Lost Girl at Fan Expo 2013 — Episode 17

Lost Girl Cast at Fan Expo 2013
Most of the Lost Girl cast made an appearance at Fan Expo 2013 (we missed you Zoie!), doing a Q&A panel and a brief autograph session afterward. Annie was in attendance at Fan Expo this year, and she reports on her adventures at the con while Stephanie and Kris, who are recovering from colds, sniffle in the background.

Cast Q&A Panel

Thank you to Faenonymous for recording and sharing the panel!

  • Annie really appreciated seeing the cast interact with each other in person. She liked seeing how buddy-buddy Rachel and Kris were with each other. She also enjoyed Anna’s “defense of Doccubus.”
  • Anna had some great comments during the cast panel: “I play on a lot of teams.” “It may not seem that way on the show, but you got to work for this.”
  • Stephanie appreciated hearing Ksenia talk about Kenzi and Lauren’s friendship.
  • Yay for all the Rob Archer love!

Cast Q&A Autograph Signing

  • Anna was very sweet, holding Annie’s hand and looking her in the eye when she expressed what Bo and Lauren’s relationship meant to her.
  • Rachel hugged Anna and joked that Bo is indeed impossible to resist.
  • Ksenia said that she’s got running in Kenzi’s boots down cold.
  • Anna, Ksenia, and Kris had to leave after about 20 minutes to do press, but the rest of cast stayed and gave autographs to fans who did not originally get tickets in the lottery.
  • Showrunner Emily Andras also interacted with fans in the autograph line and signed autographs.
  • Annie also got autographs from George Takei, Linda Hamilton, and Aaron Ashmore who were guests at Fan Expo. Linda joked that wearing Acacia’s boots on Lost Girl was the most dangerous thing she had done in her career. When Annie told Aaron that she would like to see Nate come back on the show and find out about the Fae, he joked that Nate could defend himself by smashing bad Fae with his guitar.



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5 Replies to “Lost Girl at Fan Expo 2013 — Episode 17

  1. The only thing that seems to be a downside to both SDCC and FanExpo is the whole lottery concept; that sucks because what if you’re a fan who comes from really far away and then doesn’t get a ticket for some reason and all you wanted to see where the “Lost Girl” crew. Or even if you wanted to meet multiple actors. I don’t like the idea of conventions doing things like that, it seems really unfair to fans in my opinion.

    That’s why Dragon*Con was awesome; you don’t need any tickets except your badge to get things done. Well except for panels where they have a capacity on seats so that’s actually understandable but as far as the Walk of Fame – you just show up and get stuff signed! 😀

    Aw to Anna for the crying cause babies are crying. She seems like a very big good hearted person; I know the cast, certainly Kris, always says her favorite saying is “a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet” which is just so sweet! I don’t think Anna Silk could be a sweeter person, if she did you’d get instant cavities seeing her. Ha! 🙂

    Love the phone call to Zoie thing; it’s great they included her somehow. I know Paul one day dressed up as Zoie as Lauren at a panel fans said at Dragon*Con so hopefully the love for her is getting back to both her and the show/network. We love our Zoie Palmer! 😀

    Sane Tamsin fans? I didn’t know they existed! Nice to hear there are some civil ones out there because the ones I’ve dealt with so far are sadly not very civil at all online.

    Definitely love hearing Ksenia step up finally and acknowledge there is another human character on the show; she really hasn’t done that a lot in the past so it’s good to hear finally. A Lauren/Kenzi friendship would be fun to see finally after all these years, not best friends of course because Bo’s is Kenzi’s and Lauren and Kenzi do still have a history between them with Kenzi being pretty rude to her for no reason but a civilized understanding/bonding over being human in this world and Kenzi realizing Lauren is a good person honestly friendship would be nice. 🙂

    Definitely sweet of the cast and Emily to stay and sign longer!

    To Annie, if you don’t mind posting it here what did you talk to Emily about if you don’t mind me asking? What were some of the things you overheard her saying to other fans if you can remember?

    I like Aaron SO much better as Nate on “Lost Girl” than I do him as Steve Jinks on “Warehouse 13”; don’t get me wrong his acting is fine but the Steve character just annoys me to no end most times.

    Another question for Annie, as far as FanExpo goes because I know at Dragon*Con the boys allowed photos at their tables, did the cast take allow photos at their booth or did you have to do a photo op session elsewhere with them?

    Did George do his signature “Oh my!” bit at any point? I always love when he does that. 🙂

    Thanks for posting the panel and thanks to Faenonymous for recording it! I can’t wait to see and review it later. 🙂

  2. *Note: On the photo at the booth question; I see there’s photos of them signing and at the booth, what I mean is – could you take photos with them at the booth or did you have to purchase a photo op session with them elsewhere?

  3. Hey Aaron –

    Thanks for listening! I still can’t put into words how awesome the Lost Girl panel was – it is different seeing it in person than on YouTube. Seeing the cast interact and laugh at each other’s Q&A as much as we were was priceless! Anna really is a genuine sweetheart, Kris, Rachel and Paul are hilarious, and well, I could go on and on! It was so thoughtful of Zoie to text Anna before the panel and then take time out to call us – even though she couldn’t be at FanExpo, she was thinking of the fans and her cast and crew. Such a class act.

    In the autograph line, fans were talking to Emily, showing her their custom Lost Girl tshirts and how they’d come from as far away as Italy to be there. She was so wonderful and kept jokingly saying that she was just the writer. I told her, no way, she’s the showrunner, the goddess of the show! A lame line on my part, but the sentiment was very real. I told her thank you for all the show had done for the LGBT fans. When Emily took pictures with fans, she’d ask them what team they were on, whether it was Doccubus, Dyson, or Valkubus. Such a cool lady.

    Saying thank you to Anna for all that Bo and the relationship of Doccubus meant to me personally, was one of the highlights for me. I almost lost it and started to cry when Anna took my hand in both of hers and looked me directly in the eyes and said that it was very important to her too. Her, Zoie and the rest of the cast and crew really do know the amazing effect this little Canadian show has on their audience, and they truly appreciate our support. That’s the main thing I took away from my interaction with them. Best cast and crew, hands down.

    As for the whole lottery concept at SDCC and FanExpo, I’m not the biggest fan of it either. While I was happy I got autograph tickets for a few panels at FanExpo, I was upset for my friends who didn’t. But I’ve been attending conventions for a long time and understand that the organizers have to limit signings somehow when at SDCC or FanExpo you’ve got panels in rooms that hold 1,000 to 6,000 people and a con of over 100,000 attendees. For panels that have lotteries for autographs, usually those are sponsored by the studios that bring the cast in to the con, and they make the rules. Fans don’t have an influence there. I wish there was a different way to do it. For instance, tickets could be passed out to the first 100 or 200 people in line, since those are the die-hard folks that will wait in line from 3am on to see a panel that doesn’t happen until 5pm. (Yes, I’ve done that – I’m that nuts!) But honestly, there’s no fair way to give out autograph tickets that are in high demand that are going to satisfy everyone at cons with large attendances. The best thing for fans to do is to attend smaller cons where the actors do have assigned times for autographs and photo ops. Unfortunately, there were no official photo ops with the Lost Girl cast at FanExpo, but I did see some fans did get in a quick photo with some of the actors when asked.

    I’ve learned from going to conventions is that you take what you get and enjoy it to the fullest, whether it’s the panel, exploring the con, meeting fellow fans or whatever happens. Even if you don’t get an autograph or meet such and such person, you make your own fun. I’ve met some of my best friends in 15 years of convention going. I hope to do more of that with Lost Girl fans.

    1. Kris and Paul are pretty funny I’ll agree with that; I heard their panel discussion from Dragon*Con on Saturday and it was mostly sex talk but it was funny sex talk. Ha.

      I’m excited about Paul and Kris saying they’re starting their own production company and doing theater stuff with Zoie; hopefully they’ll branch out to movies afterwards. Their trio projects could be cool to see. 🙂

      K.C. I have say is a complete sweetheart as well; he and Anna together – cavity city I’m telling you! Ha.

      Still bummed we missed out on Zoie at Dragon*Con as well; I was really looking forward to meeting her and telling her how much I love the Doccubus relationship because it’s so genuine and real and it’s definitely one of the best relationships I’ve seen in television/movies in a long time! Maybe we’ll get an all girl line up next year at Dragon*Con featuring Anna, Zoie, Ksenia, Inga, and Emmanuelle if they can get her because I haven’t seen her at a lot of cons at least not as a guest. I’ve seen her at parties during them but never signing really.

      “I told her thank you for all the show had done for the LGBT fans.” – what did she say to that if you don’t mind me asking?

      I certainly can’t fault you for the early arrival times on things, I’d do it too and have done it on many occasions. 🙂

      I’d have to get autographs if I went all the way to a convention; yes meeting fellow fans there is fun but you can do that online now too or chat with your friends close by who watch the show and the costumes you can see plenty of pictures online if your in it for that. Even panels now days go up online in various forms rather quickly so you can afford to miss some of those although I do bet they are fun in person. 🙂 It’s all about the celebrity meetings to me first then everything else second.

      Oh and one thing I forgot to include in my other response, Annie you say Rachel said she intended to play Tamsin as a badass…it’s just too bad they didn’t keep her that way; I might have found her tolerable at the least if she had stayed truly badass like she kind of started.

      Tamsin episode 2 thru mostly episode 6 was slowly growing me I have to say; I liked the banter with Dyson and her calling him and Bo both out on their crap as well as other characters…had they kept that version of the character it might have worked but near the end of episode 6 thru the rest of the season that Tamsin sucked HARDCORE in my mind! When they did that flip where she goes from badass to puff basically just because Bo says she needs better friends…that was complete crap that killed the Tamsin character in my mind.

      Yeah okay, she did kind of need better friends from the way she talked but not all Dark fae are crappy people…certainly not in the eyes of the Dark, there’s some rather good Dark fae out there – Ryan for instance. Yes he’s exceptionally annoying a lot of times but he’s not a bad guy necessarily so why not start with him! She didn’t have to abandon her mission like she did; she could work for the Morrigan and the Wanderer both because they’re both on the same side! The only reason to go against Evony like she did was if the Wanderer asked her to which he most certainly did not so again there was no reason for that crap at the end of “The Kenzi Scale” and beyond.

      Had they kept Tamsin like she was episodes 2 thru 5 then she’s tolerable but when you factor in that horrendous flip in episode 6 it just kills the character in my mind.

      But that’s just me!

  4. I love when actors take photos of the crowd like Ksenia was doing at the start; it shows they appreciate the people who came to see them in that moment.

    “And now I’m going to have to go home!” – Anna and the crying babies…be more loving Anna; that woman seriously makes you just want to hug her practically all the time. 🙂

    So sweet Kris rubbing Anna’s back and everyone making sure she’s okay because she’s about to cry. Sounds like Paul’s daughter wanted her daddy at the moment. 🙂

    With the audio and Paul’s accent it was a little hard to understand but did he say – “Eat his crouch off first” when Ksenia was talking about seducing a wolf? Ha. Love Kris saying he was easy by the way. 🙂

    Hopefully we’ll see more of Rachel & Kris together as the characters on screen; while the decision makers choices in season 3 have totally killed the Tamsin character in my opinion she does get Dyson away from Trick and Bo at times and Dyson really needs that as those two characters don’t help his character grow really in any way. Trick might some, he provides opportunities the question always is will the writers take them. But still, that’s really the only decent thing Tamsin does on the show now – she helps give Dyson his own story breaks at times and Dyson really needs his own story because the one he’s tanged up in now is killing his character. Give him more to do outside of Bo and Trick! Let him be more than a one dimensional character for the most part.

    That’s why I’m also excited for Dyson/Kenzi stuff because Kenzi is another character who can make him decent and give him stuff to do outside of the group dynamic if you will. The Kenzi/Dyson duo is a lot of fun usually. 🙂

    Rick calling Paul a perv – hilarious. 🙂

    K.C. and the Ash suits is definitely a pairing I can get behind! Hopefully we’ll see him back in them soon because Hale as Ash was a GREAT storyline for the character and K.C. acting wise did really good with it. That’s one of my many issues I have with season 3, they ended Hale as Ash WAY too soon in my opinion so I really hope we see Ash Hale return in the future on the series! 🙂

    What did Kris say when Anna said “I know, we all miss Zoie!”? I love both he and Ksenia then whipped out the cellphones I guess to text Zoie. Or in Ksenia’s case – leave a voicemail; that was nice of Ksenia to do both for Zoie and for the fans. 🙂

    I love Kris trying to get the phone to work, “I think she’s calling me. OH she is calling me!” all surprised he guessed it right. Ha. And she tried to call Ksenia too…got to love her trying to get through to speak to the fans. Love Zoie Palmer! 🙂

    So nice of her to take time out of her day to call back in. Love the whole “I’ll be appropriate.” thing; given that cast and how much they talk about being lusty perverts and go to the sex talk all the time (looking at the boys Dragon Con panel) if she wanted to be inappropriate I’m sure everyone there would have understood. Ha. 🙂

    But I just love that part, Anna remembering Zoie’s message from earlier in the day, Ksenia going out of the way to do the voicemail, Zoie calling back in and not giving up trying to reach the fans, and Kris doing the phone call for everyone….nice showing of how tight this group is; and how much they care about the fans to do all of that. Honestly, I think it’s my favorite part of the panel because for one moment they were all there together. 🙂

    Anna was cute playing lawyer for team Doccubus; I like Ksenia jumped in with the human bit. I’m glad they’re remind people of that fact more now because it seems some fans and review writers have for some reason forgotten that fact. So it’s good to hear it said multiple times; especially by Ksenia who’s let it slide in the past when asked what’s it like being the human on the show. Glad the fact that there are TWO humans on the show is getting addressed more properly now. Hopefully that will continue! 🙂

    Trick and Stella could be interesting but really I’d like to still see more on Trick and Isabeau. I really hope they don’t forget about Isabeau given how upset Trick was/is about her death; hopefully with Inga coming in as Aife we’ll get some Isabeau mentions. Oh, a flashback scene with Inga and Alisen Down would be cool to see! Or even a flashback scene with Rick, Inga, and Alisen could be cool. Definitely a lot of McCorrigan family drama to sort through between the father and daughter. I doubt Aife will be thrilled about Stella given how protective she is of her mother and her memory. It could be really good if it all gets handled right; handling as always is a key factor!

    Love Ksenia again mentioning she’s not the only human on the show and even going so far as to say she has a friend in that world. Or at least a bonding partner over the fact since “friend” in terms of Kenzi and Lauren is a bit of a stretch. Kenzi finally realized in season 3 that she misjudged Lauren and that Lauren is actually one of the good guys but there’s still those past two years between them and so you have right now a civilized respect basically. They’ll probably never be friends like Bo and Kenzi are but friends in general/bonding over being human in a fae world is a good place for them right now.

    “It’s cool. Kenzi has her own powers.” – here’s hoping the writers remember that! Team Human Kenzi! 😀

    Liked them giving some respect to Rob Archer for his work on the series so far and for his friendship off screen as well.

    Love Anna’s favorite part of S3 was the Bo/Lauren relationship. 😀

    I personally hope Vex goes back to embracing his dark side in season 4; the guy is a mass murderer! He can still have his moments where he helps the team like he did in the season 2 finale, and he can still be the playful guy that he’s always been, but we don’t have enough Dark fae characters on the show to lose one. The Light is overpowering on the series and they already don’t give fair time to Evony who’s the Dark fae leader so we need to keep the frequent recurring character Dark. Vex was fluffy enough because of the humor he posses, there’s no need to try and turn him into a good guy suddenly – it’s unrealistic.

    It’d be one thing if he was a good guy who turned bad for awhile so you have that redemption aspect to him (think Faith from “Buffy” or even Aife on “Lost Girl) but Vex started out as a bad guy and now they made him all puppy fluffy in season 3 for some odd reason so it’s time for him to go back being dark. I know Dark doesn’t always mean evil on the show, or at least it use to not mean that along with Light didn’t mean good all the time, but for Vex Dark should mean evil at times because again he’s a mass murderer; true, some of the killings he did under orders but others he happily did because he likes the violence at times.

    Trying to change the Dark fae characters was another issue I had with season 3. And they didn’t just do it with Vex, they killed Tamsin as well by flipping her for no good reason. Bring back the Dark fae balance in season 4 please!

    “Glad I survived.” – I’m glad Hale survived too; it would have been sad if we lost him.

    George Takei coming out and doing the “live long and prosper” sign was nice; you can’t forget about the Trekkies when you were on that show. Especially when you were on the first edition of the show and that show helped make you a mega star. 🙂

    I hope George’s one episode works out better than Linda Hamilton’s one episode did; not that Linda’s acting was at fault because acting wise she did good but when you pay for a big popular name in a specific genre especially you want big things…and as a fan hearing that big name in a certain genre you expect a big ordeal to come out of it and sadly, in my own opinion, Linda’s appearance wasn’t all that.

    Was it cool to see Linda Hamilton on the show? Yes. Did she do good acting on the show? Yes. Was her character interesting. Some what; it had potential but just never fully went full force I thought. Could any well-trained older blonde actress pulled that part off? I think so. And there’d be less expectation to see Linda Hamilton kick ass and go Sarah Connor on people and less disappoint that it didn’t happen. It was a cool idea on paper but the execution just didn’t fully pan out I don’t think.

    If they get a big name guest star I want to see why; show me through the performance why you just had to have George Takei playing the character he does for one episode. I know that appearance can’t be cheap and if you’re trying to buy “Star Trek” fans so they’ll help boost your numbers, there’s cheaper cast members from all the “Star Trek” versions you can get to achieve that. Again, show me why it had to be Takei in the role.

    The good thing about it with George versus Linda is that while George was on an action adventure show his character isn’t who first picture racing out to fight things, you see him mostly on the ship helping to save the day; where as with Linda you expect some bad ass fight scenes when you hear her name because she was the lead butt kicker in her famous franchise. So he has a little more rope to play with but still I’m expecting something really good with his one episode that justifies his appearance because otherwise I’m going to think with him, just like I did with Linda, that the money could have been better spent else where. Like helping to pay for another season in case season 4 doesn’t work out like they’re hoping.

    I like Rick had his phone out recording George; it’s nice to see celebrities being fans like everyone else and having their own “Oh my gosh it’s…” moments. 🙂

    K.C. was cute with – “Okay, I’m in the middle of something!” line. 🙂

    It was a good panel. Still sad Zoie couldn’t be there but hopefully she’ll be able to hit both Fan Expo and Dragon Con next year! 🙂

    Thanks for posting the video link DATD team!

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