4×02 “Sleeping Beauty School” — Episode 27

Bo in Sleeping Beauty School
Dyson teams up with a tracker to find Bo, who doesn’t seem to be on this plane anymore. While Kenzi babysits a tiny Tamsin, Hale tries to muster enough nerve to tell Kenzi how he feels about her. Lauren encounters a Fae while she’s in hiding, which helps her bond with her co-worker, Crystal. Read Emily Andras’ post-episode interview with TV Guide Canada.

Drink Special: Gingeronno

Because everyone freaked out about Lauren’s hair: she’s still a ginger, oh no!

1½ oz Amaretto Di Saronno
6 oz Ginger ale

Pour ingredients over ice.

First Impressions

  • Kris: liked it, doesn’t mind a slow reveal (provided there is a reveal), most importantly — Bo!
  • Annie: thought it was okay, there should have been more revealed and more humans, yay for Henzi/Kale!
  • Stephanie: didn’t care for it, frustrated with lack of progression
  • We all thought it was a bit disappointing after last week’s super fun episode.

Aife and Trick

  • Wait! What happened with Aife and Trick??!?
  • Blood was shed by both parties — what implications does that have?
  • Theoretically, Aife could enslave Trick. Flashbacks in the future? Please?

Lil’ Tamsin

  • Stephanie: Cute, but too prominent in the story
  • Annie: Some funny bits, but too much of a typical annoying blond kid
  • Kris: Had she been in the foliage that whole time? Did Dyson leave those clothes at the crash site for her?

Kenzi the Babysitter

  • We’re bothered that Dyson physically kept Kenzi from leaving the clubhouse.
  • Kenzi prepping Bo’s room for her return was very sweet.
  • Kenzi being sidelined this episode is kind of a letdown after her starring role in the last episode.
  • The kleptomania has returned, but does it make sense that she’d steal/sell something needed to help get Bo back?
  • She and Trick have gotten closer over the seasons — why is she stealing from him again? How will it affect their relationship?

Kenzi and Little Tamsin in Sleeping Beaty School

Dyson’s A(?) Plot

  • Obfuscation and misdirection. Stephanie is frustrated that so much of the plot ended up not mattering.
  • Stephanie is really disappointed that Dyson didn’t have to kiss Eddie to wake him up. The episode is called “Sleeping Beauty School” after all.
  • At least the sexist guy gets hit by a train.
  • Mia Kirshner as Clio is growing on us. She’s shady and mysterious but fun and peppy at the same time!
  • Clio’s cigarette behind the ear: Fae bluetooth?
  • Dyson’s acting super macho the whole episode, but ends up potentially getting himself into more trouble.


  • She’s awake and moving around and talking and everything!
  • We want more! More Bo! (Kris will take whatever she can get, though.)
  • The train car set is awesome.
  • Stephanie doesn’t care for Bo’s silky white gown. It doesn’t seem like Bo to her. Kris points out that it’s reminiscent of one of the things she wore in The Dawning. It is appropriately otherworldly.
  • Bo’s probably not in the oozing box from last episode.

The Una Mens

  • Poor Paul Amos is lacking clothes and in a torture device.
  • Creepy death masks for our beloved cast of (lady) characters (and Vex): NOOOO!!!
  • Who is the “claimed human”? Assuming that Kenzi is the “human terrorist.”
  • Stephanie is bothered that the first time we’ve seen an androgynous character is this seemingly evil character.
  • What’s with the parasite/earwig/whatever that came from behind the Una Mens’ ear and went in Vex?
  • “Pustule”

Una Mens masks in Sleeping Beauty School

Lauren! And Crystal!

  • Lauren is still Lauren, thank goodness!
  • Ali Liebert!!!! Kris has warm fuzzy feelings about Ali Liebert. *Fangirl sound* Why the heck haven’t Stephanie and Annie watched Bomb Girls??
  • Stephanie is glad that Lauren finally has a friend.
  • Annie is paranoid that Crystal (or Cheryl or whoever) might be evil or touch Lauren.


  • Annie is annoyed that Lauren called Dyson instead of Kenzi.
  • Annie and Kris have different interpretations of Dyson’s speech about helping Bo.
  • Annie thinks Dyson is an asshole for telling Lauren to stay away, though she does admit that she understands why he says that to her.


  • He needs to tell Kenzi . . . but didn’t he already?
  • Did Hale backtrack on his declaration in “Those Who Wander”? Or maybe they just haven’t talked about it?
  • Kenzi loves Hale in purple. And so do we.
  • We wish that scene could have happened without the influence of the perfume (but realize that it’s a supernatural TV show, which means that you have to throw that kind of thing in there for drama).

Stray Thoughts

  • They mentioned Bo having condoms in her room! Yay!

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5 Replies to “4×02 “Sleeping Beauty School” — Episode 27

  1. I have mixed feelings about this episode. Now that I have gotten down from my Hazi high a lot of issues I never noticed before came up.

    A lot of the beauty school stuff with Selene and Endymion was just really irritating to me. Not only because I’m an anal mythology buff, but because of how the original myth plays with gender norms and it gets turns into a very creepy/odd scene. Especially with how Selene was portrayed especially since it’s implied that she is the real Selene.

    I know that I’m mean to Dyson and I have learned to appreciate him more, but sometimes I feel like he puts his stupid wolf-penis in everything that I love. His treatment of Kenzi was “alpha male” bullshit that I have no tolerance. I wish that he wasn’t the main person being shown looking for Bo. I know that Lauren is human, but Dyson so often gets put into the assertive love interest position. There is this long monologue about how much he loves Bo and honestly I’m just like “okay, we get it…more Lauren.”

    Cleo is interesting (and the Avatar), but we will see where this leads.

    In the positives, I did enjoy the Lauren scenes because it was nice to see Lauren have a friend in the form of Crystal (Also Bomb Girls is amazing). Even though I am 100% Team Doccubus, I did find them cute together. Not to mention, she got to be all bad-ass doctor and I love that so much.

    Lil’ Tam-Tam was serving up some Bam-Bam realness when she first came up and I thought she was cute to a point. I didn’t like that helped to keep Kenzi in this box.

    My favorite part, of course, was my Hale and Kenzi! I really enjoyed that when Hale realized that the magic perfume was making Kenzi more attracted to him, he did try to pull away because I was like YAY CONSENT!!

    This was an okay episode. More Bo! More Lauren! More Kenzi! More Hale!….Dyson…mehhhhhh

    1. I should have said that I thought the younger actress who played Tamsin did a really good job. When she said “Peace out, losers. I’m gonna go play,” she did an excellent job of mimicking some of Rachel Skarsten’s physicality. I liked wee little Tamsin in little doses, but, yes, I also didn’t like that she was used to keep Kenzi from helping Dyson find Bo. I mean, Kenzi and Tamsin barely know each other while Tamsin and Dyson got to be pretty good buddies. I think it would make more sense for Dyson to stay and take care of her.

      I also loved that Hale wouldn’t go through with Kenzi jumping him when he realized the perfume was causing her to react the way she was. Consent is sexy.

  2. Random responses:
    1. When all was said snd done thought the “B plots” were the “A plots.” For one thing, because Kenzi stayed with mini-Tam, she discovered the tarot card/train ticket without which the “A-plot” would have never made it to…well now, wait a minute, come to think of it, the A-plot went exactly nowhere [side-bar: why would the Wanderer leave behind a clue to follow?]. Also, B-plot is truly A-plot in the sense that two of the most authentic, moving, emotional moments came from the B-plots — both involving lead women. Compare Kenzi’s definition of love (for Bo) — “two people would do anything for each other and have each other’s back” — to Dyson’s stuttering and then bombastic reply to Eddy. Compare the hug shared by Lauren and Crystal (wow, they needed that) to the zipless fuck between Hale and Kenzi — a coerced act brought on by the magic perfume (to his credit, Hale pulls back at the last second). I found myself humming the Indigo Girls: 
    “It doesn’t come by the bullwhip
    It’s not persuaded with your hands on your hips
    Not the company of gunslingers
    The epicenter love is the pendulum swinger
    She is she is she is…”
    The real “action” is in the relationships between women.
    2. Mini-Tam’s replenishing life points to replay the video game seemed like a reference to her ability to be reborn – Again! Again! Again!
    3. The extra mask for the “Unclaimed human” – Crystal?
    4. Are we meant to think the gross thing that Lauren removed from the Fae’s larynx is the same as the earwig forced down Vex’s throat? Tracking device? Mind control method (like what Khan used to control Chekov in Star Trek II)?
    Curious viewers want to know.
    5. @kedrie gets credit for the best ship name ever: Crystal Med. 

    1. 3. I actually just messaged Kris that possibility today. I was rewatching the episode, and the “claimed human” mask definitely looks like a female face, but it’s not one that’s immediately recognizable. I don’t like that possibility because I’d like Lauren to make a new friend who did not have any ulterior motives, but I am curious about the possibility to the extent that it generates some interesting questions about Crystal.

      4. I just thought that Lauren pulled an actual piece of food out of the Fae’s throat, but maybe there’s more to it than that.

  3. Stephanie, like you, I found this episode (of the show, not the podcast) a little hard to follow and I thought it was a bit all over the place. Not being immediately conversant with all of Greek mythology, a lot of the references were lost on me, and I lacked the motivation to go look them up as the episode was in progress. Knowing that you had similar, if not exact feelings, made me feel better.

    Kris, like you I don’t mind a story arc unfolding over a few episodes, and my interest is still firmly captured.

    Annie, it sounds like “Fear of Doccu-going-bust” is causing you anxiety. So with you in mind today, as well as fellow Doccubus fans who are giving my Twitter timeline a sad, I made this vid:

    Don’t Give Up – http://youtu.be/ihcPtGZavxc

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