Vote on Your Fae-vorite Kiss This Valentine’s Day

Kissing couples - Lost Girl
On Valentine’s Day, we look back at some sweet and sexy kisses between our favorite pairs on Lost Girl. It was tough to limit the options to just five per pair so let us know in the comments if we missed one (or two or three) of your favorites.

(When it comes to shipping, Lost Girl has a whole armada, so the pairs were limited to ones who have shared a smooch in season 4 and have smooched at least five times.)

Hale & Kenzi

Hale and Kenzi in Of All the Gin Joints

Bo & Lauren

Bo and Lauren in Let the Dark Times Roll

Bo & Dyson

Bo and Dyson smooch in Lovers Apart

Bo & Tamsin

Bo and Tamsin in Groundhog Fae

8 Replies to “Vote on Your Fae-vorite Kiss This Valentine’s Day

  1. I must say I loved all Bo/Tamson kissage/scenes. And I know its not a poll but I have to throw it out there that the Bo/Kenzi kiss was hot and one of my faces! #TeamValkubus #TeamBenzi

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