Listener Feedback: Tell Us Your Thoughts about Season 4 of Lost Girl!

Bo and Lauren in Dark Horse

Next week’s episode is going to be a discussion about Season 4. We’ll be talking about the arcs for each of the main characters, as well as The Wanderer storyline, the Big Bads, themes, and more.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about Season 4. You can leave a comment below, send us an email, or send us a voice message that might be included in the episode.

Also, you can watch the live stream of our recording session on Sunday, March 9 at 4 pm Central (GMT-6).

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11 Replies to “Listener Feedback: Tell Us Your Thoughts about Season 4 of Lost Girl!

  1. Hi ladies! I absolutely love your podcast!

    I have to say i did enjoy Season 4 on the whole, and Lost Girl has been my favourite show consistently since it began, but some of the story lines just didn’t click this year. There were highs and lows for me. I loved the contrast and quirkiness of episodes like “In Memoriam” and “La Fae Epoque” and enjoyed the references to the significance of Bo’s relationships with Kenzi, and also Lauren. I loved Tamsin’s development and especially her relationship with Kenzi. But then i feel Rainer’s character and ‘The Wanderer’ and ‘Una Mens’ took Bo away from a lot of what was going on and didn’t seem to have the payoff that was expected of such big story lines. Bo was separate from the gang, not just physically, but emotionally too, and it just didn’t feel right. Is it possible they were overreaching this season?
    As a final note…Liebs!! 😉

    Amy xx

  2. I definitely had issues with this season. It had some really great episodes and some good character moments but as a whole I found it really disjointed.

    I felt like most of the time character development and motivations changed from one episode to the next, I didn’t find them as believeable as in previous seasons which made it difficult to connect or invest with the ongoing story arc. Unfortunately this also meant that I didn’t get the emotional punch I should have gotten from the two big deaths (or maybe I’m just dead inside!)

    There was also too much story to fit into 13 episode. We were presented with so many questions in the first half of the season and I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the answers we got. I’m still confused about what happened on that train and maybe someone can clear this up for me but we seemed to get two contrasting versions of what happened.The memories that Bo has in 4×06 don’t mesh with what we see in 4×10 and I don’t for a second buy that Bo would willingly stay on the train if there was the chance that Kenzi or Lauren could be in danger. And “The Wanderer”…what was that about? I didn’t get the point of Rainer, either I’m a bit slow (enitrely possible) or this story needed longer to be fleshed out. I love serialised storytelling, but I feel this show really does better at the ‘fae’ of the week type stories (ie Waves)

    Was Rainer good or bad? We didn’t really get a definitive answer there either. And that’s really important because the answer to that also plays into what kind of character Trick is. Hopefully we get more on this next season.

    1. So now that I’ve had a whinge let me just note some things I really liked about this season.

      -I thought “In Memoriam” was a great episode and they handled the absence of Bo in a really clever and engaging way, Ksenia Solo did a great job as the lead. Vex’s outfit at the party was insane, not sure in a good way or bad, probably both. (Back in whinge mode) Really Dyson, making out with the girl your BFF has feelings for? I actually like the Kenzi/Dyson pairing but I thought it was a bit of a dick move considering he knows how Hale feels. I’d also love to know what happened with Trick and Aife, but I have hope that will be addressed next season.

      -“Turn to Stone” was another favourite of mine this season, probably the first episode that felt like the Lost Girl I’ve come to love. The A plot and B plot both really worked for me. I loved Kenzi’s ‘confession’ scene in Laurens apartment. I wish we’d gotten to see more Bo/Kenzi over the course of the season, they really are the heart of the show. Also, that was so Trick’s voice at the end with Lauren. Like getting to know more about Lauren’s backstory…can she and Bo have a proper conversation about all this next season.

      -“La Fae Époque” is probably my favourite “out-of-the-box” episode that Lost Girl has done ( I would LOVE to see a musical epsiode oneday) I thought Zoie Palmer was amazing

      -My favourite epsiode was “Waves”. I loved seeing Kenzi/Dyson/Lauren working together and I think this was the most “natural” state that we saw their characters in all season. On a totally shallow note, loved Dyson in his mailman outfit

      -Despite not loving this seasons story arc I actually really enjoyed “Dark Horse” and thought it was probably Lost Girl’s best season finale. Bo seemed to be back to her old self for the most part and the show is better for having her back. Loved Tamsin telling Bo to pull her head in, I think alot of people probably wanted to say that to Bo.

      1. Also liked

        -Kenzi/Tamsin. These two were gold together. I liked snarky Tamsin from season 3, but I also enjoyed seeing ‘young’ Tamsin and having Kenzi take her under her wing was really sweet.

        – Lauren. Full disclosure, I’m a massive Lauren fan so I sometimes feel like they don’t fully utilise her character, but I thought she was given some really great things to do this season. Her interactions with The Morrigan in 4×06 were some of my favourite scenes. I loved seeing two strong, intelligent women engaging in a battle of wits. I like that Lauren isn’t the physically strong charcter, she’s the brains of the operation and she often has the most valuable imput in a case, its the type of character we don’t see that often and I really appreciate when the show highlights that. Which is why I was a little disappointed with how they resolved The Morrigan storyline. I’m not opposed to Lauren getting some love but I would have liked to see her outsmart Evony in another way. Speaking of getting some love, I really liked Crystal, her interactions with Lauren were really sweet and endearing and it would be great to see her again. I wouldn’t necessarily want her to be a love interest for Lauren, but lord knows Lauren needs an actually friend.

        -The triangle.(Disclaimer: I’m Team Lauren) With the season finale I felt like they were finally, maybe, hopefully putting an end to the triangle and thank heavens for that. I think it hurts the show and the charcters to have this triangle drawn out any longer. We saw Bo ‘friend-zone” Dyson in 4×11 and I was worried that we would get the same with Lauren, but instead we got the scene in 4×12 with Lauren declaring that everything she’s done has been for Bo and Bo admitting that she chose Lauren but got her heart broken. And goodness me, the way they look at each other before Rainer walks in (I’m a straight female but those two, their chemistry is just…anyway moving on) Plus the necklace and the differences in the Bo/Dyson kiss and the Bo/Lauren kiss in 4×13
        I’m sure Dyson and Tamsin fans could probably argue against my position, but I’m sticking with it. And it felt like they were pushing Dyson and Tamsin as a pairing for next season. Which is actually what I thought they were doing in season 3 before they started with the whole Bo/Tamsin thing.

        Just some rushed and random musings on season 4. Look forward to hearing the podcast, you guys do such a great job of analysing and dissecting the show and its characters.

  3. Season 4 of Lost Girl to me as a whole was by far the weakest and most poor executed season of Lost Girl to date. This season started out with some neat ideas and the whole idea with Bo not remembering everything about what happen when she was adducted at the end of season 3 was neat to see play out but after the reveal of Rainer aka the wonderer this season went down hill fast. Now that not to say every episode in season 4 was bad because there were some good ones that explored characters past along with giving us some good story arcs as well but over all this season could have ended on the episode Destiny Child and it would have been a good finale for me. If I had to pick my two favorite arcs in season 4 it would go to Kenzi arc and Lauren arc but I for one was not a fan on how Kenzi arc ended and Hope for Ksenia Solo return for season 5.

  4. Well, I was thinking about it and re-watching eps. And when Dyson tells Kenzi in S4 E7 – La Fae Epoque – that it felt good to be sitting around waiting to be rescued for once. I remembered in you program about that ep that you all had noticed it too. Dyson (and even Kenzi at times) was constantly needing to be rescued. While Lauren seems to be the one coming up with the tech/science of the rescue. Finally in ep 13 of Season 4 the doc needs to be rescued and gets rescued by Bo but she still comes up with a BIG save… by grabbing the “Twig of Zamora” from Massimo’s pocket. And one other time when she was being choked by the dumb kid in S3 E10 – “Delinquents”, she still had enough knowledge to stay alive long enough for Bo (and eventually Dyson) to get there. But it always seems that even when Doc is in need of rescuing, she either doesn’t get it and finds a way out for herself or she won’t/can’t break down and have those tender moments with Bo. Like at the end of “La Fae Epoque” when the gang is all round and Bo tells Dyson he is being quiet. This season – Season 5 – I’d like to see Lauren and Bo actually have those moments… at least one or two this season… and a bit more loving moments like Dyson got in Season 4. Just my thoughts. I guess that’s why I love Fan Fiction… because there we get those tender moments and long talks and…. and… yes, I will say it… Doccubus sex. 🙂

  5. I liked that the show tried something different this season, though I definitely thought that the results varied from episode to episode. I tend to enjoy serial stories over episodic ones, but – especially for a show with only 13 episodes – the writing needs to be tight and consistent in order to properly keep the story in check. I felt like Lost Girl may have either taken on too much story or simply didn’t pace it right (probably a little of both.)

    That said, I thought there were some great moments (loved the Kenzi/Hale/Dyson dance scene and the car wash scene) and some great episodes (“Turn to Stone” and “La Fae Epoque” are particular favorites). I also loved Crystal – LIEEEBS! – and liked seeing different characters being paired together: Kenzi and Tamsin; Lauren and Evony; Kenzi, Lauren, and Dyson (more please!); and the more friendly banter between Lauren and Dyson. But I really missed the whole gang hanging out together, the Bo and Kenzi moments, and the Bo and Lauren let’s-just-stare-into-each-other’s-eyes moments (because you know they’re never actually going to have that talk. Please prove me wrong next season, writers!) And then there was Hale, whose absence I will just plain miss. (I know Kenzi will be back soon, so I don’t feel her loss like I do Hale’s.)

    Similar to a lot of people, I was disappointed in the Wanderer story-line and thought Rainer was just plain uninteresting. I’m definitely on the bandwagon that’s hoping that Rainer turns out to be part of some shadow plan and that he turns out to be a bad guy – or, at least, one of Papaya Horse’s minions. I think it would help redeem that story arc.

  6. Wow thoughts on season 4 …so many .. soooo many … but since i am not that articulate.. just listing down a few –

    — Lost Plot – The first half or should i say right upto epi 9 ..the show did look like one major work of lost plots … i may be the only one but i really liked the season opener.. In memoriam and felt that the memory loss plot was nicely put to play epi 1 .. but thereafter everything looked weird and characters/storyline were highly inconsistent

    — What the..Bo – Dark Bo ..really? Where is the power.. where is that rage.. honestly i found nothing impressive in Season 4 version of Bo .. .. she really was nothing like a hero .. even if a dark one.. Dyson found her .. Lauren helped her .. Kenzi saved her/everyone with her sacrifice ..what exactly did Bo do?

    — Fae of the week – If i am not wrong.. logically there were three Fae of the Weeks? The jumpee / The opera singer / The mermaid … i really liked the premise of all three .. but since the storyline was so patchy and the plot and Bo both so lost.. they did not exactly shine thru ..!

    — Offscreening key moments — Tamsin returning to Slamsin form … Tamsin in Valhalla…Kenzi shadow thief training ..Crystal -Lauren resolution …..soo soo annoyed about all of these ..!

    — Lack of Doccubus communication and intimacy – I am a Doccubus fan and this is something i wanted to say .. that annoyed me greatly .. .. why do Doccubus not talk? Everyone can talk ..for eg. Bo talked to Tam in 4×09 and 4×13 .. Bo talked to Dyson at the bar in 4×11 4×03 and other epis.. then why not Bo and Lauren? Also where did all the SEXY TIMES go .. no love scene at all in the entire season (and dont say 4×07 ..coz as the joke goes..that was not Lauren ..rofl)

    Having said all this.. also want to give a huge shout out to Emily Andras for everything Zoie Palmer and Ksenia Solo this season.. they were superb .. mindblowing and absolutely awesome! A request.. please fix Bo .. i love Anna Silk ..and dont want to dislike Bo ..just for her sake.. and also please give Rachel Skarsten consistent screentime.. she is fab in the season!

    1. I too am disappointed by the messy plot, loose ends, RainerWTF… I liked Kenzi’s, Trick´s, Tamsin’s and Lauren’s arcs a lot -I’m sûre Kenzi will be back somehow- but found Dyson’s arc quite inexistent, as usual, and Bo’s sooo weak and out of character on the whole: she doesn’t decide anything. The worst, IMO, is that the characters interact so little. I dont feel involved.
      Doccubus wise -I love them!-, I miss Bo-Lauren real moments, and I don’t like it when Lauren says “I’m yours”: she’s already said she did everything for Bo, and now I feel like she is submitting to Bo whereas she’d always been Bo’s equal in théir relationship. (oh and I find that necklace plain ugly!)
      On the bright side, I loved some épisodes where they pushed the boundaries. Ups and down all season long.
      Thanks for your podcast,, so much fun and insight

  7. i feel this season should’ve ended on Destiny’s Child as the finale which would’ve given the writers more time to flesh out the following events. I think everything was going great and linear right up to that moment.

    Waves would have been a great season opener for season 5. I also think that if Rainer was Bo’s brother from her father’s side, or mother even, his character would’ve had more of a pull and would also explain why Bo would choose him and staying on the train over rejoining everyone off the train. Which would’ve made his whole “written out of existence” storyline even more impactful as well as his character.

    However since they went the love interest route it would have been better if they made it more obvious that the marks were just the manipulation of the Parypis. I think a major issue this season was that the dialogue didn’t clarify a lot of the things that were hidden near the end especially in Origin. I feel a lot was left for viewers to sort out for themselves.

    Now that i look back at season 4 i think it was a great storyline in summary however execution was TERRIBLY executed lol. Also the Una Mens didn’t do much against Bo as a force of conflict which was also a huge let down. Would’ve been SOOOO much sweeter if this season was split into season 4 & 5 with slower story telling over a total of 26 episodes.

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