Half Pint: Favorite Music from Seasons 1-3 — Episode 21

Bo in Adventures in Fae-bysitting
Many fans have praised the selection of popular music used on Lost Girl, and in this episode Stephanie, Annie, and Kris talk about their favorite song moments on the show. We also asked on Twitter which song picks were listeners’ favorites, and we discuss some of those as well. It should be noted that there were many overlapping choices (and that Annie’s picks weren’t surprising).

Annie’s Picks

  • “Lost Girl Theme” — Apparently written for the series, as it has the word “Fae” in the lyrics. We love that the series has an original theme song.
  • “Lose It” by Austra in “It’s Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away” (2.06) — Annie’s first Doccubus sex scene song choice. (Also mentioned by @SilkSite, @maverick_tom07, @smellycat1304, @Nathaniell717, @B3ncici, @Najoni_, @DarcyKant, & @Andreia90)
  • “Around the Sun” by 8mm in “Subterrfaenean” (3.02) — Annie’s second Doccubus sex scene song choice. (Also mentioned by @SilkSite, @TeamLaurenLewis, @cnw008)
  • “Orgotica” by Elii Geba in “Faes Wide Shut” (3.05) — Annie’s sexy Lauren song choice. (Also mentioned by @SilkSite)
  • Annie really wants a score soundtrack for the show! And Kris would totally buy it, too!

Kris’ Picks

  • “I Know What I Am” by Band of Skulls in “It’s a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World” (1.01) — The song fits the scene of Bo packing up to run perfectly and is thematically relevant. (Also mentioned by @GiGirl13)
  • “Close Watch” by Agnes Obel in “Truth and Consequences” (2.19) — Ow! My heart! (In a good way!) It’s perfect for a scene of Bo and Kenzi taking care of each other. (Also mentioned by @SilkSite)
  • “Jailbait” by Stinkmitt in “Caged Fae” (3.01) — This song in this scene (Kenzi visiting Bo in Hecuba Prison) is ridiculous in just the right way, and Kris kind of loves it. (Also mentioned by @cnw008)
  • “Youth Knows No Pain” by Lykke Li in “Subterrfaenean” (3.02) — Upbeat music, full of attitude, but with nihilistic lyrics, it’s appropriate for Tamsin’s introduction.

Stephanie’s Picks

  • “Sour Cherry” by The Kills in “Vexed” (1.08) — It’s matched to such a striking scene that Stephanie now associates it with Lost Girl, even though she’d been listening to The Kills for a long time (Hipster!). (Also mentioned by @SilkSite, @shaun_verma, @quixp2,Β  @LostGirl_Oncer, @Najoni_, @ValentnaCas)
  • “Boys Wanna Be Her” by Peaches in “Faetal Attraction” (1.04) — This song makes a great accompaniment to Bo embracing her succubus self — while Olivia and Samir are also embracing Bo’s succubus self. (Also mentioned by @SilkSite)
  • “The Wanderer” by Dion in season three — Played in the world of the show several times, the context makes the song feel ominous. (Also mentioned by @smellycat1304)
  • “Keep Me High” by Adaline in “Fae-de to Black” (3.04) — What a surprise: another Doccubus sex scene song! The lyrics are perfect for the scene, if you get our meaning. Stephanie also meant to mention that she thought the song was a great choice not only because it was sexy but because it set up the conflict between Bo and Lauren in that episode really well. Why she forgot to mention this point, we’ll never know. (WIIIINK!) (Also mentioned by @GiGirl13, @meshannen, @SilkSite, @HGWellsing)

Other Popular Listener Picks

  • “Madman” by Clara Klein in “Vexed” (1.08) — Maybe an unusual choice for a sex scene, but the lyrics reflect internal conflict and perhaps foreshadow what happens immediately after. (Mentioned by @SilkSite, @Najoni_, @DarcyKant)
  • “Change My Needs” by Scars on 45 in “Delinquents” (3.10) — Lauren and Dyson bond over not having Bo anymore. Fans bond over this song. (Mentioned by @shaun_verma, @Tina_Sad, @MoonlightAntics)
  • “Say Goodbye (I Won’t Even)” by Adaline in “Delinquents” (3.10) — An angsty song that now makes Doccubus shippers tear up. (It’s just a break!) (Mentioned by @meshannen, @TeamDoccubus, @AlondraZoie)


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7 Replies to “Half Pint: Favorite Music from Seasons 1-3 — Episode 21

  1. “Lose It” is a classic that absolutely takes you to the moment in the show I think; I definitely enjoy it! πŸ˜€ Some others I really like are the fun upbeat song “Girls Are Crazy” by Evren which played in Mourning After when Bo and Aife dance with the suspect at the club in Bo’s case for the episode, “Nova Heart” by Johnny Hollow which plays at the end of Blood Lines…this one was perfect lyric and scene when they talk about architects of the world and it shows Aife and Trick since it was there actions that created the world Bo is in now if you will, and I also like the instrumental tune “Journeyman” (I think it is) which has been featured throughout the show at different times. It just has a nice medieval sound to it which fits the show. πŸ™‚

    A bonus fun song from the show I like is “Big Bad Wolf” by The Heavy because it makes me think of Cayden and he was SO much fun on the show during his one episode. I miss Cayden; that was a wolf I could support! πŸ˜€

    I agree with Annie when she said “I don’t want to hear Tyler Swift on this show” because it is nice hearing unique music and we can hear top 40 during music videos. Sure it’s nice hearing songs you know but as this episode discusses it’s also nice to hear unique fresh stuff. If not for Lost Girl I most likely would never have heard of a lot of these songs/artists.

    In regards to the songΒ β€œI Know What I Am” by Band of Skulls, I actually think more of the show Fairly Legal when that song plays since they had it on and used it more before Lost Girl ever started in the US. So that was like the one song I knew on the series before the whole Wanderer thing; which I do like new cover they have going. I do hope they ditch the song in S4 though episode wise as it’s pretty played out to me since they used it so much in season 3 already.

    A Lost Girl soundtrack could be cool. Even if it was just a score soundtrack as well because as Annie again said they have some really good instrumental stuff going for scenes as well.

  2. I loved this Half Pint – it was stellar! Apropos of nothing, I wanted to mention that every time someone mentions the “safety bang” of S1E08, I hear in my head “Safety Dance” by Men Without Hats. But I’m glad they went with “Madman” instead.

  3. All the songs mentioned were great, but my 3 favorites weren’t mentioned. They are “Serpents” by Sharon Van Etten (at the very end of season 2 when Bo looks into the mirror), “They clip the wings of birds” by Lioness (when Lauren admits she’s not enough to sustain Bo) and “Uknowhatiwant” by Elektrisk Gonner (when Ryan presents Bo with a beautiful woman). I know that last one is a bit sexist, but it’s a very catchy tune.

    1. If we had listed a fifth favorite pick, I would have mentioned “Serpents.” It was a great choice for that closing shot of season two.

      I always laugh at the end of “Table for Fae” because just as the credits start to roll, they had to bleep so many words in “Uknowhatiwant” it sounds like someone is trying to send out a message in morse code. πŸ™‚

  4. Late to the party, catching up on older podcasts.

    My favourtie music moment on Lost Girl is hands down “Change My Needs” by Scars on 45. Its used at the end of 3×10 with Lauren and Dyson at The Dal. I love that scene anyway, but the song really lifts it to another level for me. Everytime I hear that song it really hits me in the feels.

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