Half Pint: Lost Girl Couple Names — Episode 9

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Half the fun of “shipping” a fictional couple seems to be coming up with the couple name, and the Lost Girl fandom has more than its fair share of creative ones. Along with our guest Kris (@krisgen), we discuss some couples that have multiple names and offer some suggestions for couples whose names are a little unclear.

Bo and Lauren

The Bo and Lauren pairing had been branded Doccubus for sometime, but Bo’s drunken phone call with Lauren in “Fae-ge Against the Machine” introduced BoLo into the mix. (By the way, if you don’t know what a bolo tie looks like, here you go.)

Bo and Tamsin

The Bo/Tamsin pairing seems to have the most couple names floating around on the Internet.

Bo and Dyson

We’ve only heard of DyBo. Are there any other versions people use?

Dyson and Lauren

While Stephanie thinks Wolfpants is a cute name, she suggests Wolfdoc for better parallelism. But if you think of Wolfpants as a combination of “wolf junk” and “hotpants,” then JunkPants might be another option. Or HotJunk? Any takers? No? OK.

Tamsin and Lauren

Stephanie thinks Copdoc can be confusing because Dyson and Hale are also cops, so the name doesn’t make it clear that it’s Tamsin people are shipping with Lauren. We suggest adding a Valkyrie reference to the name.

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10 Replies to “Half Pint: Lost Girl Couple Names — Episode 9

  1. Okay you guys, I loved this one! Your personalities really came through and it sounded like you were having tons of fun. I LOLed and snorted a bit too, I must confess!

    So the portmanteau thing is really fun for shipper names and I agree that Doccubus is awesome. I’ve always thought that the writers deliberately put the whole “BoLo” thing into the episode specifically as a nod to the whole Doccubus community and the fan community that sprang up around it, what with Doccubus.com and #Doccubus and what have you. I’ve never associated it with the bolo tie and we don’t get a lot of that here in the DC area so I don’t have the same negative association with “BoLo” that Stephanie does. So yeah – Doccubus is the best name, but I have positive emotional associations with hearing BoLo.

    Also, BoLo backward is LoBo which means “wolf” in espanol. MIND BLOWN.

    The JunkPants and HotJunk comments were the pinnacle! Ha ha ha!

    1. Thanks, Sally! We were pretty loopy at that point. I was a little uncertain about posting this episode because I worried we were too giggly and obnoxious, so I’m glad someone found us entertaining!

      I realized it’s actually really difficult to do the portmanteau thing with character names on Lost Girl. Bo’s name being just one syllable proves challenging as well as the fact that so many characters’ names end in an -en sound (Lauren, Dyson, Tamsin). I wish we had talked about a Dyson/Tamsin pairing so that I could have suggested Wolfyrie, which when you say it sounds like a doggie day care or grooming salon. 🙂

      In regards to Spanish translations, apparently in Spanish “tambo” means a roadside motel or it’s the first person, present tense conjugation of the verb “to swallow.” Interesting….

  2. Not a fan of the usage of the BoLo name either I have to say.

    Is it a nice wink-nod to the Doccubus fans? Sure you could go that route.

    Legally I know there’s issues with shows using fan made ideas, in this case shipper names, but I’d rather they had used Doccubus or just been all – “We’re Bo and Lauren!” or something. Because honestly, is Lauren the first name you really think of when you hear a girl nicknamed Lo?

    Lorraine would fit, but Lauren? Not really. And BoLo to me sounds really close to Lobo and the first thing I think hearing Lobo is Rebecca Lobo the basketball from the WNBA. So it’s a completely different thing.

    Is a cute little drunken nickname in a scene? Sure. But it’s by NO means the couple name I’d call Bo and Lauren. There’s already been a fandom name around for years that works with them we don’t need a new one.

    Had the scene happened in season 1, BoLo might be a consideration fans use but it wasn’t so that is NOT the name I consider to be Bo & Lauren’s shipper name.

    The weird tie thing also doesn’t help support for the name.

    In respect to which name is better for the Bo & Lauren couple…it’s not even a contest for me – the correct answer is Doccubus.

    Doctor + Succubus = Doccubus. It works! 🙂

    Do Tamsin and Bo even need a name? Yes, my bitterness is coming out some over the ridiculousness that was that teased plot in season three. >:(

    They could not be more of a negative aspect for fans than they already are it feels. Still TamBo – clear play on DyBo so you can’t really use that. The other name was CLEARLY ripped off from Doccubus so I have a VERY passionate hate for it and all it tries to be so I’m good with it going away. Copbus with the succubus + occupation mash-up is still in a league of ripping off Doccubus so I don’t really care for it either but I hate it less that the other name which won’t ever be mentioned by me. If they just have to have a name just be Tamsin and Bo.

    Do all couples really need a mash-up name to them?

    When’s the last time you heard a mash-up name for Kenzi with her many options fans put her with?

    There’s no Thief-Wolf for her Dyson/Kenzi fans. I think Denzi is their mash-up name so that’s one at least we’ll say.

    There’s no Mesmer-Thief for Vex/Kenzi fans.

    Nothing with a siren and thief; although again there is Kale as a possible name but still I don’t think aside from Denzi you really hear about Kenzi and her many men. It’s usually just Kenzi/(insert other name here).

    If you can’t think of a cool name that fits for a couple what’s so wrong with just using their names anymore?

    Not everyone can make for cool shipper names. Sometimes I think the mash-up thing goes a bit too far; just because “Grey’s Anatomy” has Calzona doesn’t mean every couple on that series has a mash-up name.

    Sure you could do Maddison for Mark & Addison but most shipper mash-up names aren’t going to be cute and you can’t use occupation when more than one character has the same one because it gets confusing.

    Even in “Lost Girl” when odds are most fans know who you mean when you say a name, it’s still confusing. Cop could be Dyson, Hale, or Tamsin really especially to a new fan trying to figure things out.

    DyBo I believe is the only mash-up for Dyson and Bo; I’ve heard some fans of that pairing refer to them simply as Team Kickass so there’s that as well.

    To me there’s a lot of pairings, both romance wise and just dynamics wise, that could be kickass together so personally I avoid it and refer to fans of theirs as DyBo fans.

    Wolfpants for Dyson and Lauren would be a cool sounding name except how do you even rationalize them as a couple?!

    Aside from orientation differences, Dyson treats Lauren like crap 9 times out of 10 and the 1 time he’s decent to her he later says something that erases that one point so really he has none even in the friendship pairing column.

    Lauren has tried to play nice with him but he never tries with her so why even really bother worrying about a name for them? Rivals is a good name for them I’d say. Ha. However, if it did make sense in some fashion on the series, Wolfpants would be a cool name for it I admit.

    CopDoc isn’t specific enough again in a series like “Lost Girl” as you said so that’s weird much like the pairing itself. It’s another one I just don’t get the logic behind especially given how Tamsin disrespected Lauren all through season 3 even when she wasn’t in a scene you had the disrespectful move of going into her house and using all her stuff. >:(

    It’s another pairing I can’t manage to care for now so I don’t even waste time worrying on their name really unless it’s blatantly stolen from another fandom who’s been around a lot long than them.

    Docykrie does sound like the mouse thing, I won’t lie; I’m with Annie on that one when it was said I instantly thought “Hickory, Dickory, Doc the mouse ran up the clock”.

    Can we add another option to the polls for “no mash-up name”?

    Again some names just don’t mix no matter how you try and configure them.

    “Also, BoLo backward is LoBo which means “wolf” in espanol. MIND BLOWN.”

    Actually Sally, BoLo backwards is olob. 😉

  3. Byson is a common couple name for Dyson and Bo I’ve found. I prefer it over DyBo. DyBo makes me think “die Bo” , but that’s just me. This podcast was great by the way, lol.

    1. Thank you! Someone else on Twitter mentioned Byson in response to this episode. I can see where people wouldn’t like the sound of DyBo, but Byson also sounds like a large, plains-roaming animal… 🙂

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