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Hale in End of a Line
It’s Hale Appreciation Week, and next week’s episode is all about Hale. Tell us what you love about Hale and about K.C. Collins. You can send us your favorite Hale moments (yes, the ab shot, we know), favorite quotes, fan art, fanvids, whatever. We want to show Hale all kinds of love next week.

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12 Replies to “Tell Us Why You Love Hale

  1. So much reasons !! Hale is just an awesome friend for the rest, also a man so sweet, funny and kind, romantic, also brave and courageous ..
    I love each Hale moment but going t say the moment when he saves Kenzi’s life during the Garuda story .. I loved also during the Original Skin ep, when Ciara is in his body and let us know that in reality he feels very lonely inside .. I loved the family reunion, the moments with Kenzi .. I’ve been so suprized and loved to see that he actually kicked the ass of Vex ! And this final scene … when he come in the rescue of Kenzi and fight Massimo with so much rage .. what a powerful scene ..
    Will always regret Hale, AND KC as actor in the show xo

  2. Loved KC as Hale. KC took Hale from comic sidekick to a very believable Ash. The transition was beautifully fluid. It was a pleasure to watch.

    KC played every aspect of Hale so well that none of them seemed awkward or fake.. The (deadly) Siren, the (heir) son, the loyal partner, the hesitant lover, and the (very capable) Ash. KC played them all effortlessly.

    Hale saved the day at the end of season three and I remember clapping and thinking ‘Hale’s the man!’ When Hale blew out Vex’s ear drums I thought wholey cryst he’s going to kill him… KC pitched forward just the right amount to make Hale look like an extremely deadly force, it was perfect and another tribute to KC’s care of Hale.

    I’ll stop here and simply say I’m going to miss KC & Hale big-time.

    1. Well, not us. We’re just fans of the show. If it were up to us, Hale still would be breathing and getting way more screen time. 🙂

  3. i loved hale and i cant believe hes gone he and kenzi had some very funny and touching moments together! his friendship with dyson i also loved but im probably going to miss his clothing style mostly he always looked good (even when he was an ashole he still looked good in the suits) anyway it was good to have kc on the show he will be missed 🙂

  4. I didn’t love Hale in the same way I love Lauren and Bo, but I certainly had great affection for him and was shocked and saddened by his death. He was such a sweet, kind, mellow guy whose siren power — gentle, musical, rarely usedwith lethal intent — seemed to match his temperament perfectly. With so many male characters vying to be alphas, Hale was content to be a wingman and he balanced out Dyson’s nature beautifully. You could tell that he accepted the mantle of Ash very reluctantly and it never sat comfortably on his shoulders.The peremptory, imperious tone he used when he told Lauren she couldn’t take a weekend leave (towards the endof S3) was jarring precisely because it was so unlike him. Wielding power, coersion, dominating others — that just wasn’t Hale. But first and foremost, I loved Hale because he loved Kenzi. More than any other character except Bo perhaps, he understood her unique qualities and strengths. He also understood her vulnerabilities but rather than crashing through glass doors in his haste to be her knight (like some other characters who shall remain anonymous) he was quietly supportive, nurturing and protective without diminishing Kenzi as a person or challenging her autonomy.

  5. What the character Hale represented for me was the loyalty and friendship we all want to have from those around us. Hale’s secret feelings for Kenzi was like that first love everyone experienced- shy, unsure of the whole thing- but never once did he question human vs Fae kinda love. Bo-Dyson-Lauren whatever the match-up could take a lesson from the quiet but observant Siren—let’s face it we all saw this match-up coming- just wish they had a chance…. as for KC , the couple of times I had the privilege to see him- I could see that shy – quiet “Hale” in him- his grandma watches the show you know–lol I know we will see KC in the future- no matter what character he will play “Hale’s” sweetness & loyalty will be there in my recollection. Thank you KC for giving us Hale!! xo We love KC Collins

    1. Ditto and very well said! I’ve not had the pleasure of meeting KC but I hear others say that he is a true gentleman… just like our Hale. R.I.P. Siren!!

  6. I agree with so much of what is written above. KC Collins brought humanity to his fae character and I will miss the shy, loyal Hale who, I feel, was the best male character on Lost Girl. Both KC and Hale were under utilized and I wish we could have had at least one more episode with the gang all together before he left. Best of luck to KC in all his future endeavers!

  7. I actually just cried when I realized that Hale, i.e. KC wasn’t coming back. I thought for sure that there would be some kind of Fae trick or magic, or plan they had to hatch to bring him back, but no. I loved KC’s character as well. He brought a lot of heart to the show. A gentleman. I wish they could figure out a way to bring him back! But am sure he will have much continuing success, because he has a great fan base (especially with the ladies!) Long love, Hale!

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