4×01 “In Memoriam” — Episode 26

Kenzi in In Memoriam
When Kenzi and Dyson take on a case for a new client whose memory of her daughter has been erased, they soon realize that their memories have been tampered with as well. To find out what they’ve lost, they attend a gala of a rich man who owns a device that might restore their memories. Meanwhile, everyone is adjusting to the recent changes in local government with Vex ascending to the position of The Morrigan and a group of Fae called the Una Mens surfacing.

Drink Special: Mind Eraser

1 part Kahlua
1 part Vodka
2 parts Club soda, tonic water, or Sprite

Layer Kahlua, vodka, and club soda, tonic water, or Sprite over ice in an old-fashioned glass. Drink the entire drink all at once through a straw.

First impressions

  • Annie: WTF-ery awesome! (and general excitement) Such a strong cast!
  • Kris: Two things: Oh! That’s why Kris Holden-Ried was talking about George Takei in green tights! Oh! That’s why Paul Amos kept talking about his codpiece!
  • Stephanie: Such a fun episode, but not a great one for new viewers. Lots of fan-service! Is this indicative of a highly serialized season?
  • Annie says it’s a bold decision to take the show this direction. Stephanie points out that fans of the show really like the outside-the-box episodes, such as “Original Skin.”
  • While we missed Bo (and Anna Silk), Ksenia Solo as Kenzi was an amazing fill-in lead. She really got to showcase (ha!) her range of talents.

Kenzi and Dyson

  • Stephanie sent Kris this message while watching: “EW EW EW DYSON AND KENZI EW”
  • Annie had a similar reaction until she realized that if Dyson was with Kenzi then that cleared the road to Doccubus.
  • We have complicated feelings about Denzi. They’re cute and have great chemistry, but there’s an existing big brother/little sister dynamic.
  • In a Bo-less world, Kris thinks Kenzi and Dyson could work. Also, she thinks Dyson might just be attracted to that robe (kidding! I’m kidding!)

. . . And Hale!

  • Kenzi is . . . Dancing with the Fae. The dance scene was a hit with us!
  • More triangles! There’s always a triangle. Or possibly another shape of some sort.
  • Stephanie likes that it was a fun triangle scene. (Maybe Lauren/Bo/Dyson should dance it out?!?)

Vex and THAT Outfit

  • We’re impressed with Paul’s ability to walk in those heels. And the outfit in general. You go, Paul!
  • Stephanie points out that Vex’s “shirt” is like a leather version of what Leeloo (Dallas Multi-pass) wore in The Fifth Element.
  • Then Annie keeps talking about The Codpiece. And the side-view.
  • Stephanie’s favorite line goes to Vex: “Since when do you like balls?”

Fae Fight!

  • We get to see Hale and Vex use their powers again.
  • Apparently, Vex’s mesmer powers don’t work on Dyson when he shifts. They mentioned it twice, but nothing came of it. (Yet!)
  • Vex can’t seem to stop making enemies.
  • Annie likes the story about Evony dying on the toilet. Kris breaks out the nerd-knowledge about how one might die on the toilet, which it turns out Stephanie also has (any other X-Philes out there?).


  • Threatening Trick! We think he’ll probably keep himself safe through magical/mystical means.
  • Giant knife in a handbag!
  • Stephanie thinks Aife and Dyson both seemed more peaceful having forgotten Bo.

Kenzi Dyson and Hale Dancing in In Memoriam

Drinks at The Dal co-host nerd-glee

  • Pals at The Dal! (That’s us!!!!)
  • Stuffed unicorn! Possibly made of fiberglass.
  • The waitress!
  • Stephanie was impressed with the sets.
  • Annie really likes the score.

Guest Stars

  • George Takei is delightfully creepy. That man has presence!
  • Mia Kirshner was introduced and will obviously be back. Something about Clio is off.

Questions, questions

What’s up with the oozing box?
  • Is Bo in there?
  • What do those runes say?
  • How did Kenzi know about it?
What’s the deal with the Una Mens?
  • How does everybody know when they’re coming? Did Trick tell them?
  • Will it coincide with Sweeps week?
  • Will we find out when the characters provide exposition to Bo or one of the other characters absent or largely absent from this episode?
Who’s responsible for the memory wipe?
  • Are we to assume that the Wanderer is responsible for the memory wipe?
  • Was the memory wipe what the rune glass did? Yes, Kris might be kind of fixated on the rune glass.


  • Lauren’s hair!!!?!! What is she wearing??? And why is she a waitress???
  • Has Lauren pulled an Alias? Kris argues that Sydney Bristow never would have done this.
  • Bo opened her eyes after Lauren said her name. No, that didn’t specifically cause it, but the two scenes were deliberately placed back-to-back.
  • Annie likes the particular shade of blue of Bo’s eyes at the end of the episode. Really. Also, not enough Lauren.


Which is worse, Amber hair or Karen hair?
    • Annie: Amber
    • Stephanie: Karen
    • Kris: Maybe a tie, but probably Karen
  • We think it would have been great if Lauren had been sporting a Patsy Sewer from Instant Star look when she was on the run. (In case there was any doubt about our fan-cred, we make a lot of Instant Star references.)
  • Kenzi defending Lauren! Like we always wanted! Christmas has come early! Thank you, Santa Andras!

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6 Replies to “4×01 “In Memoriam” — Episode 26

  1. Loved it! Listened this morning. I love it that Drinks at the Dal is now doing episode reviews and commentary. And I love it that Lost Girl is BACK. Here are some comments in no particular order:

    Kris: great speculation that Aife regained more of the specifics of her memory sooner due to succubus healing. I had wondered if it was the maternal instinct in play, but the succubus healing is equally likely. (It was, of course, Fleet Week.)

    Morrigan on the toilet: I took this as a geek reference to Game of Thrones where (spoiler alert) Tyrion Lannister kills his father on the toilet. Elvis also died on the toilet, but I think GoT is more likely (as well as Vex spreading such an inelegant falsehood about Evony’s demise.)

    Vex’s codpiece: I didn’t notice this the first time around so I’m going to have to go rewatch. I’m sure it’s very impressive. 😉

    Pals at the Dal: I love the rhyme of the name, but I appreciate the alliteration of Drinks at the Dal. Do you appreciate the assonance of the previous sentence, and this one?

    #Doccubuster: I hereby grant Drinks at the Dal and its podcast co-hosts an unlimited license for usage of this term.

    Annie: loved your scifi nerd tangent about Bo coming back as half black sludge and reconstructing her. I love scifi and its fans.

    Stephanie: you’re awesome and I love how you keep the discussion moving along and provide such wonderful structure to each podcast. I have never seen The Fifth Element, is it good?

    1. I always appreciate alliteration and assonance. Absolutely amazing. Awesome, actually.

      Side note: I was once part of a conversation that contained the phrase “you’re an assonance,” though it was neither said by nor directed at me. Also, that conversation led to a competition to come up with the best haiku. Anyway.

      The Fifth Element is one of my favorite movies. It’s insane, in a great, fun way.

      Fun fact: while Annie was talking about Bo possibly re-forming from ooze, I kept looking at the Sarah Connor Chronicles poster on the wall behind her. (Like the liquid metal guy . . . Never mind.)

  2. Argh! Sorry, one more thing I forgot to say – I think that Vex knew about the Una Mens because in the webisode, he received several reels of film, and the next webisode was about the Una Mens. So I presume that everyone in Fae government received a similar delivery. While Trick isn’t officially part of Fae government, he knows enough of the Light Elders that someone probably clued him in. That’s my guess.

  3. I think this is one of the best openings for Lost Girl since season one.

    SO MUCH KENZI! I think that last season really didn’t have enough Kenzi for my tastes and I was super excited to see her being the lead for once. We got to see that she still hasn’t given up her criminal ways, Ksenia got to break out her dance background in that tango and we actually got some great character moments between her and characters who weren’t even there. Her phone conversation with Lauren, awesome and so heartfelt. I would love to have Lauren and Kenzi actually hang out for them (although I do think Lauren needs a non-Bo team friend). Also just the fact that Kenzi did feel lonely and her heart hurts was very telling because it showed that in the end her relationship with Bo is more important than any relationship she would have with a guy. Her priority is Bo, her everything is Bo. That was on that Gabby/Xena level and it made me feel good. So that was awesome. Also the conflict she was going through with that asshole who was selling her fae powers, that is looking to be a super interesting storyline and I am really excited to see where this season goes.

    HALE got to be BADASS!!! Hale has gotten shafted for too long and he got to shine by whipping Vex’s ass with his Siren powers. At first I was getting a little irritated at him being second fiddle to Dyson for most of the episode, but when the one-on-one with Vex happened I was flailing! I hope that Hale continues to show the magnitude of his abilities throughout the season.
    Peppering of mythology and things to come. This season seems to really be starting off with a strong plot focus, which is great. Just the fact that Bo is missing and they have to find her is a great premise, plus the Council is supposedly coming and that means more drama. Also the question of “Where is Tamsin?” “What’s going on with Eifa?” There is the nymph character and hopefully more George Takai cameos in the future? Crossing my fingers.


    Denzi. Allllllllll the Denzi. I’m sorry to all the Denzi shippers who might see this I just never see the chemistry between those two on a romantic level. They are like big-brother little-sister to me and this episode just proved to me that there is no place in my heart for that on a romantic level and I think the ending showed that as well. Plus, I’m a die hard Hazi (pronounced: Hazy) shipper so I don’t even have time for that.
    So basically, season four of lost girl….you started off well! Let’s GO!!!!

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