4×04 “Turn to Stone” — Episode 29

Bo with an evil smile in Turn to Stone
When Massimo steals the furniture from the clubhouse because of Kenzi’s debt, Bo must return to Lauren’s apartment for an herb to pay him, and she discovers some surprising things. While he tries to find Lauren, Dyson babysits Tamsin, who is going through some changes. Meanwhile, Lauren deals with her captors, who have an interesting request. Read Emily Andras’ post-episode interview with TV Guide Canada.

Drink Special: Dark ‘n’ Stormy

Because apparently Bo is dark, which means things are probably about to get stormy!

1½ oz Dark rum
4-5 oz Ginger beer

Fill a highball or a Collins glass with ice. Add ginger beer and top with rum. Garnish with a lime wedge.

First Impressions

  • Kris: I really liked it. Stephanie watched it first and sent me a bunch of messages that were setting my expectations high, but I was not disappointed.
  • Annie: It was a really great episode. It answered a lot of questions, asked more questions, and had great character moments and acting.
  • Stephanie: I really really really really (yes, four “really”s!) liked this episode. It was Lost Girl the way I love Lost Girl.

Bo and Dyson Sexytimes

  • The scene reminded Stephanie a lot of the opening sex scene in “Vexed” in the way that it was choreographed as well as the dynamic between Bo and Dyson.
  • Kris wondered if the writers are trying to reset Bo and Dyson’s relationship back to its season one dynamic.
  • Bo’s frustrations about feeling out of control of her life — having been kidnapped, not knowing where Lauren is, not being able to live her life as usual because of The Una Mens — and perhaps Dyson’s frustrations about the state of his relationship with Bo really come out in the physicality of this scene.
  • “Baby I Call Hell” by Deap Vally plays during the scene, and Stephanie finds its lyrics interesting. The song is sung from a woman’s point of view, but do the lyrics better represent Dyson’s frame of mind?

Baby, do you love me
Like you say you do
Baby, do you love me
Is this good love to you
If you want to serve me
Show me you deserve me
‘Cause if you really love me
Be a bigger man than you

Now are you gonna please me
Like you swore you would
Was it just to tease me
Better treat this woman good
No, you don’t get this
If you don’t treat me well
‘Cause what you call love
Baby, I call hell

For the Shippers!

  • Dybo: Bo and Dyson sexytimes, “shopping” flirting, Bo getting snotty and jealous when Kenzi admits that she kissed Dyson.
  • Doccubus: Lauren is the “first thing” on Bo’s mind, the necklace with the note “For giving me the freedom to love…and I do.”
    • Kris tries to troll Annie and argue that The Morrigan left the necklace (or maybe enchanted it!), but Annie fires back with evidence collected by diligent and thorough Doccubus shippers.
  • Kale/Henzi/Hazi: “I think I only really want to kiss Hale.”
  • Valkubus: “So that’s what love feels like.”


  • Stephanie knew something was up with Bo as soon as Kenzi’s trap for malicious Fae flared up. There were other hints, such as Dyson saying there was something different about Bo, Bo saying “It feels so good to be bad” when she and Kenzi returned from The Dal, her threatening to kill Massimo, and of course smirking when Massimo killed himself.
  • Some people have interpreted what The Una Mens tell Bo about her blood to mean that her blood chose sides for her, but Stephanie interpreted that line to mean that her blood just revealed that she chose a side. She thinks that Bo somehow was coerced or otherwise forced to choose a side when she was with The Wanderer.
  • Bo is gonna be pissed about the fact that she unconsciously chose a side, and we bet that the next few episodes if not the rest of the season will be devoted to her figuring out how it happened and how to undo it.


  • What the hell was Massimo talking about in regards to his mother? Who is his mother? Will we ever see her?
  • Annie and Kris wonder if he might be a human offspring of The Morrigan given what she said about her “children” in “Lovers. Apart.”
  • What did he want the Valkyrie hair for? Why is it so valuable?
  • As slimy as Massimo is, we like Tim Rozon as an actor, and we liked what he did with the character.

Why This Episode Worked

  • For an episode that begins kind of fluffy (sex scene, silly dancing), it actually ended up being very important in terms of answering some outstanding questions and setting up the storyline for the rest of the season.
  • We think this episode worked so well because there was less Fae-of-the-week stuff and more focus on our main characters and their relationships.
  • Since season three ended with our characters scattered, it’s important to have episodes like this one rebuild those relationships.

Kenzi in Turn to Stone


  • It was so great to see Bo and Kenzi back in action.
  • We loved the scene in which Kenzi reveals to Bo how she feels so insecure as a human in the Fae world. Great performance by Ksenia Solo.
  • Even though Bo admitted later that she didn’t care about Kenzi kissing Dyson, Stephanie was surprised that Bo wasn’t just sympathetic toward Kenzi when she confessed.
  • Kris points out that if Bo was feeling powerless and frustrated, then it’s “human” to lash out at someone who really loves you because you know that they will forgive you.


  • We really enjoyed Rachel Skarsten as “Lil’ T” in this episode. (Tamsin/DONUTS!)
  • We’re liking this opportunity to see a different, more vulnerable side to Tamsin. Kris liked that Tamsin in this episode called back to “Teenaged Tamsin” in “Confaegion.” Stephanie hopes that she doesn’t get quite as hard-edged as she was last season.
  • Stephanie has a hard time reading Tamsin’s comment that “So that’s what love feels like” as romantic. Bo was being very maternal toward Tamsin, and that was probably the first time Tamsin felt like someone really cared about her in this lifetime.
  • Stephanie then sings a very silly song about Valkyries.


  • We were happy that Bo dumped babysitting duties on Dyson the way that he did on Kenzi in “Sleeping Beauty School.”
  • Dyson has been getting on Annie’s (and all of our) nerves, but this episode had a return of the Dyson we like. We loved seeing him tell Tamsin a fairytale to put her to sleep and being encouraging to Kenzi.
  • What did Dyson mean that there’s another way for Kenzi to be “one of them”?
  • How does Dyson know that Lauren is “lost” and not just in hiding? Why hasn’t he told Bo yet that he thinks Lauren is in trouble?

How Much Does Lauren Know?

  • Does Lauren regularly call to check in? What number was Kenzi calling in “In Memoriam”? Did Lauren get a burner cell phone?
  • How much does Lauren know about the threat? Does Lauren know about humans being declared terrorists or about The Una Mens?
  • Because Lauren thinks that Hale is responsible for kidnapping her, Stephanie thinks that suggests she doesn’t know Hale didn’t become The Ash, which means she probably doesn’t know that humans were declared terrorists, which means she probably doesn’t know about The Una Mens.
  • Who kidnapped Lauren? Annie thinks it was The Una Mens, but Stephanie swears that the voice on the intercom sounds like Trick. (But maybe they just got Rick Howland to do the voice acting, and it’s someone else.)

While in Captivity…

  • More backstory on Lauren! Not only does she have The Light Fae after her, but the human authorities have a real reason to want her too. Oh bother!
  • Talk of the “spybang”! Even though none of us like the term, we like the way Zoie Palmer delivered the line with a sense of realization and irony. Maybe it will foster better understanding between Lauren and Kenzi?
  • Lauren shows off her lock-picking skills and gets sassy! Even though some people feel like Lauren was acting out of character in this moment, we think that her bravado was a symptom of her just being fed up with the Fae and running and having nothing left to lose.

Lauren and Crystal in Turn to Stone

Loose Ends Tied Up

  • Rune glass potion: It did work! It just wasn’t meant to kill Bo.
  • Why Lauren is wanted by Interpol!
  • Lauren was lying when she said she didn’t love Bo anymore in “Those Who Wander”!

Stray Thoughts

  • Lauren’s wall bush was part of the plot! Stephanie liked the suggestion that it was a giant herb garden that Lauren used in her science.
  • Bo and Kenzi got trapped in Lauren’s apartment, the most easily trespassed abode ever. HER DOOR IS ALWAYS OPEN, even during more, um, intimate moments.
  • What was up with Bo’s shirts this episode? Did Kenzi buy those for her while she was gone, and she’s wearing them out of a sense of obligation?

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6 Replies to “4×04 “Turn to Stone” — Episode 29

  1. I loved this episode as much as you guys did! OMG.

    I’m actually kind of glad that the writing left it ambiguous about who knows what regarding where Lauren was when she was in hiding and how she’s been checking in because it’s so much fun to speculate. Here’s what I think: I don’t think she has a burner cell phone because she calls Dyson from the pay phone in the diner. I also think she probably has not been checking in regularly, since her call to Dyson did make it sound like it was the first time they had spoken in a while. There isn’t much evidence in 3.13 that she and Dyson had any kind of conversation either. So at best, maybe he was keeping tabs on her, but I don’t think she went into hiding with his knowledge or assistance.

    I’m sure she thought it was Hale who had kidnapped her since her last interaction with him, he was the Ash and had denied her sabbatical and told her that she could never leave the Fae. As far as she knew, he was still the Ash and it was a power play.

    I definitely think it was Trick’s voice – it was so obviously Trick’s voice that it had to have been deliberate; it’s easy enough to use a different actor or voice distortion software if you don’t want viewers to make that connection. I think he must be in cahoots with Evony – how and why, I don’t know. Remember during 4.01 his conversation with Kenzi indicated that he thought Lauren betrayed the Fae. But yes – Trick is tricky. Maybe he and Evony are going to be resistance fighters against the Una Mens and need Lauren to help cook up some bioweapons to use against them. 😉

  2. Aw, sheesh. I knew I forgot something. Sorry for the double comment.

    You know how I feel about Massimo’s clothes (love them!). But I also don’t think he’s dead, even though he dove into a cauldron of simmering fire/lava, or whatever it was. A portal. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of his handsome face and hip wardrobe.

    1. It’s an interesting theory! Following Kris’ rules about deaths on fantasy shows, it is quite possible that Massimo (and his hideous shirt) is alive!

      By the way, I did like the linen shirt and jacket he was wearing at The Dal. I don’t think all of his wardrobe is ugly, just some of the more ostentatiously patterned shirts.

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