Lost Girl Renewed for a Fifth Season!

Dyson, Kenzi, Lauren and Hale Cheers in Groundhog Fae
After weeks and weeks of fans anxiously waiting and tweeting, Showcase finally announced that Lost Girl has been renewed for a fifth season!

Showcase has ordered 13 more episodes that it says will air in “Fall 2014,” but a tweet from season 4 showrunner Emily Andras suggests that the season might start airing more specifically in September.

Update 8/25/2014: Season 5’s premiere date has been announced as December 7. Also, the fifth season will be the final season of Lost Girl. It will have 16 episodes and will air in two parts with the second half set to air in Fall 2015, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The announcement of the renewal was quickly followed by the news that the show will have a new showrunner. Emily Andras announced that Michael Grassi will be taking over as showrunner in season 5. Andras says that she will still be involved in the Lost Girl team, and a photo posted on Twitter of some season 5 scripts reveals that she wrote the second episode of season 5. In their announcement of the season 5 renewal, TV Guide Canada indicated that Andras will now be an executive consulting producer.

Michael Grassi joined the Lost Girl team in season 4 as a writer and consulting producer. He wrote three season 4 episodes: “Turn to Stone,” “La Fae Époque,” and “Waves.” Prior to working on Lost Girl, Grassi was a writer and co-executive producer on DeGrassi: The Next Generation.

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead for the Season 4 Finale

Season 4 ended on quite a dramatic note with Kenzi dead and Bo vowing to bring her back. While the season 5 announcement assured fans that the story is not over for Bo and her friends, fans are still nervous about Kenzi’s fate. TV Guide Canada confirmed that Anna Silk, Kris Holden-Ried, Zoie Palmer, Rick Howland, Rachel Skarsten, Paul Amos, and Emmanuelle Vaugier would be returning in season 5, but no mention of Ksenia Solo. However, Rachel Skarsten was not mentioned in press releases prior to season 4, and similarly the fate of her character was left as a cliffhanger at the end of season 3. It’s quite possible that the show is holding back on announcing Solo’s return to keep fans guessing about Kenzi’s ultimate fate.

A photo released on Twitter by Shaw Media executive Stephen Finney reveals the titles and writers of the first three episodes of season 5.

  • Episode 501: “Like Hell, Part 1” written by Michael Grassi
  • Episode 502: “Like Hell, Part 2” written by Emily Andras
  • Episode 503: “Oroka Mojo” written by Alexandra Zarowny


Since season 5 has finally been officially announced, be on the lookout for an upcoming episode about our season 5 wishlist. Tell us what you hope to see happen in season 5 in the comments!

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17 Replies to “Lost Girl Renewed for a Fifth Season!

  1. Well I want:

    Happy Doccubus

    Rainer to be a bad guy. I know he’s dead, but sully his name, I don’t care.

    A real explanation of why Bo was an ass for an entire season.

    KEEENNNZZZIIII!!!! And I want funny light hearted Kenzi back. I know she died and death can change you, but she must have gotten some good knock knock jokes from Levi. Just saying.

    Bo being a nice, good person again.

    What the heck is Trick up to? I still think some shadiness is going on, on his part.

    Aife!!! What the heck happened to her? Refer back to “Trick be shady dude.”

    Team Human to kick some serious ASS-tronaut.

    I think that’s about it for now.

      1. Yes! High five to you!!!

        And I honestly love all your points! Particulalry 1-3. About wish 3 I’m actually a doccubus fan, but there is a huge difference between her purposely “choosing” no one vs. not being able to choose. So I agree with what you said.

    1. I want CC to comment on ALL the Drinks at the Dal posts because this was super duper funny and made me laugh!

  2. If my season 5 wishes were horses… wait, there’s a papaya joke there somewhere. Anybody? I have wishes beyond my OBVIOUS NEED FOR KENZI, and here they are:

    1. More Monster-of-the-Week stories. I love seeing our heroes deal with something new that won’t necessarily have anything to do with a season-long arc. I’m less excited about arcs and much more excited about hanging out with the problems of Fae-dom. The show thrives on this character/relationship stuff and weekly new problems show this off well.

    2. Related, I’d love to see more spots where Fae are active and yet remain hidden in the human world. Get clever for me, show. Who’s really Fae? How are the Fae running things we take for granted? It’s a gimme that Shakespeare’s Fae, but dammit, I love it anyway.

    3. More pushing the boundaries around relationship-dynamics. I LOVE the fact that we’ve got a show where a bisexual main character is not news. I know I’m going to make some shippers mad with this next one, and I’m sorry. [I actually love Doccubus.] But: could we please push on the norms of relationships a bit more? I feel like Bo setting herself up a binary (who do I pick? I must pick one) is very non-Bo. I mean, she’s throwing off the whole Light/Dark system here. Make her not-picking a clear, conscious choice and not just a failure to make a decision. Live the life you choose– when you choose not to pick one option that’s presented to you, that, too is a viable choice. There’s so much good story there!

    4. This is another sexy-edgy one, but here goes: Can we please say something nice about BDSM? So, we’ve seen Vex is into some kind of bondage/fetish play, but our heroes think he’s a disgusting perv. It seems like a show that relies so much on understanding sexual power would be a little more open-minded. Bo’s not quite vanilla, so it bugs me when she shames other sexual practices. Maybe they’re thinking of BDSM as patriarchal? There’s more there. I think this might be a growing edge for Bo’s character in particular and the show in general. Also, the SM community has much to teach about rules of engagement and consent. This consent piece has bothered several of us this season, so I’d love to see it brought up. You know, with monsters and magic and sexy fun times!

    5. Some indication of what happened to Crystal. Team LIEEEBS. I’d love her as a friend for Lauren, but mainly I just want her to not be locked in a Dark-dungeon somewhere. It’s a loose end that Drinks at the Dal has created for me. Thanks, y’all. 🙂

    1. If season 5 wishes were horses, no one would ever be without papaya smoothies again.

      First of all, I’m all for your point 5. *pauses to wait for the gasps of surprise from nobody* No need to worry about her being in a dungeon, though. She’s quite comfortable in Lauren’s new place. (It’s true until the show or someone with authority tells me otherwise.)

      Regarding point 3: I’m going to argue that Bo didn’t set up the binary — Dyson and Lauren did during the first three seasons. They had, at various times, said that they weren’t comfortable sharing her. Most especially with each other. I think the show made a point of getting rid of the rift between Dyson and Lauren this season. It’s possible that choosing won’t be necessary any more.

      1. Thanks for finishing my horse/papaya joke. I knew there was something there.

        I also assume that Crystal is safely at Lauren’s place, baking cupcakes, tending the wall bush, etc. But, I want the show to show us. With pretty pictures.

        And to your point about my point 3: I can completely see that Bo wasn’t the source of the binary– I’m there with ya now– it’s Dyson and Lauren and you know, the world, that’s doing it. I’m hopeful about a season 5 “Dyson and Lauren are buddies and won’t make you choose!” story, but I want to see it. Hence my wish. I like the way you’re thinking there, Kris. I like it.

  3. Although the season’s not over for me I am aware that Kenzi dies and I’m not happy about it. My wish is that Kenzi comes back – she’s my fave on the show and can’t imagine a season without her.

  4. 1.Kenzi to return for season 5 and if Ksenia Solo has other bigger things line up and can’t come back for season 6 make season 5 a great happy send off to her character because her character earn it.
    2. More character interaction with all the cast I felt season 4 left out key details at times when other times they were doing a good job at explaining stuff.
    3. Bring back some characters from past season.
    4.Have Bo completely cut off from Dyson,Trick, and Tamsin and only talking to Lauren on how to get Kenzi back
    5.My number five is kind of big one but have Kenzi comeback and stay in until the show ends yes I know that big but one can dream.

  5. Ok some Doccubus chill axing sexy time. Like a popcorn and movie on the couch in sweatpants. Bo bringing Lauren breakfast in bed and having a TALK about their break,what happened at Tafts and Karen! And
    Bo’s hair must be down like it was just washed. Lauren is staying at the clubhouse helping Bo deal with Kenzi “death”

  6. More insight into Tamsin’s story and how she relates to Bo’s circumstances would be awesome.
    Tamsin, as a character, has the ability to push each of the main characters in an interesting, new direction. She is ultimately a loner who seems to have the ability to build a really intense relationship with everyone she encounters. Her character is sort of a tool to lead you to the bigger picture because she is a vault of history and power underneath the elements of her own personal anguish. She has great chemistry with everyone and, if written correctly, can provoke Bo’s story towards amazing places I feel. It almost happened in S3 but then S4 got really random with everybody’s characters. Would love Valkubus but would settle just for some more information on Tamsin and her role in the bigger picture in S5.
    For specifics though 🙂 a hurt Tamsin patched up by Lauren in the Dark facilities with an awkward Bo standing by would be a fun scene to witness. Just sayin’.

  7. Firstly a huge shout out to the entire team of Lost Girl for the renewal for Season 5 and i wish them all the best! Also thank you to Emily Andras for her contribution ( I may whine many times about many things but credit where its due). Also big congratulations to all the FAEnatics ..we get another season to .. laugh ..cry ..crib about! 😉

    My wishlist is as confusing at times as the plot twists on the show but there are few things that i absolutely want –

    1) Get KENZI back — OMG ..life in FAEronto without Kenzi is no life at all..! She lightens up my screen and livens up a scene …and is the HEART of the show.. and not just Bo! So yes please..get our Kenzi back! Dont worry we plan to fully participate in your #WhereIsKenzi #SaveKenzi mission during hiatus Lost Girl

    2) Fix Bo — PLEASE… PLEASE .. PLEASE… enough of messing with your lead character.. to the point that she became simply unrecognisable..and no .you cannot blame that on PTSD ..! Bo needs to find her strength.. her courage… her empathy …and her humanity..! I miss the Bo who is tender and loving …yet can kill at will when her dear ones are threatened…! Hot & Warm..hope u catch my drift 🙂

    3) Doccubus — Please talk … Please smile … Please sort things out …where? Well in a shower.. in a bathtub ..in a barn .. on the bed.. on the couch. .in the kitchen .. in the car ..on the camaro …anywhere ..anytime..!! Every relationship evolves overtime ..Doccubus has (may be not to my liking) but i miss those good-old-days.. of Doccubus loving.. pizza throwing ..baking..flirting! Please LostGirl ..bring my favourite girls back together!

    As such there are many more in the list but dont want to take up too much space..! Thank you Drinks -at-the-Dal .. Kris Annie Stephanie for your awesome podcast thru the season..! Keep up the great work!

  8. My biggest wish is for Kenzi to come back, she’s my favorite character in the show! She’s amazing, and courageous and the show wouldn’t be as good as it is without her.
    Secondly, I would LOVE more Denzi/Kyson moments, because I could never get enough of that. Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but a girl can dream! I wish they would end up together, i ship them so much, but i guess that won’t happen 🙁
    More Valkubus moments as well, because i like Bo and Tamsin together. I won’t mind Doccubus either, but just no DyBo because of reasons stated earlier.
    Lastly, more Vex!!!! I can never get enough Vex and Kenzi/Vex friendship is so cute! Go back to being mascara buddies as soon as Kenzi comes back!

    1. How could I FAIL to explicitly mention my desire for more Vexy-times?! Ahhh! Thanks for saying it, Andy Andreea. More Vex, s’il vous plaît.

  9. First Kenzi back the show wouldn’t be the same without her and she could come back fae that’s what she always wanted. Next more I mean more Doccubus like every episode dyson and tamisan together everyoneneeds someone why not them. Seriously Doccubus together and happy . Bo to return to normal the old Bo we have all grown to love

  10. The same as everyone else obviously …KENZI!!!!
    However, on an interesting side note in Norse mythology there is a place people go called Hel, It is a place for non-warriors (aka non-battle deaths like dying in your sleep or in an accident) I think it’s interesting that the first two episodes of season 5 have hell in the title and we all know how the writers love to have a play on words in their titles….so it gives me hope for Kenzi!!!

    Also more Vex…I love his sexy off beat and sometimes treacherous shenanigans. Also like others have pointed out that maybe kenzi can come back with powers, but I actually would like a stronger being human is ok vibe.

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