Lost Girl webisodes and season 4 premiere pre-show

Bo and Kenzi in Something Wicked This Fae Comes
Photo Credit: Giant Ape Media

Showcase announced on their blog that starting October 13 weekly webisodes will be released on Sundays leading up to the premiere on November 10. The webisodes will bridge the gap between seasons three and four and feature Kenzi, Bruce, Vex, Hale, and Trick. They will be available on Showcase’s website.

Showcase also announced that a pre-show featuring the cast and crew will air before the season four premiere. Fans cans submit questions for the cast by making a video of your question, uploading it to YouTube, and sending the link to webmaster@showcase.ca. If you can’t make a video, you can send your question to Lost Girl‘s Facebook page via private message or send a direct message to the official Twitter account @lostgirlseries.

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