Dragon*Con 2013 Lost Girl Fan Panel

DragonCon 2013 Lost Girl Fan Panel
From left to right: Carol Malcom, Jeanne C. Stein, Kelley Harkins, Kevin Bachelder, Stephanie Stowers, Stephanie Beaver, Erika Pratte

Listen to the Lost Girl Fan Panel from Dragon*Con 2013, featuring Stephanie as a panelist.

Other panelists included Kevin Bachelder from Tuning Into SciFi TV, Bo cosplayer Stephanie Stowers, urban fantasy author Jeanne C. Stein, Kelley Harkins, and Erika Pratte. Thank you to Kevin for posting his recording of the panel!

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3 Replies to “Dragon*Con 2013 Lost Girl Fan Panel

  1. “Thank you to Kevin for posting his recording of the panel!” – thank you first off Kevin then for posting that! 😀 And a second thank you to the team here for posting it here so fans could listen to it. 🙂

    An Anna look-a-like, that would have been cool to see; did anyone get some good pictures of her they can share with the fans?

    Bo/Kenzi is definitely a big relationship for the series and arguably the big relationship for the show I’d agree. Disagree however that Kenzi is the only human/mortal in the group because everyone is mortal and Lauren is human as well. I hate when people discredit those points. 🙁

    Love everyone else jumped to make sure Lauren got included in the statement. Good job there group! 🙂

    I agree I wish we’d seen more of fairy warrior side to Ciara; true we saw the speed thing but really that was it. Ciara got screwed in the power showing department sadly during season 2. 🙁 Incubi gets a lot of votes as far as “future fae to see” in things for sure so we might see one of those as a “case of the week” in the future depending on how long the show goes for mind you. Personally I’d LOVE to see more on the Dark fae side of things; four years and we know honestly nothing on them! 🙁

    How is a Morrigan chosen? Does their king still carry weight in their current structure or is he hiding out like Trick? What are some things they consider betrayals to their side and how do they deal with that? More history on the Dark fae side of things for this show please! Embrace the evil dark side! Ha. 🙂

    I also agree it’d be nice to learn more on Trick’s pass with Isabeau and Aife. Maybe with Inga being in season 4 some we’ll get a little more history on things. Agree the “Light doesn’t equal good/Dark doesn’t equal evil” concept would be nice to see back; at the very least if you’re going to say Light equals good then keep the Dark dark and stop trying turn mass murders like Vex into fluffy puppies. Same thing with Tamsin; stop trying to become part of the Happy Sunshine gang! >:(

    Favorite villain on the show? In the traditional sense, the Morrigan…hands down Evony is the best guy that show has period in my mind! She’s smart, she’s funny, she embraces her dark, she stays true to her dark side…she’s great!

    As for favorite “bad guy”, someone who’s done bad things but isn’t necessarily a traditionally bad person…that’d be Aife. She’s like Faith from “Buffy”, better than the lead herself when it comes to getting things done…she’s complex, the beautifully worked anti-hero if you will…someone who has experienced the good and bad of the life she’s living; she’s just a great character I think. Plus you have the awesome reveals with her and the built in redemption path. 🙂

    I agree the Light fae can be more evil than the Dark fae; at least with Dark you kind of see it coming you know? Where as the Light will mess you while acting like your friend which is even worse to do someone I think.

    Evony wants everything and makes no apologies for it, it’s just one of the many reasons she’s so great. 🙂 She wants Bo under her control, she wants Lauren working for her team, she wants the Light destroyed she just wants it all because she feels she deserves it all. Hahaha. 🙂

    I don’t think personally Trick was over all the fae, he could have been if he wanted to clearly with his power but it seems to me he stuck to the Light side and Dark had their own king because if Trick was over everyone then the Dark wouldn’t really have much to stand on in demanding he turn over Aife like he did. So king of the Light fae yes, of all fae – it didn’t get that far in my opinion.

    I definitely tend to believe Isabeau was a succubus just because it makes things easier with explaining how Aife and Bo go their powers because otherwise what + blood sage = succubus you know? I know Aife said fae genetic linage was complicated but we never heard anything more beyond that. Fae biology – something else worth seeing expanding on in the series some I’d say. Even if it’s just done in little comments and links to the fae of the week like they did with Will and his son in season one by revealing that human DNA + fae DNA always equals human.

    Who is Bo’s father? The Dark fae king who raped Aife; it’s the only person who makes sense story wise as well as timeline and power wise.

    Creepiest fae? Gary the butcher that we see in “Death Didn’t Become Him”; that was just sick! Ha. The spider in season one is creepy if you hate spiders so I’d put him on the list too. 🙂

    Zoie Palmer as Raynor was AWESOME! The fact she could create an entire characterization off of like 3 seconds of a guy acting crazy just speaks volumes to Zoie’s acting skills. She does more with less than anyone I’ve ever seen. Amazing actress! 😀

    Bo aging faster than she should? I don’t know. That whole storyline with the Dawning was so poorly thrown together it’s hard to pull anything real out of it you know? It’s possible, which yeah okay her and Lauren can go out together as were but at the same time it seems like she should age just like any succubus unless affected biologically by something more than the jacked up Yawning. But that’s me.

    No fae lives forever, again these are not immortal people; yes they live a lot longer than humans if things go well for them but sometimes they don’t and they can die at 30 or 300 or 3000 but the point is they do die! Again really hate people assuming fae means immortal because it doesn’t.

    Every supernatural character can be killed; maybe not all by humans but the fact another person can kill you period means you aren’t immortal. Even Highlanders could kill each other! Vampires, depending on the show – slayer & a stake or sunlight…Twilight – werewolves & other vampires, zombies – decapitations and head shots; about the only true immortal supernatural creatures are ghosts and depending on the show you can exercise them in various ways so no immortals. >:(

    Agree it was a repressed memory during the Dawning Bo saw; as one panelist said, the humming of the song tends to hint at it being a memory. I do like though the same panelist called the Dawning an acid trip because it really was. Ha! 🙂

    Bo’s dad has to be fae, it’s the only way Bo can be fae; no way logically with the information they have given out in the past he could be human. That’s why fae Kenzi in season four is such a ridiculous storyline to me. She might be able to hold some powers before they eventually kill her body but becoming actual fae like Bo is insane based on season 1 cannon genetic statements.

    What made Aife like she is? Her mother who she loved dearly was murdered unjustly and she couldn’t do anything about it, her father turned her over to the Dark who violently tortured her in various ways for centuries, her child was taken from her and they made her out to be the bad guy…I’d be mad if I was Aife too! Ha. 🙂

    As for Aife’s personal backstory beyond the Great War fallout, yes please! More Inga Cadranel as Aife McCorrigan, I’m up for that! 😀

    Bo/Lauren is one of the best same-sex relationships, not just female/female exclusively, on television for sure; they do have some competition now in the f/f department with Stef and Lena Foster from “The Fosters” now but still – even beyond same sex relationships, just relationships in general…Bo and Lauren are amazing together! I’d put them up against any relationship period – homosexual or heterosexual and I think if you strip away the gender aspect because some people sadly just focus on it, if you look at the core of the Doccubus relationship just as a pairing of two people…they really are amazing and could rival fandom pairings like Willow/Tara from “Buffy”. They certainly beat the crap out of Buffy/Angel though that’s not really hard to do. Bo/Lauren to me is like Mulder/Scully royalty practically; always supportive of one another, ways trying to look out for one another, loving, they fight yes but at the end of the day they are fully committed to each other – you know there’s no one else for them but each other. They are truly great together. 🙂

    I agree about the Lauren/Dyson dynamic and that it’s not because of their gender that they take issue with one another which is GREAT to see because on any other show you most likely would see that judgement going on; even if it wasn’t a big deal it would still be there where as on “Lost Girl” they don’t like Bo around the other simply because of the history. As the one panelist said – if it was woman with the history with Bo like Dyson had, if Dyson was Diane Lauren would be cautious of Diane and Dyson even if Lauren was a guy he wouldn’t like Bo around that guy. It’s the ex factor and that’s it and that’s new to see to a series; there’s again no judging genders of where one is all “I can please her better than you”, there is that to a degree but in the traditional sense of “oh your with a girl” or “you’re going back to a guy” it’s just “I don’t want you around your ex because I either don’t trust you or them or both of you together” whatever the case may be you know?

    The no labels thing is honestly the best part to “Lost Girl” in my opinion; everyone argues the quality of the stories week to week and for most people the characters and relationships make the show and they do but ahead of them even I think it’s the no label concept that makes me love this show a lot. No one cares if you’re heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual…no one cares if you’re a man or woman (to reference back another podcast on this page – men are fine with being rescued by girls in this world)….true you have the human versus supernatural side but having that disagreement versus the beyond worn out social ones listed above…I’ll take the human/supernatural battle every time because the no labels is so fresh and enjoying to watch! It’s like “Lost Girl” says screw the stereotypes and it’s GREAT! Even in their character creations, as Emily said in one of the SDCC interviews, if they’re going to have a leprechaun on the show it’s not going to be some small person it’ll be a 6 ft tall blonde girl who hates to wear green. Hahaha.

    So yeah, I’d place the whole “no labels” concept above even character interactions as to why the show is in part so great myself. Yes the world and characters with their chemistry help but the social ideas of “Lost Girl” are just amazing to see as well I think. 🙂

    I think there is some truth to Lauren wanting to cause pain to Dyson with that shot because she can’t exactly punch him and have it hurt you know but the flip side of that a lot of fans have to remember is this – Dyson talked a lot of crap about Lauren too. He is certainly not Mr. Innocent by any means in things. In fact, if you take “Vexed” as the original pilot – Dyson actually starts talking smack about Lauren and her motives long before Lauren ever says anything when they’re facing off on the couch at the Dal in season one. So yeah, Lauren has gotten a little petty with Dyson over the series but it’s nowhere near the amount of crap he’s talked about her and at least she says most of the stuff to his face all Dyson does is talk about Lauren behind her back to various people. All that said, would Lauren intentionally harm a patient even if that patient is Dyson? Absolutely not! She’s a professional; however would she stick it to him during a check up…possibly. Ha. She’d do it there more than she would in a situation like the one with Taft. Again she’s not childish and petty to the amount some fans try to claim she is just like Dyson again is not as innocent as they think either.

    Dyson spy banged Bo for Trick all season one long, lies to her constantly, belittles her at almost every turn trying to take over her actions for her and tell her what to do, he lied to Bo’s face about her mother which he knew Bo was looking for and then passed the buck on to Trick never once accepting his part in all of it! Yes, Lauren really crappy timing in choosing to sleep with Bo during the whole Vex incident but at least Lauren admitted to Bo the second she asked about it and she took responsibility for her part in that, she didn’t put it all on the Ash so yes while she did a bad thing – Dyson has done a lot more and never once accepted responsibility for his actions! That to me is worse than what Lauren did because at least Lauren accepted responsibility and didn’t lie all season about it. I hate when fans act like Lauren killed all the good fae when talking about the “Vexed” incident.

    I am a Lauren fan, but I will admit she had some crappy timing and Bo had a right to be pissed at her over the incident but I don’t see how what she did was such a tragedy that it’s deemed unforgivable forever but yet Dyson who has done worse more times gets a free pass. That to me is a massive double standard. If you’re going to always fault Lauren for “Vexed” then you need to fault Dyson for lying about Aife to Bo, regardless if it was his story to tell or not – he lied to her face yet says he did it because he loved her…that is not love. Vex was right to call out Kenzi on her bias involving Dyson; I just hate SyFy edited that part out for some odd reason because it was a HUGE character/series moment.


    “Just because you lost your love doesn’t mean you can be a jerk!” – especially when you got your love taken because you wouldn’t listen in the first place! There were other options Dyson had to help Bo in “Blood Lines”, he didn’t have to go to the Norn; it was all on him. He was especially rude to Bo blaming her for his own actions and Hale with the whole Val thing – that was just a crap way to do Hale; I would have applauded Hale if he beat the crap out of Dyson in that moment but Hale classy as always of course said he wasn’t even worth that anymore.

    Disagree about the whole Dyson is honest to himself thing but Lauren isn’t; where does that come from with people? Lauren is just as honest to herself as any other character is on there to their self.

    “Lauren needs a friend” – again, Aife. You can’t tell me that wouldn’t be an interesting pair up. 🙂

    It’s unrealistic is what it is with Dyson when they say he’s 1000 almost and Bo is it; it’s like really? He’s been around that long and supposedly never loved anyone? I call crap on that big time. Wolves mate for life is a myth in nature and it’s a problematic story telling point as Dyson clearly shows because he’s been handcuffed as it were to Bo and now he’s this giant one dimensional character basically at this point who can’t function unless his in a story with Bo. I’d hate to play Dyson if I was Kris Holden-Reid; sure at first it might seem fun but then to find out you can’t have a storyline unless Anna Silk is there to basically hold your hand – no thank you to that. And I’m not talking about their friendship because we know everyone on there is really, I’m saying this in the concept of – when do we see him doing cool stuff without Anna first kicking off things as Bo? Aside from the Ciara S2 flashbacks!

    Rick has his own deal as Trick with all Trick’s secrets, Zoie has Lauren’s life beyond just being Bo’s future wife, Hale even has the Ash stuff now to play on (which hopefully we’ll see more of in season 4 because that storyline was SO under done in S3), Ksenia runs between everyone as Kenzi and Anna of course is the lead. Even Paul Amos as Vex has more to do than Kris Holden-Reid does as Dyson and he’s the supposed “lead guy”. Get Dyson away from Bo and Trick and get him a real storyline of his own already!

    What were the videos shown? I couldn’t hear them being described because it sounded like someone’s cellphone was going off like right next to the mic so you couldn’t really understand the moderator sadly.

    I SO want one of the double sided Bo/Lauren/Kenzi – cast posters; saw some people walking around with them but we were only there for one day so didn’t have time to make it to the panels and do Froggy photos plus Walk of Fame all on the same day. 🙁 They looked awesome though. Anyone who has one they’d like to offer up let me know please! 😀

    Interesting panel. Good job with it! 🙂

    1. The video shown at the panel was a few minutes of excerpts from interviews with Jay Firestone, Kris Holden-Ried, and Emily Andras. It’s part of the extras from the third season DVD/Blu-ray sets.

      Giant Ape Media has since posted the video on YouTube. Here is the link: http://youtu.be/QLc3HTXdkGk

      I’m pretty sure the interviews are all from last year.

      I love those posters, too, and I’m so glad I managed to get one. I think the fan panel was the one place everybody who attended could get one. There were Wanderer tarot cards, too. 🙂

      1. Don’t care about the Wanderer card even with Bo on it because it just reminds me of a frustrating storyline that go build up but really no resolution or hints even for next season so no to that thank you but the double sided poster with the girls on one side & cast on the other – yes please! 😀

        Yeah, I know I’ve heard Emily’s before so definitely old material, like season 2 old material at the least. And it’s going to be on the DVD as an extra? Well that’s a wasted extra; the least they could do is include interviews we haven’t seen yet! 🙁

        *Note: I mean “not seen yet” in terms of some lesser promoted interviews the casts did, not anything unseen involving season 4 stuff.

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