Half Pint: Lauren’s Drawers — Episode 35

Lauren's drawers
The person who organized the drawer on the left would clearly not stand for the state of the drawer on the right.

In this outtake from our mid-season 4 review, we discuss the messy state of Lauren’s desk drawers in “Turn to Stone” as well as some possibilities as to why Lauren hasn’t upgraded to Blu-ray technology yet. Kris also demonstrates a surefire way to win an argument with Annie.

Thanks to And-chan!

Thank you to And-chan for drawing and sending us this hilarious sketch inspired by this episode.

...where she have sex Bo and watch Star Trek

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14 Replies to “Half Pint: Lauren’s Drawers — Episode 35

  1. I was so excited when I thought we were finally going to get into Lauren’s drawers!

    Seriously, folks, this is hilarious. For me there were two punch lines:

    1. When Annie said that Bo and Lauren would be having sex in Lauren’s never-before-seen bedroom with Star Trek Voyager playing in the background on glorious hi-def. Yes! (And shout-out to Voyager, Annie, I love you even more than I already did, which was a lot.)

    2. Lauren couldn’t buy the Blu-Ray discs anyway because she was saving up her money to buy that engagement ring.

    This is gold! (Just like that ring.)

  2. You ladies always make me laugh. All the movies. Star Trek Tng, Enterprise and The original Star Trek, are the only ones on Blu ray.

    1. Yeah, I took a look on Amazon after we had this discussion and noticed that some of the series didn’t seem to be on Blu-ray. So at best, it would be a Blu-ray and DVD collection.

  3. Lauren likes things the way she likes ’em, know what I mean. She’s keeping the tapes for sentimental reasons. Shoot, I still have a cassette tape or two of the eurythmics. 😉

    I’m new here and think this is a great site!

    1. I’m with Lee; it’s a sentimental DVD collection that she put together during college. You know, she was snapping up Star Trek whilst running around in her wedding dress and combat boots. 🙂 Thanks for being hilarious, y’all. Only, you make me chortle at the gym, giving people reasons to watch me row. Didn’t we have a do-not-listen-while-swimming warning a while back? This one needs that designation, too!

      1. I apologize for how nitpicky I’m about to be (though, really, that’s what caused this whole Half Pint/outtake).

        Assuming that Lauren is at least as old as I am (which she’d kind of have to be), most of those DVDs wouldn’t have been released by the time she was in college. Maybe med school. The various series’ DVD sets started getting released in the early to mid-2000s.

        I will concede that it’s entirely possible she had the Next Generation episodes that were released on VHS. And I wouldn’t be surprised if she recorded Voyager off of UPN (assuming she was in the USA at the time, of course).

        Sorry about the weird looks from people at the gym. I think that might be our most common feedback, actually. We cause our listeners to get strange looks because they’re laughing. There are worse things, I suppose. 🙂

        1. Oh, Kris, if I may say, the fact that you have corrected my Star Trek DVD/VHS timeline makes me like you all the more. Never stop. Also, when we figure out how old Lauren has to be to fit in all her various back stories, someone’s going to make a chart, right? Come on, Doccubussers. Parallel timelines? With big hearts around the meeting? Yes? Have I just not found it yet?

    2. Welcome, Lee! And thanks!

      Seriously, for the time being, DVDs are more practical than Blu-rays! Sentimentality could absolutely be a factor, too. (I also have some cassette & VHS tapes stashed somewhere.)

      1. Thanks for the welcome. I decided that my love of LG meant I needed to look beyond the show to add to the experience and several folks pointed me your way. Gonna spend some time exploring and probably running my mouth a bit.

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