Half Pint: Bruce — Episode 13

Bruce in Those Who Wander


The Morrigan’s hulking, soft-spoken henchman Bruce emerged as one of the more delightful surprises of season three. With our guest Kris (@krisgen), we discuss Bruce’s small but revealing story arc and where we hope to see his story go in season four.

Season Three
  • In “Confaegion,” The Morrigan refers to him as Bruce, and he corrects her that his name is Steve. By “Those Who Wander,” he isn’t correcting Kenzi when she calls him Bruce. Did he just give in to The Morrigan?
  • Bruce is a great example of Lost Girl’s tendency to make the audience second guess their assumptions about people. Even though he is introduced as The Morrigan’s “muscle,” Bruce reveals himself to be a very sensitive, thinking man.
Rob Archer
  • The actor who plays Bruce, Rob Archer, seems to be a lot like his character, a very sweet, thoughtful man.
  • He engages with fans on Twitter (@BigInkdArcher) and seems very grateful and humbled by people’s appreciation of his character.
Season Four
  • Will we get to see the extent of Bruce’s Fae powers? Will he kick some butt to help Kenzi?
  • How long will Bruce stick around? Will he become a recurring character? Kenzi could sure use a buddy at the end of season three.

Fan Expo & Dragon*Con 2013 Announcements

Annie will be attending Fan Expo 2013 where the Lost Girl cast will be in attendance. She would love to meet other Lost Girl fans while she is there. Tweet her (@anniethemighty) if you know about an organized fan meetup.

Stephanie and Kris will be attending DragonCon 2013. Zoie Palmer, Kris Holden-Ried, K.C. Collins, and Paul Amos will be there signing autographs as well as doing Q&A panels. There will also be several Lost Girl fan events, including a fan panel, and Stephanie is very honored to have been asked to be a panelist on that fan panel. More details to come about the various Lost Girl events scheduled for DragonCon.

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6 Replies to “Half Pint: Bruce — Episode 13

  1. Are we sure Bruce was the one in that opening fight from “Confaegion”? Maybe it was his brother Steve. πŸ˜‰

    Agree that Rob seems like a really nice guy and I like his humor translates to his characters such as Bruce and if course Ulysses the bio-man from “Defiance” cause he plays all the bio-men on that show and Ulysses was one of those soft spoken, gentle giants as well. They’re like fantasy creature versions of Rob – smart, fun, and big but gentle. πŸ™‚

    In regards to Bruce in season 4, I’m okay with him being around but I don’t want him to turn into another Tamsin. Let him recur, especially be in the front part of the seasons since was last with Kenzi helping her, but if anyone from the Dark is going to be bumped up on screen time again I say it should be the Morrigan! Four years and we know nothing on her! πŸ™

    That’s a topic you could discuss on the podcast – the lack of history on the Dark fae revealed in the show, the lack of Morrigan on the series (she’s a leader like the Ash, why do we only ever see them?), and the lack of true bad guys anymore. Seriously the Morrigan is the only true bad guy left on the show anymore since they tried for some horrible reason to make Vex all soft and cuddly this season. The dude is a killer, why does the group seem to suddenly forget that? Bo and Kenzi especially since he tried to kill them – Bo multiple times! >:(


    As awesome as a Bruce fight scene might be, that would basically mean his death on the series. At least if the writing was consistent with the first two seasons; fighting against the Dark when you are Dark – that’s a huge no no in their world. That’s why Ryan did nothing to help Bo honestly when she was being attacked by the Dark fae sisters who were draining youth from people in season 2. Had he attacked them Evony would have punished him and she’s not exactly someone you want mad at you you know! Ha. πŸ™‚

    I have to disagree about Kenzi getting more fae friends; she has Bo who is her best friend, Dyson tolerates her (should love her for all she’s done for him), she has her relationship with Hale however she really feels about him, Trick tolerates her and is at times decent to her, and now she has Vex to a degree as well for some odd reason. What Kenzi really needs now is some more human friends! I’d rather see her relationship with Lauren grow and them continue to bond as the only humans consistently on the show than see Kenzi fall even more in love with the fae. She’s enough of a cheerleader for them as well, she needs to remember her own roots as it were; it also doesn’t help her falling more into the fae world because her as Bo’s friend pulls her in more and as we’ve seen sadly in season 3 – fae Bo is HORRIBLE! So the less time both spend with them the better! Let’s get some humanity back into the series as they say! πŸ™‚

    Yes, I’ll grant you Bruce is a sweet guy possibly but he’s very much a victim of timing; had they made him friends with Kenzi first instead of doing that weird bonding with her and Vex that might have been one thing but because that’s not how it was executed during the season I really don’t care to see Kenzi involved with yet another fae.

    Lauren deserves a new fae friend, possibly Aife because that would be such an interesting relationship/dynamic I think (they definitely have things in common I believe), before Kenzi does…but that could just be me. πŸ™‚

    Bruce is a good character for a laugh, like Vex, but I like how he shows Dark doesn’t equal evil (even if they tried to fluff up Vex in season 3 as well again for some odd reason); I do wonder when they’re going to start showing Light doesn’t equal good again because they’ve been falling down sadly on that task I think. As I said I’m up for him popping in and out of seasons but honestly, I don’t want to see him become another full on character…not until we’ve explored more the characters we do have. Guest only.

    1. Being declared a terrorist and enemy of the Fae, I think Kenzi needs a good Fae friend at the beginning of season four since Bo and Dyson are out of pocket. As we said in the Lauren episode, we’d love for Kenzi and Lauren to bond as well, but as it stood at the end of season three I think Kenzi is lucky to have Bruce.

      1. The thing I love about Bruce at the end of season with Kenzi is that he’s telling her not to be fae; if one of them is saying not to do it then maybe you shouldn’t do it. Still say she wouldn’t be fae really since human + fae (any addition) = human but it’s still nice to hear Bruce saying Kenzi is perfect how she is as human. I do enjoy that about him but yeah it’s one of those things for ms with timing; Kenzi always gets the fae buddy you know? Where’s Lauren’s fae pal beyond Bo?

  2. OMG, no wonder Bruce looked so familiar, or should I say, the bioman on Defiance looked so familiar. I don’t think I put two and two together, so thanks for cluing me in, gals!

    I wondered at the end of S3 whether they were going to try to have a love triangle between Kenzi, Hale and Bruce, but I think Kenzi made it clear that she doesn’t reciprocate Bruce’s feelings. I could see them becoming good friends in a brother/sister kind of way, except Bruce’s declaration of love might make that dynamic a little awkward. I agree Kenzi needs some protection, though, with Bo gone, Dyson wrecked, Trick and Hale on the lam…

    Loved @ImageFeeder’s comments about how Bruce’s storyline was revealed throughout the season. More voicemails from you, @ImageFeeder!

    I’m also excited to hear the con reports from Fan Expo and Dragon*Con. Hope you guys have an awesome time, Annie, Stephanie and Kris! Also I hope someone records the fan panel at Dragon*Con, I’d LOVE to hear your discussion.

    1. All the blue make-up made it a little difficult to recognize Rob Archer as Bioman for me, but I recognized his voice. And like Bruce, Ulysses the Bioman just needed a friend. And a hug. πŸ™‚

      We love getting voicemails/voice messages from all listeners!

      The fan panel was recorded last year, so I imagine it will be this year as well, but I will make sure that it is.

      1. Definitely hoping we see more Rob in “Defiance”. πŸ™‚ Felt bad for Ulysses in his one major episode. Rob just makes you want to hug him! πŸ™‚

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