4×11 “End of a Line” — Episode 40

Hale using his siren whistle in End of a Line
When undead assassins come after Bo, Tamsin and a surprisingly not-dead Acacia insist that Bo investigate who sent them after her, implying that Rainer might be responsible. Meanwhile, Kenzi worries about Hale wanting to talk to her about something important and is shocked when her mother shows up at the clubhouse. Trick shares stories of Vex’s father with Vex while angling to get some information for himself.

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First Impressions

  • Kris: This episode is like an emotional obstacle course — you’re happy and laughing, you’re getting all sappy, then you’re crying. For the next two days. Also, I hate zombie stuff. That last scene! So good, but so sad. Dammit, Steve Cochrane.
  • Annie: I kind of want to be mad at Bo. Glad Rainer wasn’t in the episode. Loved Linda Hamilton back as Acacia. Not a fan of zombies, either. No Dr. Hotpants. The ending was so, so good and caused a lot of snot and tears.
  • Stephanie: I’m not a fan of zombies either. This episode came off much better than it had any right to, which I credit to the acting. It was a very busy episode. There were a few too many blatantly manipulative moments for me.
  • We all wish that more had been revealed about The Wanderer.
  • Also, Lauren wasn’t in the episode because she was at her new apartment with Crystal. (Yes, she was. #Hotpantsless forever! LIEEEEEBS!)


  • Zombies that they’re not going to call zombies
  • Mythology
    • From the Latin word “reveniens,” which means “returning”
    • The dead that have returned to terrorize the living
    • Stories became popular in Western Europe during the High Middle Ages
  • Good makeup and zombie acting! (Though Annie thought the breaking-into-the-building scene was a bit hackneyed.)
  • Bo’s command to “Be at peace” is very Bo (by which I mean compassionate).


  • Historical figure: Marie Laveau
    • 1794-1881; Voodoo Queen of New Orleans
    • Worked as a hairdresser. She may have gained her reputation by overhearing things while working. There were reports of people seeing her after she’d died, though it was likely her daughter.
    • Has been used as a fictional character several times before.
    • More information about Marie Laveau from Elizabeth in the comments:

She was an amazing and impressive woman who virtually ran New Orleans for half a century. That’s a woman of color who ran a major port city from behind the scenes for decades! Her role as Voodoo Queen (and hairdresser, too) meant that she had access to all sorts of power– political, spiritual, cultural, etc. Yes, Voodoo Queen is a real job in the priesthood of “Voudoun” or “Voodoo,” depending on your spelling preferences. “Queen” is a title in the Haitian-African diaspora religion that in New Orleans has it’s own localized pantheon and rituals. She’s one of those women with power that history has ignored or made seem almost silly. It’s just too bad. If you ever are in New Orleans, be sure you check out Marie Laveau’s tomb. It’s really something to see.

  • Even though we know this Laveau isn’t THE Marie Laveau, we were disappointed that such a powerful, Black female historical figure was reduced to kind of a generic/stereotypical Voodoo priestess type of character, that she was romantically involved with the really, really gross guy, and that she was killed while Harvey got to live.
  • She makes an interesting comment to Dyson that his love for Bo is a prison of his own making.


  • Annie likes the Evil Dead reference with the hand.
  • Linda Hamilton got to do way more in this episode than in her “Delinquents” appearance, and we loved it.
  • Acacia’s intro in this episode — did she turn into Michonne from The Walking Dead? (Michonne is also awesome.)
  • Acacia vs. Bo! Watch out, Bo!

Bo, Tamsin, and Acacia in End of a Line


  • Tamsin confesses what she did to Rainer, and Acacia seems genuinely concerned and/or worried.
  • “I’m not a killer.”
  • Tamsin seems to really consider herself part of the group now.
  • Rainer (and his picture) is written back into history. Tamsin says, “That’s not my boss.” — What does that mean??? It would seem that there’s a another party involved, though we don’t know if that means he’s working with Rainer somehow or not.
  • Stephanie wishes that Acacia had seen the picture to confirm or deny his involvement, but Kris says that’s exactly why that didn’t happen. Annie now doubts that Rainer is The Wanderer.

Bo Gets Called Out!

  • Kenzi calls her out on her selfishness (twice!) but also forgives her pretty quickly. As is Kenzi’s way. Because “you had me at a-hole.”
  • Everybody has been giving Bo some leeway because of the whole why-did-I-sign-up-with-the-Dark thing, but now that it’s over, it’s time for a reality check.
  • Also, saying you’re not brainwashed is exactly what a brainwashed person would say!
  • Dyson is being more patient with Bo than usual, but we see him getting fed up with Bo here. He even tells her he might not be able to fight with her if Rainer is the bad guy.
  • Bo tells Dyson she doesn’t love him anymore?!? We weren’t prepared for that. Anna Silk and Kris Holden-Ried were wonderful in their scene at The Dal.
  • Acacia sounds like us, asking Bo all kinds of logical questions about why she trusts Rainer.


  • Wolfyrie? Is that what they’re called?
  • The kiss seemed to be a direct result of their conversations with Bo.
  • Probably seeking comfort (or whatever) with one another after essentially being shot down by Bo
  • Tamsin acknowledged that Bo had strong bonds with Dyson and Lauren in “Groundhog Fae,” and she seems hurt that Bo has chosen Rainer over them (and her).

Kenzi’s Family

  • We finally get to meet Kenzi’s mom and cousin Dmitri!
  • We had hoped this storyline would play out over more episodes.
  • Kenzi’s never said this much about her past as a street kid.
  • Heartbreaking. Kudos to Ksenia Solo.
  • Annie points out that, as nice as it would be to have more details about Kenzi’s past, it’s kind of better/worse to leave it to the audience’s imagination.
  • We like that Kenzi confronted her mother and put her foot down. It is a powerful scene. Tough, but powerful.
  • Kris is a little bothered that Hale called the family that Kenzi ran away from (and paid off her stepfather).

Kenzi in End of a Line

Hazi / Kale / Henzi / Kenzaley?

  • He proposed!
  • Stephanie is double-fist-shakingly annoyed. There was no buildup to the proposal. Hale wasn’t even in the last couple of episodes. It just feels like emotional manipulation to her. It worked but still.

Damn Massimo

  • The reminder of Kenzi’s abusive past explains why Hale went after Massimo so ferociously.
  • All that time worrying about the infected piercing, and it wasn’t what ultimately killed Hale, though it was a contributing factor.
  • The series of events that led to Hale’s demise began in the season premiere.
  • Exploitative, but effective
  • Thinking about Hale saying “Run” makes us want to cry. Or actually cry in Stephanie’s case.

The Final Scene

  • As if we weren’t already emotional wrecks, they make it clear that Kenzi isn’t going to be so forgiving of Bo this time.
  • Kenzi lashes out at Bo. We’re hoping this will help knock some sense into Bo.
  • Kris is worried that Kenzi will be reckless and self-destructive in the next episode or two.
  • Ksenia Solo and Anna Silk are so, so excellent.
  • We’re sad that Hale was killed, and we are even sadder because Hale is the only main character who is a person of color. We’re disappointed that he was the first main character to die because he is just one in a long line of POC characters to do so.

Terrible Horrible No-Good Very Bad Massimo

  • Does he have the seed? Will the seed even work on a human?
  • Add that to the Twig of Zamora, and he’s practically invincible. Crap.
  • Who’s going to kill him? If the characters don’t, fandom will.


  • Could have the seed — he seemed pretty determined to hold onto his power in “In Memoriam”
  • Might not have the seed — he seemed genuinely hurt when Trick accused him of taking it
  • Vex may have been behaving so badly because it’s how people have been perceiving him or because it’s how he’s had to survive.


  • Bat-winged, fire-breathing hell horse. Why? What were you expecting?
  • Does it have anything to do with Bo’s origins?
  • Annie is feeling frustrated that it looks like “The Wanderer is Bo’s father” might be a big misdirect. But Stephanie and Kris don’t mind the writers messing with us.
  • Don’t search for “Priapus” when you’re looking for “Pyrippus.” Especially in public places.

Dyson in End of a Line


  • Bo talking about destiny. “You can’t always choose your path, Dyson.” This goes against Bo’s personal philosophy as we’ve known it for the past three seasons.
  • Power as it relates to blood. One can gain control over the revenants by drinking their blood. Also, Vex says “history is written in blood.”

Stray Thoughts

  • “Kenzi” is short for “McKenzie.” She was also called “McKenzie” in The Dawning.
  • While the episode held together well without Lauren, we’re sad that we’ll never get to see any closure between her and Hale.
  • Bo chooses Kenzi. We knew she would, but it’s good (and reassuring) to hear her say it at this point.
  • We are emotional messes.

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37 Replies to “4×11 “End of a Line” — Episode 40

  1. Not my favorite episode…the final scene with Kensia and Anna was great. I guess hearing the woman who has said she’d choose her own destiny, say “sometimes you can’t choose” was so far from her character that It left me disgusted with the entire episode–no the entire show.

    1. It was really difficult to hear Bo say that, but her saying that again makes me think there’s something going on with her outside of her control. Maybe I’m wrong, but if Bo doesn’t return to her determined stance to live the life she chooses in one way or another it really will be going against the spirit of the show.

  2. I apologize for my very cynical and dark response to this episode, but I think its the best way to express how I feel.

    Initially I had this ten minute rant and in the end I decided not to publish it because when you talk about race and you get emotional, its the first thing that gets you dismissed. So I slept on everything and writing thoughts on the recent events on Lost Girl. So, this will have spoilers from Lost Girl Episode S.4 E11.

    Killing of Hale left me sad and angry. Sad because I enjoyed his character and angry because it was yet another example of POC characters being expendable in fantasy/scifi. Hale has always been an underused character. He’s never had a real storyline that dealt with his own character. His relationship with Kenzi was heavily sidelined and he is never given importance to the narrative in a way that translates to the relationship he is supposed to have with the group. He is absent from ‘group’ episodes—last week being a perfect example. Hell he wasn’t even worthy to make it into Bo’s subconscious, but Vex was? Tamsin has had more impact on the shows and story lines that Hale ever really gads,

    Also, the final scene lost impact to me because honestly, how important is Hale to Bo anyway? It’s not as if Bo is choosing between Lauren and Kenzi, Dyson and Kenzi or Lauren and Dyson. Hale is at best a friend of a friend to Bo and the narrative feels at such. Hale is/was expendable to the story and most people I’ve seen were sad because of Kenzi and while it was sad to lose Hale, I’m sure more people are glad it wasn’t someone else.

    Right now, I enjoy listening to this podcast much more than watching the show and with all the messy racial issues I just…ugh.

    1. I completely understand where you’re coming from. This episode in particular had some big problems in regards to representation/treatment of people of color. I thought the acting in this episode was fantastic, but I’m really annoyed at the writing, both in this episode and for the season since Hale (once again) didn’t have a strong storyline that ran throughout the season. Personally, I was very sad that Hale died and not just sad for Kenzi. I thought his character had so much potential and was grossly underused.

      I can see where you’re coming from in regards to Bo saying she chooses Kenzi over Hale. I appreciated the moment because the relationship between Bo and Kenzi has been so strained this season, and it was nice to hear Bo reaffirm that she will always choose Kenzi no matter what. But, yes, Hale is not Lauren or Dyson or even Trick — Bo does not have a strong connection with him, so her choosing Kenzi over Hale was not a difficult decision for her to make.

      1. If Bo is still in the Temple undergoing her Dawning then the rebellion never happened and Hale will continue to be Ash – which means that we will see less or nothing of him if there is a series 5. Tamsin told Bo that the Dawning would be the toughest thing she would ever experience. There appear to be plenty of clues that Bo is still in the Temple – e.g., the Wanderer was playing when she and Dyson, entered, Bo saw her father with her as a baby, the same calendar appears and so on.

        1. I thought in season 3 there was a good chance that the season finale might reveal that Bo had been in The Dawning all along. But I think at this point that ship has sailed. Maybe I’m wrong. But I don’t know if I would want them to suddenly erase the last season and a half. A few episodes? Sure. But not quite that much time. It would feel like an easy way out.

          1. I think it’s important to remember that there was a line in “The Ceremony” about the Temple being vengeful, too. As we’ve just seen, the subject of consequences keeps coming up. Another theme, Stephanie!

    2. I feel like I have to start this with a quick *I like LG better than lots of things on TV caveat*, but I, too, for whatever my opinion is worth, am feeling angry and cynical about the place of POC characters in this episode. I agree with what you’ve said about Hale being underused here and everything else. I was willing in the past to concede that it had to do with scheduling K.C. Collins. He’s in Robocop. 🙂 But, what compounded it for me in this case, when I might otherwise have sort of given them a pass, was the fact that Hale’s death was in the same episode with the Laveau character. I’m with everyone on the podcast– what the heck with her making out with the sleazy white guy? Is she still alive?

      I know the show is not giving us the historical Marie Laveau, but I must talk about her for just a second. She was an amazing and impressive woman who virtually ran New Orleans for half a century. That’s a woman of color who ran a major port city from behind the scenes for decades! Her role as Voodoo Queen (and hairdresser, too) meant that she had access to all sorts of power– political, spiritual, cultural, etc. Yes, Voodoo Queen is a real job in the priesthood of “Voudoun” or “Voodoo,” depending on your spelling preferences. “Queen” is a title in the Haitian-African diaspora religion that in New Orleans has it’s own localized pantheon and rituals. She’s one of those women with power that history has ignored or made seem almost silly. It’s just too bad. If you ever are in New Orleans, be sure you check out Marie Laveau’s tomb. It’s really something to see. I’m not watching American Horror Story right now, but I hear she’s on there, too. Oh, Lousianans. We’re so HOT right now. 🙂

    3. From a TV writer standpoint, Hale is the logical (some may argue necessary) character to go, due his functionality, power, and relationship with two very different and important characters. I also think his death is going to be a catalyst for Kenzi taking various drastic measures (which I’ve talked about on my blog and elsewhere).

      The problem I have isn’t with ‘killing Hale’ per se. It’s with how it was done, including the rush job / proposal (which is such blatant emotional shortcutting and would have been even worse without the talented cast they have) and having come after marginalizing his story for three seasons. Yeah, ok, he was on another show. But they set him up as a multifaceted player, and then dropped the whole thing. Then, via several casting and not-casting decisions, the show effectively made him the token POC. Once he had obtained that status, it killed him. It was sensical in terms of character, but in full context with a series of other choices made, it’s wildly problematic.

      Yes, Lost Girl has killed characters before, and they will do so again. And yes, I love watching shows which are unafraid to do that, even if I don’t always like the specifics of who or how. And yes, the fact they’ve killed more than just the black dude (Ciara, Nadia – though I don’t know anyone who thought Nadia could actually last) is good. But not good enough.

      1. And I think that is the larger problem, POC in these genre shows tend to be expendable to the plot. Episodes can go by without Hale and the absence of him is felt nowhere. He doesn’t have to be in the show and the fans, overall, don’t long for him in the way they miss Lauren or Tamsin when they go missing for episodes at a time. Even when K.C wasn’t doing other projects he still wasn’t a narrative important character, sure he was there but he was rarely ever non plot device-y. In the end when you have an ensemble cast, it is important to make every member feel important regardless of their relationship status to the group.

        1. Partially why Hale is expendable because they never did develop a strong relationship between Hale and Bo. They got along fine and they collaborated a bit here and there on cases of the week, but they never worked a case together. Hale was just Dyson’s partner or Kenzi’s boyfriend to Bo. I wish we had gotten more Hale period, but I would have loved to see more of Hale and Bo interacting as well as Hale and Lauren.

  3. So was Vex’s family Light Fae? Thus his father being a general in Trick’s army and Vex becoming a servant of the Dark? If it was ever explicitly stated that Vex’s family was Light, then I think I missed it.

    1. That’s a good question and difficult to answer because if I’m understanding Fae history correctly it sounds like Trick was king both before and after the Light/Dark divide existed. So it’s possible Vex’s father chose the Dark after serving as a general to Trick. I know Melanie over at mehlsbells thought that Trick was lying to Vex to manipulate him, so I guess that’s possible too. Trick doesn’t always embrace the truthiness. But I like your idea that Vex’s family was Light and he “became a servant of the Dark” in order to survive when mesmers were being hunted and killed.

  4. Hi.

    I’ve really enjoyed listening to you’re entertaining and informative podcasts, thanks for all the hard work.

    I’m fairly new to the Lost Girl world having recently binged watched the first three seasons and now watching season 4 as it airs. I have to admit that I’m not loving this season the way I did the first three, it seems to be all over the place and too much story crammed into too little episodes. There are soooo many questions and we haven’t really been getting any answers, which has me worried because there’s only two episodes left. And while continuity has never been Lost Girls strong suit, I feel they’ve been particularly bad this season. Having said all that I think its a testament to the cast and creative tream behind the show that even though this hasn’t been its best season I’m still invested in the characters and story and I really hope the show gets to continue for more seasons.

    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying the podcast!

      I (Stephanie) actually prefer season 4 to season 3 so far. Yeah, the mystery train/Rainer plot is taking too long to unravel at this point, but I’ve really enjoyed most of the episodes this season. I didn’t dislike season 3, but I found many of the episodes only OK. Plus, I’ve loved seeing the different mixing and matching of characters they’ve done this season.

      But I understand where you’re coming from in regards to unanswered questions. I’m getting worried that there’s only two episodes left!

  5. Since you guys made all the tv references I will make a movie reference. Another Star Wars ref. Trick and Vex at the end of their conversation as vex is leaving Trick says “I see the good in you” which is such a blatant nod to Star Wars I would have to think it is intentional.
    -Annie I was looking at Lauren’s absence in this ep. as a good thing. For this reason. If she had been on they would have had another break up scene since Bo’s possible whammie has lead her to believe she is not in love with anyone else but Rainer. since she was not in the ep. this didn’t happen and there is speculation to what she is up to in her lab. I think this all leads to Lauren being a big part of the next ep. Hope that makes you feel better.
    -The whole Tamsin Dyson thing was weird. I get what you were saying about comforting each other and I hope that is it. Because I hate it when tv shows force plot points, and that seemed forced if it is for any other reason other than comfort. The reason I thought they might have been forcing a plot point is it seemed to me Acia was telling Tamsin to go for it, basically and I thought she meant Dyson, and that maybe she hadn’t gone for Dyson because of Bo. Which I think would be a forced plot point. if you saw that differently please let me know.
    -Bo seemed more herself but I still believe she is not. Lets face it crazy people don’t think they are crazy, therefore I think that would work for someone who was whammied. isn’t that the point they don’t know, or else it would not be a a whammie.
    -Kensi has to be the one who kills masimo, there just wont be any closure if it is not. Especially where she has been told she is weak, etc…

    1. Kenzi will be more determined than ever to be Fae – she has never been shown to be as weak and helpless as she was in this episode with Massimo. He will have a very messy death. There seem to be 2 choices for the Kenzi character – she will either die or become Fae. Unlike Lauren she does not fit in with the human world

      1. Or *maybe* Kenzi will more soured than ever about being Fae. It was her “stupid powers” (as useful as they were) that got her into Massimo’s debt. Kenzi’s a pretty badass human. I hope we’re reminded again soon of all her tricky and amazing qualities that make her a valuable member of the scoobies– like remember 4.10? She rocked. Go Team Humans!

      2. I disagree. I think Kenzi being human is very essential to the heart of the show as is the relationship between Bo and Kenzi. So I don’t think the writers would make Kenzi Fae permanently or kill her.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Dyson’s shadow thief training became very important in the coming episodes. I would love Kenzi to either take Massimo out herself or be instrumental in his downfall.

  6. I have some hell-horsey problems. If anyone wants to know what I’ve *not* found about the Pyrippus and why I think everything I have found or is floating around out there is suspect, just let me know. (I’d be happy to Giles-out on you.) Otherwise… I’m just going to hold on and wait for the next eppy.

    OR, you can just google “apocalypse pony” and giggle about End Times My Little Ponies. Cheer up, everyone.

      1. Okie dokie, my Hell Horse Histrionics. First, a huge caveat: This is a fantasy show, not a documentary. They should absolutely make things up whole cloth! I love the way they do that. I deal with legends, myths, and history at my work; it’s pleasing and good to know that people are busy at their work making them up and loosing them on our culture. So, if it’s meant to just be a thing-they-made-up I say BULLY! Bully for them!

        Now, the following will assume, along with other people I’ve seen on twitter and the like (sorry for not crediting you) that there must be some obscure legend that backs all this up in out history. Since what follows is generally a lack of information, rather than actual information, I would be THRILLED if someone came along and proved me wrong. Seriously. There’s no ego in this– if you find something credible, I’d be happy to see it!

        Pyrippus or Pyrippis or Pyrippi and derivations thereof are not in any of the approximately 40 mythological encyclopedias, databases, and bestiaries that I have checked so far– in English, Greek, Latin or French. These aren’t all mine, folks, I just happen to work at a theological library. It’s an extensive collection, and neither I nor my fellow librarians have been able to find hide nor hair of said beastie. There is one source on the internet, but it’s on fantasy sites for folks to make up their own stuff written by a guy with the pen name Aliester Lam– I’m assuming it’s a tribute to the occultist Aliester Crowley and a grey entity he invoked. I’m not suggesting this takes away his credibility, it’s just that his interest seems more in a creative or spiritual than historical vein. Again, I like creativity! I’m still on the hunt, but it’s getting to a point… That’s what I don’t know.

        Now, what I do know! If we look at the word, the root “Pyr” is the Greek root for “fire” — often used for fiery or red things. Red-haired people, orange horses, etc. Also, since underworld or it’s doors are often associated with the element of fire– in the since that heavens are air; oceans, water; earth, earth– lost of underworld things get this root. Pythons, for example, though not usually on fire, have this root in their name because the ancient Greeks had serpents as one of the guardians of the netherworld. We still have eternal flames to memorialize the dead. Fire is scary and ethereal. In Trick’s picture (which Stephanie as Trickopedia will have to chronicle the appearance of), the bat-winged baddie does have something fiery– or maybe energy sucky– going on.

        Also, the root “-ippus” just means “horse” or “mare.” It’s the root where we get hippopotamus in English. Neat!

        As to horses, they have magical properties in mythologies all over the world. Since the word appears Greek, I’ll keep my talk of them to the Hellenistic world (that’s the Greek-influenced world of Rome and other cultures that the Roman Empire influenced). There are four horses associated with Hades/Pluto/Dis/the god of the underworld– in the 5th century Latin poem “The Rape of Proserpine” Claudian actually names them:

        “Orphnaeus, savage and fleet, Aethon, swifter than an arrow, great Nycteus, proud glory of Hell’s steeds, and Alastor, branded with the mark of Dis. These stood harnessed before the door and savagely champed the bit all eager for the morrow’s enjoyment of their destined booty”

        These are the horses that the god of the uses to abduct Porserpine from the world and bring her to the underworld. (You can read a great entry on the myth on wikipedia under “Proserpina”– it’s a solid entry). It’s a disturbing and interesting myth– especially thematically for Lost Girl. There’s abduction, a frantic search, rape and sexual intrigue. My one quibble with the wikipedia article is that it says that the horses are “four black horses”– nope. The horses mentioned above are certainly different colors. Aethon means “tawny” or “red brown,” so I don’t quite buy it. I’ve seen a couple of ancient paintings and mosaics that depict the horses as all different colors. Our modern association with black and death is not quite as consistent in history as all that. Even if I do look dashing in it, thanksverymuch.

        Okay, this has gone on long enough for a wild speculation that might be fizzled by next week. Especially if it’s a metaphor or maybe a St. Elsewhere-thing. If anyone wants to know something, ask me a question. This has been fun!

  7. I have a question. in season 1 we see that Bo can physically see how attracted people are to each other, If this is the case why is she so clueless to Tamsin and her feelings? Or is she just being heartless? Just a stray thought from the ep, that I would like to get someones take on.

    1. That’s a good question. Fans were asking that in season 3 when Dyson had his love back but Bo didn’t seem to know. It’s probable that it’s an ability of Bo’s that the writers have forgotten or chosen to drop because it interfered with writing. (If Bo can see other people’s attractions then you can’t have characters secretly pine after her and create dramatic tension.) But you can fanwank that Bo has to consciously engage that ability, like she does the tingly touch, and she doesn’t think to or chooses not to use it on her friends. Also, Bo says from the beginning to Lauren that she “has that effect on people,” meaning people being attracted to her. It’s quite possible that even if Bo does know that people are attracted to her that doesn’t mean anything particularly significant because her being a succubus gives her a certain magnetism.

    2. I don’t know that Bo ISN’T aware of Tamsin’s feelings, and I don’t think she’s necessarily being heartless in her handling of it. Valkubus fans, get your daggers ready: I’ve always seen Tamsin’s feelings for Bo as unrequited, and I don’t think Bo doesn’t know about them, I think she is just doing the best she can to be kind and be a friend to Tamsin without leading her on in any way. Now, in this particular episode I think Bo is preoccupied with her own stuff going on, and is not picking up the emotion in Tamsin’s responses to some of what she says, but I don’t think that’s always the case.

      I think generally speaking, Bo is doing her best to be a friend to someone who feels more for her than she does for them. She doesn’t want to hurt Tams, but she’s not in love with her. How do you be kind and not lead someone on in that situation? Very, very carefully, I would think.

      Feel free to flay me, Valkubus shippers, but that’s my perspective.

      That said, I would bet Bo does have trouble sorting out what’s real deal caring and attraction and what’s just the natural effect she has on people. There’s probably a lot of “white noise” in her attraction detection when people are around her. So, she may not have noticed.

      1. That is a good point about the white noise, even if she can see it all the time I am sure she tunes a lot of it out. On the whole Tamsin Bo thing though. I haven’t made up my mind about it yet. Bo has shown some attraction to her, but how deep it goes is the question. I honestly think the writers are playing around with that right now and I am not sure they even know which way they are going to take it, (at least at this point in the story) i will fully disclose I am not a shipper, I like to just watch and see the story unfold. I just see this story line take a lot of twists and turns. One minute I think they are going there and the next I think What? Where are they going?

    3. In addition to dramatic purposes and the white noise effect, I’d argue that Bo’s power to detect levels of attraction might not work for feelings. I mean, there’s a difference between attraction and affection (or lust vs. love, if you will). And that would explain why she wouldn’t necessarily be certain of Tamsin’s or Dyson’s feelings.

      1. good point. Thanks. She is probably so use to seeing that people are “attracted to her” but she could be as dumb as the rest of us when it comes to feelings. 🙂

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