Half Pint: Dyson vs. Angel — Episode 16

Dyson Losing His Love
Many critics and viewers have noted the similarities between Lost Girl and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Lost Girl is certainly an offspring of sorts of Buffy. Without Buffy, Lost Girl probably wouldn’t exist, or at least it wouldn’t exist quite the way it does currently. Inspired by a tangent cut due to length from the discussion about Dyson, Stephanie and guest Susan explore how Dyson and Angel resemble and differ from each other. This discussion is the first in a series that will discuss some of the comparisons that could be made between the main characters of Lost Girl and Buffy.

Dyson & Angel’s Similarities

  • Serve the same role on the series — older, mysterious man who starts out as mentor and becomes romantic interest
  • Both seem to originate in Ireland
Dyson losing his love vs. Angel losing his soul
  • Even though Dyson doesn’t become a mass-murderer psycho, he is at his darkest when he is missing his love.
  • Both lost their love/soul involuntarily, and that loss ends their relationship with the women they love.
  • His love/soul is restored by a third party, not by something they do or even the heroines do.
Dyson & Bo vs. Angel & Buffy
  • First great loves, very intense, high-stakes, passionate relationships
  • “High school drama”: Buffy is literally a teenager, and Bo might as well be given that she hasn’t been able to have a long-term relationship for many years
  • However, Buffy and Angel are star-crossed lovers as a vampire slayer and a vampire, while Bo and Dyson are not star-crossed.
  • Feeding relationship: Dyson lets Bo feed off him to heal; Angel does not feed off of Buffy until she makes him to heal him from being poisoned

Dyson & Angel’s Differences

  • Angel is much more solitary, while Dyson has community and many significant relationships.
  • Angel struggles with being a vampire, but Dyson does not feel conflicted about being Fae.

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3 Replies to “Half Pint: Dyson vs. Angel — Episode 16

  1. Great show! Couple of thoughts I had while listening–

    Dyson’s losing his love has more parallels with Spike getting his soul back. At the end of Season 6 Buffy, Spike goes to the demon to get the chip removed, not to regain his soul. He’s angry at Buffy and wants to be a scary monster again, rather than the lovelorn, fangless doormat he’s become. He isn’t very careful with his words while stating his terms (and neither is Dyson) so the demon is able to trick him and give him his soul instead, much as the Norn tricks Dyson. The body language, blocking, and special effects are very similar between those two scenes. Both characters, after their change, go missing for awhile. When they do come back to the heroine’s lives, they are changed in a very negative way. In Spike’s case, he’s crazy, sick, and weak. In Dyson’s, he’s angry and nearly destroys every relationship he has. Eventually, both overcome their curse–though in Spike’s case it is without changing the state of his soul–and play key parts in the final battle of the season after reconciling (but not resuming their relationship) with the heroine. And when Spike is resurrected on A:TS, he does not inform Buffy that he’s “alive,” though not for any noble reasons.

    In regards to Angel having no friends/support/community, that doesn’t actually change all that much in A:TS. He takes in all the side characters, but he struggles with having a real friendship with them. Season 2 or 3 he fires them and throws them out, rejecting their friendship. Angel eventually develops more real friendships, but you never feel the same level of …casual camaraderie around them that Dyson has with his friends. Maybe that is the lurking demon inside him and the fear that if he’s too close to them, the demon will target them if it is ever freed again. Or maybe it’s his need for self-flagellation. Either way, you never envision Angel just kicking back having a beer and a game a pool with one of his friends–his entire life and their relationships with him are defined by his mission for redemption.

    When discussing Angel’s loathing of himself as a vampire, I think that theme plays out as more of a Bo/Angel comparison. If you consider her 10 years of avoiding relationships because she’s afraid she will harm whoever she is with, it is very similar to Angel after getting his soul restored. Angel is afraid he can’t have a relationship either until he learns that he can have sex, just not be in love with the person. While we don’t see much of that period of Bo’s life, it does have an impact on her relationships for most of the first season and part of the second, and it is a defining part of the story for the majority of the A:TS story.

    1. I really think Spike intended to get his soul back — I don’t think he was tricked. The scene is a bit confusing because Spike is crazy at this point, but at the end of 7.02 he talks about not having a “spark” which made Buffy not want him, meaning his soul. He says, “I wanted to give you what you deserve. And I got it. He put the spark in me and now all it does is burn.” Buffy asks, “You got your soul back? How?” And he responds, “It’s what you wanted, right?” After Spike almost assaulted Buffy, he wanted to be a man who wouldn’t do that to her so he did the trials to get his soul back. I can’t name the episode it’s in (I think it’s in Angel), but I have a clear memory of Spike saying that he was better than Angel because he chose to get his soul back while Angel was cursed.

      I don’t think Spike was tricked, but I can see other parallels between that storyline and Dyson losing his love. It still has stronger parallels for me with Angel losing his soul because both Dyson losing his love and Angel losing his soul abruptly ended their romantic relationships with Bo and Buffy. Buffy and Spike weren’t together when Spike went to get his soul back, and his doing so allowed for them to build back a tentative relationship in season seven. Dyson’s actions had the opposite effect.

  2. So does this mean we’ll be hearing podcasts maybe eventually on Bo VS Buffy, or Lauren VS Willow or Kenzi Vs Xander, Trick VS Giles, Aife VS Faith, Evony VS all Buffy bad guys…things like that?

    It could be interesting! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also I agree with you that without “Buffy” that “Lost Girl” wouldn’t be possibly like it is; or even if it cane out of the gate like itself the reception might not completely be there because “Buffy” did clear the way for a lot of supernatural shows and helped make that genre super appealing again.

    Granted it didn’t really affect traditional sci-fi but it helped even them as well. Whether you liked the show, spin-off included, or not you have to admit it really gave the genre a boost. Before them it was most the land of “Star Trek” and “Star Wars” so regardless of the feelings some might have towards Joss Whedon himself over things done on the shows you have to give credit for the burst of supernatural come backs as it were; not to mention all the faces he helped make big.

    Would Alyson Hannigan have been in the “American Pie” series without “Buffy” shining a light on her? Would we know who people like Amy Acker and Julie Benz are without Joss? Would David B be on “Bones” without the show? Eliza Dushku definitely owes some of her career to the shows!

    You get the point I’m sure. Ha.

    Got to disagree about the sympathetic part involving Dyson, he’s not really that sympathetic to me. He’s pretty equal to the rest of them at the start I’ll agree but the more the show of him the more he just becomes a jerk in my mind because of his attitude towards things so him sympathetic is like everyone else being sympathetic at this point – open to opinion.

    I will agree that Kris does a more rounded character than David did; David did focus mostly on the brooding if you will and as was said in the podcast – it’s easy to fall into that one sided aspect if you’re not careful. And given that Dyson is a pretty one dimensional character already because he’s always tied to Bo for the most part, Kris does a good job trying to keep him balanced and not let him fall deeper into that hole which it would be so easy to do with character.

    So between David on “Buffy” as Angel and Kris as Dyson on “Lost Girl” I do give the edge to Kris. As far as the portrayals go once David went to “Angel”…that’s a litter harder because Angel got to grow not being held down/back by his ties to Buffy if you will; which again I would love to see for Kris with Dyson – get this man some solo story stuff and get him away from Bo’s box all the time! Hahaha.

    Will agree on Kris’s accent skills seeming more natural than David’s. ๐Ÿ™‚

    As far as the heroine bringing back someone’s love…ah Bo could have done it if she wanted to; I don’t buy her being scared of the Norn to the point she wouldn’t even try. I mean was she not scared of the Garuda as well? Yet she tried there! So Bo could have tried if she really wanted to but she didn’t; she instead chose to spend her own birthday saving Nadia because it would make Lauren happy and hopefully free her. Bo picked Lauren to save over Dyson simply put.

    I don’t remember what happened with Buffy and why couldn’t so I can’t speak for her situation; I was more of an “Angel” series fan to be honest. Ha.

    Disagree on the statement of Dyson not being in love before; one word: Ciara! Just because she was his best friend’s wife doesn’t mean he wasn’t in love with her; he treated Ciara a million times better in every way than he ever did Bo. He was sleeping with Ciara by like the second episode – that’s fast for “just friends”. I’d definitely argue that Ciara was Dyson’s real true love. ๐Ÿ™‚

    As for Angel or Angelus rather, Darla was his big thing. She kept influencing him even as Angel even when she was on “Angel” so he had a big love outside of Buffy as well.

    Bo could Dyson during sex easily, especially if they go a long time. Just because he’s harder to kill than a human doesn’t mean it can’t be done. She almost killed him just using him part time in season 1 as it were; Aife nearly killed him in like 10 minutes flat so he could die during one time sex as well.

    Agree Dyson is less conflicted about his powers.

    Look forward to hearing what other comparison Buffy/Lost Girl half-pint podcasts you come up with!ย  As well as what topics you discuss period for the upcoming next podcasts! ๐Ÿ™‚

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