4×10 “Waves” — Episode 39

Bo and Rainer looking in the mirror in Waves
Trying to take their minds off of the tense situation with Bo, Kenzi convinces Lauren and Dyson to help her take on a case for a client whose legs were amputated as she went for a swim. Meanwhile, Bo and Rainer commit an act that is bound to have serious repercussions.

Drink Special: Ocean Water

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First Impressions

  • Kris: Surprise, surprise — I liked it! Yay for train flashbacks and Kenzi, Lauren, and Dyson working together!
  • Annie: I love seeing Kenzi, Lauren, and Dyson on the case! Not keen on the Bo and Rainer storyline. I wanted the storylines to be connected.
  • Stephanie: It was pretty good. I liked the Kenzi, Lauren, and Dyson parts far more than the Bo and Rainer parts. The train flashbacks could have been a little more interesting — I thought they were a little dull.

Bo & Rainer’s Flashback-palooza

  • Stephanie thought there were so many Beauty and the Beast similarities (especially to the Disney movie) that there should have been a dancing candlestick.
    • Beast initially hostile but warms up to Belle, dinner invitation, Belle leaves and must come back to save the Beast
    • Bell jar with the dead butterfly; bell jar with the dying rose
    • Handmaiden says, “You’ll look ravishing”; Wardrobe says to Belle, “You’ll look ravishing in this one.”
  • Annie is gullible and totally fell for the misdirect at the beginning of the episode.
  • “I didn’t bring you here.” — Who chooses who comes to the train? The implication is that someone (possibly Rainer) hired Tamsin (and possibly others) to find the woman who would free Rainer from the death train. Possibly.
  • Kris thinks that’s pretty nice for a death train, what with the servants and feasts and all. Stephanie points out that trains hadn’t been invented at the time that Trick banished him. Best not think too hard about unexplainable, mystical things.
  • Apparently Rainer can see what’s happening on “our” plane of existence. That’s a common characteristic of purgatory, but what other implications could that have?
More Odin References?
  • Rainer’s revealed ability to anticipate moves in battle could be a nod to Odin’s knowledge of the future.
  • Trains were nicknamed “The Iron Horse,” so Rainer being banished to a train could reference Odin’s association with horses.

Bo & The Butterfly

  • The flashback within the flashback referenced a story Bo’s adopted mother tells in “There’s Bo Place Like Home.” When Bo was a little girl, she found a dead butterfly and cried and cried that it wouldn’t come back to life.
  • Do we think it’s the same butterfly? If so, how did it end up on the train?
  • Bo apparently resurrecting the butterfly hearkens back to super/dark/possessed Bo’s monologue about, “Only I will decide who lives and dies” in “The Ceremony.”

Bo and Rainer in Waves

Why Is Bo So Willing to Help This Guy?

  • Bo seems to react differently to Rainer as soon as he touches her. Stephanie really thinks Bo has a whammy put on her in this moment. According to Stephanie, the hand touching happens at about 30 minutes and 30 seconds into the episode. You know, in case you wanted to check it again.
  • We think Bo’s line, “What am I doing?” is a huge red flag, though we don’t know yet whether this is Rainer’s doing.
  • One way or another, we’re all sure that something is wrong with Bo. (I still think it’s the whammy.) Why else would she shut out her family in favor of some new guy?

Surprising Twists

  • Rainer tells Bo that he didn’t bring her to the train. That was not what we were expecting. Could a third party be involved?
  • Don’t kill The Una Mens. (Oops!) That information would have been more helpful if it had been given a day sooner.
  • “What if I’m a monster?” “I’ll kill you myself.” Foreshadowing?
  • Rainer says he fought to end the divide between Light and Dark and specifically mentions families being torn apart. That made Kris think of Aife (yes, she’s aware that Aife wasn’t the only one in those circumstances), which makes her wonder if Rainer was somehow associated with Aife (possibly either by blood or love). Stephanie thinks Rainer and Aife might have been part of the same rebellion.


  • When did Bo and Rainer decide to attack The Una Mens?? We needed a transition scene between arriving at The Dal and going to The Una Mens’ lair.
  • Was Bo’s train flashback influenced or induced by Rainer? He held her hand just prior to the first flashback scene, and touching may indicate a whammy.
  • How did The Una Mens sending The Wanderer card back at Rainer restore his powers?
  • Bo’s participation in the slaughter of The Una Mens: intentionally disturbing, but is it in character or not?

Talk to The Hand (Ask Who It Belongs To)

  • Is it Vex? Acacia? Aife? The Una Mens? (Probably not)
  • Stephanie thinks it’s Aife. If it is, it could provide some closure for her storyline.

Mermaids! Finally!

  • Mythology
    • Early stories from ancient Assyria tell of the goddess Atargatis accidentally killing her human lover and then transforming herself into a mermaid out of shame. Of course, shame over “accidentally killing her human lover” reminds us of Bo.
    • In British folklore, they’re unlucky omens.
    • Associated with sirens. It’s assumed sailors mistook manatees and dugongs as mermaids, which are both of the genus sirenia.
    • A 15th-century compilation of quotations from Chinese literature tells of a mermaid who “wept tears which became pearls.”
  • These mermaids and merman were delightfully ruthless and self-centered.
  • More Disney references! Stephanie appreciated that the show offered a dark portrayal of mermaids in contrast to Ariel and her dinglehopper.

Lauren Kenzi and Dyson in Waves

Kenzi, Lauren & Dyson Shenanigans

  • Great sleuthing caper that showcased all their individual qualities perfectly
    • Kenzi: wears a costume, charms people, and sneaks around (while looking really good in a power suit)
    • Dyson: uses his physical strength and knowledge from being 1000+-years-old (while looking really good in a uniform)
    • Lauren: uses her science and her smarts (while looking really good in a swimsuit)
  • While Annie liked this storyline (swimsuit! swimsuit! swimsuit!), she wished that it was investigating The Wanderer mystery.
  • However, Stephanie thinks that the episode was served by the juxtaposition between the darker scenes with Bo and Rainer and this lighthearted caper.
  • Kris thinks that this case cementing Kenzi, Dyson, and Lauren’s camaraderie and ability to work together will be important in the coming episodes.
  • Very colorful to contrast with the washed out palette of the Bo/Rainer flashbacks
    • Blues of the swimming pool and the room with the amputated legs
    • Yellow of the gym
    • Red of Kenzi’s suit, pink of Lauren’s shirt, and Dyson got to wear colors!
Mourning Bo
  • Difference between Dyson and Lauren stressed at the beginning — Dyson HAS to do something even against Bo’s wishes while Lauren is able to be more patient and take the time to regroup
  • Kenzi’s remark that Bo dropped them for a new guy nods to the fact that’s she’s been through this before when Bo dated each of them.
  • Oh, poor Kenzi and her sadness at the end of the episode after putting on such a brave face.
Et Cetera
  • Don’t call them a triangle!
  • Wait, we don’t get to see Dyson train Kenzi to be a Shadow Thief (should that even be capitalized?)? Kris posits that it’s so secret that you can’t see it or know what it is. Stephanie wonders if the show is trying to save money by having fewer fight scenes.
  • There is quite a debate about Lauren’s underwear. I won’t recount it here, but I think you can figure out who was on what side.
  • Annie is grateful for Lauren in a swimsuit and fan service.

Season/Series Themes

  • Memory: Rainer says he can’t remember who cursed him
  • Power: All The Una Mens’ power is now concentrated into the one seed

Stray Thoughts

  • A fine return to one-liners for Kenzi!
  • Director X is a fairly prominent music video director, and this episode is his television directorial debut.
  • “Please Respect Your Opponent At All Times” sign — an appropriate way to begin a scene with Lauren and Dyson
  • Annie wants TJ Scott to direct next season.
  • Lauren cleaning up Dyson’s gym — because she totally would
  • Lauren was doing her science in Dyson’s gym because Crystal was in hiding at Lauren’s apartment. You can’t convince Kris otherwise. LIEEEEEEBS! #Hotpantsless friendship (or more) forever!
  • Don’t miss the outtakes from this episode.

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15 Replies to “4×10 “Waves” — Episode 39

  1. I feel like Bo was under Rainer’s influence to kill the UMs.. hence Trick saying he will convince you to kill them. And when Bo plunged the knife into Aribella.. she looked empty and without regret.. same look as when she pushed Massimo into the lava. But still I don’t know if I would consider it cold blooded.. since Aribella was swinging a sword at her and attempting to kill her a few seconds before.. I say self defense.

    And compare that to Lauren killing the merppl with tapwater.

    1. Nitpick: Bo didn’t push Massimo into the lava. She tossed Tamsin’s hair in, then Massimo went in after it. Bo looked shocked and/or a little horrified before kind of smiling.

      As for Bo being “under Rainer’s influence,” that’s more or less what we mean when we keep talking about “the whammy.”. Though I’ll say that I’m hesitant to attribute it to Rainer. It might be, but it might not be. We’re missing a lot of key information still.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. I just don’t want it to be thought that me not enjoying how things are unfolding comes from me not liking complex/mysterious narratives. I do. It’s one of the reasons I love Agatha Christie novels and Luther and other types of stories. I don’t think there is anything wrong with Lost Girl having a slow unwinding plot, in fact I was happy about that, I just personally think that some of the end results are underwhelming. For me, I think that the mystery has failed to pull me in and have the sort of investment that makes me want to do the analysis you guys do (which is why I love listening because it gives me hope).

    I love Lost Girl still, but I just…I don’t know, this season has had so much built up for it…

    Well we will see what happens!

    1. We certainly did not mean to imply that was the case! I apologize if it seemed that way.

      If there isn’t more going on to the mystery than we’ve seen in this episode, yes, it will be underwhelming. But we still have three episodes to go, so I’m waiting to see before making a final judgement. I liked some elements of the flashbacks in this episode, but overall I found them a bit on the dull side.

  3. Thank you so much for the Beauty and the Beast reference! I kept thinking I had seen the story somewhere before but could’t place it, It was similar to when you see an actress or actor and cant remember where you have seen them before but know you have, and then drives you crazy till you think of it.
    -A reason I think Bo has a Whammy and that it is Rainer that put it there is the scene where she is killing the unamens. The very last part and if you have watched star wars you will know what I mean. Bo hesitates before killing her, She gets a confused, or conflicted look, then Rainer tells her to kill her. Then the look on Bo’s face changes and she kills the unamens. This scene reminded me of star wars episode 3 where Anakin had count Douku disarmed, and was conflicted then the emperor said “kill him” and he did. Just a thought.

    1. I was glad Stephanie brought up Beauty and the Beast, too! It seemed really obvious once she did.

      I admit, I’m much more familiar with the original Star Wars trilogy than the prequels. That said, your analogy is kind of interesting, given Bo’s response to Rainer asking “What if I’m a monster?” and what Anakin eventually does to Palpatine.

  4. I thought it was significant when Rainer said to Bo on the train “Are you a SUCCUBUS?” In my mind it implies that he has known a succubus before in a significant way – probably Aife, as you guys say, since they were both involved in a rebellion against the Light and Dark laws.

    Mahlers5th over at Doccubus.com has an interesting spec that the things Bo remembers on the train didn’t actually happen, but are false memories planted by someone, maybe Rainer, or maybe he had help from someone (perhaps Muninn?). The way that his story and plight and the things he says are so perfect to gain Bo’s sympathies, I think it’s possible. Although I do totally agree with you guys that when Rainer touched Bo’s hand after the butterfly, there was some kind of whammy going on there, so maybe this stuff did actually happen. I’m torn. (Big bucks! No whammies.)

    But anyway, here’s a thought – what if Aife and Rainer were lovers or something way back in the past, and what happened on the train parallels not only Beauty and the Beast, but Aife and Rainer’s process of falling in love? I think it’s out there and that’s probably not the case, but this is my wildest theory to date.

    1. I hadn’t even considered that the train stuff was a false memory, but it’s really a cool idea! Otherwise, we’re getting into some incest- quite icky territory here. I don’t even know what to say about going there… Bad Trick rulez.

      But, my question, where the heck is Aife?! Last we saw, she was with Trick in the alley with the butcher knife. And now we’ve got the Una Mens saying she’s suffered a terrible fate… Do they mean worse than the one we know about?!

      Aife with Trick in the alley with the butcher knife makes me want to play *Lost Girl Clue* with the characters we haven’t seen for a while:
      So, LIEBS in the Dark dungeon with the manacles.
      Lou Ann (remember her? season 1!) with Trick skipping town.
      Hale with Kenzi in the bedroom? Was that really the last time we’ve seen him? 🙁
      Tamsin looking bemused in the Dal.
      Vex with Dr. Lauren with the clean-up-the-botched-hand-job (went there!) surgery. (Although I stand by my theory that he’s been sleeping in that Jaguar E-type we saw him with in Let the Dark Times Roll, but maybe it’s because I would sleep in that car, given the chance.)
      Who else?

      1. I don’t know who else, but congratulations because I laughed and choked a bit on some popcorn when I read “botched-hand-job.” Ha ha!


        It’s possible that Trick killed Aife in that alley – it was ambiguous as so many things are on this show!

        Hale was in the promo for episode 11, so I think we’ll be seeing him again.

      2. Sally, my little world shines brighter because I made you choke a bit on popcorn at a hand job joke. Then, you told me Hale was coming back! Yay! But, then you suggested that Aife’s dead and that made me sad, but then you suggested Trick killed her so that made me think “oooo, daaaark.” Gleeful again!

        I thought of another missing person for Lost Girl Clue!

        Remember Portia, the goth girl from Vex’s club? Last we saw, she was Portia, headed to the pizza joint with the female manager. (P.S. Female managers can be greasy and horrible, too, LG.) My human kindness hopes it all worked out, but the sadistic storyteller in my really hopes that she’ll have some pizza-related trouble that Team Bo/Kenzi can help with. And that Hale and Dyson and Tamsin can all join in. And that maybe she’ll be all grudge-holdy with Vex, since he had a hand in killing her luvah-wolf! And then, THINGS will ensue! Come on fanfic, make my Portia dreams come true.

  5. As I understood it Bo and Rainer confronted the una mens in order to restore Rainers power. The una mens reflect your power back onto you, so when Rainer throws the tarrot card at the una mens they reflect his power back onto him which restores it.

    1. OK. I’ll buy that. I don’t really understand how The Una Mens using Rainer’s power against him would restore his power (since they seemed pretty adamant that he NOT have his power), but I would have gone with it if it had been more clear in the episode!

  6. What if it was Massimo’s hand that grabbed the seed at the end? He had the twig of Zamora when he jumped in the lava. That could have prevented his death. He wanted power because he was only human which the seed could have given him, and we still don’t know who his “mommy” is so he could be working for her to get the seed.

    1. Massimo is an interesting possibility too! Kenzi did give him the Twig of Zamora so it’s possible that he survived the lava pit. But wouldn’t he not have a wounded hand if he had the Twig of Zamora?

      1. That crossed my mind as well, but I don’t know if the twig would just prevent death or any injury as well. In 3.13 it seemed like it would prevent injury too, but maybe other factors caused the wounded hand.

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