Half Pint: Crystal — Episode 44

Crystal in Lovers Apart
Crystal was a big hit with Kris and Stephanie — they would have pizza and beer and vent with her anytime. She was a likeable, interesting character in her own right, and our love for Betty McRae, Ali Liebert’s character on Bomb Girls, only added to our affection toward Crystal. We discuss the moments that made us like Crystal, some Bomb Girls references you may have missed, and why Crystal needs to come back in season 5.

Hey! It’s Betty McRae! And she’s hitting on Lauren!

  • Crystal is a great character in her own right, but I think we love her even more because of Betty McRae, the character Ali Liebert played on Bomb Girls.
  • If you haven’t seen Bomb Girls, you might be able to check it out on Netflix. The series is set during World War II and focuses mainly on the women working in a munitions factory in Toronto.
  • The Lost Girl writers knew that a good portion of their audience would recognize Ali Liebert from Bomb Girls, so they included at least one deliberate reference to Betty. Also, some comparisons can be made between Betty and Crystal.
    • In “Sleeping Beauty School,” Crystal called Lauren “princess,” which is definitely a reference to Betty calling one of the other characters on Bomb Girls “princess.”
    • Toward the end of “Lovers. Apart.,” Crystal has her hair wrapped in a blue towel when Lauren drops by. We think the towel is a nod to the blue turban that Betty wears when she works in the factory.
    • Both Betty and Crystal have a dream to own property — Betty wants to own a house while Crystal wants to buy a farm.
    • Also, both Betty and Crystal seem to have a thing for redheads.
  • By the way, Kris, Annie, and Stephanie are planning to do a limited-run Bomb Girls podcast here in the near future. More details to come!

What We Love about Crystal

  • Bubbly, outgoing Crystal is a good contrast to Lauren. Especially at the beginning of season 4, Lauren was even more reserved and internal than she usually is because she is on the run. The contrast of their personalities works well.
  • Stephanie also likes the contrast between blue-collar Crystal and Lauren, who clearly is out of her element in a lot of ways working as a waitress in a diner.
  • Crystal fixed Lauren’s nametag. Twice!
  • Crystal really won Stephanie over with this reply to Lauren’s question of how she puts up with some of these customers: “Same as I put up with some of the staff.”
  • “No good apology ever included the words ‘if’ and ‘but’.” She speaks the truth.
  • Ali Liebert is very charming in what we’ve seen of her roles, and we think it was important for Crystal to have that charm given how her storyline goes.
  • Hint of an interesting backstory — we’d like to know more
  • The hug — Crystal showed Lauren some much needed human kindness, and she seems overwhelmed by Lauren’s gratitude.
  • Her flirting is awesome.
    • “Yeah. I do like.” — Crystal does not do subtle (see below re: pantslessness), and we appreciate that about her.
    • “I just need some sugar…”
    • Putting Lauren’s tips on the table (with her address! Smooth, Crystal. Very smooth.) and getting in her personal space just enough to be flirty but not creepy
  • The giggle!
  • Lauren just looks so happy after their sexytimes.

Lauren and Crystal in Lovers Apart

Speculation on What Happened to Crystal

Bring Crystal Back!

  • We still have questions!
    • Did she know about the Fae?
    • When was she recruited to “keep Lauren close”?
    • What happened between “Turn to Stone” & “Let the Dark Times Roll”? KRIS MUST KNOW.
    • How did Lauren feel about what happened? (Being with a human again, being betrayed)

  • If you didn’t care for Crystal and are fine with her being gone, that’s totally fine. But if you’re a Doccubus fan, please don’t misunderstand. Kris and Stephanie enjoyed Hotpantsless, but we’d love for Crystal to come back as Lauren’s friend or even just for one episode to tie up her storyline.
  • Possible storylines
    • Was she one of The Morrigan’s feeds? Her story about wanting to be a singer suggests that she might have been.


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26 Replies to “Half Pint: Crystal — Episode 44

  1. Two huge gaping holes in the story arc in season 4 are the mysterious non-closure drop of the Crystal story and the fact that we don’t know who Bo’s father is yet. So glad to hear you talking about Crystal and Ali Liebert. On my blog, I compare Ali Liebert to Marilyn Monroe – I dubbed her the Marilyn Monroe of the 21st Century. (Don’t know if you’d agree with that. From what I know about Ali Liebert, she’d probably rather be called the Liza Minnelli of the 21st Century.)

    1. We’re all big Ali Liebert fans. (Even though Annie didn’t like Crystal getting naked with Lauren, she does like Ali.)

      The Crystal storyline was definitely a huge hole in the season 4 story arc for us (obviously). I would have been sad (because I like Ali Liebert) but I maybe could have gotten over her just being gone after “Turn to Stone” if it weren’t for the fact that we never really got any kind of reaction from Lauren about it either. I’m curious both what happened to Crystal and what Lauren thought about the whole situation.

      1. At the end of “Let the Dark Times Roll” when Bo invited Lauren over to share the claw footed bathtub and Lauren turned her down with a speech about dark and light, I actually thought the whole thing was a fake speech because Lauren was protecting Crystal. Of course, that wasn’t right, because the whole Crystal thing got dropped, but it is in keeping with other speeches Lauren has made to Bo that were actually smoke screens for Lauren’s true motives – which usually involved protecting someone.

        1. Definitely that speech Lauren gives to Bo reminds me a lot of what she says to Bo in “Those Who Wander” and then to The Morrigan in “Origin.” Even in the moment, I thought her speech might be designed so that Lauren could fully convince The Morrigan she was committed to the Dark, but I too thought it also had something to do with Crystal in the moment. Even up through the finale, I was half-expecting Lauren to reveal that a big motivator in turning The Morrigan human was protecting Crystal.

  2. Yeah but you forgot the rest of the conversation.

    Bo to Crystal: “What did the five fingers say to the face? *slap!* That’s for messin’ with my woman”

    LIIEEEBBSS Watch your step. 😛

      1. I should have a rebuttal, but I must commend you for your perviness.

        *slow clap w/ one single tear of pride* Well done friend. Well done.

  3. I wasn’t familiar with Ali Liebert or Bomb Girls before this, but I really liked Crystal, I found her totally charming. It would be nice to see her come back in some capacity, it’s about time poor Lauren had an actual friend.

    1. Yes! Even though Lauren and Dyson and Lauren and Kenzi have made some headway in becoming friendly, I still think Lauren could use a friend outside of the current group.

  4. Like Jess, I wasn’t familiar with Ali Liebert or Bomb Girls before Lost Girl, but in my quest to consume all Canadian television after discovering Lost Girl, I made Bomb Girls a priority. Well, color me GLAD because I can’t tell you how much I loved Bomb Girls – A LOT. My grandmother lived in Toronto and was about the same age as the factory women during WWII, and she died very young when I was 2, so in a weird way I felt like this show gave me a glimpse into her life. I bought my mother the Season 1 DVDs for her upcoming birthday so she can relive her childhood.

    And I just LOVE Betty McRae for so many reasons. I know this is a Lost Girl podcast and we are appreciating Crystal, so I’ll save it for the eagerly anticipated limited-run Bomb Girls podcast that the Dal Girls will be recording. But I will say this: I think Ali Liebert’s portrayal of Betty McRae is THE SHIZ and it’s made me into a total Liebsbian.

    So while Bomb Girls might have Lost Girl to thank for getting me into their show, I would also say that Ali Liebert-as-Betty McRae has herself to thank for allowing me to appreciate and love Crystal even more (since I was kinda like Annie in that I was like OMG WHO IS SLEEPING WITH LAUREN WHAT ABOUT DOCCUBUUUUUUUS the first time around).

    PS, why is TV from Canada so good?

    1. EXCELLENT. I love it. Thanks, Sally! I think you’ve accurately captured my feelings and motivations behind shipping Hotpantsless. It’ll never be an “endgame” ship for the show, but I think it’s a relationship (whatever form it takes) that has a lot of potential.

  5. After actually listening to the podcast, I am returning to share some actual thoughts about Crystal herself, both as a character and in the context of the show.

    First – I wonder, was Crystal in the employ of the Fae all along? I don’t know if I think so, but it wasn’t 100% clear. I kind of like the idea of Crystal appreciating Lauren for who she is rather than as an assignment (see the effect you’ve had on me?). I will choose to believe she was simply motivated by appreciation of Amber’s personality and hot bod, because Lord knows it wasn’t her hair.

    Watching those scenes for the first time around as a Doccubus shipper with probably some anxiety in play about what would happen to Bo and Lauren, I was predisposed to find Crystal’s behavior off-putting. I was all like GET OFFA THE DOC and then she got off ON the Doc, heh heh heh.

    I think that was deliberate on the part of the writing. Knowing that Lost Girl has a sizable part of the fan base that is rabidly pro-Doccubus, the only way to avoid a meltdown was to have Lauren cast as the pursuee rather than the pursuer (IMO). Of course, it also fits with Lauren’s storyline and personality.

    I’ve said elsewhere that I took much of the crackship-fest of S4 to heart and for myself, I took it as a loving slap upside the head to quit viewing Lost Girl only through a shipping lens. Now that I am so mature and evolved, I am going to rewatch S4 and plan to enjoy every moment of Ali Liebert’s screen time in a richer way than before (especially now that Betty McRae made me a Liebsbian).

    As for being sorry to see Crystal go, I would welcome her back to S5 if there was a role and story for her that made sense and helped the story and character development. Lost Girl already has a lot of characters (though two fewer after S4 if over – ouch). I agree there were nuggets sown about her backstory, but I would not want the character to feel superfluous.

    However, wanting her back is not mutually exclusive with being glad to see the back side of her underwear, if you catch my drift. Crystal, I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave.

    On a serious note (though I was serious before -Crystal’s hot!), I also appreciated Kris’ comments about appreciating Crystal’s forwardness in the context of Lauren as a socially awkward person. Regardless of whether one is socially awkward or adept, it is always refreshing when a person who finds someone attractive and appealing is up front about it (as long as it isn’t creepy). Life is too short to play games! When you take all that other stuff away, what are we left with?

    1. One thing I forgot to say: it is possible that Crystal was hanging out drinking wine in her undies because she had given Lauren her address that very day. Hope springs eternal!

      Do you guys think she was in the employ of the Fae before she slept with Lauren? Or did the Morrigan call her up and threaten her afterward? Or did she find a flyer with a picture of Karen Beattie and turn her in? Probably not the third.

      1. I’m with Christine — it sounds like Crystal was in the employ of/being coerced by the Fae when she slept with Lauren. I do wonder how exactly it all came about, though. And why someone would be calling Ronny’s looking for someone named Karen the morning after they slept together. That doesn’t really make sense, does it?

        I should have made the clarification that you did that forwardness is appreciated if — and ONLY IF — it isn’t creepy or otherwise unwanted. I kind of like that Crystal backed off a little after handing over the tips. I like that of all the flirting she’d been doing, it was the open invitation to hang out and vent that worked.

        I like Crystal.

        (Stephanie may have messaged me to express her surprise that I wasn’t “all over” this comment section. I may have told her that I was trying to restrain myself.)

  6. While I greatly enjoy the chemistry between Bo and Lauren, by the time “Delinquents” aired, I was as ready for the ‘break’ as Lauren was, due to the unhealthy state of their relationship. So when Crystal showed up I hoped that Lauren – at the very least – would form a friendship with Crystal so that she would have at least one sympathetic ear on the show besides her ex. I wasn’t familiar with “Bomb Girls” when 402 aired, but I had seen Ali Liebert in “Harper’s Island” and had fallen in love with her character (as brief as her screen time was on that show). By the time 403 aired, I had binge watched all of “Bomb Girls” and had fallen in love with Betty McRae and with Ali Liebert as an actress. (I also rewatched “The L Word” episode she appeared in – for all of 10 seconds).

    I think I already said this on a different podcast comment, but both my partner and I were also on “Crystal Watch” all season and we were both greatly disappointed that Crystal never reappeared and that we never even got an explanation of what happened to her. Perhaps she will be able to return next season, but if not, I would at least like an explanation of what happened to her and why she turned Lauren over to the Fae. To that point, it seemed like Crystal had already been approached by the Fae prior to her sleeping with Lauren. In “Turn to Stone” she says something to the effect of, “I slept with you because they told me to keep you close.” Perhaps the Fae that Lauren saved at the dinner contacted Evony (or Trick – I’m willing to believe that the two were working in tandem to bring Lauren back) and told her/him about the incident; at that point they could have enlisted Crystal’s help. Of course, I’ve also thought that maybe Crystal was one of Evony’s former artists and that she was also on the run from the Fae – she may have then offered Lauren up in exchange for her own freedom. I’ve also thought that maybe she was trying to protect someone else (perhaps a friend of hers who had fallen under Evony’s sway). Whatever the reason (and I do want to know it), I felt that Crystal’s apology to Lauren in the dungeon was genuine and that she did/does have feelings for Lauren.

    It seems to me that Bo and Lauren can have a healthy relationship in the future (still not convinced they are there yet – how about talking for once?!), but I guess I have always viewed Bo as more polyamorous than bisexual and that she will always be interested in other people (be it Dyson, Tamsin, or whomever). If this is how the show plays it, then I think it would only be fair to allow Lauren to see other people (i.e. Crystal). If the show does decide that Bo and Lauren are capable of having a truly monogamous relationship then I would still like Lauren to have her own “Kenzi”, someone who will provide her the emotional support she needs beyond Bo. I think Crystal would be a great fit for that – as Kris said Crystal’s straightforwardness and extroverted personality is a good counterbalance to Lauren’s seriousness and introverted personality. With the exception of the betrayal (okay, that is kind of a big one), they seemed to bring out the best in each other – at least Lauren seemed genuinely happy (and that made me happy).

    1. The things that (literally) wake me up in the middle of the night: I realized that I implied that polyamory is a different orientation than bisexuality, when a polyamorous person can be interested in both men and women or in only women or only men. Like a square is always a rectangle, but not all rectangles are squares. Not that I’m calling anyone a square — though it may be better than being an obtuse triangle. Anyhoo, just wanted to clear that up (or did I make it murkier?)

      1. Ha! I was going to mention something about the two not being mutually exclusive in a reply.

        But I get maybe where your head is at. I think it’s great that Bo is a bisexual character with viable male and female love interests, but I think what makes her even more fascinating is that she has the potential to be a polyamorous character. Someone mentioned in their season 5 wishlist that they would love to see Bo realize that she can choose both when it comes to Dyson and Lauren or whomever. It doesn’t need to be portrayed as an inability to choose — she can choose to not choose. We got a little bit of that in season 3 with Lauren realizing she needed to feed off others, but I would love for the show to explore polyamory more. And like you mentioned, if Bo gets to “feed” on the side, why can’t Lauren? 🙂

    2. I’ve been meaning to watch “Harper’s Island” since discovering that Ali Liebert is awesome and that it’s available on Netflix.

      Obviously, I’d love it if Crystal came back next season. I think they’ve even set it up so they could have her be their mission of the week at some point — Bo and the gang must help Crystal free herself from the Fae (or something like that).

      Even the betrayal makes me want more of Hotpantsless. Wait, wait, let me explain. Though the circumstances were different, both Lauren and Crystal were forced by the Fae to betray the trust of someone they cared about. I can’t imagine that’s a terribly common situation to find yourself in, and I think it would be really interesting if they used that as a basis for a friendship. Or a support group. I also think a Hotpantsless friendship would be a great way to give the audience a better understanding of Lauren.

      Plus, it can’t hurt to have another human on the show, right?

  7. I gotta say… I love Ali Liebert in Bomb Girls – Betty McRae… but I really didn’t want her as Lauren’s new love interest… DOCCUBUS FOREVER!!!!! 🙂 But I do love Ali Liebert! Lieeebbbsss!!!

  8. As an Ali Liebert new fan, I just gotta say… Did you all know that Ali was in 5 eps of Kyle XY? I was watching the last ep just to see how they ended it… And in the previously on… section I saw her… Then I checked it out… she is in 5 eps and now I’m watching those eps to see what her character was about. 🙂

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