Trick Questions — Episode 12

Trick in Blood Lines
Trick is probably the most mysterious character on Lost Girl, which is saying a lot because so many of the characters keep their cards pretty close to the vest. But we all know how much Trick likes his vests. Stephanie and Annie are joined by Sally (@sheaven) to try to puzzle out some of the many unanswered questions surrounding Trick.

Drink Special: Bloody Beer

(adapted from Food Republik)

3 oz tomato juice
4 dashes Tabasco sauce
2 dashes Worcestershire sauce
2 Tablespoons lime juice
kosher salt
pinch of red pepper flakes
1 bottle pale lager beer

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What’s in a name?

  • Trick’s full name is Fitzpatrick McCorrigan. “Fitzpatrick” could mean “son of Patrick.”
  • The prefix “Fitz” was also applied to illegitimate sons of kings. Could Trick have been the illegitimate son of a ruler?
  • Why “Trick” as a nickname? It has a fun or playful connotation, but it also can imply a darker deception.

The Blood Sage

  • What were some times over those many centuries when Trick has been tempted to write in his blood? Was he tempted to use them to save his wife Isabeau?
  • What were some of the other consequences of his writing in his blood?
  • How did Trick intervene in LouAnn’s execution? Was this intervention mystical, scientific, or political?
  • Lost Girl writers base the Fae on real mythology, but we couldn’t find anything on blood sages. Is it derived from pagan practices?

The Blood King

  • How did Trick become the Blood King? Was it a birthright? A coup?
    • It seems likely that he inherited the throne, as he doesn’t seem like the usurping type.
  • Is Trick a selfless leader who sacrificed for the greater good, or is he just heartless?
    • The stag hunt seems particularly cruel, and The Ash and The Morrigan seem able to mete our punishment as they see fit. Why not establish a fairer system of justice?
    • In the flashbacks to the Fae War, Trick seems arrogant and secretive.
    • In season three, Trick coaches Hale in making hard — some might say harsh — decisions in the name of the greater good.
  • What did Trick do between leaving the throne and becoming keeper of the way station?

Trick and Bo in The CeremonyTrick’s Relationships with Others

Trick and Aife
  • What exactly happened between Trick and Aife?
  • Trick seems to know a lot about Bo’s birth, so it seems likely that he knew what was happening to Aife.
  • Did he help Aife escape?
Trick and Bo
  • Bo is a game-changer, especially for Trick. She’s a rule-breaker, and he’s a rule-follower (and writer).
  • Why was Trick so secretive about his relationship with Bo?
  • Would Trick sacrifice Bo if he thought it necessary?
Trick and Dyson
  • What is their backstory? They’ve been shown to be very close and loyal to one another.
  • Why was Trick initially so against Dyson getting involved with Bo? Was he being protective of Dyson? Was he being protective of Bo?
Trick and Humans
  • What does Trick really think of humans?
  • He seems very fond of Kenzi and seems to appreciate Lauren. That said, he also expresses the Fae’s default disdain for humans.
  • However, he has witnessed two-thousand years of human history (and cruelty).

Trick Is The Big Bad?

Engineuse presents some interesting analysis of Trick and asks the question, Could Trick be The Big Bad of the series? A major component of the commentary notes that Trick represents everything that Bo is against.

Scratch the surface and Trick stands for literally everything Bo rails against. He’s a traditionalist, father-knows-best, patriarchal, arrogant old Guard fae who—

1. Doesn’t think a whole lot of humans, beyond a kind of old fashioned Colonial Chauvinist “Oh don’t be cruel to them Edgar, it’s not their fault they’re humans” kind of way.

2. Never accepts a burden of guilt for the fallout of his choices – Bo may not live in a constant hairshirt, but the burden of the damage she’s done manifests itself in her massively heightened sense of empathy and deep insecurities about her place in the world.

3. Did everything he could to keep Bo from the one thing she was desperate for, knowledge of her family origins – until it suited his purposes.

4. Created the Dark/Light dichotomy that Bo hates so much. And finally, the biggie –

5. Did so by suspending everybody’s free will – their capacity to choose – to suit himself. Stepping back as blood king didn’t mean his powertripping was over; it simply wasn’t necessary to take further action to sustain it. After all, everything was going as it should – i.e. as he wanted it.

Why We Love Rick Howland

  • He plays the tension between Trick as kindly barkeep/grandfather and manipulator with unclear intentions very well. (Clearly, he certainly keeps us guessing!) He has a great range as an actor.
  • He gives Trick a dangerous edge, especially through the physicality he brings to the role.
  • Rick Howland seems to get a lot of joy from his career and from his life, and he brings that zest for living to his portrayal of Trick.

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4 Replies to “Trick Questions — Episode 12

  1. Great episode on Trick! To the question of why Trick was initially against Dyson being with Bo, I would suggest that perhaps he didn’t want Dyson’s loyalties conflicted until Trick had made his decision regarding her. If he had decided that she was too dangerous, he would not have wanted to fight Dyson over whatever decision he made–especially if he decided she had to die. But even if he just wanted to keep his identity a secret, he had to know that it would put Dyson in a bad spot. Keeping that secret could have driven a wedge between Trick and Dyson or caused an irreparable rift between Dyson and Bo when it all came out.

  2. Because of the sheer length of these posts, I’m going to post my full reply in parts. First the part addressing the questions in the blog post itself….

    What’s in a name?
    “Could Trick have been the illegitimate son of a ruler?”

    He could be the legitimate son of a ruler just as easily or just an elected ruler as well. We sadly don’t know how rulers were picked back in Trick’s day, we don’t even know how a current Morrigan is picked, so we can’t say how he became the Blood King unless it was just a combination of his fae race and the fact they had kings back then versus Ashes or elders with various titles.

    “Why “Trick” as a nickname? It implies deception, but it also has a more fun or playful connotation.”

    Well deception is kind of a speciality for Trick honestly, he’s never fully open with anyone as we’ve seen on the series. As for the name in general, maybe he just likes it better than Fitz or Pat; Isabeau called him Patrick or Fitzpatrick so maybe he doesn’t like hearing those because it reminds him of her and remembering her brings back feelings of sheer loss.

    The Blood Sage
    “What were some times over those many centuries when Trick has been tempted to write in his blood? Was he tempted to use them to save his wife Isabeau?”

    I’m sure he was tempted to save Isabeau once the initial shock of her death wore off but by then it could have been too late. The question there would be can Trick raise the dead as well? I tend to think not because all the fae seem to have limits to their powers in one way or another; even Bo as powerful as she is has things that can block her power and those she can’t always influence such as Lachlan that time at the stag hunt.

    Trick only seems to be able to affect those who are still alive.

    We know he wrote in his blood to try and affect things with Aife but we don’t know what those writings say so we don’t know his intentions with the writings. As for general fae historical moments…maybe he was tempted and maybe he affected some, maybe others he didn’t we just don’t know because we’ve never had major backstory on the Trick character beyond the Garuda.

    “What were some of the other consequences of his writing in his blood?”

    Well according to Isabeau the way Trick’s powers work in regards to consequences is that they don’t always fall on him solely. Yes he could be affected as well somehow, along with those he’s trying to affect, but sometimes he might not and the consequences actually fall all onto someone else.

    You could make an argument I think about the odds of Lauren being someone affected by Trick’s writings because really what are the odds a human could cure the fae after only months of knowing about them we’ll say? That they would even run into the fae in the entire Congo she would be the one to hear about the village. For all we know Trick wrote a lot of things trying to help baby Bo once he learned about her so who’s to say one of those writings didn’t bring Lauren into the fold as well as a protector for Bo? 🙂

    “How did Trick intervene in LouAnn’s execution? Was this intervention mystical, scientific, or political?”

    I’d say the intervention was personal more than anything…sort of like a “thank you” for helping with baby Bo if you will. Also LouAnn was the last person to see Aife so there’s an information aspect there as well especially if Trick thinks she’s coming for Bo and for him to a degree. It was definitely a personal matter I feel as to why he did it.

    As for the what he did – clearly he saved her from execution. He made it seem like she died so the humans and both fae sides get their justice in their minds but he still gets to use her as a source of information as well – it’s like a win-win situation for everyone except poor LouAnn who yes she still has her life but not her kids sadly.

    “Lost Girl writers base the Fae on real mythology, but we couldn’t find anything on blood sages. Is it derived from pagan practices?”

    Maybe it’s derived from wizards spin-offs if you will; a sage could be like a witch or wizard…someone who practices magic and there are people in the world today who believe in old natural remedies – someone might call them a sage. So you take that concept and you add to it the ability to influence the future using your blood = blood sage.

    We know the writers love spinning characters as they’ve said themselves, an elf is never just someone with pointy ears – they’re usually 6 feet tall and don’t always wear green. Ha. It could be a pagan thing but it could just as easily be an enhancement of something the writers found themselves in other mythologies. They pull from various cultures and decades after all.

    The Blood King
    “Is Trick a selfless leader who sacrificed for the greater good, or is he just heartless?”

    I’d say it’s a combination of the two and really depends on who you ask.

    If you ask those who were on Trick’s side before the war they might think he was a good ruler but if you ask those who oppose him they might say he was heartless in his punishments towards them.

    Aife would certainly at this point say he’s heartless I think because she has first hand knowledge of his cruelty. Even his wife Isabeau was scared of the depths he had fallen to and that’s why she tried to stop things before his ego got the best of them.

    I don’t think we’ve personally ever seen him sacrifice for the greater good; he lost his family yes but that was in part to his own ego – he didn’t mean for them to get hurt so it wasn’t a choice there. We’ve never heard of him giving anything up for his people, he went into hiding for his own sake not everyone else’s.

    Again I think it depends on who you ask as to if he’s a good king or a heartless king because everyone will have a different view point on him.

    “The stag hunt seems particularly cruel, and The Ash and The Morrigan seem able to mete our punishment as they see fit. Why not establish a fairer system of justice?”

    Because that would probably mean aligning the two factions and they aren’t ready for that yet. Otherwise the Dark might lose some people to the Light or vice versa and neither can afford for that to happen should there be another war.

    “What did Trick do between leaving the throne and becoming keeper of the way station?”

    We know he traveled some because of what he said in 2.13 to Wei Lynn and their adventures with the whole traveling by boat and being in what sounded like Asia at one point and the whole head in the box adventure Trick went on so there was some definite travel a least in his time between spots.

    As for what else he did…who knows right now! Again we have really nothing to go on for backstory with Trick besides the flashbacks in S2 and some little comments he makes here or there which don’t always amount to much.

    Trick’s Relationships with Others
    Trick and Aife
    “What exactly happened between Trick and Aife?”

    He abandoned his own daughter to the Dark that’s what happened between them!

    Yes, as a king you can say he did it because she was considered a criminal at the time but as her father it was just a dick move on his part I think! Did he really think they would play by the rules and just execute her like they said they would? Why would you believe the Dark like that especially when your own child is involved in something they’re doing?!

    And then there’s the why of him doing it, was it just because of the criminal aspect or did he do it in part because Aife dared to stand against him in regards to seeking justice for Isabeau?

    Trick has never seemed to really regret what he did in regards to Aife, at least that’s how it comes across to me on the show, so I have to think there was some personal ego issues going on there as well. Which again suggest he might not be the kindest person like he seems to be at times.

    “Did he help Aife escape?”

    I give this a yes/no in reply.

    Yes, he probably helped some but at the same time was you have to ask was he meaning to help her or just baby Bo?

    And no because when he writes in his blood there’s always consequences for someone and Aife could easily be that someone because she never got free all the other times he wrote so I wouldn’t say he helped really, in fact he could helped her own plans fail and thus she’s locked down longer.

    It’s a complex situation for sure especially with the consequences card in play all of the time if you will.

    Trick and Bo
    “Why was Trick so secretive about his relationship with Bo?”

    Maybe he wanted to at first make sure Bo was who he thought she was…I mean you don’t want to claim you’re someone’s grandfather when you’re not.

    So to that extent I get him not telling Bo, but when he knew who she was for a fact at the end of season 1 we’ll stretch it to give him and he still kept things quite until the end of season 2 and he just had to tell her basically…I don’t get that gap.

    I also don’t understand why Bo doesn’t question him on it more; yes she’s busy at times but this is a huge revelation in her life you would think she’d want to know more about it given she’s come all that way to find it so to speak.

    “Would Trick sacrifice Bo if he thought it necessary?”

    I believe it’s highly possible for two reasons.

    1) he sacrificed Aife to keep his peace between Light and Dark so what’s to stop him from sacrificing Bo for some reason?

    2) Bo’s one who wants the best for others anyways so if it was absolutely needed her life in exchange for others or to protect others she’d be up for it anyways in part which kind of makes his decision easier in that regard.

    Trick seems to be about protecting Trick so I think it’s in his wheelhouse to sacrifice Bo in some way.

    Trick and Dyson
    “What is their backstory? They’ve been shown to be very close and loyal to one another.”

    We’ll find out supposedly in the new episodes. It seems like Dyson is Trick’s little bodyguard/erron boy for the most part.

    “Why was Trick initially so against Dyson getting involved with Bo? Was he being protective of Dyson? Was he being protective of Bo?”

    He was probably being protective of Trick!

    Dyson could have spilled secrets about him to Bo before he was ready, maybe not due to Dyson’s own fault but because of powers being used maybe he lets something slip when she’s slipping him something as Vex would say. Hahaha.

    There’s also the question of does Trick really care what Dyson wants and the answer seems to be no – he wants him loyal to him and for Trick to come first in Dyson’s world and that can’t happen if Dyson is sniffing around Bo. Just because Trick seems supportive of them now doesn’t really mean anything given his tendency to change his mind quite often it seems. For two years he was NOT okay with them being together for whatever reason so for him to suddenly support Dyson…I for one am not buying it!

    Trick is all about the control of situations and he can’t control Dyson unless he’s around so maybe he thinks supporting him, even if he really doesn’t believe in what he’s saying, will help keep him under his thumb so to speak.

    Trick and Humans
    “What does Trick really think of humans?”

    I think he tolerates them. He might be one of the fae who doesn’t need to feed from humans so to him they’re like pets like we see animals; he might even see them as helpful tools at times but they aren’t fae and Trick is definitely a hardcore fae supporter it seems so he tolerates some of them like Lauren and Kenzi but he wouldn’t risk the fae for them like Bo would do.

    Trick Is The Big Bad?
    “Could Trick be The Big Bad of the series?”

    Absolutely! If the writers were brave enough to actually go there…which is the real question I feel. As was pointed out in the blog post – Trick represents everything Bo is rebelling against so he could make a really interesting bad guy for the series.

    It’d be one some fans wouldn’t see coming and given his controlling nature it fits quite well into the series. I definitely think you could make Trick a bad guy for the show without any real issues; it’s fitting to the character again and his actions fit what Bo wants to change within the world. It’d be a really good twist actually! 🙂

    Again the only question is would the writers ever go there with the story? I tend to say “no they won’t” just because that would be a really deep move for the series and they haven’t done any deep moves since like season 2.

    Why We Love Rick Howland
    “He plays the tension between Trick as kindly barkeep/grandfather and manipulator with unclear intentions very well.”


  3. Reply post part 2 – actual podcast thoughts:

    I don’t think Trick would have changed his name; I mean even if he did, why out of all of his options would he pick McCorrigan? I think his first and last name are what they are myself. He’s Fitzpatrick McCorrigan of the clan Finn Arvin. 🙂

    Changing his name wouldn’t really help him get lost in the pages of the fae, you have to remember some of these people are still around from that time so they’d recognize their king especially with that picture of Isabeau he has hanging up in the Dal beside the bar! At least that’s my take on changing names; doesn’t help much unless you change your face as well you know.

    Bo didn’t have all her aliases to hide the fact she doesn’t age like other people, she had them to hide from the law – it’s a different situation all together.

    They’ve never said Trick’s age, or really anyone’s beyond Dyson’s that time; he’s definitely old though – the oldest of the characters we see on a weekly basis anyways.

    Trick definitely seems cautious of his powers that’s true, but look at all he’s seen or been through with them; he even warns Bo at the end of season 2 to be careful using her powers because they can become addictive and drag her down into the darkness which she might not come back from…it fits into that whole addict analogy in which an addict might try recovery and you get that constant struggle to stay clean if you will. It’s very easy to see Trick being by his powers and thinking he has control when he doesn’t…much like Bo.

    The McCorrigan family definitely is a family it seems seduced by their powers except surprisingly Aife seems to have a better hold on hers or at least she recognizes better the temptation and knows it’s controlling her at times but in her case she has to go that far sometimes in order to say free herself from the life she was subjected to by the Dark. It makes you wonder if Isabeau had better control of herself too than Trick and Bo do of theirselves.

    I doubt he switched the drugs in the execution chamber, unless you have someone on the inside then that’s not going to work; even though they didn’t say it – I think he probably used his blood unless he got someone else to help save her which I’m not positive is a given either but that’s just me.

    Who said Trick wrote the stag hunt law? I mean it’s certainly possible he did but was that ever a given? I mean maybe that’s something that was decided by the first Ash, we don’t know. I’m not ready to put that on Trick’s plate alone just yet myself.

    If you’re going to consider Light fae and fae laws in general, because I’m not sure the Dark really care about all of Trick’s laws you know since he is a Light fae member, just think about poor Lauren and Kenzi to a degree and that it’s because Trick they have to be owned to be in that world. Bo clearly hasn’t realized that fact yet because otherwise I’d think she’s be up for him correcting that mistake in her eyes. You know? 🙂

    Trick is certainly NOT the nice and friendly barkeeper he pretends to be at times!

    On the topic of Trick helping Aife escape once Bo was born…clearly not if you believe the Dawning scene in which we see Bo’s father (Dark Fae King – again only one who makes sense!) humming to her and he places her down for a nap and then Aife comes up and kills the nanny and takes Bo so I definitely don’t think Trick decided what happened to Bo in regards to her being raised by humans – I think that was between Aife and LouAnn that way if Aife got caught they wouldn’t get baby Bo but if baby Bo was caught Aife could go rescue her again.

    Aife definitely saved Bo more than Trick ever did I think!

    I personally have no sympathy for Trick when it comes to Aife, I am fully on her side, because he should have made sure she was executed – it’s the least he could do for her but because of his arrogance if you will he trusted the Dark for some reason and thus his daughter paid harshly for a crime everyone had committed just months or days even prior. Definitely team Aife in that fight. 🙂

    I agree there should have been more with Bo and Trick and her asking questions of him. How do you not question that man given all you now know even if he is your grandfather! He sold out his own child, what do you think he’s going to do to you! Question him more I say; it’d make for some good drama on the series that’s for sure. Legit drama too, none of that manufactured stuff they had going on in season three. *Barf*

    The only thing I’ve ever seen Trick honestly feel guilty about is Isabeau’s death and that’s it really! Nothing else we’ve seen on the series proves to me that he feels guilty about things.

    I like Trick’s line about the phone myself, speaking of physicality; “Let me get the phone…then I can beat you with it!” when talking to elder Buzz Porter early in season 2. 🙂

    The flashback scenes in season 2 with Isabeau were really well done by Rick and I like it shows that softer side of the Trick character…that he’s not always hard and mysterious and he does have at least one regret in his life and it’s that his actions caused in part the death of his beloved wife and now he has to live with that forever. That if it wasn’t for his ego she could still be alive and with him today; that Aife might be the person still she was before her mothers death, Bo would be raised with them instead of with humans. Things would have been a lot different if not for his ego and actions and that heartbreak Rick really did well.

    The stuff with Alisen Down in season 2 is some of my favorite stuff with Trick so far on the series I have to say. I really hope we get to see some stuff with he and Inga Cadranel who plays Aife on the series because that talk could be amazing as well! Again talk about the potential great drama! 🙂

    I don’t want to see Rick as Trick singing because I’m not sure singing fits the Trick character exactly you know, but I’d totally be up for them using one of Rick’s songs as a background to a scene – that could be cool.

    Nice podcast!

    I’m glad to hear the podcast decided to add Nadia and Ciara to the mix of characters discussed, they should be fun to hear debated as well.

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