4×05 “Let the Dark Times Roll” — Episode 31

Bo and Lauren in Let the Dark Times Roll
After learning from The Una Mens that she had somehow pledged herself to the Dark, Bo goes looking for Vex to try to undo it. Promising to help her find Vex, The Morrigan invites Bo to a Dark Fae party where she discovers that Lauren has also been taken into the fold. Kenzi and Tamsin discover that Bruce has been made a slave to another Fae as punishment for helping Kenzi, and they try to free him. Trick is summoned before The Una Mens who have some questions about The Blood King.

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First Impressions

  • Kris: Because I’m staying somewhere without wifi, I had to watch it at Starbucks, and it took four hours to buffer and load the episode. So I had a strange watching experience, but I did enjoy it.
  • Annie: I think this episode might be one of my favorite episodes of the series, not just because Doccubus finally reunited but because of the humor.
  • Stephanie: I think I felt like Annie did last week. When I first watched the episode I was originally disappointed because it didn’t move the larger story arc along very far and didn’t answer questions I wanted answered, but that’s not fair to the episode. After sitting with the episode a while, I recognized that it’s really an excellent, well-written, well-directed, well-acted episode.

Bo is Dark?

  • When Bo says, “If I’m dark, it betrays everything I stood for,” does she mean becoming Dark Fae or just aligned to either side?
  • While we think she means being aligned at all, the Dark Fae seems farthest from Bo ideologically speaking when it comes to humans so that allegiance is probably more problematic for her than being Light would have been. But as Kenzi points out in the episode, “The Light are assholes, and the Dark are assholes who have fun.”
  • Stephanie thought The Morrigan’s waiting room was a bit like the waiting room in Beetlejuice. Anyone else? No? OK.


  • The slo-mo! The dress! The barefoot! The hairporn! The armporn! The “Just Married” limo! The Powers That Be certainly knew what the Doccubus fans wanted.
  • Annie’s just gonna say that Bo did not look at Dyson like that when they were reunited. She was glad to see him, but there was not the tearing off of the clothes, the longing stares, etc.
  • Hey, Bo. Did you call Dyson and tell him that he could come home because you found Lauren?
  • Were we supposed to conclude that sexytimes happened off-screen? Annie says yes. All the times.
  • Really, Bo? If you wanted an audience you would have charged admission? Try closing the door for once!

Bo, Pietra and Lauren in Let the Dark Times Roll

Adventure of the Week

  • It was great seeing Bo being collaborative with Lauren in the case of the week. It reminded us of “Food for Thought.”
  • Lauren + syringes!!!
  • Pietra was hilarious! Did Anna and/or Zoie’s encounters with Doccubus fans inform her characterization? She sure wedged herself between Bo and Lauren and looked super excited to be there. It looked familiar…
  • Why didn’t Lauren stick around and come after Bo in the gym? We kind of expected Lauren to come in and stop Vex from cutting off his hand. (Hand amputation? Nod to Zoie Palmer’s film Cold Blooded?)
  • Stephanie thinks part of her initial disappointment with the episode was because Bo was out of commission for a good part of the episode, and she’s ready to see Bo be back in action. But drugged-up, loopy Bo was undeniably entertaining and adorable.


  • We loved getting backstory on Vex. For Stephanie, the story about his family and how he survived by becoming a servant of the Dark went a long way to humanize a character who has done such evil, cold-hearted things.
  • Did Bo claim him when she talked to The Morrigan? Are we going to see him around The Clubhouse again?
  • Are they going to keep his hand until someone (Lauren?) can reverse the poison and reattach the hand? How long does a severed Fae hand remain viable?


  • What? The crazy guy from “Original Skin”? Oh, I guess not.
  • Annie asks why are The Una Mens so upset about Rainer?
  • If Rainer is The Wanderer, he would be against what The Una Mens want to accomplish. When Bo has tapped into Super SuccuBo, she has said that she and her father will reign, which goes against The Una Mens’ vision.

Dance Off. TO THE DEATH.

  • Season Four: 1000% More Dancing. And we’re loving it.
  • Childlike Tamsin is so adorkable. We love seeing this goofy, softer side to Tamsin, and she’s a nice bit of lightness amongst a lot of the characters going through some dark times. Even though she won’t stay this way forever, we would like for her to end up somewhere in the middle and not quite so hardened as she was last season.
  • It was really striking to see how much Tamsin’s demeanor changes when she uses her power of doubt.

Tamsin and Kenzi dancing in Let the Dark Times Roll


  • We always love seeing Bruce and props to Rob Archer for being buried in sushi for hours.
  • In “UPYURS6,” Bruce no longer had the mark on his forehead that he had in “Confaegion,” “Hail Hale,” and “Those Who Wander,” and it’s still missing in this episode.
  • Do we have any fan theories why the mark is gone? Stephanie theorizes that it symbolized that Bruce served The Morrigan so he no longer has it after he betrayed her to help Kenzi.

Trick & The Una Mens

  • So much information! Stephanie had to write it all down. Here’s what was said not quite word-for-word:

After the Great Fae Wars there was a rebellion, rebels trying to overturn the blood laws of the Blood King because he became corrupt. But a peace was offered if the king would relinquish power to a council made of those willing to sacrifice their individual flaws and desires to form a single soul without ego or ambition. The Blood King agreed but then he betrayed us. The six seeds of the sacred papyrus plant were given to six Fae to swallow so they might be blessed with new life as a single vessel of humility and justice. The king stole his seed and vanished. Absorb the power of the blood mage, and The Una Mens will be able to enforce the blood laws unchallenged. We would have him take his rightful place among us if we might find him.

[…] How could you ask The Blood King to do the same? He turned in his own daughter to satisfy the rules he created. And what he created was cruelty.

  • Weren’t they praising The Blood King in the first few seasons, like in “Fae Day”? Wasn’t writing the laws the best way to stop the war?
  • Has the “corruption” and discontent with The Blood King been lost through the passing down of history and only the positive propaganda about him remains? Maybe that’s just The Una Mens’ interpretation of events?
  • Even though these scenes were kind of confusing and there might be some contradiction about how The Blood King was perceived, it was great to get some indication of why Trick has been in hiding for so many years.
  • Speaking of, what happened to the papyrus seed? Dun dun dun!
  • Why does no one seem to remember what The Blood King looks like? Did Trick pull a whammy?
  • Kris wants to know why more people haven’t figured out who Trick is given that Bo and Trick openly talk about their familial relationship. Wouldn’t people know who Aife is, i.e. The Blood King’s daughter? But Stephanie points out that not many people know who Bo’s mother is.

Captivity & Freedom

  • Captivity and freedom was a big theme in this episode. All of the subplots dealt with people not having control of their own destiny or fighting someone trying to control them.
    • Bo had been unaligned but now is having to pay fealty to the Dark.
    • Lauren is accepting her place with the Dark because it seems the lesser of two evils.
    • Bruce was “mastered” by another Fae as punishment.
    • Trick fled The Una Mens because he did not want to give up his soul and his freedom to become part of them.
    • Kenzi says to The Morrigan, “I am not a pet. I will not be anyone’s pet nor will any human.”
    • Vex has been poisoned by The Una Mens, which has bound him to the area and is slowly taking away his mesmer abilities, and he’s willing to cut his own hand off to survive.
  • The theme really seems to come to a head with the conversation between Bo and Lauren at the end of the episode.
    • “Fight for you. Protect you. Claim you if I have to.” “Yeah, you mean own me.” — No! Bo! Don’t offer to claim Lauren. It reads like a callback to “Vexed” when Bo pulls off Lauren’s Light Fae necklace and says, “Nobody owns you.”
    • In the world of the Fae, Bo is privileged where Lauren is oppressed. Bo doesn’t think of humans as less than her so “claiming” Kenzi and potentially claiming Lauren doesn’t seem like a big deal to her.
    • However, Lauren has been treated as “less than” in the Fae world for many years. Being claimed is not nothing to her. Bo hasn’t really seemed to understand her situation, but maybe she’s starting to understand the barrier that exists for them? (Just a centuries-old political system. No biggie.)

Vex in Let the Dark Times Roll

Is Something Up with Lauren?

  • Lauren reacts kind of casually to learning Bo is Dark. “It’s going to be OK, Bo. Now that you’re Dark, I’ll see you around.”
  • Stephanie thought that everyone’s reactions to Bo being Dark were a bit too cavalier, though perhaps they just know that Bo won’t stop until she reverses what happens to her and becomes unaligned again.
  • And where’s Crystal? The Morrigan mentions having new toys… Is Lauren still in contact with Crystal?

Stray Thoughts

  • Bo looked more Bo-like in this episode, though we weren’t so much fans of the blue shirt. But why was her hair crimped? And why the wigs on The Morrigan?
  • Why did Pietra leave that important knife on a mostly dead body in an alley? Was that a wedding party guest she stabbed?
  • Why did Dyson move to a boxing gym? You know, besides probably the very practical production reason.

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21 Replies to “4×05 “Let the Dark Times Roll” — Episode 31

  1. re: the role of the una mens/blood king issue. the una mens are the enforcers of the light/dark order, they are only called into action when there is a disruption in the order – cue Bo declares herself unaligned, that goes against the laws of the blood king, which brought the peace between the rebels and the blood king. second disruption, breaking of fae law is the exposure of fae to humans, a.k.a Taft who seeks to destroy the fae – innimate danger to the livelyhood of the fae. and as lauren was tricked into helping Taft, Evony declares all humans terrorists. This is why the Una Mens showed up at our doorsteps. I think, when everything is peachy in faeland the UM lay dorment or something? anyhow, that’s my interpretation of the UM/Trick debate

    1. P.S. And more importantly 😉 Love LOVE your podcast, really like your different angles looking at the episodes, keeps me really thinking. Keep up the great work 🙂

    2. Yeah, I think you’re right about why The Una Mens showed up now. Those are good theories. But I think Annie (and the rest of us) were confused about the sequence of events that led to the creation of The Una Mens because it kind of contradicted what we had been told about The Blood King and The Blood Wars in seasons one and two. Any theories about that?

      Thanks for listening! I’m so glad you like the podcast.

      1. hmm, as I understood the chronology. We had the Blood Wars, where Trick went corrupt. And therefore a rebel-force rose up. To pacify the rebels, Trick gave up Aife and he then decided to end the wars with installing the blood laws. The system we now know, with the light and dark fae and the several laws (e.g. No human/fae mingleling etc.) and my theory would be now, that another of Trick’s blood laws was to write this council of the Una Mens into being, to be the safeguard for keeping the orders in check. Meaning during the Blood Wars the UM didn’t exist, first afterwards and that’s also the reason why Trick vanished after the wars, because he didn’t want to take his place in the UM. Does that make sense? (I have sometimes problems with my english, it’s not my first language, so I might confuse some things. ha)

        1. A thought that just occured to me. In season 2 it was stated that Trick’s blood laws ended the Blood Wars? What if it was the UM who enforced the peace and shuffed everyone into dark or light (hence the line “you’re blood has choosen”. maybe that was the old way, shortly after the blood wars to determine who’s what?)…and then Trick’s comment about the cruelty might also make sense, we have only seen a little glimpse into their methods…when they had to do it after the blood wars, to everyone – casting them to a faction. there was probably also a lot of resistance?

  2. “…and what the Blood King created was cruelty.” Remember the podcast about Trick from earlier this year? We discussed how the Fae world seemed unnecessarily bloodthirsty. Seems like Fitzpatrick McCorrigan listened to the podcast and agreed with us. I am imagining him rethinking things and saying “Yeah, what’s wrong with a secret ballot?”

    I so completely agree with you, Stephanie, about the power differential in Bo and Lauren’s relationship, especially when Bo said she would claim her if she had to. I think they are on their way back to each other, somehow, but they have to figure this stuff out. And with the current setup, I don’t see a way for them to be equal.

    I think that to win Lauren back, Bo needs to:

    1. Figure her shit out
    2. Completely blow apart the entire societal structure of the Light/Dark Fae and change all of the Fae’s entire relationship and attitude toward humans.

    You know, no big.

    LOVE the Doccubuster sound effect. Great multimedia addition!

    1. I did think about what we had discussed in regards to Trick when he mentioned the “cruelty” his laws had wrought. Good to know he’s been keeping up with the podcast! 🙂

      Yeah, I think Bo might finally be realizing the barrier that exists between her and Lauren. Bless her idealistic heart, but I just don’t think Bo really gets how living with the Fae has been (and is) for Lauren. And, yeah, they just have an entire political system standing between the two of them (not to mention the radical difference in aging). No biggie.

  3. I wrote this on another blog but assume it’s OK to repeat here?
    [Sidebar: Love your podcasts! What am embarassment of riches between DATD, WeAreUnaligned, MehlsBells, Emily’s post-episode interviews, Snarker, and those two brilliant women over on Doccubus.com. How can Emily possibly keep up with it all? ‘Cause you just know she reads/listens to every word, right? So, I had an idea: we should form a council if reviewers willing to give up their individual flaws and desires to form a single Mind without ego or ambition. We could call it Una Fans. Anybody?]

    My serious comment:

    I wanted to pick up on something you were saying about Trick, the Una Mens, and that 6th seed of the Sacred Papyrus plant (it’s probably relevant that papyrus was used by the Ancient Egyptians as a writing material). There’s the question of Trick’s corruption. In the episode when the Geruda — playing the Ghost of Faedom Past — takes Trick on a guided trip back to the time when he rewrote the Blood laws to end the Great War and tortures him by forcing him to relive something terrible he did that resulted inadvertantly in the death of his wife. I can’t recall exactly what that terrible thing was but it was clear Trick felt dreadfully guilty. I wondered if this could be the corrupt act he alludes to in episode 405?

    About that 6th seed – the UM tell us that if the Blood King swallowed it, he would take his rightful place among them (despite his corruption, he would become an enforcer) and he would give the UM “power to enforce the Blood laws unchallenged.” This papyrus seed (writing material) is a potential source of great power, as is the Blood King’s ability to rewrite the Blood laws. Anyway, it’s clear the UM want that seed, Trick wants to keep it, and someone has gone to quite a lot of trouble to steal it. when Trick first opened the box to reveal what I first took to be a dried apricot (until Valksy set me straight – ohhhhh, duh), I thought I heard ominous unintelligible whispers reminiscent of the sounds of Saruman and the Dark Forces from Lord of the Rings, and Trick seems momentarily enthralled until he closes the lid. I was waiting for Trick to go all bug-eyed Gollum-like and say in that raspy voice, “Precious!”. The creepy whispering recurs at the very end of the episode when Una Tilda looks up Rainer’s name in the King’s Book of Records (again, the power of the written word) and says with quite a lot of emotion for someone who has surrendered all desires, “Not again!” I have a feeling Big Bad #3 will prove to be whoever swallows that devil papyrus seed. Perhaps the pen will indeed prove mightier than any sword.

    1. [Sidebar: Love your podcasts! What am embarassment of riches between DATD, WeAreUnaligned, MehlsBells, Emily’s post-episode interviews, Snarker, and those two brilliant women over on Doccubus.com. How can Emily possibly keep up with it all? ‘Cause you just know she reads/listens to every word, right? So, I had an idea: we should form a council if reviewers willing to give up their individual flaws and desires to form a single Mind without ego or ambition. We could call it Una Fans. Anybody?]

      I’m tempted to make a crack about making it a point not to swallow anyone’s seed, but that would be inappropriate, right? 🙂

  4. What about Lauren being under Morrigans control??(”i have new toys to entertain me…”) Just saying that Morrigan is the …Morrigan…She is always hiding something! After all she was the one that said she going to hurt the Bo-group!

    I don’t beleive that Lauren in her right minds would believe that Morrigan is giving her a safe heaven…
    I think there is more there…

    1. This theory makes sense. I couldn’t quite figure out how Lauren would go from wanting her dress torn off to ‘i’ll see you around’. From hot to cold in a heartbeat.

      1. It didn’t seem to me like Lauren went cold on Bo. I think she just knew that she had broken some big news to Bo that everything wouldn’t just go back to the way it had been. And there’s other stuff that’s still unsaid between them.

        But, yes, I am curious about The Morrigan’s “new toys” line. Where’s Crystal???

        1. I felt that something was “off” with Lauren the whole episode, as if she’s holding back. My thinking is that she is trying to emotionally separate herself from Bo since she fully understands the inequity of their relationship (at least as it currently stands). Plus she knows there’s a lot more they have to talk about which may further damage their relationship. I also wonder about Crystal’s absence and think her fate may be tied up in Lauren’s reasons to stay with the Dark Fae for now.

          Of course then there’s the whole theory that Evony is Lauren’s mother and that Massimo is her (twin?) brother. Over the top, yes, but I can see a potentially compelling story there, if handled properly. Perhaps the Ash targeted Lauren not just for her doctor skills but as an “eff you” to the Morrigan. Massimo’s potion talents as a Druid (eco-terrorist gone Fae-like?) mirrors Lauren’s genius at concocting serums. My assumption would be that Evony didn’t raise them.

          1. Yes, Lauren was definitely holding back. After her initially being overwhelmed with desire, joy, other things at seeing Bo after so long, she pulled back more. And I think she knew she was going to have to tell Bo that she wasn’t just going to settle back into her life the way it was.

            I don’t know if I could go there with Massimo being Lauren’s brother, etc. I hope the show doesn’t take that turn. The Karen Beattie stuff was pushing it for me, so that would be way too soap opera-y over the top for my tastes.

            1. I will grant you the “too soap opera-y” – but to play devil’s advocate for a moment – isn’t “Lost Girl”, by its very nature, border-line soap opera with a genre-twist? The most glaring example is the love triangle — switched-up — true, but still very afternoon delight – er, I mean – afternoon melodrama. As a devoted fan of both the fantasy genre and mythology, I very much enjoy stories steeped in the extraordinary (situations and relationships) that expose the human condition in a way so often overlooked by the monotony of the everyday. (Not that high drama should necessary = hit viewers over the head with a baseball bat – subtlety is always welcome!)

              For me what separates soap operas from other types of shows is not so much the farcical nature of the situation/relationship presented, as it is the shallowness of the story-line. My main issue with the Karen Beattie story last year was that it initially came off as a throw away with no substance – “oh, yeah, and Lauren is actually Karen and she’s wanted by Interpol.” Oooookaaaaay. Wait — what?! (Not to mention that I’m still stymied by the timeline. Lauren is how old again? Are we sure she isn’t part-Fae?)

              Give me some WTF drama with actual depth and I’m willing to swallow just about anything (except papyrus seeds. And a few other things that will go unmentioned…)

              By the way, thank you for the great commentary this season. I very much enjoyed the character analysis in your earlier podcasts, too. Will you be revisiting character growth once the current season is over?

              1. Oh, Lost Girl definitely has soap opera elements to it, and I don’t mind soap opera in and of itself. But I think what makes me hesitate about The Morrigan as Lauren’s mother possibility is that it feels like Lauren is getting ALL THE SOAP OPERA, and it’s not being evenly distributed among the other characters. She has a girlfriend in a coma! She has a secret identity and is on the run from the law! She’s the illegitimate offspring of the leader of the Dark and was exploited by the Light in part to piss off her real mother! Just, no. Too much. Too coincidental. It would be very difficult for the show to execute that in a way that wouldn’t make me eyerolly, though I won’t say it’s impossible. Plus, it just starts to feel like too many explanations for one thing: why Lauren was an indentured servant of the Light. So that’s just my take on it.

                I’m glad you enjoyed the character analysis episodes! Yes, we will probably revisit, though maybe not quite so in depth. We may not do one episode per character, but I think we’ll definitely talk about character growth and development post-season 4.

  5. Hi guys. You should put a warning on hte podcast : not to be listened while swimming. I almost drowned laughing while doing my routine… If Crystal were still around, she’d say you’re hilarious…

    1. Warning: don’t read this while swimming. Just in case. 🙂

      Thanks! I guess it’s never occurred to us that somebody might be swimming while listening. We’ve gotten reports of laughing while traveling or in the office, though. So, sorry! I hope you’re okay!

      Oh, Crystal — where have they hidden you?!? LIEEEEEEBS! Come back!

  6. Given how often Bo and Lauren make out in rooms with the door open, it was only a matter of time before someone walked in on them 😉 Kind of surprised Bo’s eyes didn’t flash blue at the waiter; she seemed fairly predatory once he walked in. Re: the quiches, without any sports drinks, maybe Lauren thought they might need some carbs 😉

    My understanding of the Trick timeline:
    – Trick was the Blood King during the Great Fae War and things were not going well
    – Trick’s wife, Isabeau, went on a mission to meet with the Fae leader of another “clan” against Trick’s wishes
    – After Isabeau was killed (by Trick’s own men due to a forged command), Trick wrote the blood laws to end the war. The blood laws included creating the Light and Dark sides, plus outlining behavior b/w the two sides and with humans
    – After Trick wrote the blood laws, there was a rebellion in which his daughter, Aife, participated. This rebellion may in part have been due to a view of the blood king as corrupt (he certainly seemed arrogant and kind of a jerk in the visions in 2×13).
    – Aife killed a Dark elder and, in order to keep the peace, Trick handed her over to the Dark assuming she would be executed (when did Trick discover that Aife was still alive?)
    – An additional component of the peace was that Trick, whom many had come to view as corrupt, be replaced by a council of six (including himself) who would sacrifice their individuality to become a single vessel (the Una Mens)
    – Trick backs out b/c he fears what the Una Mens have become, grabs his sacred papyrus seed and runs (wonder how much time passes b/w that and when he meets Dyson in 1899 France?)

    * Given Trick kind of looked like a jerk in 2×13, his wife was killed, and he handed his own daughter over to the Dark to be executed it is entirely possible that Trick had become a corrupt ruler (we get more hints re: this in 4×09). Even in 2×22 he tells the Garuda that writing the blood laws was a mistake, but that him using his blood to unwrite them would also be a mistake.

    * History is written by the victors and since Trick wrote the blood laws and the blood laws are to continue being enforced, it makes sense that Trick and the laws he wrote would be recorded in a favorable light.

    * What do you think his real name is since Fitzpatrick McCorrigan is the name he has used while on the lam (and that he is supposedly a Lakin Chan which mythicalcreatureslist.com describes as “A serpent god in Mayan legend. He came form the East and created man, writing herb lore, books and medicine.”)

    * At least initially, few people knew that Trick was the blood king and he seemed determined to keep that information quiet for fear of stirring up trouble (2×02 – his chat with the Blackthorn).

  7. Lol Bo screwed up saying “claim you”. I also saw Lauren’s decision to stay behind is because she may have been standing outside the door and heard that Bo was stuck with her dark contract and already planned to help her by taking down the Morrigan. But going back would also means another dog collar and sitting home while her crime fighter gf was off saving other people. She’d been there, done that.

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