Lost Girl at Dragon*Con 2013 — Episode 18

K.C. Collins, Paul Amos, and Kris Holden-Ried at Dragon*Con 2013
Photo credit: Cindy B.

Kris Holden-Ried, K.C. Collins, and Paul Amos were guests at DragonCon 2013 where they did three lively Q&A panels as well as signed autographs and took pictures with fans. In addition, there were also a couple of fan events, including a fan meet & greet and a fan panel. Stephanie and Kris report on their Lost Girl-related adventures at DragonCon as first-time goers.

Fan Meet & Greet and Fan Panel

The fan meet & greet turned into a group chat about the series, and some Lost Girl cosplayers were in attendance, including a Bo, Vex, Kenzi, and Lauren. It was so lovely to meet other Lost Girl fans.

Thank you to everyone who came to the fan panel! Stephanie was a panelist, along with Kevin Bachelder from Tuning Into SciFi TV, Bo cosplayer Stephanie Stowers, urban fantasy author Jeanne C. Stein, Kelley Harkins, and Erika Pratte. You can listen to the fan panel over at Tuning Into SciFi TV. Thank you to Kevin for posting his recording of the panel!

Cast Q&A Panels

August 31, 2013 Panel

Listen to the Audio Only

  • Both Paul and K.C. made pretty memorable entrances. Paul took off his shirt and threw it into the crowd while K.C. belly crawled on to the stage, stuck his head out from the skirting on the table, and then jumped up behind the table triumphantly.
  • K.C. Collins and Paul Amos revealed that another actress was originally cast to play Lauren, which this press release seems to confirm.
  • When asked if he minded playing a siren, who are traditionally female, K.C. said that he doesn’t mind at all, but he admitted he didn’t know when he took the job that there are no male sirens in mythology.
  • Kris and Paul are starting a theater company in Toronto. Paul is going to direct while Kris, Zoie Palmer, and Greg Bryk will act in the play.
  • When talking about the love triangle, Kris said that he would like the show to continue to be innovative and not have Bo just choose between Lauren or Dyson but to explore a different conclusion. (Team Both?)

September 1, 2013 Panel

  • K.C. did a lot of demonstrations in this panel. He, Kris, and Paul demonstrated how ridiculous they look reacting to an X as if it’s a dragon. With Paul’s help, he demonstrated what it’s like trying to have an intimate scene with Ksenia Solo. And with Kris’s (complete lack of) help, he demonstrated the best pick-up line he’d ever heard.
  • Paul talked about how he loves that the sci-fi/fantasy genre can tell really inclusive stories.
  • K.C. said that he would really like Hale and Kenzi to become a couple, but he has no idea if the writers have that endgame in mind.
  • Paul commented that Vex is a character that really has to be earned — he couldn’t just start appearing in every episode because he has such a dark side to him. He has really enjoyed Vex’s journey, becoming more “humanized” over the seasons.

September 2, 2013 Panel

  • Paul delivered on his promise to cosplay as Zoie Palmer. He showed up to Monday’s panel wearing a long, blonde wig and a lab coat, and he wore them for the entire panel. Way to commit, Paul!
  • Stephanie asked Kris how much of what we saw of Bo and Dyson’s relationship in The Dawning was influenced by Dyson in his opinion, and Kris said that he thought that all of it came from Dyson’s desires.
  • Paul said that he thought Vex had never really lived around humans before he moved in with Bo and Kenzi, and Kenzi really opened up a softer side to him.
  • Season 4 (kind of) spoiler: Kris mentioned that one of the early episodes in season 4 would explore in an alternate reality a relationship inspired by fans. (Denzi? Valkubus? What do you think it might be?)
  • Kris said that as an actor who plays a Fae, he really doesn’t like that they kill off a Fae almost every week on the show. Where’s the SPCFae when you need them, right?

Thank you to all the Lost Girl fans!

It was great getting to see Kris, K.C., and Paul, but it was really the other Lost Girl fans who made Dragon*Con so great. We loved meeting all of you!


Thank you so much to Cindy B. for letting us share some of her photos.

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7 Replies to “Lost Girl at Dragon*Con 2013 — Episode 18

  1. Recap review…

    “Is Bo aging faster?”

    I have to vote for “no” because why would she?

    Both her parents are centuries years old so it’s not like she’s a special kind of fae who only lives to say 200 or 500 even. Although a fae like that would be cool to meet. It’d once again show fae aren’t immortal like some seem to think.

    I think she was just acting weird because of the devolution of the Dawning.

    Stephanie, I sure hope you will be on more panels because we need some Lauren support/defense on them. Had you not been there I doubt Lauren would have gotten a real fair shake much less be talked about during the panel.

    Do you know how your panel scored yet? I heard there was a feature on the apps to rate the panels. I hope you got a good score!

    Glad we have Zoie Palmer as Lauren Lewis on the show! Nothing against the other woman who tried out and made it until being recast for whatever reason they switched actresses but I just love Zoie’s work – she does more with less than any other actor I’ve seen in a long time if ever! 🙂 Definitely one of the reasons I’m thankful to the show for bringing her talent to the screen again because it’s been a real treat to watch her, and others, work. 🙂

    K.C. is awesome I agree. 🙂 SUCH a sweetheart! He’s like the male equivalent of what everyone says Anna is like – just one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. I love how genuine about things he seemed too. Just a real pleasure getting to spend a little time with him. 🙂

    Kris has always been team threesome. I don’t think both works in the character sense because Dyson has made it clear before he’s not into sharing so unless they do a MAJOR rewrite on him then both just isn’t happening. Plus….I’m all for Bo not picking a fae side or trying to balance between humans and fae (although she leans towards the human side of things more because she appreciates them more) but when it comes to Dyson and Lauren I do kind of want her to pick you know? The only one who wins in team both is Bo and how is that fair to Dyson and Lauren? You know?

    I like how in past interviews at least Kris has seemed pretty supportive of the Bo/Lauren relationship and what it means for the show and the things it opens in the real world if you will. Sure he supports his character but he also gets the meaning of other relationships on the show. Or at least he seemed to in the past; but yeah, he’s always been pretty much team threesome. Ha.

    Nice of Paul to represent Zoie since she couldn’t be there this time. Too bad they didn’t try the phone call thing there as well, but still; love Zoie found it funny enough she made it her Twitter icon for awhile. Ha. 🙂

    In regards to the AU relationship Kris mentioned, I kind of think it might be Dyson/Kenzi because if the synopsis of episodes for season 4 are true then there’s a party that Dyson and Kenzi attend early in season four that their plot comes back in later episodes and gets some screen time on so it could be Dyson/Kenzi. Which I completely welcome because Dyson/Kenzi is all kinds of awesome in my opinion and when you factor in Hale you have yourself a real triangle in Hale/Kenzi/Dyson which is very hard to pick from if you ask me because she’s very good with both guys. 🙂

    I just lean towards Dyson/Kenzi myself because I think she makes him a much better man when they’re together versus the fact Hale’s always a good guy as we’ve seen so far so he doesn’t really need the improvement help that Dyson does from Kenzi. Aside from Ciara, Kenzi is the best girl for Dyson in my mind! 🙂

    It’d be interesting to see Dyson question helping Bo more since to him the fae can normally do no wrong so he’s essentially killing his own kind for what?

    Where Bo can see the injustices committed because of/by the fae and the fact thus that they aren’t the good guys always, to Dyson it’s just business as usual and he doesn’t see a wrong so him not helping Bo anymore would be an interesting change of pace. It’d be like Ryan in a way refusing to stop the Dark fae sisters who were stealing youth and were going to try and kill Bo in front of him because they were of his side and he had to stay loyal to that. It was Ryan’s one big decent moment in my opinion.

    An plot like that could give Dyson his own storyline in a way and take him out of Bo’s orbit as it were and he really needs both of those things! And away from Trick for awhile as well. The only time we see Dyson with a storyline of his own was when Ciara came in and even then he hung around in the background. Get him away from Bo and Trick and give him a plot of his own for awhile.

    If Zoie had been there, based on past panels I’ve seen with her and the boys included, there would have been definite banter with Kris. Maybe Paul as well and she’d be respectful with K.C….although she might be in on asking him to take off his shirt as well. Hahaha. With Zoie I wouldn’t have been surprised if she said to K.C. she’d take hers off he did his. Haha.

    She might could have reigned Paul and Kris in a bit better than K.C. did at times because she’s just got the skills more to do that but she’d definitely be doing some suggestive humor stuff along with Paul and Kris I think. Again certainly there would have been some great banter with she and Kris as there always is at panels with them. 🙂

    Paul sounds like he was hilarious at the panels. K.C. sounds like he wins on entrances, except Monday because you can’t beat Paul dressing as Zoie, though but Paul definitely brought the humor as well. Hopefully the boys had fun at the convention!

    K.C. does look good in suits. Then again he also looks good in “casual Hale wear”. K.C. just looks good period – I think that covers it pretty well! 😀 I hope we do see him back in the suits though because the “Hale as Ash” storyline was a really great arc for him I thought and it was a real shame they had Hale running off at the end of season 3 instead of showing why he makes a good Ash and trying to clean up the mess the Morrigan put on his doorstep.

    1. Kris Holden-Ried usually jokes about a threesome as a conclusion to the love triangle, but here he talked more seriously about an “alternative solution” to Bo picking one or the other. To me, that sounds like he might be open to Dyson and Lauren being in something like a polyamorous committed relationship with Bo, which is very different than a one-time threesome sex scene.

      And as for Bo aging faster, I would say why not? The writers made a big deal of the fact that Bo went through the Dawning much earlier than other Fae but have yet to offer an explanation. We’re just speculating for fun, and it’s an idea that’s comforting to those who don’t like to think of Bo outliving Kenzi and Lauren by hundreds of years. But the whole point of the series seems to be that Bo is DIFFERENT, and I’m curious to see all the ways in which she will eventually differ from the other Fae.

      1. I do wonder how much, if any, we’ll get explained about the Dawning; it wasn’t a well received plot by fans so they could ghost over a lot of stuff much like they did in season 3 itself.

        As for Bo dying before Lauren and Kenzi, that’s always a possibility with her active lifestyle. The fae aren’t immortal so a virus could take Bo out really just as much as a sword fight could. 🙂 If she wasn’t the supposed lead she might be dead by now.

        I just can’t get behind the accelerated aging idea myself because of how long Aife has lived and she’s a succubus like Bo. So as long as Bo can keep healing she should be okay in theory. However, I do love the idea of a “fruit fly fae” if you will – a species who lives longer than humans still but is short lived in comparison to most fae (like 300/400 years) but they still exist because they have like large breeding numbers or such and of course pass their DNA on through kids who might be another type of fae. You know? 🙂

        I really want to see the show get back to reminding people that while fae do have long lives, they are not immortal and can die just like humans.

        Among other things because there’s a lot I miss from previous seasons such as “I chose humans” Bo, logic based plots/character choices, the balance of Light & Dark and the Dark getting some real representation on the show. Evil Light fae. The balance of amounts of human & fae good and bad guys. Just to name some others.

        As for any kind of threesome, as you said before in the review – it’s going to take a lot in terms of Dyson character…basically a complete rewrite for that choice to really make sense because it’s just not who his character is and that’s okay. That’s why you have Kenzi available for him! 😀

        1. I, for one, think the Dawning plot has yet to be resolved. I suspect the lack of resolution to it is contributing to fan response.

          As Stephanie said, I’m only speculating about the possibility of Bo aging faster than other fae. Trick specifically says that Bo’s Dawning is happening 200 years early. Why would it be written that way if it didn’t mean anything? True, it doesn’t necessarily mean accelerated aging. That was just an idea I’d had that I thought was kind of interesting for its potential implications.

          Was the field full of murdered fae in 3.11 not enough of a reminder of their mortality?? I think that was part of the point of the last two episodes.

  2. “Was the field full of murdered fae in 3.11 not enough of a reminder of their mortality??” – I liked it as a reminder myself but sadly some fans still don’t get it and it’s one of those things that irks me to no end when I hear in podcasts or actor interviews someone saying the fae are basically immortal because they aren’t!

    The fae as a race of it’s own might live forever, providing no one finds out about them and hunts them to basic extinction or they don’t kill each other first in another war, but that doesn’t it’ll have all the same inviduals it started with you know? And just because someone is 100s or 1000s of years old doesn’t mean they outlived certain humans; sure okay number of year wise they outlived them but if the human is still there now and the fae isn’t – the human outlived the fae you know?

    And it’s not like they’re all being killed by supernatural powers either, sure some are but others are dying of just old age and shotguns to the face. Some are drowning even. Still the common theme is they’re all dead. It’s like people assuming Bo will live longer just because she’s fae…she might live longer I’ll grant you might but she could just as easily go before everyone else with all the fighting she does. I know it might seem nit-picky of a topic but it’s one that just gets me fired up when I see people talking about it. Ha. 🙂 It’s like “must correct statement!” hahaha.

    As for the 200 years too early Dawning part, you’d think they’d reveal the why of it either before she did it or soon after but they haven’t so again I wonder if it’ll ever be touched on honestly or will it be a throw away plot point for them? It could be related to something with Bo’s dad or maybe with her tapping into her super succubus side all those times it pushed up her testing since she’s showing some of her maximum ability now (think of it like early puberty; especially when she was connected to the group – that had to be a lot of power/hormones coursing though her). I do know I don’t want to see them put it on Lauren’s shots she’s been using to help Bo with over the years; I don’t like them always trying to put the “bad guy” stuff at her door step you know?

  3. >because if the synopsis of episodes for season 4 are true<

    There is a synopsis available? Where??

    Like your site btw. Great work and great service for the fans!!

    1. Thanks, Anina!

      I believe the bit of storyline Aaron mentioned was gleaned from George Takei’s appearance at the Lost Girl panel at Fan Expo about two months ago. Stephanie included the video in the Episode 17 post.

      As far as I know, no official episode synopses exist yet. I think some fans have cobbled together bits of information (and/or rumors) from various sources, and I assume that’s what Aaron’s referring to.

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