Lost Girl Season 3 DVD and Blu-ray Extras Announced

FUNimation Productions announced at San Diego Comic Con that the U.S. DVD and Blu-ray releases of Lost Girl will feature the uncut episodes that were not aired on Syfy.

Extra features will include cast and crew interviews, footage from the 2012 San Diego Comic Con panel, and a behind-the-scenes photo gallery.

Lost Girl Season Three Cover Art Placeholder
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3 Replies to “Lost Girl Season 3 DVD and Blu-ray Extras Announced

  1. Love they’re continuing to include unedited episodes, I missed the scene of Vex calling Kenzi out on her Dyson bias in 3.03.

    Sad there’s no gag reel, that seemed like such a hit from last year’s features. 🙁

    As for the others, honestly, I’m not that impressed. Behind the scenes photo galleries are rarely that impressive on extras, sure you get like 1 or 2 cool photos out of the set but mostly they’re a bust; add that to the fact this cast tweets BTS photos like crazy I just feel we’ll see better stuff from them than we will then what’s on the DVD set.

    The comic con panel I’m 50/50 on; for those who haven’t seen it it will be something new to check out, but you can find it (or at least clips) online probably already so no need to wait for November.

    As for the cast and crew interviews it all depends on the subject matter; if it’s clips we’ve seen before then it’ll be a bust. If it’s all talk of Tamsin then it will be a major bust to me; she is not a positive to me when it comes to the series. It also depends on who’s doing the interviews – will it be the whole original cast getting turns to talk or will it just be certain actors? How long will each interview be?

    Still not impressed either by the avertised cover art. So far I’m giving these extras a 1.5 out of the 4 announced features; this could change when I actually see them but right now I’m personally not that impressed. The best thing so far is the unedited episodes of course; .5 going to the Comic Con panel and possible interviews.

    1. Yeah, the announced extra features are pretty disappointing to me too. I liked the interviews on the season two disc, but they weren’t the best ever. I’m happy about the 2012 SDCC panel because I bet the quality will be better than the recordings on YouTube.

      Features that I always like on season box sets of TV shows are blooper reels, deleted scenes, and commentaries.

      1. “Features that I always like on season box sets of TV shows are blooper reels, deleted scenes, and commentaries.”

        Gag reels are gold and always the best feature on a DVD set I think! 🙂

        Deleted scenes are 50/50 – sometimes they’re good and others they’re just not because they’re extremely plan scenes that make you see why they were cut. Sometimes you can get a good deleted clip that’s actually better than the scene that aired but that’s rare.

        Commentaries are also what I’d consider 50/50 because usually they’re good but it really depends on a few things such as audio (I hate when they use podcast recordings instead of DVD quality audio because podcast audio doesn’t work well usually on DVD when more than one person is doing it) and the episode that’s getting commentary because some episodes you don’t really care about commentary on and if course most importantly who’s doing them.

        Usually I like to see one crew person, producer or writer or director, and at least one star…everything else can build from there; maybe you include a guest star or another crew person but you want at least one star preferably one who had the biggest storyline in the episode.

        There are downsides to commentaries when certain groups get off the episode and just start talking about completely unrelated things, sometimes that can be interesting don’t get me wrong but it can also be annoying if you really want to hear about the episode. You also want a good group who mix; you need a talker but you don’t want a Jack Kenny all the time interrupting you know. So I give them 50/50 ratings.

        To me the show “Leverage” did some of the best DVD extras sets ever! Gag reel every year, deleted scenes, usually hilarious commentaries, sometimes you’d have set tours or behind the scenes features on fights or just random skits of craziness. I miss that show, they did DVD sets right! 😀

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