advancement. This “I feel so new” attitude was just weird and saying she had to go kill something when Lauren said she wanted to talk…it was just off. Yes we’ve seen her take Kenzi for granted in S1 with the whole Aife thing, but again she was learning who she was and about power control – she wasn’t looking to join the fae just to get a handle on herself so she could live a more stable life. When Bo first learned the trick of breathing life back into someone she didn’t run out and sucking people without fear just because she thought she could bring them back.

        If anything Bo has been shown in the past to shy away from using her powers until she has to so the “let me run out kill something first babe” attitude again was just not the Bo we know or care about in some fan cases.

        Bo has never cared about being fae in any type of capacity so her 100 years speech and this “powers are awesome” attitude is very off putting. Her disconnect from her humans and humanity in general isn’t something a lot of fans support because one of Bo’s big loves, if not the big love, is humanity. It is her cause.

        Season 3 was sadly very fae heavy and it rub some people the wrong way having a “fae are great” undertone to things; yes the histories to the individual characters can be interesting at times and the powers are neat when they’re new especially but again the fae aren’t the only ones in that world and with season 1 & season 2 where was at least a balance to things. While Bo helped fae at times she also helped humans and the lack of that humanity feel to the season was something that was deeply missed.

        Again Bo is just as much human as she is fae, in fact I’d say she’s more human that she is fae, and that’s what in part makes her so unique in that world.

        I for one never want to see Bo acting like the fae on the show. I want to see her act like season 1/season 2/season 3 episodes 1-4 Bo aka old Bo because that’s who I personally feel in love with in regards to the Bo character. Post Dawning Bo is nothing like the Bo I personally care about and thus I had no reason to cheer for her in the rest of the season.

        Personally I don’t think Bo needs to accept she’s fae because the fae aren’t really that good of a people. They act like having powers makes them better than humans when really it just makes them egotistical. They treat humans like second class citizens when really they need us more than we ever need them. They only care about their future, the only reason they keep humans around is for food honestly…I don’t want to see Bo being like them. I don’t want to see her suddenly deciding Light or Dark would be a good choice and joining up. Bo needs to stay as far away from the fae as she can in my opinion.

        Learn to control your powers so you can stop being a serial killer? Yes.

        Learn who your biological family is? Yes if that’s what you want.

        Accept you aren’t some evil monster simply because you’re different? Yes.

        Help out someone who’s fae if you think they deserve it or need it? Sure if you want.

        The rest of it – say no the fae!!!!!!!

        Again Bo’s humanity is a VERY IMPORTANT AND KEY factor to the character and without it you risk making her unlikable and if you have an unlikable lead then you risk your series.

  5. Oh, another thing I remembered that I wanted to comment on – the ending of Season 3. I might be in the minority here, but I really like how S3 ended. I am thrilled specifically by the many loose ends and open questions. I think someone could do a podcast and/or blog post or both about all of the open questions from S3, as well as speculation about what direction the storyline will go, and what the heck is actually going on.

    Here’s why I think it’s so great: there’s a lot of room for people to argue both sides. For example – Lauren as Karen Beattie. Maybe that’s really her name and she’s really on the run. Maybe it is her twin sister. Maybe it’s part of an elaborate ruse that she set up with Hale to tempt Taft to recruit her so they could bust him as part of a long con (this seems less and less likely though).

    Anyway, lots of unanswered questions with equally valid answers and it sure gives us a lot to talk about until November 10, or 2014 (grrr Syfy).

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