Half Pint: Listener Feedback about Safe Sex and Pregnancy — Episode 8

Bo in The Ceremony
We got some really great feedback from listeners about the subject of safe sex and pregnancy, which we wanted to share.

But first, we want to give a shout-out to Kevin on The Fae Files and Dave and Wayne from The Faetalists. They were very kind and mentioned us in their own podcasts. You should check them out! They’re super nice guys.

Listener Feedback

Several listeners wrote in with theories about Bo’s vulnerability to sexually transmitted diseases and infections (STDs/STIs) as well as pregnancy in response to the “stray thoughts” about sexuality discussion in episode six.

I’ve thought about how the show doesn’t address safer sex or pregnancy and it would be tough to do that without including it in every single sexual encounter and getting a bit of a preachy feel to it. I could totally buy it that the Fae are immune to all or most STIs, but clearly they can reproduce. Maybe they just get to decide when they want to become pregnant? —Sally

Regarding sexually transmitted diseases: as a Succubus Bo is capable of healing through sex. It makes sense that part of that healing ability would be an immunity against STDs. In fact, it is possible all Fae are immune to human STDs & Bo’s healing ability protects her from Fae ones. As for pregnancy, it’s quite possible that it isn’t easy for a Succubus to conceive or there would be more of them. —Laura R.

I think fae would be subject to STDs, I mean they’re subject to food poisoning like normal people so why not that if you sleep with the wrong person at the wrong time? Maybe it’s an unspoken rule on the series, like a “unless stated otherwise assume condoms in use” type of deal. Pregnancy is definitely another issue they have yet to discuss on the series; we know it can happen because the characters exist themselves and we also have one dad on the main group in Trick…it kind of makes you wonder if any other male characters are parents and just don’t know it. It seems like something they’d be aware of but you never know. —Aaron

  • Unless Bo really is immune to human STDs, she should use protection when having sex with humans because she doesn’t always heal fully. If she has sex with a human and contracts an STD, she could pass it along to a subsequent human partner if she doesn’t heal fully in the meantime.
  • How does she prevent pregnancy? Is it difficult for succubi to conceive? Can Fae decide when to reproduce?

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3 Replies to “Half Pint: Listener Feedback about Safe Sex and Pregnancy — Episode 8

  1. I don’t buy you can decide when you want to be pregnant. The fae are just like everyone else, if you slip up you can have a new responsibility in your life. Clearly some fae reproduce more than others, the cabbit for example who’s part rabbit, but the fact is they can reproduce and like everything else in the world they shouldn’t get to decided when it happens…they might be mythical creatures but they’re based on real animals (some of them anyways) in part and animals don’t chose when to become pregnant.

    Just like humans don’t get to decide if they want kids; if you have sex at a certain time, maybe you’re trying for that specific time and maybe you’re not we’ll put it that way, then you can become pregnant so that accounts for the non-animal based fae. No choosing when you get pregnant. I know this is science fiction but come on now.

    I could believe in part it might be harder for some fae to reproduce than others, especially none animal based ones, so that could be a way around Bo. After all we haven’t really heard of that many succubi, they could potential be one of the more rare fae. As you said it was hinted at once already in the series so there’s at least that one mention of it.

    “He said…” – don’t let the name spelling fool you, I’m with the girls. 🙂

    Though now I do wonder if/how much weight my debates gain or loss because of gender reveal? It’d be an interesting study. Ha. Does the gender of a speaker change people’s opinion about a point?

    Anyways….back to the podcast debate! 🙂

    Again, I’m all for kids in fanfiction when they fit but I’m with you – I don’t want to see them on the show. Unless Bo is babysitting for someone or going undercover at a daycare…no small children please. Talk about kids, fine but showing pregnant Bo waddling around…not so much.

    Pregnant Anna Silk, much like all the versions of Anna Silk, adorable; pregnant Bo…leave it to fanfiction.

    Too many people still want to kill Bo on a daily basis for her to risk pregnancy I think. I can full believe she wants to be a mom when she’s more prepared because she’s talked about kids with Lauren twice but at this point I don’t think Bo is really ready for kids. The character is just getting into her 30’s, she has some time.

    Again though as you said, little kids on television series usually don’t end well so for the most part I’m good with that being an off screen thing.

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