4×06 “Of All the Gin Joints” — Episode 32

Bo with blue eyes in Of All the Gin Joints
A woman appears saying that Bo told her to find her, but Bo has no memory of meeting her. In exchange for helping her free herself from her captor, the woman promises to use her abilities to help Bo remember the time she has forgotten. Meanwhile, Lauren and The Morrigan get chatty as Lauren settles into her new relationship with the Dark, and Hale and Kenzi might finally be connecting.

Drink Special: Kiss-in-the-Dark

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Stir with ice and strain into martini glass.

Initial Reactions

  • Kris: I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed The Morrigan in this episode more than I ever had before. It was nice seeing her have a normal conversation with somebody. Casual Evony — it was strange and wonderful.
  • Annie: It was a pretty good episode. There was so much going on in the scenes with Lauren and The Morrigan. I see Bo taking a tormented, mysterious turn after finding out that she’s Dark.
  • Stephanie: I too thought it was a pretty good episode. Not as strong as “Turn to Stone” or “Let the Dark Times Roll,” but still a good episode. I thought the A-plot was a little wobbly, but the subplot with Lauren and The Morrigan really carried it. A lot of interesting stuff going on in those scenes.


  • Her storyline continues the captivity and freedom theme from “Let the Dark Times Roll.” This theme is probably going to recur throughout the season.
  • Bamber and Marcus replicate the Light vs. Dark dynamic. Ianka doesn’t want to be owned by either, which at first suggests that she might represent Bo, but ultimately she serves as a better representation of Lauren.
    • Ianka says, “Someone would have always tried to own me. It is the fate of my people. Most do not mind, but I do. I was the only one who could stop it.”
    • As Dyson has told Lauren, she can’t ever leave the Fae. She has too much knowledge of them and, as we have seen, is too valuable to them.
    • Lauren’s subplot with The Morrigan this week suggests Lauren might be trying to free herself (and maybe everyone else?). Though no dying for Lauren please.
  • Bo says, “I’ll become like Marcus — bitter, choking on my bottomless rage, thinking of nothing but revenge.”
    • Bo and Marcus’s wardrobe resembled each other, accentuating their similarity.
    • Nice steampunk design touches on Marcus’s costume. The production designer seems to like steampunk. Decor and devices we see in Trick’s lair often are very steampunky.
  • It was great to see someone from Hale’s past! Was she a former love interest? The kiss was very ambiguous.

Hale and Kenzi in Of All the Gin Joints

Hale and Kenzi

  • The ending scene with Hale and Kenzi was sweet but left us wanting more.
    • Annie thought Hale was being oblivious to Kenzi’s feelings toward him.
    • Stephanie thought he should have been more emotional about getting together with Kenzi given how nervous he was to talk to her in “Sleeping Beauty School.”
  • What’s going on with Hale’s ear?
    • Stephanie is in denial. Hale is fine. It’s just an infected piercing. Get him some peroxide.
    • But what will be the consequence of that blood in his ear? Will it limit his powers? Is he (we don’t want to think about it) dying?

Bo’s Memory Flashes

  • Baby steps toward the overarching plot about The Wanderer
  • What does it mean that Bo is sending herself clues?
    • Is she trying to take down the Light/Dark establishment? The Una Mens? The Wanderer?
    • Did Bo know she was joining the Dark or was she being forced? She says she did it willingly but is it part of a larger plot?
    • In one of the flashbacks, Bo says, “I can’t do this.” Was she talking about joining the Dark?
  • We also see Bo push away a crown with her name on it. Is it symbolic of Bo’s legacy to rule over someone or something with not the best of means?
  • Bo says The Wanderer “marked her” with the glowy hand print. Is that the same thing as Massimo marking her for transport to a different plane? Could The Wanderer snatch her back to wherever the hell any time he wants?
  • When did Ianka sing for Bo? Does that mean Bo got off the train at some point? She doesn’t seem to be able to remember when she sang for Bo.
    • Kris speculates that maybe she sang for Bo on the train. Dyson and Bo forgot about the train soon after jumping off, which might explain why Ianka cannot remember when she performed for Bo.

Bo’s Antihero Arc

Starting mid-season three Bo didn’t seem to be acting quite like herself, and it has become more pronounced this season. There’s still shades of the old Bo in there, but something is definitely going on with her.

  • She’s doing some downright unlikeable things, and the writers are taking a big risk in pursuing an antihero arc for her.
  • Stephanie feels like it’s working out pretty well so far because we do still get glimpses of the old Bo, and Bo has legitimate reasons to feel lost and out of control. It’s also great that other female characters, like Lauren, are getting more prominent storylines or, like Tamsin and The Morrigan, are becoming more humanized and more layered this season.
  • Even though none of us have a problem with antiheroes in general, we hope that we get our idealistic, compassionate Bo back by the end of the season. We don’t think that having Bo be an antihero long-term will work well for the show given Bo’s place in the Fae world.

Bo and Dyson

  • Bo has not been treating Dyson well, and her treatment of Dyson in this episode was obviously especially poor.
  • We feel sorry for him that Bo is using him like a battery charger, but Dyson needs to get a spine and not let Bo walk all over him.
  • Bo feels out of control and powerless, and she’s using sex to control Dyson and to try to feel normal.

Lauren toasting in Of All the Gin Joints

Lauren & The Morrigan

  • Dancing Lauren! Geeky Lauren! Drunk Lauren! Oh my indeed, Mr. Sulu!
  • Zoie Palmer and Emmanuelle Vaugier were incredible together. There was so much going on with every line and every expression, and we have no idea what either of them was really up to. Fascinating!
  • It was great getting to see a softer, more layered side to The Morrigan, and it was great to see the seductive side of Lauren come out.
  • They had some fantastic, interesting conversations about ethics, which reminded us of the conversations Lauren had with Taft.
  • Annie really enjoyed Levony, even though she knew she shouldn’t as a Doccubus fan. Apparently, sexytimes is the line for Annie. If The Morrigan lays a finger on Lauren, she will throw her Levony love to the curb.

What’s Lauren Up To? What’s “Beginning”?

  • The conversations about ethics coupled with Bo’s reference to Lauren potentially wanting something from Taft rather than being tricked in “Turn to Stone” makes us wonder if the writers might revisit why Lauren chose to go with Taft.
  • OK, sure, she could have gotten The Morrigan’s DNA off a Dark Belch bottle, but the plastic lip just looks so cool.
  • And what is The Morrigan up to? Like Lauren, we don’t trust her.

Crystal Watch: Episode Two

  • Where’s Crystal? Annie might be all about Levony now, but Kris and Stephanie are still hung up on Hotpantsless.
  • We missed something between “Turn to Stone” and “Let the Dark Times Roll.” Does Lauren’s diabolical, sciencey plot have something to do with Crystal?
  • Maybe Crystal was in one of those moving boxes in Lauren’s apartment. Like the one marked “CLOTHES. FRAGILE.”

Kenzi & Lauren

  • First Kenzi/Lauren scene this season! Why’d it have to be so brief?
  • Kenzi is in Protective Best Friend Mode and clearly is not pleased with Lauren getting friendly with The Morrigan.
  • But they do have a sweet moment: “Bo misses you. We all do.” Awwww… Team Human? Please?
  • Jay from The Rizzoli and Isles Podcast wrote us with a theory about how Kenzi (and Lauren) might be the one(s) to take down The Una Mens. Fae cannot oppose them because they turn Fae’s powers against them, so will the humans have to strike them down?

Kenzi & Bo

There were a couple small but sweet Kenzi and Bo moments in this episode.

  • “Dishing” though not listening to each other
  • Omitting potentially hurtful information from each other (Kenzi about Lauren, Bo about Hale)

Kenzi and Bo dishing in Of All the Gin Joints

Stray Thoughts

  • Apparently, Bo STILL didn’t call Dyson to tell him that she found Lauren?
  • OK, yes, Bo would say, “Your rules don’t apply to me,” to The Una Mens, but don’t they? She is dark now.
    • Stephanie fanwanks that Light Fae have a rule about not fraternizing with Dark Fae but not the other way around, which is why The Una Mens came after Dyson but not Bo.
  • How did Bo hide a clue about Ianka in her knife? Was her knife under the dress she was wearing when she left the train? Would The Wanderer let her just walk around with a knife strapped to her thigh?
  • Annie thought the location used for Bamber’s estate was really lovely and wishes that a fan could compile a more complete list of publicly accessible locations used on the show so that fans could tour them.
  • Ianka’s storyline resembled the Duppy storyline in “Adventures in Fae-bysitting.”

Thank You!!!

We had a big week last week since we released our interview with Emily Andras. Thank you again to her for chatting with us. I think it’s pretty obvious we had a really great time talking with her. She’s a delightful person. And thank you for all the kind words people sent us about the interview. We’re so glad people have enjoyed it as much as we did.

Thank you to everyone who submitted entries to win the season 3 DVD set. We have picked a winner, and the DVDs on on their way to her. We will be using the fanvids and fanfics people submitted for an episode in the future, so we really appreciate your sending those in.

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15 Replies to “4×06 “Of All the Gin Joints” — Episode 32

  1. omg Black Canary is my favorite <333 Xena reference! It's just lovely to listen.

    Lauren is amazing and my otp finally happened in Kenzi and Hale. I feel like it was cute enough and I guess I'm so happy for him to have some semblance of a plot that I'm happy with it for now.

    1. Are you a Birds of Prey fan? I haven’t read comics in a few years, but the first collection of Gail Simone’s Batgirl is sitting on my shelf, waiting for me. Gail is great. I love her.

  2. I know some say they feel sorry for Dyson, I don’t. He knows how Bo feels about Lauren and that didn’t stop him from sleeping with Bo. I feel he used Lauren not being there at his chance with Bo. And thinking if Lauren wasn’t around that Bo would love him again. He took advantage, of Bo, not the other way around.

    He took the risk, and this is what he is getting. You reap what you sow.

    1. I think the situation is inherently complicated. I really don’t think that Dyson is necessarily expecting Bo to love him again. He’s acknowledged, on more than one occasion and without Bo present, that Bo is in love with someone else. And Bo’s literal, physical *need* for sex complicates matters tremendously. I’m pretty sure that all of the sex scenes between Bo and Dyson this season have been initiated by Bo.

  3. I have also been feeling mixed about Bo recently. I appreciate that she is going through some challenging discovery and growth, and in general character change is good, but, I don’t really like her much right now. I look forward to seeing where this all goes.

    I felt very sad for Dyson in this episode. I have been feeling sad for him for a while. He got his Love back, but, I feel like nothing good really came of it. Does Bo love him, or not? I tend to feel like she does not (at least not like he loves her). Is he really trapped into only loving her forever because of his whole “wolves mate for life” thing? I used to be Team Dyson… But now I would rather see him have his own story for a time, and perhaps get together with someone else. Bo seems to be using him and I don’t like it. But at the same time, he seems to be enjoying himself physically (if not emotionally). And I do agree that he took advantage of Lauren being gone to try and get more involved with Bo again. So many mixed feelings.

    What I loved most about this episode was probably Lauren and Evony’s interaction. While I don’t typically love Lauren the most (not sure why)… I am starting to care more and more for her. I just kept giggling at so many aspects of their interaction. I wonder what Lauren is up to? If Lauren and Bo are still in love, I’d like to see that (and in some way that is not just sex related). I am not against them being together at all, I just don’t feel the love like so many others do.

    Blarg. I get so riled up about this show, but, when I try to write about it I have a hard time instilling the passion that I feel.

    1. I feel like we might finally be getting what was promised in the pre-season three promos. Remember those? They were hinting at Bo going kind of dark and/or evil. Now, I don’t think they’ll ever go full-on evil with Bo. I just can’t picture it. Not unless it’s some kind of possession or coercion or something. Anyway, I do think making Bo Dark is a smart move on the part of the writers. Bo, while officially unaligned, has always been surrounded by Light Fae, so I see this as a way to kind of even the scales a bit. I remain convinced that Bo will come out of this with a better sense of self. (Even if she goes too far toward callousness and abuse of power, likely resulting in something terrible happening, before she gets there/snaps out of it.)

      I do think Bo loves Dyson, though maybe not the way he wants. Personally, I tend to think they work better as friends. And I miss Ciara.

      The show really seems to be letting us have a little more time with Lauren this season, and I’m loving it. I think we’re getting a better sense of who she is.

      I think the show has given us (non-sexytimes) scenes indicating that Lauren and Bo are still in love. Interestingly, they’re scenes where they aren’t together. Bo’s still obviously love-struck when she finds the necklace in Lauren’s apartment in 4.04 and when she’s all drugged up in 4.05. Lauren laments that she hadn’t even told Bo about her past in 4.04. And then there are all the looks. But now I’m veering into Annie’s territory . . . 🙂

  4. Something you guys said suddenly made some things click in my head around what Lauren is doing. She’s said, and we’ve seen, that as long as she’s human, she will always be property of some fae. So, after the stuff with Taft, where she developed the ability to fuse fae DNA to humans and essentially make a human BECOME fae, perhaps she’s thought that Evony is the perfect DNA donor for her one and only way to stop being owned: by becoming fae herself. This would align nicely with the “human testing” theme in the conversations between them- somewhere in that discussion Lauren realized that while evil things were perpetrated to bring her that knowledge, that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t use it to make right something that is wrong. (OK, that last part might be reaching…but it’s a nice thought, eh?)

    It seems really obvious now that I’ve written it out. So maybe other people already made that leap. But man, the writers sure seem to be playing the long game this season.


    P.S. Love the show. You folks crack me up and make me think about the show in whole new ways with every episode I listen to (I’m trolling back through them in backward order now, it’s like watching the show in reverse, gives me new perspective). Thanks for the time and effort you put in!

    1. I haven’t heard that theory, but it might be out there.

      But I want Lauren to stay human. I would be sad if she became Fae.

    2. So . . . does that mean Lauren was taking a sample to check for compatibility? Because it looked like the Fae-ification procedure involves taking bone marrow, which I’m not sure how she intends to get if that’s her plan. And if you could choose your Fae power, why would you choose that one? I just can’t imagine that Lauren would, you know? Especially after the discussions she’s been involved in about ethics.

      I’m not saying you’re wrong or anything. I think (and hope) something else is going on, though. Like Stephanie, I’d prefer Lauren stay human.

      1. I don’t disagree. I would be sad to see Lauren become fae as well, I love what her human-ness brings to the show and the complex dynamic it creates in her relationship with Bo and as part of the triangle.

        I was mulling that in my head too- that the transfer seemed to require bone marrow. However, Lauren’s a pretty genius scientist, so I suppose one could over come something like that given enough time? That said, I’m totally open the idea that I’m wrong. 🙂 My favorite thing about theories, is that you can come up with any number of them and they all have the potential to come up either right or wrong.

        I just find myself thinking about where Lauren’s character is going. If she remains human, how will they resolve what is clearly, to her, an untenable situation as property of one fae or another? That’s an unsolvable issue without 1) making her fae, 2) removing her from the fae world through death or distance, or 3) changing the rules (Not out of the question, this show seems to be headed toward Bo having a huge impact on the political landscape of the fae world, especially lately, and we know she’d fight for human freedom). Which way will it all go?

        Anyway, it’s an interesting little puzzle. I’m going to keep tinkering with it and eventually I’m sure all will be revealed. What a joy to have a show that has such complex characters to contemplate.

  5. Did it strike anyone else as odd that Ianka is Fae but is owned by another species of Fae? This is the first time I recall of such a Fae-Fae relationship, and Ianka (while Fae) seems to have even less freedom than Lauren typically had as a human. In 4×05 they show Bruce being mastered for some span of time as punishment and at the end of 4×05 Bo takes responsibility for Vex, but neither of these have the same temporal implications of forever owned. Strikes me as odd and makes me wonder more about the hierarchy within the Fae (like the Acvans from 2×15).

    Completely unrelated, part of me feels bad for Dyson b/c Bo does seem to be using him as her personal sex toy yet it is completely consensual and Bo does not appear to be stringing him along with the potential of them being together, even if it is clear he would like to give them another try. It does make Dyson seem less alpha-wolf and more lovesick puppy, plus I hated when he told Lauren in 4×02 that she was on her own and not to come home (I bet he left that part out to Bo). Really glad that Dyson and the Doc seem to have finally bonded, and that Kenzi has also grown to appreciate Lauren. Yay Team Bo!

    1. Yeah he told Lauren she was on her own. Didn’t tell her Bo was missing during their call and when she was remembering the gang, he didn’t mention Lauren. That dude was straight up selfish. So I couldn’t really feel sorry that Bo was using him because he knew she was.

  6. Yes Bo used Dyson but it’s not like she punched in the head and made him do it. Silly man thinking all that sex would make her fall for him again. Really did not care for Bo in season 4. Barely season 5.

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