The Other Women: Ciara and Nadia — Episode 24

Dyson and Ciara in Lachlan's Gambit
While she was torn between two lovers in season one, Bo’s love life became even more complicated with the introduction of Nadia and Ciara, the love interests of her love interests, in season two. Both characters were brought on for essentially the same purpose — to make Bo’s love interests even more out of reach — but they received very different treatment in their storylines. We discuss their characterizations, their relationships with Bo, and their deaths.

Drink Special: Lover’s Kiss

½ oz Amaretto
½ oz Cherry brandy
½ oz Crème de cacao (brown)
1 oz Cream

Shake with ice and strain into glass. Top with whipped cream. Sprinkle with chocolate shavings and top with a cherry.


  • Ciara and Nadia are very parallel characters in that they are the lovers of Bo’s lovers and their storylines follow a generally similar path.
  • However, two episodes draw parallels between Ciara and Lauren: “BrotherFae of the Wolves” and “Lachlan’s Gambit.”


  • We learn a lot about Ciara: used to train Dyson’s pack, husband essentially killed by the king he was serving so that the king could marry her, has been running her deceased husband’s company, is quite wealthy, has an active social life with humans
  • While she was very damsel in distress when she was first introduced, she ultimately dies a heroic death in battle.
    • Annie likes how forthright Ciara tends to be.
    • Ciara returns to fight when so many other Fae were running away from the Garuda.
  • Where did her teleportation abilities come from? Is it Lost Girl‘s version of fairies flying?


  • We know very little about her: she was a photographer, she went to the Congo, she is Lauren’s girlfriend.
    • PLOT DEVICE — she only serves to provide motivation for other characters.
  • Set up for fans to dislike her
    • Ciara didn’t stand in the way of Bo and Dyson the way that Nadia was “The Wedge” between Bo and Lauren
  • Do we ever see the real Nadia? Is it always the Garuda?
    • Stephanie wishes we had seen when the Garuda entered Nadia.
    • Kris wonders if the Garuda possessing Nadia was a consequence of the curse.
    • Stephanie also hopes that it’s really Nadia who’s teasing and taking pictures of Lauren in “School’s Out.”
    • Was the Garuda always seeing through Nadia’s eyes? And only controlling her sometimes?
  • What were Lauren’s feelings toward Nadia?
    • Stephanie thinks Lauren seemed very conflicted. She felt guilty when she only thought Nadia had become ill because she had asked her to go to the Congo. Lauren seems to feel even guiltier when she learns that Nadia was purposefully infected to manipulate her.
    • Lauren is a very loyal person, so she wouldn’t just leave Nadia in this situation.

Nadia in School's Out

Jealousy Triangle

  • Bo is jealous of Ciara and Nadia. Ciara and Nadia are jealous of Bo.
  • Bo’s relationship with Nadia
    • Civil, but very distant
    • Her dislike or annoyance with Nadia is quite clear. (“Hi, Nadia.”)
  • Bo’s relationship with Ciara
    • More fleshed out, they “bond” in “Can’t See the Fae-rest”
    • Bo could have been very catty toward Ciara — and Kenzi seemed to be encouraging her in that direction — but she never was outright mean to Ciara or called her names.
    • Bo seems to be a bit insecure about Ciara because Ciara is beautiful and rich and a fairy queen and she and Dyson have such a history together.

Ciara’s Death vs. Nadia’s Death

  • Ciara had a lot more autonomy in her death: she chose to come back and fight, she chose to jump in front of the Garuda’s blade. Her death is very heroic.
  • Even though Nadia asked Bo to kill her, she was really a tragic victim of circumstances.

Women in Refrigerators (and Other Tropes)

Gail Simone! and Women in Refrigerators
  • Gail Simone coined the term “women in refrigerators” when she noticed that females in comics often met untimely, horrible ends.
    • The name is inspired by a 1994 issue of Green Lantern in which the hero finds that his girlfriend has been killed and stuffed into a refrigerator by his enemy.
    • A “woman in a refrigerator” is essentially a female character who is killed, brutalized, or disempowered for the sole purpose of motivating the male hero.
    • You can read the list of women in refrigerators or watch a video about the phenomenon for more information.
  • Ciara and Nadia are both women in refrigerators. Especially in Nadia’s case, they serve primarily to motivate the female and male heroes (Bo, Lauren, and Dyson).
Dead Lesbian / Evil Lesbian
  • The trope of the dead lesbian originates from the Hays Code era. The Hays Code tried to regulate morality in film, and it required any individuals who deviated from a “moral lifestyle” to die by the end of film, so lesbians and other queer characters were killed off. Another common trope is the evil or psychotic lesbian.
  • While Nadia fits both of these tropes, her death is perhaps mediated by the fact that there are other queer characters on the show who do not die and that Ciara dies during the course of the season as well.

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4 Replies to “The Other Women: Ciara and Nadia — Episode 24

  1. Yay, Ciara and Nadia! I actually really loved Ciara and I enjoyed that she and Bo tried to have an amicable relationship. I hated when she died. As for Nadia I was always upset that she never got a lot of personality (especially since she might be a WoC) I wish we could have gotten a chance to see why this woman was some Goddess Lauren waited so long for her.

    1. Indeed, I think we could have used more exploration into Nadia and Lauren’s rapport. I think we got a hint of it in “School’s Out” when Nadia takes the sexy photos of Lauren, but we could have used a lot more.

  2. You guys I just listened to this one today and I loved it. I hadn’t considered the parallels between the characters (Ciara and Nadia) because sometimes I’m a little dense, but as always you put things very much into context.

    I chuckled when you guys were discussing how Nadia woke up from her coma in a perfectly smooth dress with great hair and makeup, no atrophied muscles. When I saw that scene the first time the first thing that went through my mind was how she and Lauren were kissing deeply, and all I could think was – “Five years in a coma, surely she has TERRIBLE breath.”

    But it could either be Fae technology, or maybe curse magic that preserved Nadia so perfectly. When you were discussing that, I thought of Star Trek and people being in stasis. The way I’ve seen stasis described (in Star Trek fan fiction) is that it perfectly preserves whatever the thing is with no decay or atrophy – whether it’s a person or food.

    Anyway, it doesn’t pay to think too much about these things. 😉

    Also, I laughed when Stephanie said to Kris “Quit correcting me!” Heh. Kevin Bachelder said that Stephanie would win at Lost Girl Jeopardy, but I think Kris could give us all a run for our money with the details. Kris, fess up – is it your awesome memory, or do you do research before these podcasts?

    Annie – I was glad to her your cat during the podcast, also – at one point did a cat bump into your microphone?

    1. I confess that I’d watched many of the episodes Ciara and Nadia were in before we recorded this episode. That said, I’ve always had an eye or mind or something for the details/minutiae/trivia — to the great annoyance of many friends and family members. And now co-hosts. 🙂

      I don’t know about cats bumping into microphones, but it’s very likely one of us bumping the table the microphone’s on. You’ve recorded with us, you should know! 😉

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