4×03 “Lovers. Apart.” — Episode 28

Bo in Lovers Apart
After escaping from a mysterious train on another plane, Bo comes across a family being haunted by a vengeful ghost. Still in search of Bo, Dyson joins forces with Clio to track her down. Lauren gets closer to her co-worker Crystal, but that relationship may be in jeopardy because Lauren’s past seems to be catching up with her.

Drink Special: Crystal Virgin

Because Lauren isn’t one anymore! Ba dump bump! (Sorry, Annie.)

1 oz Yukon Jack
¾ oz Amaretto
2¼ oz Cranberry juice

Chill with ice and strain into shot glasses. Add cranberry juice to taste.

Follow-up from “Sleeping Beauty School

  • Stephanie takes back what we said about Lil’ Tamsin’s clothes. In rewatching “Those Who Wander,” Tamsin is wearing a white, scoopneck t-shirt, and it looks like that’s what Lil’ Tamsin is wearing when Dyson finds her at the crash site.
  • After rewatching the scene in the Una Mens’ lair with the death masks, the “claimed human” mask looks to be a woman’s face, and Stephanie and other listeners speculate that it might be for Crystal.

First Impressions

  • Annie: You know how I talked about my shades of “favorite episodes” last week? Well, this episode is probably my least favorite of my least favorite episodes.
  • Kris: I actually really loved it.
  • Stephanie: I liked it. I’d give a B.


  • Great to see Bo being Bo
  • Anna Silk played Bo as very emotional in this episode. In the beginning when she asks the Jenkins, “Home?” she seems like a vulnerable, lost… Well, girl. Heh.
  • Even with her mind being Swiss cheese, Bo still has her instincts to protect others and her primal urge to feed. Even though her memory was wiped, her powers and her knowledge of how to use them remained intact.

The Jumbee

  • The jumbee storyline was a good idea, but not the greatest execution.
  • Stephanie thought the storyline kind of ran out of steam.
  • Annie would have preferred the episode to concentrate more on the Death Train and answering questions about The Wanderer/Bo’s father and answering who did the memory wipe.

Questions about the Jumbee Storyline

  • Was the voice inside Bo’s head at the beginning of the episode telling her to “kill them all” the jumbee? Or is something else going on with Bo? We all think that it was the jumbee.
  • Was the Fae of the week a jumbee or elemental? Or both? Kind of confusing.
  • Stephanie also thought it was kind of confusing that Bo originally referred to the jumbee as a “bodyjumper.” From that description, Stephanie was expecting the Fae of the week to be a hsien like we saw in “Dead Lucky.”

The Jumbee’s Backstory

  • Stephanie thought that the biracial couple element to the jumbee’s background was an interesting choice, and Annie loves that Lost Girl isn’t afraid to show mixed race couples.
  • Stephanie liked that the jumbee was revealed to have a legitimate motive for her actions rather than just being “an evil spirit.”
  • The jumbee agreed with Ian that she’s “pure evil” — Kris feels like there’s a statement in there about the “looking glass self.”

Bo and Jumbee in Lovers Apart

Dyson & Clio

  • It’s disappointing that Dyson and Clio spent so much time getting on to the Death Train and spend so little time on it.
  • There’s many damsels in distress on the train, not just Bo. Are they souls The Wanderer (or someone else) has trapped?
  • We like the idea of Dyson letting Lazy John lick his toes for information about Bo. Annie wishes that they’d actually shown it, but Stephanie and Kris are content with just imagining it.
  • Is that it for Clio? We hope not!

What’s Going on with Dyson?

  • The writers don’t seem to know what to do with Dyson the past couple of episodes. As Kris put it, all he’s been doing is: “Choke hold, choke hold, growled demand, choke hold, broody speech.”
  • Annie was most frustrated with Dyson’s storyline in this episode. Dyson’s story so far in this season is making him very unlikeable to Annie because his choices don’t seem honorable or straightforward. Why not just tell Bo that he’s fighting for her so she’s clear on where he stands? Why keep Lauren in the dark and not tell her that Bo was missing? Why did he keep the ring from the “wedding ceremony”?

“The Wedding”

  • How did that work? This piece of the jumbee storyline seemed very implausible. OK, Bo was possessed by the jumbee so it makes sense that she would stand in for her. But why did Dyson have to stand in for Noah? (We know, it’s supposed to be a metaphor for Dyson’s feelings about Bo, we got it.)
  • Stephanie totally understands why the writers would give some fan service to Bo & Dyson shippers since Bo isn’t with anyone at the moment, but she wishes that piece of the storyline didn’t feel so arbitrarily tacked on.

Lauren & Crystal

  • Stephanie: “It’s OK, Annie. It’s OK.” Annie: “No. No, it’s not.”
  • Annie just wants Bo and Lauren to be reunited because she is a Doccubus purist. Kris and Stephanie think it’s nice that Lauren has a friend (with benefits) because she has been living in a world in which she was a second-class citizen. She is starting her life over without the Fae, and it’s important for her to have (literally) a human connection.
  • Annie thinks the developing friendship between Crystal and Lauren (and even the sex) would have been fine if Crystal had not given up Lauren at the end. Coerced or not, she still betrayed Lauren’s trust. Poor Lauren can’t get a break from anyone!
  • Lauren seems really happy and really at ease with Crystal. It was nice to see! But as soon as we saw Lauren was that happy, we knew everything was about to go horribly wrong.

The Sex Scene

  • First sex scene of the season and no Bo! Has this ever happened before?
  • Of the sex scenes involving two women, this scene had the least jump cuts and dwelling in “passionate kissing” territory. It certainly jumped into the middle of things!

Who Took Lauren? Who Is Crystal Helping?

  • The Una Mens? Vex? The Morrigan? Interpol? Someone else?
  • Annie thinks there’s a good possibility it could be The Morrigan since she could have found the Karen Beattie file in Lauren’s apartment.
  • Was Crystal a secret spy the whole time? Or was she coerced right before the kidnapping?
  • Theory! Crystal got herself mixed up with The Morrigan or maybe almost did. All the talk of being a singer and “big dreams that will swallow you whole” sounds a little like what could have happened to Nate if Kenzi hadn’t intervened.

Evony The Morrigan in Lovers Apart

The Morrigan & The Druid

  • The Morrigan is also back, looking sexy in an eyepatch!
  • Hilarious eye-adjusting (and line delivery as usual) from Emmanuelle Vaugier!
  • The Druid is human? Really?
  • After his creepy aggressiveness toward Kenzi in “In Memoriam,” Stephanie was pleased to see Massimo look so nervous around The Morrigan. Annie kept expecting her to turn him into goo any second!

Stray Thoughts

  • Where did Dyson & Bo get that station wagon from? There’s broken glass on the dashboard, insinuating that they stole it, but none of the windows looked broken.
  • Who did Bo’s hair while she was knocked out from being hit over the head with a frying pan?
  • The hair department and the costume department are messing with the fans this season. They’re finding the world’s ugliest shirts to put on Zoie Palmer.
    • Stephanie’s theory about the clothes: Lauren is trying to look as un-Lauren-like as possible and she probably didn’t have a lot of money when she escaped from Taft’s. So she went to the local secondhand shop and bought everything remotely in her size, which consisted mainly of shirts so hideous that their original owners wouldn’t wear them.
    • Also, speaking of Lauren’s wig, the cap the wig hair is attached to was visible (it looked like) in the scene in which Crystal gave Lauren her address and Lauren lowered her head to smile.
  • Monkeys buried Lazy John? What? Is this a myth or urban legend that we’re missing?
  • Wedding dress and combat boots!
  • Also, Lauren said “par-tay.” The Lauren geek talk – so cute!
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10 Replies to “4×03 “Lovers. Apart.” — Episode 28

  1. I think Elemental is a broader type of Fae, like body jumper. So the lady from this weeks episode is a Jumbee and a Jumbee happens to be a elemental/body jumper. Clio said in 401 that she was a Nymph, so I guess I just thought a Nymph was a type of Elemental. Also the Shien*sp? Is a type of Fae that falls under the broader body jumper type.

    1. That’s a good point! I had forgotten that Clio had said she was a nymph. And we saw in “Mirror Mirror” that nymphs control water, which suggests that elementals are Fae who control one of the four elements. But a jumbee is a spirit, so I have a hard time thinking that she would have been a jumbee when she was alive. But Lost Girl doesn’t always stick hard and fast to mythology they borrow from.

      1. Yeah that kinda bugged me (especially since I am Carb-American and it’s our mythos), but it was mostly because I felt they could have used it to bring in some more diversity in terms of casting the family. The mixed race couple was a good thing and I was happy the jumbee was a WOC. (More response later lol)

  2. I think I was Team Annie in this podcast.

    Dyson has been testing me all season, especially because there has been SO much emphasis on his feeling for Bo while pushing all the other characters aside. I would have love to see Kenzi in this episode. I think that the Kenzi/Bo relationship is one of the most important relationships and so while we got it in spirit, after her getting pushed aside last episode her absence was felt hard.

    The Lauren/Crystal stuff was upsetting and good at the same time. It was great to see a nice interaction between two women, but what upset me most is that it ended up being for an alterer motive and not just cute. I am 100% Docccubus but I would like to see Lauren have happy, non-kidnap causing sex.

    Also the wedding reminded me of that episode of Buffy in season 2 where Angelus and Buffy get possessed by those lovers. Except that I do ship Bangel so muhahahah

    I have gone back and forth with the jumbee storyline. At first when I saw that this was a black woman stalking and killing this white family I was like ‘okay lost girl, where are we gonna go with this?’ Then finally seeing her origin, I felt like it was not so much about her, but about DyBo. I was sad and tragic, but overall just ended up having no real point. It could have been any fae there was no deeper reason for it being a jumbee. Which was sad because I grew up hearing about them and it would have been cool to see them on LG.

    1. That’s interesting that you mention that the jumbee’s storyline reminded you of Dybo. I’ve seen other fans mention that it reminded them of Bo and Lauren since one partner was Fae and the other (presumably) human.

      The end of the episode doesn’t counteract the cuteness of Lauren and Crystal for me. It just intrigues me to learn more about what’s going on for Crystal. Like Kris mentioned, Lost Girl loves showing people making tough decisions because of circumstances often out of their control.

      1. I agree that the kidnap scene at the end doesn’t negate the cuteness of the earlier Lauren and Crystal scenes. We do get a hint of why Crystal did what she did in “Turned to Stone”, though there is still obviously more story to tell (and I hope she does eventually tell it). Not knowing how many more episodes Ali Liebert will be in makes it a little hard to predict what might happen, but based on Ali’s recent interview with NY Castings, I believe there will be more Lauren and Crystal in the future and that these scenes will involve more intimate feelings, at least on Crystal’s part.

        Personally, I would like to see a Lauren and Crystal relationship that is based on mutual respect, playfulness, and genuine comfort (sexy scenes are welcome!) while seeking atonement for/resolution to their pasts and figuring out who they want to be now. It’s not that I don’t think that Lauren is capable of evolving outside of a relationship, because she is, but having a friend/lover there to root for her would be amazing. Plus, I would like to see a healthy sexual relationship between two women who know that it is just sex/comfort. It would also help counterbalance the Bo and Dyson sex thing, which, at this point, I think is heading down a very unhealthy (or maybe I just think it’s icky) road.

        Ultimately, I do want Doccubus back together (Bo also needs to grow as an individual) and that it happens in such a way that Lauren and Crystal are able to maintain a good friendship. Or maybe I’m just dreaming…

        1. I’d love to see Crystal stick around and be a friend (or even a girlfriend) for Lauren. I’m really liking Ali Liebert in the role, and I’ve wanted Lauren to have a friend (who wasn’t Bo) for a long time.

            1. I’m not trying to get between the ships. I’m just saying I wouldn’t mind seeing Lauren and Crystal date for a while. But I’d love her stick around, even just as a friend to Lauren.

  3. Dyson was no friend. He was straight slime to both of them. Convince Lauren to stay away and he could play house with Bo as much as he wanted. Everyone knew she loved Lauren but none of them cared to defend Lauren.

    I love Lost Girl. But I loved Lauren’s character more. She wasn’t as selfish as most.

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