Linda Hamilton, Kyle Schmid to Guest Star in Season 4 of Lost Girl

Acacia and Tamsin in Delinquents
Prodigy Pictures has announced that Linda Hamilton will return to Lost Girl in season four. Hamilton first guest starred in the season three episode “Delinquents” as a fellow bounty hunter and old friend of Tamsin’s.

The same press release also announced that Kyle Schmid will guest star in a multi-episode arc. Schmid is best known for his starring role in Copper and a recurring role on Being Human.

Hamilton and Schmid join George Takei, Mia Kirschner, and Ali Liebert on the list of notable guest stars in season four.

One Reply to “Linda Hamilton, Kyle Schmid to Guest Star in Season 4 of Lost Girl”

  1. I really wish they had keep Acacia Tamsin’s mother like originally planned. I have to be honest, I have mixed feelings about her coming back.

    On the one hand, Linda does good performances, but on the other her last appearance was kind of a real bust. 🙁 Her first time is the reason I have reserved excitement about George Takei being on. Plus there’s the downside of Acacia is a Tamsin linked character which probably means more Tamsin time and there was enough of her in S3 as it was.

    Kyle, while he’s a good actor in what I’ve seen him do (Copper/Blood Ties), I don’t like reading “multiple episode arc” because they have enough guest stars as it is coming in and I’d hate to see the season be more about the guest spots than the story or main cast of characters.

    The only two I’m still excited about are Ali & Mia so far. Well and of course the fact Inga is still suppose to be in the season somewhere; wonder why her name is never on these announcements? 🙁

    Emmanulle I count as a main cast member so I’m always excited when she has episodes. 🙂

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