Deconstructing Lauren — Episode 10

Lauren with Microscope in Hail Hale
In the second installment of our character-focused episodes, Stephanie and Annie are joined by Kedrie (@kedrie) to discuss Dr. Lauren Lewis, A.K.A. Karen Beattie, A.K.A. Dr. Hotpants. Continuing our drinking on Drinks at the Dal, the drink special for Dr. Lewis is a Hot Pants, which is appropriate not just because of the name but because we know Lauren enjoys her tequila and the drink is kind of pink.

Drink Special: Hot Pants

1 ½ oz Tequila (white)
½ oz Peppermint Schnapps
1 Tbsp Grapefruit juice
1 tsp Powdered sugar

Shake with ice cubes and pour into an old-fashioned glass rimmed with salt.

Deconstruction in Season Three

“Caged Fae”

This episode heavily features Lauren, and she is the one who prompted the infiltration of Hecuba Prison. Bo agrees that “it’s time” for them to give a relationship a shot to Lauren’s almost disbelief.


Lauren is taking action to help save the day. The show addresses the tension between Lauren and Kenzi, though an exchange between Vex and Kenzi that is important to this storyline was cut in the version aired in the U.S. on Syfy. Vex needles Lauren that her relationship with Bo can only be temporary because she can’t keep up with Bo’s sexual needs.

“Fae-de to Black”

The tension in Bo and Lauren’s relationship about sex reaches a critical point, and the last (Lauren and Bo) scene addresses the difficulty of maintaining a relationship with a succubus. Lauren is willing to sacrifice/compromise for the sake of Bo’s health/nature. Lauren acknowledges that the shots she had been giving Bo have stopped working.

“Faes Wide Shut” through “Delinquents”

Lauren realizes that Bo is devolving, and she works to help Bo but none of it seems to be working. Bo devolving because of The Dawning echoes the storyline of Nadia being possessed by the Garuda, and there were visual parallels, as well. Lauren relies on her science and really believes that her science is her one strength, and her inability to use her science to help Bo really demoralizes her.

“Those Who Wander”

At the end of season three, Lauren is left with nothing — she has left the Light Fae, she has pushed Bo away, and the Fae have branded her as an enemy.

Indentured Servitude to the Light Fae

  • What’s the fine print of Lauren’s servitude? She re-pledges herself to The Ash in season two. Is there any end date to her servitude?
  • Can she ever escape the Fae? Will they ever really let her go knowing what she knows?

Relationships with Others

  • Hale seemed like a pretty laid-back, human-loving guy in seasons one and two especially. But as acting Ash, even he won’t let Lauren forget her standing in the Fae world.
  • Dyson and Lauren have an interesting dynamic. We’ve seen a certain kinship with them in “Into the Dark” as they mourn the loss of Ciara and Nadia, and in “Delinquents” as they bond over their love and loss of Bo. Does Dyson yelling at Lauren that she can never leave the Fae set back their relationship?
  • Kenzi and Lauren developed a better rapport in season three through their experience in “Confaegion” and bonding over their concern about Bo after The Dawning in “Delinquents.” Will they continue to build more of a friendship?

Lauren’s Attributes

  • Lauren’s strength is her intellect and her courage. This is especially significant in a group of super-powered fighters.
  • Lauren is also shown to be very self-aware and ethical, as we saw in her discussion with Taft in “Hail, Hale.” She may very well be the most mature character on the show.
  • She is a person of convictions and makes choices based on what serves the greater good, even if they don’t make her popular. (We as fans seem to need more validation for Lauren than Lauren needs for herself!)
  • People question Lauren’s intentions, and the show encourages the audience to think of her as mysterious. However, she is also often portrayed as a martyr.

Karen Beattie Wanted Poster in "Hail, Hale"

Who the (bleep) is Karen?!?!

  • Does the Lauren/Karen math add up? Is she older than we think?
  • Is there a way to connect the threads we’ve been given about Lauren’s backstory?
  • Is there a way we can undo the Karen Beattie plot twist?

Future Storylines

  • What’s the deal with Lauren’s family? We have questions! (Clearly.)
  • Lauren’s break with Bo and the Fae is an opportunity for character growth and/or badassery.
  • Stephanie says that Lauren needs a friend. What do you think, season four? Can we make that happen?

Why We Love Zoie Palmer

  • Annie likes the sense of truth that Zoie brings to Lauren.
  • Zoie brings a stoic integrity to a character that could have been one-dimensional. She has a depth to her acting, including her facial expressions and physical presence.
  • Also, there’s the crucial (amazing) chemistry with Anna Silk(!)

Lauren in Delinquents

Calling Dyson, Hale, and Vex Lovers

We are still looking for contributors to our series of episodes focusing on each of the main characters. Specifically, we’re looking for people who love Dyson, Hale, and Vex & The Morrigan, as well as a Bo/Dyson and a Bo/Lauren shipper. If you are interested in being a contributor, tell us what character or couple you would like to discuss and why by:

Don’t forget to include your Twitter name, email address, or some other way to contact you. Some things you can discuss in your message include what you find interesting about the character/couple, what storylines you have really appreciated, and how you would like to see the character/couple develop in future seasons.

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17 Replies to “Deconstructing Lauren — Episode 10

  1. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it was Lauren’s idea for Bo to commit the crime spree because while it was a needed act I think Lauren would have reservations about that especially when they could kind of just fake a police record…or just transfer Kenzi’s onto Bo’s name. Ha.

    The crime spree idea seems more in Bo’s and Kenzi’s wheelhouse than it does Lauren okaying it so I can’t agree with Annie on that point.

    I still don’t understand the editing out of the Vex-Kenzi scene about Dyson; that was one of the most important moments on the series much less about the episode so why it was cut, and it can’t be for time because there were other things they could have edited out and it still fit, I’ll never know.

    Thank goodness for YouTube streams of Showcase’s version or else I would have sadly missed that. As for the term “spy-bang”, while it is a very tunneled view of what happened, I wouldn’t mind it so much if she used it with Dyson as well because he TOTALLY spy banged Bo longer for Trick than Lauren ever did for the Ash. It’s one of the many double standard issues that really honestly sucks with the series.

    How is okay for one to do something but the other does exactly the same thing and it’s not okay? Again that’s why the Vex-Kenzi scene was so important and it’s a crime against the story the series is trying tell with characters that that scene was cut for some bizarre reason. >:(

    Lauren’s medical skills are definitely something that make her even more unique in the series; in a world full of fighters she’s is the real powerhouse to the group because if they go down then it’s left up to her to patch them up. You can always throw another fighter in from the group, but there’s only one Dr. Lauren Lewis! 😀

    Lauren sticking up for her beliefs “consequences be damn” as Kedrie said is a great thing to see. In a world where a lot of the main characters jump between sides or try to make excuses for their actions when they don’t pan out, Lauren says – here is what I believe, here is what I did and I stand by that because it’s who I am. She’s very again unique in that aspect and it’s GREAT to see!

    She doesn’t hide behind the actions of others and she always accepts responsibility for her part in things…something other characters don’t do on the show.

    Karen Beattie is poorly made prop and cliché plot. It makes no sense in the actual logic of the Lauren character. Weak rush job story wise and I for one can’t stand that plot.

    I love Lauren called Bo out on playing around with the job cons because she made a point! Yes, most times Bo gets away with it but what happens when she doesn’t because Bo isn’t perfect by any means and she could really screw up some things for people if she’s not careful.

    I agree, Lauren shouldn’t have attacked Bo’s education but it did seem like more a heat of the moment type comment than anything Lauren actually believes because she’s said time and again how smart she thinks Bo is so while it isn’t pretty if you will it was still a nice scene to see someone finally call Bo out on her cavalier attitude towards things at times job con wise.

    The grammar is definitely the most surprising reveal of Lauren’s, that actually makes sense mind you, so far because it’s just an extra little letter for “love”…as many big words as Lauren uses on a daily basis her spelling the word luv was just weird and felt out of place for the character honestly.

    Lauren has always known the truth about succubi and feeding habits/needs; remember she’s the one who’s always reminding Bo in previous seasons to feed. She knew what would eventually happen but because she’s a sucker for Bo and Bo wanted to try full on monogamy (physical and emotional) she let herself get caught up in the bubble as it were but yeah she always knew where it’d end up. If anyone understands fae biology it’s Lauren.

    Lauren is the only one who can talk Bo down from power rushes; it’s again another unique thing for the character. And yet another way in which she saves people including the woman she loves.

    I still say the Dark wouldn’t kill Lauren, at least physically because emotionally the Light killed her some already so the Dark wouldn’t be much different in that, because are you kidding me – she is power and Evony LOVES power!

    Lauren has a sway over Bo and Evony knows that, Evony seen Lauren’s medical skills before, she knows Lauren’s potential – there is no way she kills her! They would use her just like the Light.

    The Hale-Lauren dynamic was an interesting on because Hale was her friend but he’s the Ash now and you have to wonder how much say he has especially with the Light fae elders barking down his throat if you will. Hale being the Ash was something I was personally excited to see because of how it would affect relationships like this…that even if he wanted to free Lauren he can’t because of outside influences.

    Hopefully we’ll see the reappearance of Hale as Ash in the upcoming new episodes; there’s some serious potential to that story still I think.

    I can never trust Dyson being friendly towards Lauren; I’d like to one day trust that move because it’d be nice to see but he’s such a double talker where he acts nice to her for like a second and then totally spits on her sometimes within the same episode that I can’t trust anything he says or does especially in regards to her.

    Again Karen Beattie is complete bull, there’s no other way to comment about that plot. And if they never mention it again then that’s more than fine with me. It’s illogical timeline wise, character wise really, and it does nothing positive for the Lauren character which – why can’t she get some positive shown clearly on screen for once?!

    She is the only one who’s motives are constantly questioned by people and really she’s the best person on the show! Everyone else is lying repeatedly, they’re blackmailing and backstabbing one another…Lauren is the one you have to worry about the least so why is she always questioned the most?! It’s frustrating at times.

    The writers definitely could do with spreading the backstory plots around; you have Kenzi which as was pointed out most fans want to know more on, you have Evony who is just set ready to go for some back story, you the Dark fae in general needing history shown in the world, you have Aife pre-Isabeau’s death you could explore…there are other characters on that series in need of more backstory or who you could expand period.

    Just because Zoie can act deliver award winning acting for most plots pushed her way doesn’t mean you have to lay everything at her door step you know?

    Speaking of Zoie, if we as fans have to flesh out Lauren’s background in our heads imagine what it has to be like for Zoie to have to play everything as she said in season one so ambiguously; she has to still play it this way in case this happens or that happens she’s prepared. Talk about the talent this woman has…it’s amazing! 🙂

    Zoie is just an amazing actor simply put.

    “She re-pledges herself to The Ash in season two. Is there any end date to her servitude?”

    Lachlan might have set up and expiration date we don’t know; remember there’s still the question of what’s in that letter he wrote before his death.

    “Can she ever escape the Fae? Will they ever really let her go knowing what she knows?”

    No to both those questions. She’s too valuable and definitely knows too much; the only way she gets out is through death.

    “Does Dyson yelling at Lauren that she can never leave the Fae set back their relationship?”

    I ask what relationship do you even mean; they’ve only ever been rivals honestly. And they weren’t friends long before Bo so it’s not just because of things with her.

    To me there is no Dyson-Lauren relationship of any kind; there could have been one perhaps had he not been such a douche to her all the time but he is so you can’t believe a word he says I don’t think when it comes to her.

    “Kenzi and Lauren developed a better rapport in season three through their experience in “Confaegion” and bonding over their concern about Bo after The Dawning in “Delinquents.” Will they continue to build more of a friendship?”

    “Confeagion” was just an awesome episode; best of season 3 I think! As for Lauren and Kenzi, it would be nice to see them continuing to build a friendship on the series.

    “Who the (bleep) is Karen?!?! Does the Lauren/Karen math add up? Is she older than we think?”

    Karen is a lie and con job, that’s what she is! Nothing about that storyline makes sense! The only way Lauren is older than we think is if she’s secretly fae. The math doesn’t add up.

    “Is there a way to connect the threads we’ve been given about Lauren’s backstory?”

    There is some logical ways, this is why Karen doesn’t track for Lauren:

    “Is there a way we can undo the Karen Beattie plot twist?”

    Yes, by calling it what it is – a lie to trap Taft; nothing more and nothing less!

    “What’s the deal with Lauren’s family?”

    That is the question.

    “Stephanie says that Lauren needs a friend. What do you think, season four? Can we make that happen?”

    I’d actually love to see her bond with Aife. I think they have actually a good bit in common with being used and abused by the fae so they could be a really interesting pairing I feel.

    Plus it’d be great to see fae family support for Lauren with Bo. 🙂

    As for reasons why we love Zoie herself again, she can do more with less than anyone. Totally the most talented one arguably on set! 🙂

    Another nice job with the podcast. 🙂

    1. Hale seemed to be in charge of the plan to infiltrate Hecuba Prison (i.e. Bo’s crime spree, etc.), but what we noted was that Lauren was the impetus for them to infiltrate the prison. Her concern for her mentor seemed to be a big reason why Hale decided to send Lauren and Bo into the prison undercover.

      Dyson and Lauren have a relationship, though you might not think it’s a good one. However, personally I think it has improved. We’ve seen Lauren reach out to Dyson after Ciara’s death, Dyson was vulnerable and even hugged Lauren when he thought he might have killed Kenzi, Dyson told Lauren that he was happy that Bo and Lauren were in a good place in their relationship, and Dyson reached out to Lauren after she had asked Bo for a break. Now, Dyson’s sincerity and motivations in some of those interactions is certainly subject to opinion, but Dyson and Lauren definitely interacted in a lot more friendly/intimate manner in season three than they ever have. I can’t imagine Lauren saying to Dyson in season one something as personal as, “Do you know I have a hard time believing that I ever found someone like her?” The frostiness between the two of them has thawed, though people certainly can (and do) argue that Dyson is manipulative of Lauren in season three.

      1. Speaking of Dyson and Lauren, I still think there is some backstory between them that happened before Season 1. They clearly didn’t like each other even before they become rivals for Bo. I wonder what it was, and if we’ll find out soon?

  2. Hi folks! I’m only 30 minutes into episode 10 of this podcast but had so many comments that I thought I’d start now. Really loved your conversation and the vibe.

    1. Lauren/Kenzi tension – in addition to their friction (not the good kind) about both being human, both loving Bo, and so on, I think there’s an element of class tension. Kenzi snarks at Lauren about being a medical doctor and going to a fancy medical school and seems to have made a lot of assumptions about Lauren’s upbringing being privileged, which she herself (Kenzi) comes from the streets and has always had to hustle.

    2. Open relationship – agree that this topic hasn’t ever been explored or set up so well as they did on Lost Girl – ground rules! What a concept! I also liked (well, not LIKED, but appreciated) that when Lauren and Bo broke up, it wasn’t because of the non-monogamy, but because Bo was being neglectful and taking Lauren for granted.

    3. Lauren’s emotions around entering the open relationship even though it wasn’t her first choice – I agree with Annie so much that Lauren is so aware and mature and self-sacrificing acting out of love and concern for Bo’s well-being. I also appreciate how they show that Lauren’s only human – when she and Bo are in the Dal looking for a Fae to pick up so Bo can feed, Lauren kind of unloads on poor Trick about “Since I can’t satisfy Bo’s coital requirements we are looking for someone to bring home.” Trick didn’t necessarily want to know that, and it was a very clinical thing to say to someone who was just basically saying “Hey girls, what’s up?” and I think it was clear that it was Lauren’s way of trying to deal with her emotional distress and jealousy and regret that this was necessary. Acting out a bit in her detached scientific Lauren way.

    4. Chi-sucking – even that you haven’t (yet? only 30 minutes in) discussed the Bo-sucking-chi-after-the-Dawning-to-save-Dyson thing, this occurred to me a few days ago. I don’t think that post-Dawning was Bo’s first chi-suck from Lauren. In the kickass flowered bra couch scene that you guys were discussing, I think Bo was sucking some chi from Lauren. While we don’t see their mouths together at the end of that scene, we do hear the telltale “chi-suck” mini-roaring sound that has accompanied all of Bo’s other blue-light-chi-sucks, and we see her internal bruise heal just a little bit. I wanted to get your opinion on that!

    1. 3. Definitely. When Lauren is dealing with a difficult situation, she compartmentalizes and adopts a 1000-yard stare. She is definitely doing that in the bar scene in “Faes Wide Shut.”

      4. In an Q&A session Emily Andras did at when episode 3.08 aired, she said that she didn’t think that Bo had ever fed on Lauren. (Basically, if it hasn’t been on screen, assume it hasn’t happened.) So I don’t think it was the show’s intent to imply that Bo was feeding on Lauren in the couch scene in 3.04.

      1. That’s interesting that Emily Andras said she “didn’t think that Bo had ever fed on Lauren” – the wording of that answer implies that she wasn’t saying for sure, or maybe didn’t know for sure. Even though we don’t see the blue ribbon coming from Lauren’s mouth to Bo’s, the sound effects and the healing are both telltale signs (especially the sound effects). I’d be interested to hear what was actually happening then if not a chi-suck.

        I mean, I know she’s the executive producer and showrunner and head writer and all (heh) and probably knows what she’s talking about, but that scene seemed pretty clear/blatant to me.

        1. She didn’t sound completely sure. Here is the question and her answer (taken from here). The asker mentioned 3.04 specifically, actually. I had forgotten about that.

          Darth Scooby: Up to episode 3×08, has Bo ever sucked chi from Lauren? Particularly in 3.04?

          Emily Andras: here’s how we think Bo’s ability to feed works: whenever she has sex, whether it be with random, Dyson (sorry!) or yes, Lauren, it’s like recharging a battery.
          But when she’s injured or desparate, she will suck chi, no sex required.
          So because Bo presumably had sex with Lauren, she would have ‘recharged’, but I don’t believe we have ever seen a Bo desparate enought to suck chi out of Lo.

          So I think the sound effects were there to cue the audience that Bo was healing from her interaction with Lauren, but not necessarily imply that she was chi-sucking her.

        2. This is actually a reply to your (Drinks) reply with the EA quotes, but it seems like we can only go 3-4 deep. I think probably regardless of what I think about the evidence in 3.04, if the writers/EA say they intended for the post-Dawning chi suck to be the first, then it is. Thanks for posting links to and quotes from this interview! Recharging a battery, indeed. 🙂

  3. “Her concern for her mentor seemed to be a big reason why Hale decided to send Lauren and Bo into the prison undercover.” – that I understand. I just meant if anyone came up with the infiltration plan like that it was probably Bo and Kenzi because they embrace the extreme approach first. Ha. After all, Hale could have easily just dropped Bo into the prison as an inmate, the over the top antics to me says more Kenzi’s hand in the planning than anything. 🙂

    It’s just that Lauren is always reaching out to help Dyson more than he ever shows care for her and it’s his lack of sincerity that makes mr question that relationship. I just can’t trust a real friendship between them because of the Dyson character. Again, if they could be friends it’d be nice to see, but I find it hard to trust given his past actions towards her.

    That’s just me though!

    I’d say he’s manipulative in season 2 as well with the “this is your chance to be free” bull; he didn’t care about Lauren’s freedom one bit, he just wanted her out of the way. Again the double talk he does just kills my trust in regards to a positive friendship between them on his end.

    Kenzi does make a lot of assumptions about Lauren Sally; I wonder how privileged she’d think Lauren is if she found out Lauren is actually from a working middle class background and it’s because of scholarships that she got into Yale in part?

    “I also liked (well, not LIKED, but appreciated) that when Lauren and Bo broke up, it wasn’t because of the non-monogamy, but because Bo was being neglectful and taking Lauren for granted.” – there is that. Bo has never cheated on a lover before so I’m glad they didn’t start plots like that now.

    “I don’t think that post-Dawning was Bo’s first chi-suck from Lauren. In the kickass flowered bra couch scene that you guys were discussing, I think Bo was sucking some chi from Lauren. While we don’t see their mouths together at the end of that scene, we do hear the telltale “chi-suck” mini-roaring sound that has accompanied all of Bo’s other blue-light-chi-sucks, and we see her internal bruise heal just a little bit.” – that wasn’t discussed in the published podcast, maybe it can be part of the PINT podcast for this episode! 🙂

    They did do the sound and they did show the bruise beginning to heal but they didn’t show the chi streak so that would be an interesting section to discuss if the host(s) and guest are up to it for added content. 🙂

    I noticed there’s a comment about this in the replies already by the DATD team, but still it could be good for a pint maybe. 😉

    “Speaking of Dyson and Lauren, I still think there is some backstory between them that happened before Season 1.” – I’ve always thought this.

    Either Dyson is just super jealous at the fact a human has the Ash’s ear even a little or something happened with Dyson and Lauren during a case where maybe Lauren’s plan got picked over his. Maybe he faults her for a plan going wrong thinking she should have done something differently even if in reality she couldn’t have; I mean there just HAS to be more to their rivalry aspect than just Bo because that would be really lame if the tension between them was just about her!

  4. Hello, I don’t know if this comment fits here, but I don’t remember you guys discussing the fact that Lauren didn’t believe in Bo when evil Kenzi took Kenzi’s place in 3.06 “The Kenzi Scale” and the strain that act brought to their relationship. Also, Lauren didn’t came out with science or some idea to try to prove if Kenzi was Kenzi she was just set in the idea that Bo was wrong, and then Kenzi was nearly killed and the newby (Tamsin) save the day!
    BTW, are you thinking on doing a podcast episode about Tamsin? I know there is a war out there in the fandom (maybe you don’t want to get into it), but it seems like a good character to try to decrypt and through crazy theories on.

    1. To be fair, no one believed Bo in that episode. Tamsin only figured it out because of the silver bracelet the kitsune had on and was eating if you will.

      They had all seen Bo devolving up until that point in little ways, Lauren had actual proof something was wrong with her, and let’s be fair to the group as a whole – Bo didn’t really give them any reason to believe her about Kenzi. She could have yelled out about the peanut allergy thing but she didn’t; all the gang saw was someone who wanted out of the cell and who would say anything to most likely get that way.

      I know this is a Lauren discussion but she was not alone by far in her actions which lead to tension in that episode. Trick (Bo’s own grandfather) was the one who ordered her locked up, Dyson (Bo’s supposed trusted friend) put her in the cage and turned his back on her in favor of fake Kenzi, even Tamsin was happy to see her locked away until she saw proof of the kitsune herself which she told no one on by the way so you could say she’s guilty of withholding information from them which makes her wrong as well.

      Bo has a right to be upset they wouldn’t listen to her, but honestly she didn’t do herself any favors by acting violently and withholding information like the peanut thing so she can’t be fully upset with them I don’t think. Just like the group was wrong not to at least check more on what Bo was saying but given what they’ve seen leading up to then with their own eyes you can’t fault them for being cautious!

      So during the episode there was some strain clearly, but honestly I think both would have realized each others point on the situation. Bo just wanted Kenzi safe and she was so that’s the main thing; she knew she couldn’t stay mad at Lauren because she knows she was right to worry – Bo herself had been asking what if she was a monster this season. So again while there was initial tension, I don’t think it was as damaging as other stuff going on that season.

      1. Hey Thanks for the answer. Btw, I had couple of grammar mistakes in the post being the main one in the last sentence where I wanted to say Throw* not Through* Sorry for that.

  5. Cool. I’m not into the shippers wars either, I was just pointing out the she is a good character to try to deconstruct.

  6. I think it’s interesting that most people focus on what Lauren said during her fight with Bo in 3×04 because she mentions Bo never finished high school (yes, really bad move), *but* Bo’s earlier comment was that being a doctor wasn’t that difficult. Since being a doctor is such a key part of who Lauren is and all of the effort and determination she has put into being a doctor and scientist, Bo’s offhand comment would also be really hurtful. It’s also interesting that Bo makes a similar comment (when she is “drunk” in 3×08) where she implies that what she does is more important than what Lauren does. Which is really aggravating given how often Lauren’s science has saved all their asses.

    It feels like Bo’s disregard for her in S3 is one of the many things that leads to Lauren asking for the break and makes her vulnerable for Taft to prey upon b/c he offers her appreciation and recognition for her genius and skills. Bo was always the one person in the Fae community that really treated Lauren as an equal but as Bo goes through her Dawning progression she really takes Lauren for granted (seriously, having sex with a feed while Lauren is downstairs? what were either of them thinking! that whole thing makes me cringe every time).

    Lauren feels like a really polarizing character to fans who either love her or hate her, and I’m not sure if that is b/c people are shipping Bo with Dyson or Tamsin, or if they just can’t relate with Lauren’s character, but there is real hypocrisy with Lauren “safety banging” Bo and Dyson “spy banging” Bo to keep her close (as another commenter pointed out). There is a lot of talk about the lack of labels and empowering of female sexuality on the show, but whether the writers are trying to play off the hypocrisy or into it, Kenzi falls straight into the trap of letting Dyson (the man) off the hook for his “bad” behaviors whereas she harps on Lauren for every little thing. Granted, that happens all too often in real life, with women undercutting each other, but I’m glad they address that directly in 3×03. The fact that it was cut by SyFy channel plays into the hypothesis that they tend to cut scenes that support Bo and Lauren’s relationship (e.g., they cut Lauren running her hand down Bo’s arm to calm her in 2×03; the voodoo priestess telling Dyson that his mate-for-life thing was in his head in 4×11; and Lauren telling Bo “I’m yours” in 4×13). It’s possible this is unintentional, but it’s understandable that people could interpret it as a purposeful statement.

    At this point it feels like Lauren has developed a relationship with most of the characters, including sweet friendships with both Dyson and Kenzi, so its time to see more of Lauren and Tamsin, particularly now that Tamsin has been re-born.

    And I love Kedrie pointing out how ironic it is that Dyson doesn’t like being used by humans but has no problem with how the Fae have treated humans…including Lauren! Not saying Taft was a good guy but there’s a reason the Fae have the “one rule” about keeping their existence hidden from humans, and that’s because they know the sheer number of humans could lead to their extermination, particularly after humans find out about being used by the Fae as food and toys. If the Fae had killed my sibling and I got blamed for it, I’m not sure how I would respond to that situation but it would include being really pissed off.

    Re: how Lauren has done so much and is still only mid 30’s: a) she’s a genius so she finished stuff faster than normal; b) there is a Fae version of the time turner that Hermione used in Harry Potter. 😉

    Sounds like S5 is going to have a lot of backstory for Tamsin and Evony, but I hope they manage to round out Lauren’s origins re: family. Is she an orphan? What happened to her brother? What situation did she grow up in (Kenzi seems to assume that she is from a Beaver Cleaver family)? Is Aunt Edna’s cheesecake recipe any good? 😉

    Like most of the actors on Lost Girl, Zoie says so much with her face and body, and the inflections in her voice. And if eye sex led to babies, lauren and bo would have a passel. All the feels that pass b/w the two without words is simply incredible.

    Thanks for doing this podcast! Love your show!

    1. PS: I was really disappointed in Dyson’s attitude towards Lauren in the beginning of S4. He would have never told Kenzi “you’re on your own” — heck, even Kenzi reaches out to Lauren in s4x01! Meanwhile, Lauren’s first words to Dyson were in inquiry about how the wounds he sustained in S3x13 in the Taft surgery (where she leaves Dyson alive and in good enough condition to have cabbot for lunch) were healing. I don’t generally dislike Dyson, but it felt like a really jackass move, and I can’t help but wonder if he doesn’t eventually go after Lauren b/c Bo would nail his wolf hide to the wall if he was complicit in Lauren getting hurt or dead. Heck, Dyson never even acknowledges the role that Lauren plays in s4x07 to save him (and Bo).

      It would be interesting to know if Dyson and Lauren were as antagonistic before Bo appeared on the scene. Dyson certainly starts out with an attitude re: humans and Lauren’s close relationship with the Ash, but Lauren doesn’t seem afraid of Dyson. Actually, she really only appears afraid of the Ash, probably b/c as his property he’s the only one who would actually harm her.

      One last aspect of Lauren’s relationships on the show is wrt Trick. Although Trick seems to share to a large extent Dyson’s attitudes re: humans, Trick also seems to treat Lauren with great respect and courtesy, and he never tries to interfere in Bo’s relationship with Lauren even though it is forbidden by the very blood laws that he wrote. Given developments in S4, it will be interesting to see what Trick’s attitude towards Lauren will be going forward: will he see her as a threat to the Fae?

      1. Personally, I didn’t find Dyson’s attitude toward Lauren to be jackass-ish at the beginning of Season 4. Yes, he did tell her she was on her own, but he also called her smart and resourceful. It’s true that Dyson hasn’t been as protective as Lauren as he has of Kenzi, but I think he perceives Kenzi as more vulnerable than Lauren because of Kenzi’s young age and lack of experience (in comparison to Lauren) with the Fae. He was also in the middle of trying to find Bo when Lauren called. But that’s just me. I know you’re not the only one who thought he was a jerk to Lauren on the phone in “Sleeping Beauty School.”

        I have always been curious about Dyson and Lauren’s relationship before Bo showed up. They don’t seem too antagonistic in “It’s a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World,” he is able to give Bo Lauren’s phone number in “Where There’s a Will, There’s a Fae,” and I don’t think they even seem that grumpy with each other at the beginning of “Food for Thought.” But after Dyson sees Lauren and Bo having a romantic moment at the end of that episode, he goes into super jealous/territorial mode in “ArachnoFaebia.”

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