Half Pint: Kenzi vs. Xander and Dawn — Episode 23

Bo and Kenzi in Arachnofaebia
Continuing our series of discussions about comparisons between the characters on Lost Girl to the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, this week we compare Kenzi to Xander and Dawn. This episode also contains a bit of “leftover” conversation from our discussion of Kenzi in episode 22. Guest contributor Kevin Bachelder made the assertion that Kenzi is the best sidekick ever, which led to a brief discussion of other sidekicks to whom we might compare Kenzi. Kevin co-hosts the Tuning In to SciFi TV podcast as well as his own Lost Girl podcast The Fae Files.

What other sidekicks could you compare Kenzi to?

  • Kris immediately thinks of Claudia from Warehouse 13, as Syfy and some fans had already drawn attention to their similarities (young women with lots of attitude who say awesome things).
  • Kevin mentions a character on Farscape named Chiana, who serves a similar role to Kenzi — letting the other characters blossom.
  • Stephanie thinks Felix from Orphan Black has some “Kenzi-ness about him.” It’s hard to miss him in a scene, he has great lines, and he’s helped other characters to shine.
  • Xander is mentioned as being a somewhat similar sidekick, but Kevin points out that there was always the underlying issue of Xander’s romantic feelings towards Buffy, which leads Stephanie to mention Gabrielle and Xena…
  • Annie agrees that there is a similar willingness to die for one another between Xena and Gabrielle and Bo and Kenzi.

Kenzi vs. Xander

  • The biggest and most obvious connection between them is their humor. Xander, especially in the early seasons, and Kenzi are always quipping.
  • They also have their humanness in common. While they are not the only human/non-supernatural characters, the others tend to have specialized knowledge or skills. (Lauren is a brilliant doctor, Giles is a brilliant librarian/Watcher.)
  • Xander and Kenzi have both been acknowledged in their respective shows as the heart of the group or of the main character.

Kenzi vs. Dawn

  • Kris points out that in Buffy, the show actually draws comparisons between Xander and Dawn. They address the fact that they are the ones without “powers,” but they see more than everybody else.
  • If Bo is the Buffy of Lost Girl, then Kenzi is the little sister (Dawn). Both characters serve as the little sisters of not just the main characters, but many of the characters in the group.
  • Dawn and Tara are kind of like Kenzi and Dyson. It’s mostly an older/younger sibling dynamic, but it’s also somewhat parental. There’s also a sense that even though a friend’s romantic relationship brought them together (Bo and Dyson’s/Willow and Tara’s) that their familial relationship will continue despite the state of the romantic one.
  • Stephanie thinks Dawn’s relationship with Spike is similar to Kenzi’s relationship with Vex. They’re the “big bad” characters that have soft spots for the tiny, young human women.

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8 Replies to “Half Pint: Kenzi vs. Xander and Dawn — Episode 23

  1. While it is true that Xander is the witty one like Kenzi the comparison does cut me deep because Xander is such a Nice Guy TM character and is such a jerk. While Kenzi does have her moments, she isn’t as bitter as I feel Xander can be. As one of the 3 Dawn fans ever I do enjoy the Dawn comparison. <3 as always.

    1. Xander definitely has his jerky moments. He actually is quite consistent in his tendency to react to being hurt by being a jerk. We have not and I don’t think we will see that tendency in Kenzi.

      We didn’t go into how the characters differ in this episode so much, but we don’t mean to say that these comparisons are one-to-one. For example, I don’t think anyone would call Dawn one of the most popular characters on Buffy, but certainly Kenzi is one of the (if not the) most popular characters on Lost Girl. 🙂

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