Super Human Kenzi — Episode 22

Kenzi with chainsaw in Into the Dark
Kenzi is the ultimate snarky sidekick, always there for Bo with a witty remark or hug, and her relationship with Bo is often cited to be the core of Lost Girl. Along with guest contributor Kevin Bachelder, we discuss Kenzi’s humanity as her “superpower,” her relationships (and their importance) with others on the show, and the possibility of Kenzi becoming Fae. Kevin co-hosts the Tuning In to SciFi TV podcast as well as his own Lost Girl podcast The Fae Files.

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Kenzi: Best Sidekick Ever

  • Kenzi is the world’s greatest sidekick, according to Kevin and many Lost Girl fans. She is an excellent complement to not only Bo, but all of the characters on the show.
  • Kenzi is all about the relationships — she’s often the glue that holds the show together.
  • Kenzi’s con artist abilities allow her to fit in anywhere.
  • We would love to see more of Kenzi’s past or more people from her past. They’ve introduced some family members and some friends from her time on the street, but we’d like to see that time in Kenzi’s life explored more deeply.

Why (Almost) Everyone Loves Kenzi

  • It seems like Kenzi might be the most popular character on the show. Kevin says he’s encountered (only) two people who did not like her at all.
  • Stephanie admits that she and Kenzi got off to a rocky start. (If you meet Stephanie, DO NOT stick a popsicle in her ear — though it sounds like Annie might be up for it.)
  • Kenzi keeps the show from getting too dark and makes the story more accessible for the audience.
  • Stephanie loves scenes of Kenzi running a con.
  • Kevin says that Kenzi was the show for him when he started watching. We missed her during season three and hope she’ll have a more prominent role in season four.

Kenzi and Bo

  • Kenzi and Bo have a wonderful, sisterly relationship.
  • Annie loves the scene at the end of the second season where Bo asks Kenzi to kill her if need be, which prompts Kevin to ask the terrible hypothetical of whether or not Kenzi would ever be able to actually do it. (Then there’s a slightly off-topic discussion of Buffy and Angel.) We come to the conclusion that we don’t actually know how dark Bo could get, so we can’t really answer the question.

Kenzi as Fae

  • We don’t want to see Kenzi be Fae. We’re kind of okay with a temporarily Fae storyline. Except Kevin. The faint sound of dismayed screaming you hear will be him.
  • Kris and Stephanie point out that she’s had brushes with being super-powered in one way or another. (“Original Skin,” “Confaegion,” “The Kenzi Scale”)
  • The show seems to have set up for Kenzi going on a quest to become Fae at the beginning of season four.
  • We would prefer if she stayed human and maybe teamed up with Lauren to save the day.
  • Annie doesn’t like all the anti-human sentiment that seemed to pop up in season three. Kris thinks they’ve set up a good opportunity to form more of a bond between Kenzi and Lauren — maybe Kenzi will have more of an appreciation for what Lauren has been dealing with from the Fae for the past five (or more) years.

Kenzi in Original Skin

Kenzi’s Humanity Is Her Superpower

There have been several times on the show when Kenzi has saved the day because she was human.

  • She helped Trick get an egg from the Lightning Bird in “The Mourning After.”
  • She unbound people who were blood bound to Bo in “Fae-nted Love” and “Flesh and Blood.”
  • She (or rather Dyson in Kenzi’s body) was able to escape The Dal and save Lachlan in “Original Skin.”
  • She used a chainsaw against The Norn to get Dyson’s love back in “Into the Dark.”

Kenzi and Her Relationships with Others

  • What’s with the new refrain of “but she’s human,” Trick?!? He had always been so grandfatherly toward her before. He still offers to take care of her if Bo didn’t make it out of The Dawning, but was it grandfatherly or condescending?
  • Kevin (and all of us, really) wants to see Dyson really remember that he owes Kenzi. Will the main (Fae) characters unite to save humanity because of Kenzi?
  • Will Kenzi and Hale get together? How will that affect the other relationships on the show? Mostly, we don’t want it to (negatively) affect the friendship between them.

We love Ksenia Solo!

  • Not only does she have an awesome name, but she has great range! Kenzi’s over-the-top-ness could be grating, but Ksenia makes it charming.
  • All the angsty, tender, touching scenes with Bo (especially) are where she really shines. (She’s so good in those scenes!)
  • Kevin loves her so much as Kenzi that he doesn’t want to see her in anything else.

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11 Replies to “Super Human Kenzi — Episode 22

  1. Hey this is Princess/Melina, just wanted to say that I loved this episode! I adore Kenzi and she was one of the major reasons I started watching the series (love the own your shit line). Although I do personally think that Gabrielle (xena) is the greatest sidekick of all time, Kenzi is right up there because she brings that same type of heart and insight into the series that I feel Gabrielle did.
    As one of those intense Kale (we have to get a better name for that ship) shippers I do hope we get some Hale/Kenzi stuff soon!

    1. Hey Princess/Melina

      Just to let you know as the resident Xena expert among the Drinks at the Dal crew, I did make a reference to Xena and Gabrielle as sidekicks/soulmates during the Kenzi ep, but it was edited. It was during the part where we were deliberating whether Kenzi could kill Bo for a greater good – I said the same thing has happened in Xena quite a few times where X&G have given their lives for one another. I think Kenzi and Bo have that level of dedication to one another, though as a platonic, not romantic relationship.
      Speaking of shipper names, is there a Kenzi/Bo best buddies shipper name? And yeah, the Kale shipper name has got to go! ;D

    2. Excellent point about Gabrielle being right up there with Kenzi on the “all time best sidekicks list”. As Annie mentioned in her comment she had mentioned that during our recording. Thanks. πŸ™‚

  2. I agree Kenzi was in the background a lot in season 3 but it sounds like season 4 will have her in it much more so that will be good for all the Kenzi fans out there.

    Kenzi definitely has some great one-liners! I definitely think it’s a mix as well of the writing and Ksenia Solo’s deliveries because the delivery matters just as much as the line itself. πŸ™‚

    I believe it’s because of Kenzi’s step dad that she’s on the streets. They hinted hard in “Mirror, Mirror” that they didn’t get along and Kenzi at times wished him gone so I think her running away is because of things regarding him. That would be the biggest meet up if someone from Kenzi’s past ran into her; seeing him again would be all kinds of dramatic for her I bet.

    I agree that Kenzi is probably the most liked on the series for fans; even if she’s not in your top spot on character lists she’s still the one character almost everyone can bond over.

    I too have mixed feelings about Kenzi at times, I mean she’s decent most of the times and pretty likable but her whole double standard thing with Dyson and Lauren really irritates me to no end about the character.

    I agree that Kenzi helps improve some characters, there’s 2 I think she doesn’t help (those being Hale and Lauren) because they’re already study individuals if that makes sense. She has some interesting dynamics with them don’t get me wrong but she’s not affecting them as much as she does others. Like Bo she helps stay balanced and helps her remember why she choses humanity over the fae, she helped lighten Trick up some (at least through season 1 and season 2, I don’t know what happened with season 3 and their whole sudden shift in humans why they did that), and Dyson she REALLY helps improve! If it weren’t for Kenzi being around him he wouldn’t be likable to me at all really; yes he still has moments with her where he acts like a jerk to her but she doesn’t take it from him and that’s a good thing – he needs to hear “No. Bad dog!” more in my opinion because he does some really crappy stuff when it comes to other people in my opinion. So if there’s one character Kenzi benefits the most I think it’s Dyson myself personally. πŸ™‚

    The Kenzi cons are fun to see I’ll agree. As Steph, I think it was, said I know she’s growing as a character but let’s not forget Bo and Kenzi still technically run a detective agency so it’d be nice to see her crack out those skills again at times. They make for a good call back to season 1 and Kenzi’s past and current skills. That’s one thing I do miss right now, the “case of the week” as it were; I know we saw Bo going undercover a lot more in S3 which was neat but she gets lucky in a lot of her cons and sometimes she even gets caught so if you need a quality con that’s going to hold up for an extended period of time, you go to Kenzi! Ha. πŸ™‚ To which I now pose this question to all those who read this – what’s your favorite Kenzi con so far? πŸ™‚ It can be a traditional con or just her showing off her thief skills period.

    I know someone said their favorite was gypsy house cleaning Kenzi and someone else said her playing Bo’s lover in season 3 when going to the jail was another but are there any others people enjoy? I have to say gypsy Kenzi was pretty good, “Please do shut up and light the sage stick!” because even with Bo basically unintentionally possibly blowing her cover Kenzi was committing to that con! Hahaha. πŸ™‚ I also like her moment in “Mourning After” with all the name tags and different back stories – “Bring nice chicken home for Momma.” and the whole grabbing the watch. πŸ™‚ Again a lot of nice con moments for Kenzi coming from the “case of the week” formats. πŸ™‚

    Could Kenzi kill Bo? I’m with Kris in the fact my mind instantly jumps to the Cordelia/Angel scene in season 1 of “Angel” in which Cordy says she would stake him dead if he turned and someone needed to kill him. I’m with Annie in the sense it would be quite hard for Kenzi to actually do it I think because as Kevin said the situations are different – Cordelia knows how bad Angelus can be because she lived through it back in Sunnydale; while she be sad to lose Angel the good guy she knows what Angelus can do and she also knows Angel doesn’t want to be that guy and hurt people if he can help it so she’d step up and save Angel the only way she knew how by killing Angelus.

    Some fans might see that as cold how quickly Cordelia answered but again you have remember where she’s going from and it’s not like she wouldn’t try to save him first but if you can’t save him then you have to stop him somehow or a lot of innocent people will be hurt. The same thing goes for Bo, just because Kenzi hasn’t seen yet what Bo can do really do (she sort of saw a piece before she severed the bond in s2) and just how dark she could go doesn’t mean Bo could go there you know? As was discussed in the podcast I think they’ve always hinted pretty hard at if Bo goes truly dark she will be quite the force to be reckoned with and that’s not the type of person Bo wants to be…at least not the Bo we’ve seen so far I think. I think if Kenzi was to do it she’d need some reassurance from Lauren that it is the right thing to do and it’s what Bo would really want. Even then it might be a toss up if she could actually go through with it or not; it’d be a dramatic scene for sure either way!

    Season 3 to me was set up for a darker feel but sadly that really didn’t happen like a lot of fans thought it was going to develop so maybe season 4 will be the “dark” season. It’s been coming for awhile I think. Maybe we’ll finally learn some real history on the Dark fae side of things because all we really know about them is they’re run by The Morrigan and they’re titles come from dead warriors but that’s it. Yes they’ve shown Dark fae individuals talking about their own past but that’s not the same as seeing the politics in action like we have with the Light. We know they chose their Ash based on a stag hunt but what does the Dark do? We’ve never known so far so some Dark fae history/political structure would be interesting to see especially in a darker season.

    I think the shift in Kenzi’s confidence during season 3 was due in part to humanity getting pushed aside in the season. She and Lauren got knocked around situation wise and with Bo going more fae in attitude during the season it didn’t help matters; she was pretty insulting to Kenzi in the camp counselor episode saying “it’s a fae bad guy Kenzi not a human one stay here”…now Bo always wants to protect Kenzi but she’s NEVER insulted humanity like that before (which was also insulting to hear her say as a fan I have to admit, human bad guys are just as bad as fae ones – after all it was a human killing them off during season 3 so who was Bo to make a statement like that; that’s one of the reasons I think so many fans hate fae Bo and want our old S1/S2/S3 episodes 1-4 Bo back). So hearing Bo say that maybe helped Kenzi want to be fae more so she could stick with Bo because Bo really is her family, yes she still has relatives around who she talks to but she’s not staying with them she’s sticking with Bo because Bo can protect her from the thing that scares Kenzi the most – her step father. Plus you have the friendship stuff and while Kenzi has friend’s still, Tryst for example, they’re all thieves and it’s sort of like how much can she really trust them like she does Bo? You know?

    I don’t think Kenzi wanting to be fae is any real shock because let’s be honest she’s always had a love affair with them since the start; maybe it’s the powers and again she wants something to protect herself from her step father but it could also be she thinks them special because she’s never seen them before so Kenzi’s always flirted with that idea since the start really. Her wanting to be fae isn’t really that new in my opinion but her shift in confidence definitely was and again I think that was due to humanity being stomped on at every turn in season 3 which again as a fan of the show I didn’t appreciate.

    I still don’t get how they’re going to explain logically Kenzi becoming a full fae if it happens because again she can’t according to season 1 cannon lore which has stood up for the past two seasons, HUMAN DNA + FAE DNA = HUMAN! Just because she might able to hold some powers at times doesn’t make her fae and again who’s to say those powers wouldn’t end up killing her human body because it wasn’t designed to handle them. Again if you’re going to try to make a human fae it seems more logical you’d start with a human who has fae DNA genetical inside of them like the Will of the Wisp’s son because they’re bodies could handle the power more.

    I agree with Kevin – NO FAE KENZI PLEASE!!! We only have two humans as it is on the show, we need to keep them around as much as possible!

    If Kenzi was somehow temporarily fae, like say she had some kind of powers again, I’d want to see the fae still turn their backs on her because she’s not really a fae. She might have stole some poor fae in their minds powers but that doesn’t make her fae so I’d like to see her still getting shut out by them and realizing it’s not the answer. When the powers start to negatively affect her body and start killing her I’d like to see Lauren once again ride in to save her life and remind her that their humanity is what makes them special in that world and that Kenzi’s humanity is her superpower – she doesn’t need to be anything more than what she already is! πŸ™‚

    I know the whole situation with Kenzi saving them from the binding with Bo in season 2 was mentioned and the thing with the Lightening Bird with Trick was talked about in where Kenzi helped save the day, but another time where she helped the fae out was when she knew about the rave which allowed the Light to end up keeping their bond with their land in season 2. She also helped Trick out again in the same episode with the Lightening Bird when she figured out who exactly had him and how they did it.

    And that’s not even including all the times she’s bailed out others or helped them in some way; Dyson as stated ESPECIALLY owes her because of all she’s done for him in season 2 alone.

    I don’t think Bo picked humanity in the pilot because of simply Kenzi, I think Bo was always going to pick humanity because she knows it’s worth fighting for but I agree Kenzi helped reinforced her decision. πŸ™‚

    DEFINITELY up for more Kenzi/Lauren bonding in future seasons! That’s something that’s been awhile coming story wise as well.

    Trick was all over the place in season 3; very inconsistent with what we’d seen so far. In season 1 and season 2 I’d argue he had a better granddaughter type relationship with Kenzi than he did Bo who’s actually his granddaughter. But his attitude in season 3 was very condescending towards her I felt; his offer to claim her I thought was a pity move on his part because prior to that he had been talking down about her a lot. Honestly, if I was Kenzi I wouldn’t want Trick to claim me, especially not season 3 Trick, because he’s just going to end up selling out in the end and while some days might be good others wouldn’t so if she wanted happy times in the fae land she should look at Hale first I feel.

    As for the Kenzi/Hale relationship, I like the friendship more than I do the romance. I mean don’t get me wrong it would be cute seeing them together I’m sure but I just feel Kenzi is more about the friendship between them herself, as someone in the podcast stated when Hale basically said he loved Kenzi she didn’t seem as excited about it as he did. Granted it could have been shock at it but still. True she admits Hale has a rocking body (yum those abs and that smile is great) but that doesn’t mean she wants to date him.

    Honestly, I see Kenzi more into Dyson than I do Hale. And honestly I think Dyson needs Kenzi more than Hale does; Hale is a really sweet guy, he’d able to find someone to be with I think easily (I know if I was a character on the show and Hale hit on me I’d be smiling and up for dating him πŸ™‚ ) but not many people would be able to put up with Dyson’s personality for as long as Kenzi can, Ciara was the only other one.

    A really great Kenzi podcast! πŸ™‚

    As for why I like Ksenia Solo, I’m going to have to agree with others in the podcast and say it’s because of her range; she kills it (in the good way) the comedy side of things but can also do some pretty dramatic stuff as well. πŸ™‚

    “She is an excellent complement to not only Bo, but all of the characters on the show.” – agreed. πŸ™‚

    “she’s often the glue that holds the show together.” – arguably so. πŸ™‚

    “Kenzi and Bo have a wonderful, sisterly relationship.” – agreed!

    “We would prefer if she stayed human and maybe teamed up with Lauren to save the day.” – DEFINITELY want Kenzi to stay human and her and Lauren teaming up to save the day would be great to see I agree! πŸ™‚Β 

    “Annie doesn’t like all the anti-human sentiment that seemed to pop up in season three.” – she’s not alone in that feeling for sure.

    “Kris thinks they’ve set up a good opportunity to form more of a bond between Kenzi and Lauren β€” maybe Kenzi will have more of an appreciation for what Lauren has been dealing with from the Fae for the past five (or more) years.” – HERE’S HOPING! πŸ˜€

    “Will the main (Fae) characters unite to save humanity because of Kenzi?” – Bo will for sure but she’s always loved humanity even before Kenzi and maybe Hale will. Dyson is debatable but I think he leans more towards the fae honestly still so he’s an unknown; Trick wouldn’t because he’s too into the fae.

  3. I really enjoyed the conversation among you all about Kenzi. Also, what great insights and contributions from your guest, Kevin. Hi, Kevin! You could have fooled me that you were nervous. You’re a pro!

    I especially thought you guys made a great point about Kenzi being our chaperone into the Fae world, since all, or most of us who are watching the show are human. Kenzi’s human perspective affords more exposition for us than we might get if Bo didn’t have a human BFF.

    1. Thanks Sally! I had a blast doing the podcast. I’ve been a podcaster since 2005 so I’m pretty comfortable doing shows with other fans. My nervousness on this podcast was because of how knowledgeable all the ladies are about the show…Stephanie especially. When I met her at Dragon Con last month she was able to recite episode titles with amazing speed and accuracy based on limited details about specific episodes. You don’t want to end up on Lost Girl Jeopardy against her! πŸ™‚

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