4×07 “La Fae Époque” — Episode 33

Bo as Dyson wolfed out in La Fae Epoque
When Dyson is set to be executed by The Una Mens for crimes he supposedly committed over 100 years ago, Bo enlists Lauren’s help to transport herself into Dyson’s memories to clear him of the charges. In Dyson’s memories, Bo’s subconscious comes out to play, revealing some of her fears and desires. Meanwhile, both Hale and Kenzi do what they can to help Dyson.

Drink Special: French Connection

1½ oz Cognac
¾ oz Amaretto

Serve in a old-fashioned glass over ice.

First Impressions

  • Stephanie: I really, really (really) liked this episode! Wait, Doccubus shippers! Hear me out!
  • Kris: I know you’re sick of hearing me say this, but I really enjoyed this episode. I’m enjoying this whole crazy season! The episode involved a lot of genre elements and did it so very well, I thought.
  • Annie: I’m so torn about this episode. There were a lot of things I loved (Zoie singing in French! Bo as Dyson! Costuming! Doccubus!) and things I really didn’t like (Lauren getting ignored at the end).

Dyson’s Past

  • The episode synopsis sounded like the episode was going to be like “Faetal Justice,” or “Brotherfae of the Wolves,” or some combination of the two. However, we thought the episode was actually better than either of those.
  • It gave more insight into Dyson’s past and was structured in a very clever way, such that there was all kinds of subtext for our other main characters. The story is as much about Bo and Lauren as it is about Dyson.
  • Dyson’s French past = Angel’s past as Liam on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.
  • Cassie’s comment that Bo would see familiar faces and places in Dyson’s memories was a clever way to save money and time for production, give the story layers of meaning, and let the cast have some fun playing different characters.
  • We finally have a better sense of why Dyson might have felt an immediate kinship with Bo. Where he was in the past we see here (separated from his pack and a bit lost) is similar to where Bo was when the series began.
  • Dyson and Trick meet! And we finally get to see it! Trick gave Dyson a much-needed sense of purpose.

Freudian Analysis (Uh Oh!)

  • Id: Drives, instincts, desires — immediate gratification
  • Ego: Problem solver, reality tester — tells the id that gratification must be delayed, makes a plan
  • Superego: Morality — “should nots” and “shoulds”
  • Dyson is the ego, teetering toward the id. Trick represents the superego, offering Dyson a moral purpose again. Flora in the hel-shoes represents the id at its most horrifying (“All the darkest parts of myself. All of them. Here. Now.”). So even though Dyson initially blows Trick off, seeing Flora and the darkest part of the id steers him back toward a better balance with the superego. (Get to the sex, already, Stephanie!)


  • Stephanie wonders, because they paralleled Dyson’s and Bo’s storylines in this episode, if they are going to have the hel-shoes (meant for one true hero) be meant for Bo.
  • Annie’s a little fixated on how ugly the hel-shoes are. They’re old! And called “hel-shoes”! What are you expecting, Annie?!
  • Stephanie has a theory! She thinks The Una Mens wanting the hel-shoes has something to do with finding out about Rainer.

Bo as Dyson and Lauren as Flora in La Fae Epoque

Boson and Flauren

  • Anna Silk did a great job being Dyson-esque. She even kept her hands on Flauren’s back when they kissed. (Bo always grabs people’s faces.) She was appropriately shirtless, too!
  • We enjoyed seeing Zoie Palmer get to play a very different kind of character. Kris giggled with delight through most of her scenes.
  • “And then we’ll flee together so that I can protect you…” “I don’t need your protection.” This exchange echoes the scene between Bo and Lauren in “Let the Dark Times Roll” where Bo says she’ll claim Lauren if she has to, and Lauren says she doesn’t want that. Flauren says that Boson can come with her as an equal, and we think that’s what Lauren wants out of her relationship with Bo.
  • “You’re gone. There’s nothing to come back to.” Is Boson talking about Flauren’s death? Or is it Bo talking about no longer being with Lauren?
  • “But you can still save Dyson.” Annie thinks Lauren is being self-sacrificial, Stephanie thinks she’s trying to take care of herself, and Kris thinks she’s being pragmatic.
  • “I love you.” “No, you don’t […] Your love is to come.” Yes, Flora is referring to Dyson meeting and falling in love with Bo. But it is also, on some level, about Bo and Lauren. We think it’s about them not being in the right place (situationally) for a relationship right now.

THAT Sex Scene

  • Annie was liking it (a LOT) until they cut to the mirror shot.
  • Stephanie understands why some people were upset to see “Lauren” having sex with Dyson, but here’s her take on it:
    • It wasn’t Lauren. Yes, it was Zoie Palmer, but it wasn’t Lauren so Stephanie doesn’t think that the show reinforced the trope of having lesbian characters sleep with straight men.
    • But even if she did see it as a misstep, she thinks it’s a small one considering HOW QUEER the show is on a regular basis. In this episode alone, she thinks it’s really significant that they queered Dyson’s past.
    • Also, consider the trope of the character being punished for homosexuality by being killed by the end of the film/TV series. In this episode, we have a character, whom we normally read as queer, being shown engaging in heterosexual sex, and she’s possessed by something terrible and dies. Boom. She was punished for heteronormativity.

  • Kris just thought the whole thing was kind of hilarious.
  • Though she really didn’t like the mirror shot, Annie thought that the mirror shot kind of hinted at the permanence of “the triangle.” She points out that the red string of fate (that ties people’s destinies together) is worn by Bo, Dyson, and Lauren.

The Ending

  • Annie wanted more acknowledgement that Kenzi and Lauren risked their lives to save Dyson. She was also upset that Lauren was kind of isolated at The Dal, sitting between new couple Hazi and smooshy mooshy Bo and Dyson.
  • Stephanie points out that Dyson doesn’t really thank anybody. Also, Bo thanked Lauren for helping at the beginning of the episode.
  • That’s not good enough for Annie, though.
  • Stephanie appreciates that Lauren was even included in the celebratory-hot-dog scene. It’s something that hasn’t really happened before.
  • Kris thinks Bo is maybe acting out and being a bit flirty with Dyson in front of Lauren as a response to Lauren’s rejection in “Let the Dark Times Roll.” Kris also has a bit of a fangirl-rant about Bo and Anna Silk and how much she loves them both.

Crystal Watch: Episode Three Less Hotpantsless

  • Also, thank you to Rebecca R (@rebeccatbs) for sending us this awesome drawing:

Dyson in La Fae Epoque


  • Stephanie felt bad for Dyson last week. This week: ANNOYANCE.
  • “Waiting to be saved for once”? ARGH.
  • Kris suggests that it was the “sitting around” part that was unusual, as Dyson tends to actively get himself into the position of needing to be saved.

Stray Thoughts

  • They killed Pietra! (A.K.A. Annie’s FEELINGS)
  • Yay for Cassie’s reappearance!
  • Lauren talking to herself is adorkable.
  • Stephanie is amused by the comment about their only having chocolate spread and not peanut butter. Kris wants to know why Lauren doesn’t seem to remember/know about Kenzi’s peanut allergy. Of course they wouldn’t have peanut butter!
  • Annie liked the scene of Kenzi accidentally stealing Dyson’s last words.
  • We’re glad the writers immediately answered the question of why The Una Mens were taking Dyson but not Bo.
  • Cassie says to Bo, “You’re brave…and something else. Something new.” WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?
  • What exactly did Boson do to stop hel-shoe-possessed Flauren? Stephanie thinks Boson stabbed Flauren with her own mini-Wolverine-claws.
  • “Mortis invenio in unitate” — “Unity found in death.” Also, have The Una Mens forgotten how to pronounce Latin?

Lyrics to Flauren’s Song

Thank you to LToutes who sent in what she could transcribe of the lyrics to the song Flora (Lauren) sings. Stephanie called upon her college French and attempted a translation. LToutes wasn’t able to understand all of the lyrics, and it’s been a while since Stephanie took French, so please let us know if you can fill in more lyrics or offer a better translation. (Thanks to ivoow for help in the comments!)

Adieu l’amant à tête blonde
Qui m’a aimée pendant trois jours
Ici-bas les plus courts plaisirs
Font souvent les meilleures amours

Je […]? ma bouche ardente
J’ai souvenir de tes baisers
Ici-bas les plus courts plaisirs
Font souvent les meilleures amours

Dans le grand train qui me transporte
Très loin de toi
Je sens encore ton coeur qui bat fort
Au creux de mes doigts

Adieu l’amant, beau légionnaire
Qui m’a aimée la nuit, le jour
Ici-bas les plus beaux plaisirs
Font souvent les meilleures amours


Farewell my blond lover
Who loved me for three days
Down here are the shortest pleasures
And often the best love

I […]? my burning mouth
I remember your kisses
Down here are the shortest pleasures
And often the best love

In the train that carries me
Very far away from you
I still feel your heart beating strong
In the hollow of my fingers

Goodbye lover, handsome soldier
Who loved me all night, all day
Down here are the shortest pleasures
And often the best love

Thanks to Kevin Bachelder, Sally, and Jasmin for calling in and leaving us messages!

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58 Replies to “4×07 “La Fae Époque” — Episode 33

  1. I first wanted to comment on Sally’s message. I appreciate the perspective that she voiced. I both love her interpretation of “It’s time” and her understanding of the personal nature of interpretation.

    I’m a big Joss Whedon fan, and as such I have read some of the vast academic writtings on his work. People get so attached to certain phrases and moments, some of which were intended by the writers/creators, and others that are just beautiful happenstance.

    I think that the badge of a good piece of art (and yes, I view TV as art) is its ability to be deeply meaningful to some that see it. Experiencing art is a creative endeavor as much as making it, one might think. I think of the quote by Anais Nin – “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” I am a psychology student and existentialist, so that says a whole lot about how I relate to the shows that I experience.

    There are many thoughts on this episode. I just wanna talk about the sex, for now. Hehe.
    I agree that the sex scene was not that hot (at least in my view). Bo thrusting like Dyson was a bit silly looking. What I do like about it was the suggestion of the three of them having sex together. I am sorta Team Both (or perhaps Team Neither, but, that is a thing to talk about another time). I think that Bo has amazing chemistry with both of them, and I also think that they have good chemistry with each other (I think back to that lovely moment between them at the end of Delinquents). Just to clarify, by Team Both I am not necessarily referring to a threesome, but more of a polyamorous situation in which Bo is in a relationship with both of them. That being said, I must admit that I have secretly longed for a Lauren/Dyson sex scene…. Sorry any folks that this offends! I am a queer bisexual woman. I don’t want to perpetuate the problematic theme of lesbian women having sex with men.

    That is all, for now.

    Thanks again for some great insight and entertainment!

    1. Bo is unaligned, and that sums it up. Makes me think of Jack in Torchwood, who is defined as “pansexual”. Why should she bear any label? I think sexuality is more fluid than most people want/are able to accept. The LWord explored the fantasm some lesbians have about penetration with their partner, too. LG does it with a pinch of humour…

        1. Me too! I’d love a Lost Girl/Torchwood crossover episode. Can you imagine Bo and Capt. Jack hooking up?

            1. If Bo’s hooking up with Jack, Lauren should have a go with Freema Agyeman from Dr Who, in all fairness…

    2. Hi 8tentacles! A singer/songwriter who I really love, Richard Shindell, once commented that the best songs have a quality of “ulteriority,” which he meant as people being able to find meaning in them that the original songwriter did not intend. And it’s because we all bring our own backgrounds, experiences, hopes, dreams and points of view to the art that we view, consume and process.

      For me the art form which seems easiest to interpret many different ways is poetry, but TV is right up there too. Lost Girl especially seems to me like it’s very dense – not only are certain things purposefully left ambiguous, but I think there are probably tons of visual or acting clues that mean something. It’s easy to miss it because the show can also be campy (just like Buffy and Xena before it).

      Finding out “It’s Time” was really meant just in-story kind of rocked my world. Not in a bad way, but I took a step back and reexamined my own expectations of the show and where I am expecting the story to go. This was probably a good thing for me.

      I’ve never been a fan of a TV show where the creators have been so accessible – social media, including podcasting, is a big part of that. Thank you very much to y’all folks at Drinks at the Dal for creating this space/forum/venue – and thank you to Emily Andras for spending time with Drinks, and by extension all of us.

      1. Ulteriority is a great word. I’m glad that you shared it Sally.

        Heh.That 8tentacles was a mistake… I used to have a blog by the title and my computer likes to think for itself more than I’d like.

        1. WordPress in particular is pretty “smart” and has a long memory, especially if you have multiple user accounts.

          In rereading my comment back to you, I realized that I might have mis-phrased something. I meant “I have never BEFORE been a fan of a show…” (not that I’m not a fan of shows where creators are accessible, I think I am).

  2. I think the sex screen was wrong, when it got to Dyson fu..ing Lauren; and I think was made is worse for people was the Emily A. came out and said it was fanservice to the triangle.

    That to mean is wasn’t about Dyson and Flora having sex, they wanted to show Lauren and Dyson having sex, and the was the way they could get away with it.

    I think it would be great, if just one show a lesbian not having sex with a man. Because from what I understand, lesbian don’t sleep with men that’s what makes them lesbian

    And you know, they the would never do this to Dyson, as to have him have sex with a man. I feel its a double standard.

    I also don’t feel, that Bo and the gang are Lauren’s family. The only time they think of Lauren is when they need her medical help, other than that I don’t think they would give Lauren the time of day. She saves them all the time, but they never save her.

    With everyone saying that Bo and Lauren need to have a talk, I feel that Lauren and Hale also need to have a talk about what happen last year. The writes need to let those two conversation happen.

    I also feel that Dyson doesn’t respect Lauren. I think they are trying to hard to sell that story to people, because we have seen how Dyson has treated lauren in the past and even in 4×02 that not how you respect someone.

    1. I understand what you’re saying, but I think it’s really important to acknowledge that it wasn’t Lauren who had sex with Dyson. It was Flora who Bo was projecting to look like Lauren.

      As Emily Andras said, it’s a nod to the threesome, not to Dyson having sex with Lauren. The show could have done a more straightforward fantasy sequence and just shown Lauren and Dyson having sex. But they didn’t. They had Zoie Palmer play a (very) different character, and they made very clear in the story that Bo’s subconscious would be affecting what she saw. That moment is about Bo imagining all three of them having sex together, not Dyson having sex with Lauren. And after the scene, they even had Lauren verbally reinforce that she would be kind of disturbed if Dyson found her sexually desirable. Lauren is a lesbian. Flora is not. We’ve never seen Lauren have sex with a man. Flora has.

      One of the perks of doing alternate universe episodes like this one is that you can show characters interacting who don’t usually interact, and the writers took advantage of the opportunity the same way that they showed “Kenzi” flirting with “Bo” in this episode, or “Kenzi” kissing “Hale” in “Original Skin,” or Kenzi kissing Dyson in “In Memoriam.”

      1. I think that the show always wanted it to be a threesome, with Lauren, Bo & Dyson. But that would never fly, because even though it has never been stated. Lauren is a Lesbian, and there would be an blowback from the gay community if they did that. So to me this was there cheap way of doing it. And in my opinion it was wrong. They did not have to show it.

        They always leave it up to the audience to figure out what is going on, without visual and to me, that should have been, for that shot as well.

        We knew it was Bo/Dyson having sex with Flora/Lauren. But it didn’t need to be shown. For them showing it, I feel it went from Bo/Dyson having sex with Flora/Lauren. To Dyson having sex with Lauren.

        And in that shot in the mirror, you can see that Bo/Dyson is no longer looking at the mirror, when that happen Flora face shouldn’t have been shown to look like Lauren, it should have looked like the real Flora.

        And it was also a double standard sex scene.

        When it came it to being Bo/Dyson – Lauren/Flora they didn’t show much, but when it switch to being Dyson/Bo and Lauren/Flora they showed it in all its “Glory”. Like the scene between the women it not to be shown, but the scene between the man and woman can be.

        1. Also think the scene took away from a good show. People are talking about the it more than they are about how good Zoie and Anna was in episode. And that’s a shame.

        2. Yes, they didn’t have to show it, but they don’t have to show pretty much any sex scene. In the context of an alternate universe episode, my feeling is why not? It’s not Lauren, and it gives some insight into Bo’s psyche at the moment. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t be upset, but I don’t think it fair to say what was orchestrated in this episode is the same as having Lauren have sex with Dyson in the normal Lost Girl universe.

          And as for how much they showed of the sex scene on the Anna Silk/Zoie Palmer side versus the Kris Holden-Ried/Zoie Palmer side I think that has more to do with how much the actors were willing to show of their bodies and/or the fact that Lost Girl can only show so much of women’s upper bodies.

          And I’ve seen just as many LGBT viewers talking about finding the sex scene hot as those who thought it reinforced stereotypes. I think there’s really a variety of opinions about this episode.

          1. This is going to be my last reply on this subject. I am going to post from someone on Doccbus.com Her name is Kitsune. She says its better than me, about how i feel about the scene.

            “If you wanna get technical on the sex scene, this is my analysis.

            At the beginning, after the slap, notice the mirror when Bo/Dyson was holding Flora and spinning around in place. You can see Bo’s reflection in the mirror. That means Bo only sees Dyson when she looks into the mirror and she sees Lauren’s face as Flora both in person and in the mirror. So, the first scene we see Bo looking at the mirror, she sees Dyson and Flora (with Lauren’s appearance), that’s technically correct. But the second scene (Dyson looking at Flora) and the third one (Dyson and Flora kissing) are not technically correct. Cos, Bo was not looking at the mirror but we still see Dyson and Flora (with Lauren’s appearance). To be technically correct, we should see Bo and Flora (with Lauren’s appearance).

            And for EA to say in her interview that the sex scene was a nod to the threesome, but carefully done… I took that as they wanna show us Bo-Dyson-Lauren engaging in a threesome, but they were careful in doing so. So that scene was intended to be a representation of the love triangle of the characters Bo, Dyson and Lauren in a threesome, but carefully done, so they set it in an AU setting where no one is themselves.

            That’s a silly thing for EA to say, cos I was ready to forget about that scene and move on to spec the plot of UM and Rainer. All along, prior to that interview, I am telling myself Lauren is not Flora, and she was merely a projection of Bo’s subconscious being in Dyson’s memories. And now for EA to say it was intended to be a nod to the threesome but carefully done? That just left a bad taste in my mouth. Why? Cos, if it was carefully done, they wouldn’t screw up on the technicality of the scenes as I mentioned above. Clearly they were going for a shock value with that scene. I must say they have succeeded, I was shocked. But the subsequent interview was just telling me they harbor hidden intentions behind what they put on screen. “

            1. When we see Dyson enter Flora’s dressing room, he isn’t looking at the mirror — his eyes are on Flora — but we (the audience) see Dyson reflected in the mirror. The camera is not acting as Bo’s viewpoint in those shots of Dyson’s reflection. It’s showing what everyone else (and Bo looking into a mirror) sees.

              The only time you can see Anna Silk in the mirror is when Flora invites Dyson to “explore her land.” Then if you REALLY LOOK you can see Anna Silk’s pony tail & realize it’s not KHR. Saying that since Anna Silk is visible in a very shadowy background shot of a mirror contradicts all the other mirror shots I think is being a little picky. Production slip-ups happen, and sometimes they have to use shots that are not ideal because they are the best take of the actors and for other reasons. Lost Girl is not a big budget show.

  3. Adieu le môme, ma tête blonde
    qui m’a aimée pendant 3 jours
    ici bas les plus courts plaisirs
    font souvent les meilleurs amours

    je [..?…] ma bouche ardente
    j’ai souvenir de tes baisers
    ici bas les plus courts plaisirs
    font souvent les meilleurs amours

    dans le grand train qui me transporte très loin de toi
    je sens encore ton coeur qui bat fort
    au creux de mes doigts

    adieu l’amant beau légionnaire
    qui m’a aimée la nuit le jour
    ici bas les plus courts plaisirs
    font souvent les meilleurs amours

    tristesse et charme se mélangent
    dans mon cœur enivré de larmes
    ici bas les plus court plaisir
    font souvent les meilleurs amours

    dans les [….??….]
    très loin de moi
    penseras-tu encore un peu à moi
    mirage d’espoir (d’un soir?)

    adieu l’amant
    beau légionnaire
    qui m’a aimée la nuit le jour
    ici bas les plus courts plaisirs

    ne m’oublie pas
    et garde ardent les souvenirs de ces 3 jours
    ici bas les plus courts plaisirs
    font souvent les meilleurs amours.”

    That’s what i can catch. I don’t have the full song but there it is.
    i’ve got it all but still some words blur oO

    trad :

    Farewell kid, my blond head
    who loved me for 3 days
    down here the shortest pleasures
    often the best love

    I [..? …] burning my mouth
    I remember your kisses
    down here the shortest pleasures
    often the best love

    the big train that carries me far from you
    I still feel your heart beating strong
    in the palm of my fingers

    Goodbye Lover beautiful Legionnaires
    who loved me the night the day
    down here the shortest pleasures
    often the best love

    sadness and charm blend
    drunk in my heart tears
    down here the shortest pleasure
    often the best love

    within [….? ….]
    very far from me
    will you think a little more about me
    […? …] ”
    mirage of hope (one night?)

    Goodbye Lover
    beautiful legionnaire
    who loved me the night the day
    down here the shortest pleasures

    do not forget me
    burning and keeps the memories of those three days
    down here the shortest pleasures
    often the best love. “

    1. Hi “train” makes more sense than “temps”, now I hear it too. “Plus courts” plaisirs seemed more logical, too, but I still hear “beaux”. Does ZP sing with a french canadian accent?
      I hope LG will provide us with the lyrics because they may hold some clues…

  4. I’m with you on this. I am beginning to feel a little ‘used’ by the writers… in that they are playing to too many audiences trying to keep everyone coming back for more. Well the triangle is becoming boring, and I am disappointed that yet again a gay relationship is used to attract ratings. I really thought this show would be different, but alas… Thing is I’d likely watch it without this triangle-that-could-become-a-meaningful-gay-relationship intrigue. But the way it’s going now I’m tempted to drop it so I can remember the good things that came out of the earlier seasons.

  5. I have a few tidbits about this episode that really bugged me. The sex scene just felt like fan-service and I’ll say that this season a lot of things that have pulled me out of a really strong part of an episode were fan-service bits. Not because I don’t like a bit of fan-service, but because a lot of times they either don’t help with the plot at all or lead to the most problematic things in the story.

    I also don’t like that Hale wasn’t in any of the flashbacks. He is such a huge part of Bo and Dyson’s life that for him to be excluded in the main plot then suddenly get brought out in the end for them to be life “we are a family” did not feel genuine. Hale has never really been a part of a storyline where he wasn’t either doing something for someone else and the few times he got a little something he was seen as jerk for doing it. I am glad we’ve gotten to see him be bad ass and that he and Kenzi (Hazi! Yay you used the term) are together, but when is Hale going to have his arc. Every other character has had one, even Tamsin who only came in last season.

    Finally, this Wanderer storyline needs to hurry up. I enjoyed the dragging out before, but we have 6 episodes left and I don’t want this to end up like the dawning where it was so hyped up and the end result is lackluster.

    Also, I was so happy to get my package on Christmas eve! I gift of Lost Girl is a great one :DD xxxoo

    1. It’s funny. I have no reason to think so, but I’ve always assumed that Hale is much younger than Dyson, maybe only 100 years old or so. It didn’t even occur to me that Hale would be old enough to be in the flashbacks.

      I agree. I would love to see Hale have a really strong story arc and soon!

      I’m so glad the DVDs got to you for Christmas!

      1. I think that even if Hale was too young, he is a part of the team and therefore should have made it into Bo’s subcon if freaking Vex did. I know why Vex is there for narrative reasons, but the end still makes Hale look like a last minute addition.

        1. OH! I get what you mean now. I thought you meant actual Hale (like actual Trick) would be there. Yeah, who would Hale be? I think he actually would have been a better prince figure than Vex.

  6. First, “the scene” was unnecessary. It was crass, gross, and it violated every form of good taste. It was frat-boy humor at its worst. The writers thought it would be funny. it was not. I don’t care what the % is of the people who are offended, the important thing is IT OFFENDED. The writers should be issuing an apology instead of making glib remarks on Twitter. It is shameful.
    The show insulted part of their fan base for a second time because they are insensitive assholes. The very least they could do is admit their mistake and apologize. By not doing so, they are condoning the insult and letting fans know that they count for nothing. The LGBT fans are ‘less than’ and do not deserve an apology. Thanks writers.
    I add this to the long list of screw ups; woman bashing, misogyny, double standard love scenes, lesbians needing dick, and the trans-package-grabbing. Let’s not forget that.
    i honestly do not understand how some people are defending this show anymore. How many insults does it take to offend?

    Second, Lauren is family with no one on this show. She might as well be a talking library book. Bo checks Lauren out when she wants something, and drops her when she gets it. Lauren needs to tell all of them to f**k right off.

    Lastly, this shoe horning of an entirely new and ill-fitting back story for Dyson is ridiculous. A shadow thief? Since when? And showing Kenzi this fab new skill? I call bullshit. Writers: did you think fans wouldn’t notice this retcon job? Do you not realize we WATCH the show?
    Dyson is a sidekick. Let him be that and stop trying to make him the focus of the show. If you don’t like how he has been written you only have yourselves to blame.

    The show has become tedious and tiresome over season four and now we can add offensive to the list. Way to go , EA you have been busy. And thanks for the post show interview to explain what the hell we all just watched. It is appreciated since no one watching understood a single damn minute of it.

    Am I being harsh? You betcha.
    Am I being honest? Hell yes.

    1. Let me start off by saying that you and I are not going to agree on this. And that’s fine. I respect your right to an opinion, and I only ask that you do the same for me.

      I’m not remotely offended by “the scene”. I thought the story was rather cleverly structured in a way that made it clear that that was not Lauren in any way other than looking like her in Bo’s mind. Which is the only place the events that we, the audience, see take place.

      You may not love the show. That’s fine. I’m not asking you to. But please do not speak for everyone. I don’t have trouble understanding the episodes, though I do appreciate the extra insight the post-show interviews provide.

  7. Regarding Annie’s concern about them ignoring Lauren: I have been reflecting a lot on the final scene. The scene was establishing that all of the gang was back together. The characters themselves noted this. At the same time Lauren, who had been very active in helping to achieve Dyson’s safety, was sitting in the middle of the bar looking every bit the outsider. On one side was Kenzi and Hale, a couple. On the other side was Bo who was in an “intimate” type of conversation with Dyson. It hurt my heart in a strange way, but not a bad way. I believe Lauren has an introverted side and there are ways she is always standing a bit outside. Kenzi is also a human, but somehow her extroverted humor inserts her into the center of scenes. Dyson is the lone wolf, but he never seems to be very alone. Bo is supposedly the ultimate outsider. She is the unaligned standing apart after all. Instead she is the center of all the action all the time. But Lauren in many scenes (I would say also in the Dawning episode) stands outside. I think it is the way she is, that her own personality and decisions contribute to it. There is a strength associated with it. And I think, as is the way with many introverts, she is mostly happy with her own company (dancing alone as she packs for example). Yet I believe she likely has painful feelings of standing outside at times as well, which I believe can also be part of the introvert experience. I feel like that final scene might be one of the more difficult moments. Will Lauren ever really be 100 percent an insider in this crowd, ( a separate question from her intimacy with Bo?) I’m not sure. But I like the portrayal of someone who is not an extrovert. Just as I like having a character who uses her mind to combat the Big Bads and whose humor is deliciously understated with funny lines that no other characters in the scene may even hear.

    1. I like ur statement, that you have thought long and hard about that final scene.. I have too.. and I think the same way you do.. Lauren is different, an intellect, an introvert.. how she fitted into that scene was perfect even though it was uncomfortable to see.. I actually saw that bar scene, as 2 relationships together.. 1 was Hale/Kenzi the other was Bo, Lauren & Dyson and of course Bo would be in the middle.

      I also thought of several scenes in several other episodes where Dyson was standing off to the side with everyone (the whole gang) present, and Bo has kissed Lauren in front of him, and also said loving comments to her that were in dysons earshot.. and no one says “poor Dyson, how could Bo do that to him”.. I felt uncomfortable for Lauren when Bo and Dyson chatted, the same as I felt sorry for Dyson when Bo and Lauren pashed in front of him in another episode.

      In the end the 3 of them do have a dynamic that is different, and the love they share for each other (Bo to Lauren, Lauren to Bo, Dyson to Bo, Bo to Dyson) is not the norm.. So there will be times in a 3 way relationship where 2 of the 3 are talking and the 3rd will be left out, and that’s not a big deal.. it doesn’t mean that the love Bo has for Lauren is any less, and everyone forgets that 5 minutes earlier she was kissing Lauren because she loves her.. everyone forgets that, and focuses on that 1 minute in time, as if all the other love scenes between Bo & Lauren never happened..

      As for the mirror scene.. I loved it.. I’m a lesbian and I love the Doccubus relationship, whether they are together or apart I believe they love each other. So when I see Bo/Dyson having sex with flora/Lauren, then she looks in the mirror and sees her self as Dyson (which she always saw herself as Dyson in Windows/reflections etc) I think that’s natural.. and it is Dyson having sex with flora not Lauren, so I think that’s natural too.. and Bo does love Lauren, so it’s natural she’d see the love interest as Lauren, and it’s also natural for Bo as a bi-sexual to find it extremely hot and exciting to have her two lovers in the mirror reflection and to enjoy the experience of making love to her woman as a man could also be exciting to her.. So I think the scene is perfect. Because it’s about Bo and what she thinks, feels and wants… Not what us as an audience wants.. that was Bo’s experience, no one else’s.. in the 100years ago version of that scene, it is just Dyson with flora a str8 couple having sex.. what we see in this ep, is how is that for Bo, when she gets to experience being Dyson for the day. And that love making becomes something she vets to experience, while she is him.

      Everyone needs to just calm down about this ep and be excited about Sunday when we get to see the carwash scene.. yum… :p

      1. Melissa, you seem like a nice person and I hope that your comment was not intended as it came across; “Everyone needs to just calm down about this ep.”
        I will not “calm down” until the writers apologize [edited for crude language]. And to say “calm down” seems as though you are saying that viewers who were offended are too amped up over nothing.
        If this is not the case, then at least, it is a lesson in how perception and intent are different.

        1. Sorry if anyone took my last sentence as offensive, it wasn’t meant to dismiss that everyone sees things differently, and that some are offended by the mirror scene.. it was more meant to express that for weeks I’ve been looking forward to the carwash ep, coz I’m curious how it will play out.. and we are days away from it airing now.. and it was hot and sexy scene.. i love Laurens face, and that she’s staring long enough at Bo for the ice cream to melt and she doesn’t even seem to notice. I’m excited.. I thought everyone would be..

          my whole statement was to show I didn’t find any of the ep offensive, and I tried to give details as to why I felt that way.. just like the next person posts that they hated it.. it’s just my opinion, and what I thought of it.. and I’m not offended that others don’t necessarily or at all agree with me.. I’m sorry they didn’t like it.. :/

          1. Thanks for your comments, Melissa! I know that a lot of people are looking forward to the ice cream cone. 🙂

  8. We do not all have to agree with each other, but we do need to keep discussion civil. Please be mindful of your tone and language.

  9. The scene that shall not be named was offensive. It should never have been included. I don’t know what they were thinking. I guess they weren’t.

  10. The scene was the most well lit almost full frontal//side frontal and it lingered more than any other shot ever. The image of Dyson shagging Lauren will live on forever in gif land.

    Images matter in TV. It was an easy way to get away with it. And they took full advantage of it, without really caring about the consequence. Because it’s just a show…. it’s supposed to be fun.

    I’m glad so many lesbians feel like there was nothing wrong with it. Maybe the world is suddenly changing. I haven’t seen much progress yet, but what I have seen are more than a few comments of Lauren just needed the right dick. Images are more powerful than words.

    It felt over the top, it felt pointed, and it felt really uncomfortable. Regardless of the why for storyline, it was a very deliberate move and for a show that prides itself on equality and a lack of sexual shaming.

    It was a huge sticking point for me, and as soon as I saw it, I knew I couldn’t continue supporting such a backhanded message. The show has become rather misogynistic, wavering in point, and its chemistry laden couple reduced to “say something”…”I know how to save Dyson.”

    1. I’m sorry to hear you say that, kedrie.

      For me, I watch the show for Bo and Lauren (and Kenzi) and their journeys, not their romantic relationship. I love that the show has two strong, queer female characters whose storylines revolve around more than just their sexual orientation. I love that Lauren is getting such strong storylines this season in particular (she has practically become the second lead of the show), and I’m on Bo’s journey with her hopefully to figure out how to live the life she wants to live.

      1. You mistake my statement as something only defined by a desired intention of Doccubus. This wasn’t a shipper comment. Too often that excuse is used to throw out reasonable and justifiable criticism over a lack of pacing and dubious intent. This show navigates social minefields, but they are doing it with cowboy diplomacy more frequently than the situation dictates.

        The online audience is somewhat divided on this particular scene. It’s just one aspect of one episode, and we will talk about it and move on with our lives as the show moves on. But that image has been given a permanency that should have never been allowed airtime. To know that it was a joke to the people that wrote it, some nod to the threesome they could never actually air (because that would be repugnant), actually makes it worse.

        It’s also very telling to note that never in a million years, would they do what they’ve done to the image of Lauren this season with Dyson–> wig for 3 episodes, shagging everyone but the women he professed to love, shagging a dude in AU because the roughshod AU allowed some leeway in the script.

        It will never do to its male characters what it does to its female ones, in particular the gay one.

        I’d personally rather Bo and Lauren never be together again, if only to define Bo as the actual hero of the show and her life. Too many times over the course of a 1/3 of this show now, she has abandoned her role for another lesser pole position.

        1. I wasn’t trying to imply your criticism wasn’t reasonable. I really do understand where most people are coming from in regards to issues they have with the show. I was just mentioning some of the reasons I enjoy the show. I don’t think Lost Girl is perfect. I find some aspects of storylines problematic, but the show still offers a lot to me that I enjoy and appreciate. I’m still willing to see where the show ends up before I cast final judgement.

  11. While I do love the show, I have been glad to see more critical feedback about the show. I think that while it means well, it has been shown frequently to use problematic tropes and content. The transphobia in season 3 and some ant-feminist dialogue (I know EA considers herself a feminist and even as feminist we are not above being problematic ourselves), not to mention the failure when it comes to POC characters over all.

    I think that Lauren and Bo’s relationship has always seemed like the better developed more Supernatural Romance couple we’ve gotten to see. However, I think that Dyson’s love has always been seen as grander. Bo is his soulmate, he was the most active is saving her and his lies have never carried the same weight as Lauren’s in terms of reaction. Not to mention that we have seen Lauren have to deal with so many issues with her relationships: three of them have had semi-foundations on lies (I count Nadia because we see their relationship only at that point) and she does have to compete for Bo with a male.

    The show does avoid a lot of problematic things: but I find it jarring when Bo can just run to sex with Dyson and yet proclaim her love for Lauren. It’s not that I have a problem with Bo not being monogamous, but when she says that she was so worried about Lauren only in episode when she and Lauren interact, except for a passing comment while hopping on Dyson is frustrating.

    At the end of the day I feel like while I try to view Bo’s choices as “Bo’s choices” she’s still a character in a show and as such the things she does are decided by writers and it is important to ask why Bo makes certain choices, has certain biases and why the writer choses to tell storylines one way or not.

    I love Lost Girl, I look forward to next week, but I just want it to be better at some of these things.

    1. Yes, Lost Girl is by no means perfect, but there’s still a lot I appreciate about what the show offers.

      1. I agree, the humor, the mythology and the fun characters keep me coming back for more. Not to mention it has played with a lot of gender stereotypes and Bo is an empowered character whose sexuality is treated respectfully most of the time.

        1. The playing with gender is partially why I found the sex scene (and the mirror shot) so interesting in this episode. I understand where people are coming from who found it problematic, but I think there was a lot of interesting stuff going on in that moment.

    2. I totally understand your frustration with Bo. *I’m* frustrated with Bo, and I’m the self-appointed succubus’ advocate (TM Sally) around these parts. The thing is, I really think we’re supposed to be frustrated with her right now. There is a level of callousness to her in the past few episodes that’s uncharacteristic. And we’ve seen her have moments where she realizes it, too. Like when she snaps at Dyson at the end of 4.06.

      My point is: yes, the writers make these choices. They are deliberate. That is why I’m willing to see how the season plays out. The show’s generally pretty good with the whole “actions have reasons and consequences” thing, so I’m pretty optimistic. (I also love a good mystery.)

      1. #Doccubuster and Succubus’ Advocate – that’s two! I think I want to go into Lost Girl merchandising and phrase-coining.

        Sweet Bo, I want her back too. I’m watching her journey with interest. I think she will get really, really low before she starts to come back.

        1. You should! Somebody get Jay Firestone and Funimation or whomever in touch with Sally! 🙂

          And now I’m thinking we should get some Drinks at The Dal Team shirts made. Annie’s would say “Doccubuster,” mine would say “Succubus’ Advocate,” and I think Stephanie’s should say something like “Ringleader” — unless you have a better suggestion, Sally.

  12. The only conclusion I can come with is that Lost Girl needs a 5th season in order to explore and clarify all this mess. Oh oui!

  13. Just listened to the podcast this morning and enjoyed it, as usual! I was very interested in the discussion about how Bo and Dyson are so similar with their backgrounds of leaving their packs/families, being on the run, and then Dyson’s behavior in the flashback as compared to Bo’s current behavior. They are so similar. (And opposites attract! 😉

    I wonder if this parallel will continue. What Dyson needed to get himself back on track is to join up with someone, and it was Trick. What do you do with the revolutionaries when the revolution is over? I don’t see Bo swearing fealty to anyone (except that I guess she kind of did, when she lost her memory). Unless it’s Lauren. (Heh.)

    Lauren really does have the most selfless love, and her actions are so understated. I just think she’s the cat’s pajamas.

    1. (In this analogy) I suspect that Bo’s version of swearing fealty is protecting/freeing the subjugated. Which is actually kind of ironic, now that I’m thinking about it . . .

    2. Really all of the Lost Girl characters have a history of leaving lives they had. Bo didn’t have a choice and not all of them hid in the meantime, but it just occurred to me there’s that running thread in pretty much everyone’s background. Bo was hidden with humans. Dyson left his pack. Kenzi ran away from a strict/semi-abusive stepfather. Trick went into hiding to avoid becoming one of The Una Mens. Lauren changed her name and went into hiding after accidentally killing people. And we have a sense that Hale distanced himself from his family because of differing values.

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