Mid-Season 4 Review — Episode 36

Bo with The Wanderer's Mark in Of All the Gin Joints
During the hiatus, we take a moment to review Season 4 thus far. We discuss some themes of the season, unanswered questions, and moments we missed in our initial discussions. We talk about the recurring theme of memory, where Trick’s papyrus seed might have gone, what was in the oozy box in “In Memoriam,” and more.

Don’t miss the outtake from this episode in which we discuss the messy state of Lauren’s desk drawers and why she hasn’t upgraded to Blu-ray technology yet.

Drink Special: Memory Loss

2 oz Gin
2 oz Jamaican dark rum
2 oz Peach vodka
2 oz Apple juice
1 slice Lemon

Pour the gin and vodka over ice into a highball glass. Add the rum. Add the apple juice and squeeze the lemon on the top. Do not stir.

Memory (Loss)

  • The season begins with everyone having forgotten Bo.
  • When everyone remembers Bo, she promptly forgets what she has been through with The Wanderer and struggles to remember her friends in “Lovers. Apart.”
  • People who have been on the Death Train seem to forget it once they leave.
  • Tamsin’s memories are slow to come back since she has been reborn.
  • Bo explores Dyson’s memories, which he had forgotten, in “La Fae Époque.”
Conversations about Memory
  • Dyson asks Kenzi if maybe they aren’t better off forgetting what they can’t remember in “In Memoriam.” Ksenia Solo’s delivery of, “My heart hurts, Dyson, and I don’t know why,” gets to all of us.
  • In “Lovers. Apart.,” Lauren wishes that she could forget all the “bad shit” that has happened to her/that she has done, but Crystal asks if they forget, what would they have left? Evidently, the answer is “makin’ out.” Also, Stephanie thinks that’s a weird pick-up line.
  • Bo says at the beginning of “Of All the Gin Joints”: “And I wonder…can you really know yourself without memory? I mean, can you really know what you want?”
  • Annie wonders if Bo even wants to remember what happened. Kris brings up Bo’s line from “Groundhog Fae,” that she is, “running out of excuses to not get back on that train,” which seems to indicate that Bo had been avoiding the inevitable confrontation with her missing time.
  • Annie is taking this theme so seriously that she is having memory problems, apparently.

Captivity and Freedom

The majority of our main characters and many guest characters have experienced either literal or figurative captivity this season. This theme is explored very heavily in “Let the Dark Times Roll” and “Of All the Gin Joints.”

  • Kenzi had to rely on Massimo to remain disguised as Fae, and her debt to him also imprisoned her in a way.
  • Lauren has been running from her past as an ecoterrorist and then ran from being indentured servant to the Fae. She agrees to work with The Dark but not be owned by them.
  • Trick stole his papyrus seed and ran so as not to become one of The Una Mens.
  • Bo was held by The Wanderer, now she’s pledged to the Dark Fae against her will. Bo being bound to the system of rules can’t possibly end well.
  • The poison The Una Mens used on Vex bound him to the area.
  • The Morrigan was imprisoned by Vex until she escaped.
  • Eddy (Endymion) was held captive by Selene in “Sleeping Beauty School” until Dyson rescued him.
  • Bruce was “mastered” by another Fae as punishment in “Let the Dark Times Roll.”
  • Ianka’s entire storyline in “Of All the Gin Joints”
  • We also see Crystal being used by someone (presumably, but not definitively, the Dark Fae) to monitor and capture Lauren, then physically handcuffed to a pipe.
  • The Una Mens are holding everyone captive, in a way.
“I cut my string”
  • When Lauren wakes up after coming out of Dyson’s memories in “La Fae Époque,” she says to Bo, “I cut my string.”
  • Obviously, she means she literally removed the red string of fate and emerged safely from Dyson’s memories, but does that line have a double meaning?
  • Is Lauren talking about her relationship with Bo? Is she talking about making a change in her life?
  • We think it’s representative of people’s need to control their own destiny, which is a HUGE theme in Lost Girl.

Bo, Kenzi, and Tamsin in Groundhog Fae


  • Bo talks about family (a lot) to Kenzi, Lauren, Vex, and Trick.
  • Kenzi and, to a lesser extent, Bo have kind of adopted Tamsin/Lil T.
  • Annie enjoyed seeing the gang back together at the end of “La Fae Époque.” Though in completely unsurprising news, she still thinks that Dyson should have thanked Lauren for helping rescue him from The Una Mens.
  • Bo: “Our family is such a mess.”
    Trick: “Yet somehow, Isabeau, we muddle through.” (“Let the Dark Times Roll”)
    It’s a beautiful sentiment, but we’re finally seeing some tension between Bo and Trick this season. About time!

Unanswered Questions about The Wanderer Storyline

  • Of course, what happened on the train?
  • What led to Bo pledging herself to the Dark?
  • Tamsin tells Bo that The Wanderer wanted her for his ideal mate. The dress Bo is wearing when she jumps off the train looks like it might be a wedding dress. Did she marry him?
  • What is the black smoke? Is it The Portable Wanderer(TM)? Is it a transportation method?

Unanswered Questions about Lauren’s Storyline

  • When will Bo and Lauren talk about her going with Taft, running away, her past as Karen? Annie wants it. So do Stephanie and Kris, but Annie REALLY wants it.
  • What’s going on with Lauren and the fake lip? Is Lauren working with someone in her fake lip scheme? Like perhaps the person she was going to call when she was at Taft’s?
  • Where’s Crystal? Does Lauren still have contact with her? What kind of contact? WIIIIINK.
  • It seems like there’s a lot of stuff that happened between “Turn to Stone” and “Let the Dark Times Roll,” and we want some resolution on it.
  • Where’s Lauren’s brother? Kris suggests the possibility of the old coma/pod/green eye shadow predicament.

Unanswered Questions about Trick’s Storyline

  • What the hel-shoe?
  • What happened to the papyrus seed? Annie thinks the seed might be sentient and mobile. (It could be related to the One Ring.)
  • How much does Trick know that he isn’t saying? This is a question we always have about Trick.

Dyson in Of All the Gin Joints

Other Unanswered Questions

  • What is a shadow thief and when will Dyson begin training Kenzi to be one?
  • What’s going on with Hale’s bloody ear? DON’T KILL HALE, EMILY ANDRAS. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.
  • Has Tamsin fulfilled her obligation to The Wanderer? If she hasn’t, will she be in danger?
  • What will happen between Dyson and Bo? At the moment, Dyson seems to be OK with a primarily physical relationship with her. Will that change?

Elements Considered Anew

  • What is the black ooze-in-the-box? Was it The Una Mens, as Stephanie thinks Kenzi was trying to tell us? Kris (jokingly!) suggests that it’s the plasma form of the black smoke (which, obviously, is the gaseous form).
  • When Aife attacks Trick she says, “This is for her.” We assumed she means Bo, but could she perhaps mean her mother instead or also?
  • When little Lil T asks Kenzi about love, Kenzi says, “You think love is going to be the ultimate, and then you realize it means giving up more than you knew, and you make this decision and it kicks you in the frickin’ box and leaves you wondering if it’s ever worth loving again.” Is she talking about Bo, Nate, or a combination of the two?
  • There’s going to be repercussions to Bo and Dyson’s handfasting, right?
  • What if Massimo had the Twig of Zamora on his person when he went into the lava pit?
  • The Fae Elder that Lauren diagnosed: who could it be? The Wanderer? Trick? Somebody we haven’t met (or might not meet)?
  • What is The Una Mens’ end game? They have the death masks when we first see them, and while we know why Bo is no longer of interest to them (she chose a side), why were they so willing to let Kenzi and Lauren go in “La Fae Époque”? The Una Mens seem to be more talk than action.
  • Stephanie likes the creative “swearing” that’s happening this season!
Anna Silk at Fan Expo 2013

Stephanie Talked to Anna Silk and Ksenia Solo and the Rest of Us Are Jealous

Kevin Bachelder of Tuning In to SciFi TV was nice enough to offer Stephanie the opportunity to sit in on a Syfy PR call with Anna and Ksenia. Kevin will include clips of the call in an upcoming Tuning In to SciFi TV episode, but Stephanie gives a verbal account of some of the topics discussed.

  • Anna enjoys playing Dark/possessed Bo and finds it important to highlight that aspect of who Bo is at this moment.
  • Stephanie asked them if there was a relationship between their character and another character that they were excited to explore this season. Anna and Ksenia erred on the side of caution and gave a vague answer about the writers pairing characters together in different ways this season.
  • Ksenia thinks the events at the end of season three (Kenzi being declared a human terrorist, for example) really changed how Kenzi felt toward Lauren, and she recognized that they have more in common than she thought.
  • Stephanie asked if they prepare for scenes together or more privately. Anna said that TV is very fast-paced, so they don’t necessarily get much time to prepare together. Ksenia commented that the actors run lines together every opportunity they get, for example if they are driven home together.
  • Possible New Year’s resolutions for Bo and Kenzi: Ksenia says they’d stock the liquor cabinet, and Anna says they’d vow to have more girls’ nights in.
  • Anna cannot answer the question about the fate of Doccubus. Sorry, Annie.
  • Ksenia’s very proud of K.C. and Kris for all the hard work they put into the dance number in “In Memoriam.” Ksenia even cracked a rib during the ordeal!
  • Anna’s excited that Linda Hamilton is returning for season four, and Ksenia would like Aaron Ashmore to come back. They had nice things to say about George Takei too.

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14 Replies to “Mid-Season 4 Review — Episode 36

  1. Bo’s line from “Groundhog Fae,” that she is “running out of excuses to not get back on that train + Dyson’s line that Bo could be lost forever on that “big locomotive in the sky” would suggest they now DO remember the train. Since when?

    1. Bo remembered the train (and I assume told people about it) in “Of All the Gin Joints.” Ianka’s singing at The Dal and then the music box she gave Bo helped her remember.

        1. We had to remind ourselves how she knew about the train when we recorded our “Groundhog Fae” episode. But thanks to the magic of editing, we got to hide that we forgot. 🙂

  2. Once again, an awesome round up of all the loose ends that all this lovely Tantric storytelling leaves us with. (Yes, Tantric storytelling. I want that to be a thing. Must be said in a husky whisper.)

    I love that you mentioned the great creative swears. *Swizzlesticks* is my new go-to for not swearing around children. Vex’s have totally been my favorites overall; *Evanescence* at painful sounds made me do a chortle. I also can give you some background for the interested on the whole stream of cursing in my favorite body-part-loss scene. He actually says, “Mother, father and bairns”… that last “bairns” is a northern British way of saying child of someone (like people who are descended from someone, not necessarily young). They use it in Beowulf. (Watch me nerd.) And, I have a memory of my grandfather saying that as his way of not swearing in extreme situations. I think I should really take it up again. I have lots of reasons to swear.

    1. Oh! That’s good to know. That makes sense, but I heard it as “Mother, father, it burns,” assuming he meant the anaesthetic he took was causing his hand to sting.

  3. Hale is fine, Emily Andras said in an interview that he was just lying to Kenzi that he was fine when Ianka’s singing actually did hurt him. You guys brought up lots of questions i forgot about also. It really is frustrating! Where did the twig of Zamorah go?!?!??!? Did it burn up in the lava pit too with Massimo. I just wish the writers would pay more attention 😛

    1. Personally, I like all the questions, and I think the writers intend for there to be a lot of questions. Questions are what drives the show, and I think it’s great that we still have so many interesting ones to explore for the rest of the season and (hopefully) future season(s).

      As for the Twig of Zamora, the writers needed to have that disappear pretty quickly. It served its purpose at the end of the season 3, but since it made the bearer pretty much invulnerable the writers needed to get rid of it. If Kenzi had kept the twig, there wouldn’t be any stakes for her. The nature of the show is that the heroes are often in danger, but if Kenzi had the twig we’d know she would always be OK. That makes things kind of dull. We need to be worried if something is going to happen to Kenzi.

      Having her give it to Massimo was actually a really clever decision because the writers had demonstrated that he sells powerful stuff (rune glass potion, Valkyrie “juice” for Tamsin), and he would have taken such a thing in payment for the powers he was providing Kenzi. Maybe he kept the twig, but it’s quite possible he sold it to someone, which means the writers could bring it back into play if they wanted. I think most likely that’s the last we’ve seen of it, but I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing.

      1. lol It isn’t something i lost sleep over but it was something that made me think. What if Massimo comes back? They would have reasons based on that right. I wasn’t upset when Kenzi said she gave him the twig. Kenzi doesn’t want invulnerability, she wants to be able to fight back and i love that about her character. As for questions I’m still being patient. I was wishing that we had a clear idea of where the twig was is all. Also i realized the tone of my comment seemed like i was angry but really i wasn’t my bad. XD

      1. No, that was Tamsin’s hair that Bo took away from Massimo. The ultimate fate of the Twig of Zamora is still unknown. We just know that Kenzi gave it to Massimo as payment for her fake Fae powers.

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