4×13 “Dark Horse” — Episode 43

Bo and Kenzi with Geraldine in Dark Horse
Bo must confront the effects of her and Rainer’s alliance which released a hell beast, but first she has to deal with Massimo who has kidnapped Lauren to bait Bo. Dyson, Tamsin, and Trick try to hold off the hell beast’s undead army in the meantime, and Kenzi realizes that she might, in fact, have a role to play in the fight.

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First Impressions

  • Kris: I really liked it. I liked that it addressed some questions that had been lingering this season. I could see where it was headed in regards to Kenzi, so I didn’t get too choked up while watching it, but I must admit when I woke up the next morning I had a little cry.
  • Annie: This episode was my favorite of the season. I was crying pretty much the entire way through.
  • Stephanie: I thought this episode was pretty good. I liked it better when I watched it a second time. It did try to tie up some loose ends from this season, though I must admit they weren’t tied up in an entirely satisfactory way for me.

Bo & Rainer

  • Was Bo under a spell? We’re still not sure, but it seemed less likely in this episode.
    • “My father manipulated all of us” — are the writers suggesting that Bo wasn’t always in complete control of her actions? The hand hickies are apparently Pyrippus’ mark and not Rainer’s.
    • But Bo is upset at Rainer, thinking he deceived her, and Rainer says that they share something real.
    • Bo later tells Dyson that Rainer was her partner in wanting to end the Light/Dark divide. Annie would have preferred the show take the tack of Rainer being Bo’s partner rather than her lover.
  • And Rainer dies. We wish that his death could have had more impact on the audience.

Trick as Giles

  • Trick was so Giles-y, explaining things (and with visual aids!)
  • Fae History

When the Blood King’s daughter attacked the Dark to avenge her mother’s death, the King had to set an example to prove that his blood laws were infallible. I had no choice but to hand her over to the Dark. I prayed she’d be executed. She wasn’t. All those years in the black dungeons. Centuries. They used her.

  • Bo’s Blood

Aife has my Light blood the blood of a mage. Blood that drains life for nourishment or self-survival. But the blood of your father, whoever he may be, allows you to draw life from many victims, and more importantly to transfer that life force to someone other than yourself. You’ve inherited the abilities of both your mother and your father.

Bo Is Back

  • Even though the audience didn’t seem to be particularly moved by Rainer’s death, it did seem to help Bo snap back to being herself.
  • Part of the reason why Annie loved this episode so much was that it felt like we finally had our Bo back.
  • “I let everybody down. I don’t know what to do.”
  • Tamsin’s “snap out of it” speech was fantastic.
  • She tears up the Dark Fae contract, which is a nice symbolic gesture. But like Dyson says, will that work?
  • Telling Dyson that she needs him to serve with her, not for her
  • “Lauren comes first.” (But then they go to the temple anyway?)

Massimo Confrontation

  • He was a bit over-the-top for us and not very menacing.
  • Stephanie doesn’t think that Massimo should have been able to use Hale’s power. But how the origin seed’s powers worked was quite fuzzy.
  • While Bo had to do some fighting, this confrontation was more psychological than physical.
  • Bo talks about how love allows her to stop herself from killing people, which calls back to Lauren’s comment of nature vs. nurture to Massimo. Bo’s nurturing of her circle of family and friends is what makes her special, not her blood.
  • The Morrigan says all Massimo wanted to be was Fae. He has Lauren — the person who could make him who he wants to be — but he just uses her as bait instead.


  • She’s more in character with how she has been acting in this season especially in this episode than she was in “Origin.”
    • Being snarky, trying to get under Massimo’s skin
    • Picking the handcuffs
  • Her staying at the Darkhives to take care of The Morrigan is a nice reassurance that Lauren hasn’t completely lost her sense of medical ethics after what she did last episode.

Bo and Lauren hug in Dark Horse

Bo & Lauren

  • The necklace! (Sorry, Annie. It wasn’t an engagement ring.)
  • “You shouldn’t have come.” “I always do.”
  • The hug was very sweet. We loved that Lauren comforted Bo in her moment of catharsis.
  • TV characters finally listened to what Annie told them to do when Bo turned back to give Lauren a kiss.

What’s the Future of the Triangle?

  • This episode suggested to us that Bo and Dyson’s relationship may be evolving into a loving but more platonic one. Though sexytimes possibilities certainly remain. Bo is still a succubus after all.
  • Dyson swears fealty to Bo, saying that he wants to fight the same battles as she does.
  • Even though Dyson kisses Bo and says he loves her, the rapport between them feels more familiar than romantic.
  • In contrast, the scenes between Bo and Lauren were pretty romantic, and Bo putting on Lauren’s necklace certainly seems significant.
  • Are the writers leaning toward ending the triangle next season? (Or at least this triangle?)

At the Cinvat

  • Mythology: Cinvat Bridge
    • Idea from Zoroastrianism
    • Separates the world of the living from the world of the dead
    • All souls have to cross the bridge when they die. If the person was bad, the bridge would appear narrow and a demon would take their soul to a place of torment. If the person was good, the bridge would be wide and a spirit would take their soul into the House of Song.
  • Decent battle scene, but most importantly we got character moments
  • Dyson, Tamsin & Trick fighting together! Yay!
  • Trick says, “Time to stop dwelling in the past and get to fixing the future.” What does he mean exactly?
  • Annie was excited to hear The Wilhelm Scream during the battle sequence.
  • Annie wished we had seen the Pyrippus in full glory, fire coming from its nostrils and papayas shooting out of its posterior.
  • Kris asks why Pyrippus needed Bo as the Dark Queen. Stephanie says she got the impression that Bo was needed to lead the army of revenants emerging from the Cinvat.

Kenzi’s Sacrifice

  • “Destiny. Boo-ya.” WE NEEDED MORE. This storyline was too condensed, though it does work a bit better on rewatch.
  • The “You’re going to be fine” moment really reads as a goodbye scene on a second watch.
  • Death of Hale gave Kenzi nothing to lose (“Maybe I can see him again” — sniff!)
  • Kenzi choosing to close the portal was her finding her place in the Fae world, where she thought she had no place. It’s a nice ending point for her season arc.
  • With Bo being “off” all season, Stephanie suspected something like this might happen to Kenzi in the finale to get Bo back on track.
  • Tamsin spreading her wings over Kenzi was a beautiful image — great use of special effects.
  • Beautiful scene with Bo visiting Kenzi’s grave

Kenzi with Geraldine in Dark Horse

Lighter Kenzi Moments

  • Kenzi went looking for Lauren when she left Bo! And called Dyson to help when she thought something happened to her! Awwwwww!
  • Punching The Morrigan!


  • We all really enjoyed Dyson in this episode.
    • Loved how lighthearted Dyson was at the beginning
    • Calling Vex “a little shit”!
    • Great reaction to hearing that Bo fed off Tamsin, a combination of surprised and curious
    • Calls Lauren his friend! Aw!
  • His swearing fealty to Bo was nice follow-up to seeing him swearing fealty to Trick in “La Fae Époque” to give his life purpose.


  • Bo says she tastes different, “Happy.” This comment both reflects that she is happy to have Rainer’s soul to take back to Valhalla, and that she is happier in this lifetime than she was in the last.
  • Walking in on Bo & Dyson having a tender moment — poor Tamsin!
  • “SHUT UP!” We love when Tamsin yells at people.

Season/Series Themes

  • Family: Bo talks about the importance of her family & friends in what makes her special and tells Massimo that at least they will die a family
  • Destiny: Kenzi’s sacrifice, Lauren’s comment of “Destiny’s calling”
  • Blood: Bo’s blood may harm her father
  • Power: Massimo absorbs The Una Mens’ & other Fae’s powers has the Twig of Zamora, but he’s bested by Lauren taunting him & Bo using his mother against him; “powerless,” human Kenzi stops the Pyrippus

Set-up for Next Season

  • Kenzi gives Dyson her plan: Tamsin can go to Valhalla with Rainer’s soul; Bo won’t stop until she gets her back; Kenzi will wait in Valhalla
  • Season 5 will definitely be the Quest for Kenzi (™ Kris).
  • Tamsin’s comments suggest it won’t be easy: Kenzi’s gone, Bo can’t find the second hel-shoe
  • Based on the Leviathan’s comments in “Destiny’s Child,” will Bo have to travel to Irkalla instead of Valhalla? Will the Leviathan use Kenzi as a bargaining chip to get Bo’s hand hickie that she wants?

Tamsin and Dyson in Dark Horse

Stray Thoughts

  • Apparently some fans are trying to decipher the runes on the graffiti wall that hides Valhalla.
  • Kris notes that the wall features a “3 in 1” graffiti. In season 3, “5 in 1” graffiti appeared several times, and Kris comments that we’ve lost two people since then.
  • We liked the details of Kenzi wearing one of Hale’s sweaters, and Bo bringing sunflowers to Kenzi’s grave like Hale gave Kenzi sunflowers in “Sleeping Beauty School.”
  • Several items from mythology and history were mentioned:
    • Raijū — From Japanese mythology, a creature made of lightning that can be shaped as one of several animals
    • Terracotta Army — Funerary art depicting the soldiers of the first emperor of China’s army
    • Sharur — From Sumerian mythology, the weapon of the god Ninurta described as an enchanted talking mace
  • Where’s Crystal? Crystal Watch: Episode 332 it feels like. LIEEEEBS!!!

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15 Replies to “4×13 “Dark Horse” — Episode 43

  1. I haven’t loved this season the way I did the previous three. I think we’ve seen some really good episodes and some good character moments, but on the whole I felt it was really disjointed and it seemed character motivations changed from episode to episode without explanation.

    Having said that I really like this episode and felt it worked really well as a season finale. Like you pointed out it really showed all the charcters returning to ‘themselves’ and we got to see them being a ‘family’ which had been missing for most of the season. Loved seeing Bo have moments with all the main characters. Loved Tasmin telling her to get over herself, which I think a lot of fans probably wanted to say to her through alot of the season. I agree that the show seems to be ending the triangle, which is a really smart move IMO, hopefully that sticks going into season five.

    Oh and of course Kenzi. I thought that last scene on the battle field was really well acted and directed. It maybe didn’t have the same punch as Buffy’s “The Gift” but I liked that the show went there and it made perfect sense that Kenzi would sacrifice herself in that way for Bo. Really looking forward to seeing how season five plays out.

    The only things that I didn’t like were Rainer, I’m still really confused about how I was supposed to feel about him and after two seasons of build up to the Wanderer it was kind of a let down that he died in the first ten minutes and I still don’t really understand what his purpose was (but I’m willing to look past it) And, I wasn’t a huge fan of the battle scene. I’ve always loved a ‘last stand’ battle but this one didn’t quite hit the heights I wish it had.

    Wow, sorry that was a long post. Thanks for sharing your opinions and insights over the season, glad to hear you’ll be doing more over the hiatus.

    1. Never apologize for a long post! 🙂

      Lost Girl hasn’t never done large-scale — I think mostly because they’re a medium-budget show — so I thought this finale’s battle scene was pretty good in comparison to the show’s other attempts. It certainly was greater in scale than the Garuda fight at the end of season 2 or the confrontation (wasn’t even a fight really) at Taft’s at the end of season 3. But like I said in the podcast, the fight wasn’t really about the fight choreography or the grandness of the battle. It was about the characters, so I thought what they accomplished in the battle scene was a pretty good backdrop.

  2. Overall I was kinda disappointed by the final episode. There was just not enough Kenzi (as you all mentioned). And I also wished we could’ve seen more of her, before she made her sacrifice.
    I just really hope, that if there is a season 5, they make a lot of things better again, like they used to. Because actually the sacrifice scene was the only scene I liked out of the last couple of episodes. But then again I’m a Kenzi and Hale shipper, with Kenzi being my favourite character of the show, so I was pretty much doomed this season.
    The only problem I had with the final Kenzi scene was the editing. Because due to the excessive use of slow motion you could clearly see that the revenants weren’t actually hitting each other at all (especially in one moment right before they show Kenzi’s face before the light). But I loved Ksenia’s acting and everything she portrayed so that kinda made up for it. And yes I cried like a baby too, especially Tamsin’s reaction and the final scene with Bo at the graveyard were beautiful and heartbreaking. The moments were set up so simple tho and I loved it, more of this please.
    Thanks for the great podcast tho!

    1. Yeah, there was a little too much slo-mo for me personally in the final scene. As you mention, slow-mo can often reveal the TV trickery, which can take you out of the moment. But like you said, Ksenia’s acting was great, and I thought the moment was pretty powerful regardless.

  3. About Rainer saying “Aife’s your mom?” I took that to mean that they had known each other and had been allies before, and possibly that they had hooked up in the past too. Awkward!

    1. Absolutely. But I think Kris is hung up on the fact of how Rainer didn’t suss out that situation earlier. He knew Trick was talking about Aife even though he just called her “his daughter,” which means that Bo never told Rainer she was Trick’s granddaughter? It seems odd that she wouldn’t have.

  4. Seems to me Massimo wanted his mommy’s approval more than to be fae. Never was gonna happen since Evony is first rate textbook narcissist. All she wants is Bo dead. So Lauren was just Bo bait, no?

    To me what requires a bit more explanation is wtf actually happened on that train. Why all the messing around with memory? Why did it seem like Bo had two very different experiences on the train? I would say that there was probably supernatural meddling on Bo’s father’s part insofar as Bo and Rainer needed to believe that they had a special destiny together. Maybe there is more. Maybe we don’t know all of Rainer’s agenda. I hope those questions get answered in season 5. To me though, Rainer’s purpose this season was to take Bo down a false path, to make her initially misrecognize her true destiny, and then, once he died, for Bo to figure it out and embrace her true self. Hooking up with Rainer did not require supernatural whammies in my opinion. From Bo’s point of view, she was bored with Dyson; she thought Lauren didn’t want her; but most of all, she thought she could do something useful. But her true destiny gets revealed in “Dark Horse” as is her identity as the Queen with her A-team of Shifter, Valkyrie, Warrior, and Healer. This is a diverse (lol) team of dark and light fae, and humans. Kenzi is both heart and warrior. If the warrior is the one to guide Bo, then what better guidance that from the heart.

    1. Massimo certainly wanted his mother’s approval, and his being human was the primary source of her disapproval therefore becoming Fae was high on his list. That’s why he swallowed the origin seed. I don’t think he knew that Lauren could turn him Fae, so all she was to him was bait to kill Bo and get his mother’s approval that way.

      As for the memory issues related to the train, that had to do with Trick writing Rainer out of history. Because of the power of Trick’s blood, once people who interacted with Rainer or even the Death Train came back to the “real world” they forgot about him. I’m inferring some of this, but it seemed like Bo coming back to the train was key to lifting the curse. I’m guessing that for centuries women were brought to the train, Rainer would charm them and mark them, they would leave assuring him that they would remember him, and then forget about him and never return. The forgetting was key to keeping him trapped on the train. Maybe it had to be Bo specifically to lift the curse, but even then the memory wipe when she left the train was intended to keep her from coming back.

      We’re definitely going to discuss some of the issues you bring up about Rainer’s storyline in our season 4 discussion. I think you’re right about Rainer’s purpose and that no whammies were needed to draw Bo to him. However, I don’t think the way the storyline was written made clear enough why Bo was willing to go to such great lengths to help Rainer without some outside coercive force being involved. I think it could have been written so that the audience understood what drew Bo to Rainer, but I don’t think it was. Hence, a lot of fans’ confusion about what the hell Bo was doing calling Rainer her destiny. However, I also think that the flashbacks and what we see of the train early in the season don’t really gel with the flashbacks we see in “Waves.” I do wonder if more might be revealed about Rainer in season 5.

  5. Nice thoughts about the memory thing! Wow.

    Well, I do think that by messing with their memories, Bo’s father manipulated Bo and Rainer into believing they had to be together for the good of the fae. What may have happened is that both Bo and Rainer – rather than just Bo – had those train memories implanted for them. They believed that all the craziness with butterflies coming to life actually happened and meant they were epic.

    But I think the rest was their own free will. That’s what makes sense to me.

  6. PS. When Bo got back in touch with reality, she began to doubt her feelings for Rainer more and more. Up to the point of being all: well, ok, if it has to be done for the good of the fae, let’s get married. Bo’s reality is really her family, the people she loves.

  7. The best part of season 4 was finding Drinks at the Dal. 😉 I was late to the party but my disappointment in the show was lessened by coming here and listening to the podcasts and reading the comments.

    I am still unable to articulate my feelings about this season as all that I’ve got so far is negative and emotional. I gotta find a balance. ugh!

    I agree with folks, this was the best episode of the season but that’s not saying much. More when I can find something constructive to say.

    Can I get a ginger ale?

  8. 5×1 showed up in S2 also. I don’t remember the episodes but it was in graffiti on one of the walls. So I think 3×1 is significant. Yay for official S5 announcement!

  9. Just a thought. So Lauren stayed behind to help Evony a human and no protection from Fae that knows of her importance in Bo’s life. Just imagine had she been killed why Bo went to the Cinvat and watched Kenzi’s sacrifice.

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