Alpha Gamma Dyson — Episode 15

Dyson Wolfed Out in Subterrfaenean

Dyson is often described as an “alpha male,” and while he certainly does act out that role often, his portrayal and his storyline includes some elements that differ from the stereotypical alpha male. Stephanie is joined by Kris (@krisgen) and Judith to discuss Lost Girl‘s resident shifter.

Drink Special: Not a Werewolf

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Dyson as Alpha Male

  • Dyson is often referred to as an “alpha wolf,” but is he really?
    • He is often shown deferring to Trick and Bo.
    • Things often go badly when Dyson tries to take charge, as in “Lachlan’s Gambit.”
  • Alpha male types are often portrayed as being very controlling of the women in their lives, often withholding information with the intention of protecting them.
    • Dyson was shown doing this in the beginning of the series but has moved away from it as the series has progressed. Dyson’s secretiveness was often dictated by Trick in the first season.
    • Dyson still withholds important information from Bo, as in “The Ceremony,” when he doesn’t tell her that by entering The Dawning, he won’t come out.
  • The stereotypical alpha male is very physical (aggressive). While Dyson is occasionally like that, he isn’t often in “wolf mode.”
  • Dyson seems a bit more emotionally aware than the stereotypical alpha male.
    • Dyson seems to be motivated by love, rather than aggression or revenge, for example. We see Dyson become more aggressive when he loses his love in season two.
    • Dyson also has several emotional scenes with his male friends, not just women.
  • Dyson gets rescued by women. A lot. Even weak, pathetic Kenzi.
  • Dyson isn’t shown as the sexual aggressor all the time — more often, Bo is.

Dyson and Kenzi in Food for Thought

Dyson’s Non-Romantic Relationships with Women

Dyson & Kenzi
  • It goes against stereotypes — the love interest and best friend are often antagonistic (as with Kenzi and Lauren), but Dyson and Kenzi have an almost familial relationship.
  • Their rapport might come from their body swap in “Original Skin.”
Dyson & Tamsin
  • They developed a nice buddy relationship over the course of season three.
  • Judith thinks that Tamsin’s loyalty to Bo is more important to Dyson than her being Dark Fae.
Dyson & Lauren
  • Dyson and Lauren were somewhat hostile to each other, probably because of Bo, but they seemed to bond over their loss of Ciara and Nadia.
  • What was Dyson’s motivation for telling Lauren that she could run at the end of season two?
  • What was up with Dyson in The Dawning? More specifically, why would he be supportive to Lauren, but then grab Bo and kiss her in the Temple?
  • Stephanie thought it was in poor taste for Dyson to flirt with Bo right after Bo expressed concern over Lauren’s whereabouts.

Dyson vs. Lauren’s storylines

  • Dyson’s storylines are tied to Bo, but not all of Lauren’s are.
  • Dyson’s backstory seemed to be just a means to introduce Ciara.
  • We’ve learned a lot about Lauren, but she is still constantly a mystery. Judith thinks that the narrative has set up Lauren as the romantic lead.
  • We have a better sense of Lauren’s place in the Fae world than of Dyson’s.

Sexual Assault

  • Aife sexually assaulted Dyson at the end of “(Dis)Members Only.” A sexual assault of a man by a woman is very rarely portrayed on television. It is disappointing that it was not fully addressed on the show.
  • Was some of his grief in season two related to the sexual assault?
  • Is Dyson affected by the stigma against women sexually assaulting men?
  • Kris brings up comic books again — this time, it’s about a similar plot in Nightwing.
  • Does the fact that they’re Fae influence the characters’ perception of events?

Dyson in Vexed

Dyson & Bo

Could Dyson be in a non-monogamous relationship with Bo?
  • Dyson said that Bo’s need to feed on other people was a problem for him. If they got back together, would he still have a problem with it?
  • Is “Team Both” a viable solution?
  • Has his perspective changed now that he’s had to live without her and without his love for her?
Season 3
  • While others may disagree, we think that Dyson was being respectful and mature when he didn’t tell Bo that he had his love back. It would have been difficult for him to tell her without it sounding like an ultimatum.
  • Was the “healing” session in the police station in “Fae-de to Black” Dyson’s “spybang” equivalent? Stephanie says it is because while Dyson may have had good intentions and was trying to help Bo, he withheld crucial information that probably would have affected Bo’s decision to have sex with him.

Why We Love Kris Holden-Ried

  • Kris Holden-Ried is a lovable goofball! And very nice!
  • He gives Dyson a much-needed worldliness and warmth.
  • Dyson could seem more selfish and less sympathetic if Kris Holden-Ried didn’t play him as so noble-hearted and well-intentioned.

Thank you, Meghan Tonjes!

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18 Replies to “Alpha Gamma Dyson — Episode 15

  1. I really enjoyed listening to this episode. Thank you! And I wanted to say that, like your guest, I’ve believed it would be Team Both since day one. It seems so obvious that’s where the show has been leading all along.

    1. Thank you! We’ll see about Team Both. I think that will be difficult for both Lauren and Dyson to come around to, but maybe their love of Bo and their desire to be with her will supersede those concerns.

  2. I totally agree that Dyson was being respectful when he decided not to tell Bo that he got his love back. Even if by some miracle it didn’t come out sounding like an ultimatum, it would certainly have interfered with her headspace, and possibly also her relationship with Lauren. Bo was pretty mad at him for not telling her, though – she kept punching him while they were in the Temple. (In a way that would have been shocking if it had been a man punching a woman, I might add.)

    Then in the next episode, “Delinquents,” she made sure to tell him that she was still in love with Lauren, so I didn’t think that Bo was entertaining any thoughts of getting back together with Dyson at that time, and he accepted it gracefully.

      1. LOL. I loved that punch. Dyson tends to go off and lick his wounds every time there is an emotional situation and comes back days/weeks later with “hey babe. no big deal, eh?” He’s a private guy, but seems self-centered at times for someone that old. I also didn’t have a problem with him not telling Bo about his love in the beginning episodes. The part that frustrated me was his lie when he healed Bo with his “no feelings moment. That muddied everything and while cares, there were other options. It wasn’t as “life and death” as they could have made it out to be.

        1. I guess I always try to figure out what my reaction would be if the roles were reversed. If Dyson punched Bo the way she punches him, it would be shocking. But it seems like women punching men is not given the same level of scrutiny, due to the perception that a woman couldn’t really hurt a man, or machismo, or something like that.

  3. I really enjoyed the conversation; the way it nailed the Dyson-not-truly-alpha aspect; the way it mentions what Kris Holden-Ried brings to the role and the fine line he sometimes walks; the way it gives multiple possible interpretations for some touchy things Dyson has said and done. Bravo.

  4. Alrighty, I just finished your podcast, and can I just say I love these casts. You guys do such a good job making sure that the characters are all treated with respect . There are different takes on character motivations and it feels lovely and balanced.

    Some points were brought up that I had not considered before and I love that. I’m in absolute agreement that back story on ALL the characters is very much needed. Dyson’s history is more fleshed out than others. We have one liners for Lauren and we have mention of street family and friends and Russian cousins for Kenzi. At least with Dyson, we had some back story on his love with Ciara, his history with kings, and his relationship with Trick and the Ash. They dedicated an episode to this, so I’m going to say that he’s had way more time on this subject. i’m sure we will get more in S4, as this has been teased by KHR and RH.

    There is a point of contention that they’ve set up Lauren as the romantic narrative. They’ve set up both to some degree, Dyson in S1 and Lauren AND Dyson in S3. (with Bo running after Lauren starting in S2.) I think my issue with the idea that Lauren gets this title comes from the disparity of time with regard to “feelings” conversations. By giving exposition to where Dyson comes from consistently, and NOT giving this same time to Lauren, you get a bias with audience reaction.

    In Season 1 Dyson had all of it. Especially with the ending episodes of E10-E13. Lauren’s feelings were never discussed even in the conversation that she had with Bo in E8. You had the 30sec snippet in E10 when Bo coldly shrugs her calls/messages off and leaves her without dialogue.

    In Season 2 The audience gets a bit more from Lauren as she’s caught between her loyalty/feelings/guilt for Nadia and her gangbusters current feelings for Bo. But LOOKING at the conversations, “this is about us” and “I think it’s because of what we feel for eachother” is all we get. Where Dyson and Bo have all of these conversations around their feelings in E1, E2, E4, E5, E7, E9 (through Kenzi in a way),E13–exposition on Dyson’s feelings in with Trick’s old flame, E18 Dyson’s feelings are discussed AGAIN with the man behind bars, E20 “gotta get my love back Bo”, E21, E22 “Sleep with me”.

    In Season 3…and this is CRAZY but Bo and Lauren are in a relationship and Dyson and Bo STILL talk pretty equally about their feelings. In fact, by the end of it, they are talking more than Bo and Lauren.are. See Ceremony//Delinquents//Hail Hale.

    Long story short, (too late!!!) I think the actual conversation/exposition is uneven.

    1. Thank you! We try to be respectful of all the characters, because we know that each of them speaks to different people.

      What you articulate about Lauren not having the same amount of “feelings” conversation as Dyson I think is partially a consequence of Lauren not having a true confidant. Dyson gets to talk about his feelings for Bo with Hale, Trick, Kenzi, Tamsin… While Lauren doesn’t have anyone but Bo. She does have a few small exchanges with Kenzi, but given their somewhat hostile relationship at those points they’re not as confessional as Dyson’s scenes with Kenzi. Lauren needs a friend! C’mon, season four!

      I guess in regards to Dyson’s backstory, yes, we’ve seen more of it and more time has been dedicated to it because he had a flashback episode, but I personally still feel like I know more of Lauren’s past and how she came to be where she is now. Maybe it’s the age difference. Thirty years is a lot easier to piece together in my head using a contemporary standard life script (we’re born, we graduate high school, go to college, get a job, etc.) than 1,000+ years. 🙂 But, yes, definitely more backstory on all the characters is needed.

  5. Thoughts in regards to the bullet points for this episode…

    “Dyson is often referred to as an “alpha wolf,” but is he really?”

    No. As you stated he often defers to others to make big decisions; he wasn’t wasn’t even the alpha wolf in his own pack. Dyson has alpha wolf traits but that doesn’t make him an alpha wolf; he’s a really good beta I think but not a traditional alpha.

    “Dyson gets rescued by women. A lot. Even weak, pathetic Kenzi.”

    Not crazy about the wording in this statement. You could have just left the bullet point at “a lot”. I know Dyson called Kenzi those words but as we’ve seen on the series she’s quite helpful.

    “Their rapport might come from their body swap in “Original Skin.””

    I think Dyson learned more in that episode than Kenzi did, she’s been pretty attached to him since the start. Which is strange considering the first act he does is kidnap the woman who saved her in front of her! They had some serious bonding during “Food For Thought” in the graveyard scene as well I think.

    “Dyson and Lauren were somewhat hostile to each other, probably because of Bo, but they seemed to bond over their loss of Ciara and Nadia.”

    I’m hoping it’s revealed that the hostility between these two is more than just because of Bo. If it’s just about the girl as it were then that’s pretty lame. Especially when you consider Lauren has had run ins with Dyson for years before Bo was even in the picture. I think Dyson is just upset that a human has the Ash’s ear more than he does and the Ash regards her opinions more than his at times.

    “What was Dyson’s motivation for telling Lauren that she could run at the end of season two?”

    He was being selfish simply put. Dyson knew if Lauren ran then she’d be in trouble; he was looking to get rid of the competition as it were because he could see Bo still going for Lauren.

    “More specifically, why would he be supportive to Lauren, but then grab Bo and kiss her in the Temple?”

    Because he has no respect for them. That’s about about the only way you can address it; if you lie to someone about supporting them then force your opinion onto someone for whatever reason you’re showing no support. Dyson wants to try and look good to Bo and others by saying he’s supportive but he’s really not when he does things like the Temple.

    It’s all about him for him; at least in his current version of characterization if you will.

    “Dyson’s storylines are tied to Bo, but not all of Lauren’s are.”

    Which is really sad for Dyson. He seriously needs some storylines outside of both Bo and Trick if you ask me! The only time we see him with a real storyline of his own is in season two during the episode “Brotherfae Of The Wolves”.

    “Was some of his grief in season two related to the sexual assault?”

    Personally I doubt it. I’m sure he was mad Aife got the best of him twice because he doesn’t like to lose but what affected him most in season 2 it seemed was the lost love which was all Norn related not Aife related.

    There’s the fact Ciara died in part because of him too so there’s that grief and how it probably reminded him of Stefan his old friend who was killed by the king.

    “Does the fact that they’re Fae influence the characters’ perception of events?”

    Possibly. It of course depends on the characters individually but when you have a different concept of time and reality/morality then yeah that affect your views on events. Just like being Light or Dark within the fae itself changes characters’ views on events within their own society.

    “Could Dyson be in a non-monogamous relationship with Bo?”

    They’d have to change the character of Dyson up a good bit for me to believe that one. Being monogamous is part of who Dyson is, it’s part of what he’s always wanted in a mate so personally I don’t see it with the Dyson we’ve been shown each week so far. But that’s just me.

    “Is “Team Both” a viable solution?”

    Again not without a change in Dyson. Team Both might work with Lauren and another character but that second character isn’t Dyson in my mind; he’s just not the sharing type really.

    “Has his perspective changed now that he’s had to live without her and without his love for her?”

    Not really in my opinion. Dyson actually didn’t care about Bo when he lost his love, yes he cared about his love and he wanted it back because he didn’t agree for it to be taken and Bo is linked to that love but I think it’s mostly because Dyson got out played if you by the Norn so he wanted his love back.

    He didn’t have to treat Bo like the cause of his lost love, it was his own fault – she and others told him not to do it but he didn’t listen, he could have been nice to her as we saw with how he treated Ciara but he didn’t – he treated Bo horribly and like it was all her fault when in reality it was his and the Norn.

    He acts at times like he’s changed and learned some lesson but really he hasn’t because it’s usually 3 episodes later and he’s back acting like a jerk for no reason. All his support and kind words are a cover when it comes to Bo and Lauren, he has yet to show and maintain respect when it comes to that topic.

    Again, it’s all about Dyson for Dyson.

    “Was the “healing” session in the police station in “Fae-de to Black” Dyson’s “spybang” equivalent?”

    Technically no. That was just a straight out lie all the way around involving him. I guess hypothetically I can see how some would equate those two, but I see that event as just a pure lie on Dyson’s part.

    His “spybang” was all of season 1 in reality in my opinion; Trick didn’t tell him to sleep with Bo it was true, just like the Ash didn’t tell Lauren to use that route, but Dyson used his close proximity and the comfort Bo felt at the time to take back information to Trick. That’s a tradition spy bang.

    In fact, I’d classify Dyson’s actions as more of a traditional spy bang then I would Lauren’s; don’t get me wrong, Lauren had poor timing and it wasn’t fully right what she did but “Vexed” was more like Dyson’s “Fae-de To Black” events – low down for in handling but there is justifiability to some it….you can argue motives more with those events.

    With a spy bang, you’re doing just that – sleeping with someone (regardless of your real feelings for them), lying about your true motives, and reporting back on them.

    Did Lauren sleep with Bo for the Ash? In part yes, but in part is also she wanted to herself as well.

    Did Lauren lie about her true motives? No actually. She told Bo the second Bo asked what she was doing there and why she did it honestly.

    Did she report back to the Ash? Again no. She asked Dyson for help but she never went to the Ash; in fact Lauren Lauren lied to the Ash a lot for Bo in order to protect her!

    In contrast, while Trick never told Dyson to sleep with Bo (in fact he warned him against it) Dyson did lie to Bo about the fact he was sent to spy on her by Trick and he usually always reported back to Trick what he had learned and asked “what’s our next step” if you will so I’d say if anyone spy banged anyone on the series it was definitely Dyson spy banging Bo for Trick all of season 1 rather Trick asked him too or not.

    And yet we’ve never seen that addressed on the series; Lauren gets called out all day every day still at times for her action and she did it in part to save Bo’s life (the other part was because she really does love her of course), yes again it was bad timing her admitting her part in things but Lauren did it because Bo asked for the truth then and Lauren told her the second she asked because Bo was important to her not her loyalties to anyone else. Dyson shifted reasons for his actions; he claimed he sleep with Bo as well out of just love and to protect her at times but he never told her why he even got involved with her in the first place – he picks Trick over Bo every time.

    “Fae-de To Black” is Dyson’s “Vexed” – you can argue the character’s motives for that event and how necessary they were really to solve the problem at hand, but when it comes to spy banging – only Dyson has really done that in the traditional sense and if you don’t count traditional ways then still he’s “spy banged” Bo twice to Lauren’s once. So he’s still ahead in the “wrongs” count.

    “Kris Holden-Ried is a lovable goofball! And very nice!”

    He is a nice guy for sure and very funny during panels. 🙂 He’s really nice when you disagree with him as well, very “agree to disagree” laid back type which is nice to see.

    “Dyson could seem more selfish and less sympathetic if Kris Holden-Ried didn’t play him as so noble-hearted and well-intentioned.”

    Those aren’t exactly the words I’d use to describe Dyson; he might seem himself as those I’ll give you but in actuality they don’t translate well on screen when it comes to him. It’s hard to see Dyson as even more selfish than he already is because he’s a pretty big jerk as it is and pretty unsympathetic now in my opinion but a different actor would most likely play him differently, whether that’s good or bad you’d have to see the performances and judge for yourself.

    Kris does well portraying the ideas Dyson considers himself as I’ll give you that. 🙂

    1. “Dyson gets rescued by women. A lot. Even weak, pathetic Kenzi.”

      I feel compelled to address this, because I’m the one who put it in the shownotes.

      The shownotes are derived from the podcast recording. I was quoting myself in the podcast, where I was paraphrasing Dyson in “Original Skin.” I was referencing their exchange because the point of it was that she isn’t those things. It’s a sweet moment between the two of them and kind of foreshadows Kenzi’s efforts to save Dyson at the end of season two, which is what we were talking about. I said it for comedic effect, which I think (hope) comes through in the podcast. I acknowledge that irony is less evident in print. 🙂

  6. Actual podcast thoughts…

    I’d say Bo was pinning for Lauren in season 2 just as much as Lauren might have been her; in fact, Bo was probably pinning more at points. Also she was just as attracted to Lauren in season 1 as Lauren was her. In the words of Anna Silk, “even when Bo was Dyson the appeal of Lauren was always there”.

    “Dyson is the romantic lead of the show”…for who? He’s A romantic option for Bo but the lead? Maybe in season 1 but that’s it! He might be Kenzi’s romantic lead with how in love with him she has been over the series but the romantic lead for all of the show…no. That’s like saying Kris is the leading man of the show, it’s insulting to K.C. and Rick in my opinion; they’re in just as much as he is and I understand what you mean by leading male in the sense he’s used to promote the series more than the others but when it comes to the actual viewing he’s really no different than them if you ask me. And again he is CERTAINLY NOT THE romantic lead of the show by any stretch of the imagination! He might have been the lead in season 1 but Lauren is just as an option as he is, more so even you could argue.

    Disagree about Dyson respecting Bo as the series has gone, the Dawning is a prime example; Bo tells him once again to let her fight her own battles, he says he agrees but then jumps directly in front of her to fight the first monster he sees…that’s not respect. He says he respects that she is with Lauren but then talks about them behind their backs to Trick – no respect. Even in the Dawning Dyson is so selfish that he would rather keep Bo devolving in the outside world and stuck in some fantasy of his than let her move on…he is one the most disrespectful characters in terms of Bo ever on the series in my mind! He has not respected one thing about her since day one honestly.

    Will agree that Dyson doesn’t just around beating up people, he does use his head more than most traditional alpha male characters. Again whether that’s written in for budget reasons or maybe since Dyson isn’t an alpha male honestly he’s just waiting for others to give him the orders to attack, example Bo telling him to Taft in the S3 finale, we don’t know.

    Agree Dyson is more in touch with his emotions and will talk about them with certain people more than a traditional alpha male would do so.

    Dyson is good with Kenzi; he has the ability to be a decent person when around her and Ciara. Certainly more so than he ever is with Bo mind you.

    Disagree about Bo as his one and only, again he treated Ciara better than he ever did Bo; for Dyson it was like “Bo who?” when Ciara showed up. Again I argue that Ciara is/was Dyson’s real love over Bo; the only reason we don’t her about him mated with Ciara is because he loved his friend Stefan as well, that was a big love in another way for him and he wanted him to be happy but you can see in those flashbacks there’s still a very real solid connection between he and Ciara. So much to the point Cayden says he might want to watch himself because even he can see Dyson’s feelings for the fairy.

    If Dyson really cared about Bo beyond her just being some honestly physical trophy for him (which really he treats her more like a status symbol than a love) he would have tried with her at the start of S2. He didn’t have to be the ass he was in that season as well, he could have tried but he didn’t even attempt it; instead he chose to blame for a decision he made that versus how he treated Ciara – there’s no comparison in my mind that he cares more genuinely about Ciara than he ever did Bo!

    Agree the Dyson-Kenzi relationship is great; the only difference is I see it more as a romance than a sibling thing. Kenzi definitely loves and cares about Dyson more than anyone honestly.

    Tamsin as a love for Dyson was what a lot of people were hoping for I think. It would have gave him a storyline beyond Bo which he DESPERATELY needs, it would have given us a Light/Dark fae relationship where as Bo/Lauren give us the human/fae side; Tamsin made Dyson sort of fun with the whole banter thing, they would have been a fun match to have seen together I thought. They could still go there in S4 before she dies because that chick does need to die already; just let her remind Dyson once again he can move on happily from Bo. He did it with Ciara and he can do it again and it’ll make him probably a more likely character honestly because being stuck under Bo and Trick and this “one love” myth is killing the character of Dyson! It’s already harmed him pretty deeply as it is.

    “If your loyal to Bo then you’re okay with him”…unless your name is Lauren Lewis then he just makes wild claims unfairly about you. >:(

    Personally I can’t trust Dyson in the 2.22 scene because he’s a known liar number when it comes to his feelings about Lauren and two you see the 3.12 or 3.13 scene where he’s suddenly saying she can never leave….the Dyson character is so full of double talk you just can’t take anything he says at honest face value I don’t think. The second you think he’s one way over something and maybe he’s actually growing he makes a tool type comment and you’re back to square one really so personally I can’t trust he’s doing anything friendly when it comes to Lauren but that’s just me.

    I can trust she has pure motives when it comes to things medically for him, like she was never going to do what Taft wanted with Dyson she was always going to find a way to save Dyson; did she intentionally make it hurt after all his crappy comments to her? Possibly; couldn’t really blame her if she did but I can trust Lauren’s motives towards Dyson more than I can trust Dyson’s motives towards her because she’s not a petty person like he a lot of the times. But again that’s just my take.

    Everyone has storylines outside of Bo except Dyson, Ciara being the one time exception of course, and again it’s not fair to the character. It really cripples him. They had a chance to fix some of that in season 3 since he was really free with his love back and everything but they didn’t and that’s to me one of the many tragedies of the season that they didn’t give Dyson a real storyline of his own when they could have. Especially since it was set up nicely for him to have a thing with Tamsin beyond being her sidekick for the season…they could have easily had him doing a look back on his choices and growing as a character but they kept him frozen and thus became honestly really pointless in season 3. Seriously, what’s one thing he actually did in the season?

    Hale became Ash, Lauren had Bo and the Taft storyline, Tamsin was the new person, Kenzi had her exile from the group really, Trick was all worried with the Dawning and the Stella thing, and Bo had everything else going on….Dyson did nothing but trail after everyone else like an obedient little puppy.

    Karen Beattie is TOTAL crap, I’m just saying; the ONLY way that storyline makes sense is if it’s a cover meant to entrap Taft. In no other way does it work in the story they’ve created so far; there’s just way too many problems with it if they try to say it’s anything more than a cover. As always though that’s just me! Ha.

    If we see one of Dyson’s shifter family members I want them to be something other than a wolf because I think that would be interesting. It’d show some more on fae biology which can be really interesting; it’s like Hale’s family – his sister has different powers than him. Both control voices in a way but in different manners so it would be interesting I think if Dyson was a wolf and maybe his mom or dad was like a lizard or something. Just a thought! 🙂

    They have hinted highly that Trick’s and Dyson’s story will get told some in season 4 so there’s that.

    Trick being what looked like the Light fae king in the 2.22 flashbacks would have been over everyone so Dyson would have been by extension part of his army, if he was alive then because we don’t know when the Great Fae War was exactly, even if they never interacted personally. It’s highly possible that they found each other when out roaming the lands looking for their next spot; Dyson would recognize or come to realize who Trick really was but at the time Trick is no long a king really and Dyson isn’t part of a warrior pack they’re just two guys who kind of stumbled upon one another. We’ll see though but I don’t think they necessarily meet when Trick was still royalty you know?

    I think the reason Dyson doesn’t complain about the girls saving him is because 1) he knows he’d be dead without their help – no buts about it but also 2) because the fae just don’t care about genders like that. A female warrior rescuing you is just as good as a male warrior doing it. True there might be some shame in a human (male or female) rescuing you but in that case see line 1 you know. Ha. But yeah, fae just are superficial in that regard; they respect women fae just as much as they respect male fae. Yes you might have some male/female fights but they aren’t fighting usually over the fact one is one thing and the other another – it’s seems like those types of stereotypes would be extremely rare to see on the show in my mind. If a guy and girl are fighting about who can do it better it’s in a competition sort of aspect, but when push comes to shove that same guy and girl will gladly accept rescue from the other so they can accomplish the main goal because that is their concern not that one is suppose to be better than the other for some reason.

    I don’t think there has ever been a case where any guy on the show took issue with being rescued by a girl. Again the fae just don’t care about gender orientation like that.

    I wonder if in part we don’t see more out of the rape with Dyson if it’s because in part the writers weren’t sure how exactly to do that fallout. It’s easier to write the fallout of a rape involving a woman it seems than it is writing the fallout of someone like Dyson so perhaps the writers just couldn’t do it justice. They could write the build up of it, the actual act of it, but the fallout…nothing really.

    You have the stereotype of 1) Dyson is this supposed male macho warrior and things like that aren’t meant to happen to someone like him, he should have been able to resist and 2) there’s the misconception that you can rape a guy because there’s there stereotype of they’re always willing; in this case, clearly Dyson was not willing but you have stereotype you know. So it’s like how do you address this touchy topic to begin with because you involved such a mentally fragile character as Aife and you have the whole fact later revealed she herself was raped so how do you balance all of that without making it all Aife’s fault because while it is wrong what she did you have to be careful to not swing too far and make her the devil because then you run the risk of looking like your sending a bad message towards abused people. Again yes, what she did was wrong but she was also wronged before that so you have a really stressful balance to try to work there.

    And again you have the – how do we keep Dyson the “alpha male” but yet have him deal appropriately with this traditionally feminine type assault? It was a GREAT twist to events and I love they had the ambition to go there but I do wonder if the reason we didn’t more on the aftermath was because they themselves at the time weren’t sure how exactly to deal that situation because it is such a rare seeming occurrence. Rape, even though it can happen to men, is a traditionally female event so when you have male who’s been raped you have a lot of stigma to it I guess you could say and a lot of pressure on the guy of was it really and then being a guy it’s not suppose to happen period and it’s just a lot to tackle so maybe they were prepared for it with everything else except the fallout and they had it some but as said on the podcast it wasn’t really in the manner you thought it was going to be dealt with; it was really swept under the rug sort of like Aife’s rape.

    They clearly say she was raped without saying the actual words and yet no one has really touched that concept with Bo or the fact that it’s in part Trick’s fault that it happened. This guy left his daughter at the mercy of their enemies because he was upset at her that she dared challenge him and she was horrifically abused in every way but yet somehow Trick is still seen as a trustworthy good guy by Bo? No. As was said in the podcast, it’s great to see the series tackle some of these issues but if they’re going to tackle them then it would be nice to see a little more accurate fallout maybe we’ll say. I don’t care if you can compartmentalize well, Bo basically heard she’s a child of rape and that it’s in part her grandfather fault – it seems she’d more issues with that and have way more questions for Trick than what we’ve seen in the past which really zero so far. She said she had questions yet has yet to ask one really.

    The point made about how Dyson perceives the attack in regards to this is just another form of a fighting technique for someone like Aife is a good one and might be how he rationalizes it in his mind. That to him it’s not rape, even though to use humans that’s what it looks like, it’s just a succubus attacking him the way another wolf would use their claws or a siren would use a sound blast. The only thing with that though to me is this – we’ve seen Aife fight, she’s pretty bad ass so she could have taken Dyson physically in a hand-to-hand fight I think…she handled Bo she can handle basically anyone and we’ve seen her attack for food/survival with the cabbit in season 3 and you tell there is a distinct difference in her approach. Even when she killed/tortured the alabaster in season 1 it wasn’t like what she did to Dyson, that was a personal assault; it was like “I know who you are. I know who you work for and thus you must be like him so I’m going to punish you for what you did to my daughter I think and I’m going to use you to send a message to your boss (Trick).” – it was straight out revenge pretty much in torturing Dyson because she doesn’t like who he works for and wants to send a message to Trick and show Bo just who Dyson is really working for, the type of people he and Trick can be which aren’t exactly the good guys.

    Now I’d argue Dyson is a better man than Trick when singled out from him but paired with Trick, Trick guilts Dyson into doing things he might normally not. Like Dyson at any point could have told Bo who her mom really was, who she really is, who Trick is if he wanted to – he had that choice but instead he lied to Bo numerous times because of his loyalty to Trick and Trick applauded that. But still Dyson did bad things too, regardless of if they were in Trick’s name they were still bad and Aife knows the path which that leads to and she didn’t want that for Bo so it was revenge; whether Dyson sees it as a succubus physical assault like any other or not, I still say there was very much a difference in how Aife handled that moment/encounter versus how she handled others in season 1.

    Bo’s inability to be physically monogamous will always be a problem for Dyson he has shown that time and time again. The best they could ever be was friends-with-benefits and that’s it; Dyson is just not a character built to be in a real honest romantic relationship with a succubus. He can’t handle the not being physically monogamous aspect unlike other characters and really that’s okay…it’s just who Dyson is; let him move on and find happiness with someone who can do both forms of monogamy such as Ciara, Kenzi or basically anyone who’s not a succubus. 🙂

    The police station sex scene in 3.04 is another situation not really handled well because you could easily argue that was a form of rape as well. Bo CLEARLY did not want to have sex with Dyson but was forced to due to injury and it was supposedly that or death so it was like a rape against Bo’s will. It was a full on traditional rape because Bo eventually was forced to consent or die but it was rape of her willingness to choose if you will; she said “no” multiple times but Dyson refused to get anyone else to help her even though Tamsin was close by and the fact Bo needed to heal or she would die was kind of what kept her hostage. It bound her to the situation like ropes or whatever might a traditional victim and Dyson’s lack of support to get someone else was like the gun to her head saying you’ll do this or your dead – he heard her choice and he chose to ignore it on the grounds it was better for her own good. So even though it was marred in supposed good deed and Bo eventually consented because she wanted to live and get home to Lauren…you could very well argue in a way I think that Dyson raped Bo in sort of the same tone Aife did in season 1. Bo said no to Dyson, Dyson said no to Aife…Aife was raped in the past, Dyson was raped in the past…Dyson was forced to have sex because of Aife’s power just like Bo was forced to have sex or else she’d die (she didn’t have a choice really other than to live or die in that moment)…Aife attacked Dyson on the grounds of revenge really, Dyson forced himself on Bo under the idea of it being for her own health and so I’d definitely say if you classify 1.12 as a rape against Dyson by Aife then 3.04 is a rape against Bo by Dyson. They are very similar in their handling even down to the fallout, Bo even apologies to Lauren for it like Dyson apologies to Bo and then it’s just kind of moved past in favor of other emotional events.

    I definitely like Kris Holden-Reid more than I like Dyson. 🙂

  7. When thinking about Lauren’s spy-bang-not-spy-bang of Bo, and then Dyson’s sleeping with Bo when she was bleeding internally, and then Bo’s chi-suck of everyone when Dyson was dead, I tend to give the three of them a bit more of a pass on most of those things, and here’s why.

    As you point out, Aaron, Lauren’s spy-bang of Bo really wasn’t about spying. It was about trying to distract Bo from going after Louann, and she fessed up when Bo asked her about it.

    Dyson slept with Bo to help her heal. She was seriously injured and it was either him or a hospital. I believe it was probably that serious. I’m not sure why they had to actually have sex (remember Aife chi-sucking the cabbit in S3E13, they weren’t having sex) but maybe there is some reason (maybe not! Maybe Bo just didn’t know that she could chi-suck without the sex part of it). However, I’ll bet that Bo would have said no way if she had known that Dyson had his love back, so his keeping that from her was actually kind of noble, in a way.

    And finally, Bo’s mass chi-suck after her Dawning to save Dyson. He was dead, and she wanted to bring him back to life. He had been her friend for a long time, they have shared love and friendship, and he wasn’t just gravely injured – he was dead. She didn’t have a ton of time to think things through and make decisions, and Kenzi and Lauren ended up all right.

    The thing about scenarios 1&2 that does bug me is that it really sucks to have sex with someone under false pretenses, or to be tricked or deceived or otherwise pressured into having sex with someone when you might not choose to do so if you had all the facts. It’s possible that for a succubus the ramifications are not quite the same as they would be for a human women (or any human), but it still sucks. So I think Bo is justified about being pissed at Lauren and Dyson, but it’s not like they just wanted to get into her pants. They had ulterior motives that came from a good place.

  8. I don’t think even the writers themselves Sally have a clear idea on Bo’s feeding actives; as you said, Aife didn’t have sex with the cabbit but she was just as injuried as Bo was in 3.04. I think it when it comes to Bo’s feeding they just go with whatever excuse they need at time; they have honestly no real clear structure for what needs sex and what can be solved with just chi-sucks.

    “However, I’ll bet that Bo would have said no way if she had known that Dyson had his love back, so his keeping that from her was actually kind of noble, in a way.” – you best believe she would have said no! She told him she was trying to be completely faithful to Lauren. To me Dyson was not noble in 3.04 with his actions; was it noble of him to offer his services? Yes. I will grant you that but once he crossed that line into actually being full on “me or death” that’s where I really got to hate him on to the topic. Just like Lauren was wrong with mixing timing during “Vexed” Dyson was wrong in my mind in “Fae-de To Black” for basically forcing himself onto Bo in that moment.

    Again he could have just easily asked Tamsin to do it which really would have been no strings attached; or here’s an idea – why didn’t he just take her to the hospital in the first place instead of going to the cop shop?! I’m sure they have fae working there. Lauren didn’t have options really it was slow Bo down or she walks out that door right then; Dyson had Tamsin next him, there was the hospital, possibly other fae on staff…he drug it out to the point Bo had no choice – again he heard her say no and he chose to ignore it for his own personal gain. That’s not noble to me.

    “She didn’t have a ton of time to think things through and make decisions, and Kenzi and Lauren ended up all right.” – actually she did; if you go by the concept he was dead dead then she’s got all the time in the world really to bring him back. She’s damn lucky in my opinion Lauren and Kenzi survived because they just as easily could not have and then Bo would have been crying a river about it with only herself to blame really. The whole Dawning was just jacked up, especially Bo’s attitude at the end with risking others to save Dyson and then never apologizing for it. Triangle aside she wouldn’t have just told Kenzi she had to do it and expected Kenzi to understand; even if she knew Kenzi would she would still physically say the words to her “I’m sorry Kenz”. But that’s just my take on it! 🙂

  9. Ha! I can’t imagine the uproar that would have surfaced (in the fandom) if Tamsin had had sex with Bo in 3.04. It’s interesting what you say about Dyson intentionally dragging out the timeline for Bo so she basically had to do it with him or die. I didn’t get that from watching it and I don’t think that I think he was doing that intentionally. But it’s an interesting thing to consider. He was aggressive in that scene, but I’m falling on the side of his being aggressive to save Bo’s life.

    I do remember him saying “It’s me or a hospital” and if I were in a similar position as Bo at the time, I don’t think I would have chosen a hospital. I mean, I would have tried to choose a different way to heal, maybe, but who knows. Bo probably wasn’t thinking clearly at the time. But when you know you’ve got an instant way to heal completely compared to a slow and painful experience in a hospital, well, it would be difficult at best to pass up instant healing in a dangerous world, especially when you’re in great pain.

    As far as Dyson being dead, when people are clinically dead you actually have some time (3-5 minutes, more if you can cool down their body temperatures) to bring them back to life (usually with a defibrillator) without risking major brain damage. I doubt there was all the time in the world to bring him back – after 5-10 minutes he would have been a vegetable, and days or weeks later he would have been a rotting corpse.

    I’m pretty sure it’s the same for Fae, if you recall when Lachlan shot Sabine the stag in the “new Ash” hunt, Lauren used a syringe full of adrenaline to being her back to life, Pulp-Fiction-style, and there was quite a bit of urgency in her actions, implying that the timeline was of critical importance.

  10. Had it not been for Lauren and he remained the love interest, I don’t think I would have been into Lost Girl. There are plenty of other shows like they portrayed Dyson to be. To have the lead character fall for a human, knowing physically she could never be enough is what made the show special to me.

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