Half Pint: Trick vs. Giles and Hale vs. ??? — Episode 46

Trick in Let the Dark Times Roll
As part of our ongoing series of discussions about parallels that might be made between Lost Girl and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, we discuss how Trick serves a similar role on Lost Girl as Giles does on Buffy. We also discuss that unlike the other original characters Hale lacks a clear parallel character on Buffy. But we do suggest that he shares quite a bit in common with a character from another show within the Buffyverse.

Trick vs. Giles

Mentor/Father Figure to Main Character & Others
  • Repository of knowledge about demons/Fae, weapons
  • Explains things with visual aids!
  • Trick preparing Bo for her Dawning very reminiscent of Giles training Buffy in the early seasons
  • Trick is a blood relative while Giles is just a father figure, though Giles was never as sinister as Trick
Dark Past
  • Giles’ as angry, dark magic, hates the world teenager/young adult
  • Trick as dictator
  • Death of a woman they loved (Jenny Calendar, Isabeau), visions of them used against them by an enemy (Drusilla, The Garuda)
Personality & Characterization
  • Similar dry sense of humor, secretive (though Giles much less so)
  • Otherwise, very different — Trick is very manipulative and looks out for himself first and foremost much of the time, whereas Giles is much more a protector of others
  • Giles lacks Trick’s political clout

Hale in End of a Line

Hale vs. ???

  • No clear analogous character on Buffy to Stephanie (no characters with a background or storylines similar to Hale’s, no character has similar relationships)
  • Oz is the closest comparison we can think of based upon their laid-back personalities, dating the main character’s best friend, and lack of a close relationship with the main character
Lorne from Angel
  • Singing as weapon, power involves song
  • Outsider from the family, reject traditional family life, both do not look down upon humans as their kin do
  • More pacifist than most of the other characters but will fight when necessary
  • Confidant to the Angel character, though Hale is Dyson’s buddy while Lorne is more of Angel’s counselor
  • Sharp dressers, though Lorne is far more flamboyant both in dress and personality
Gladys Witham from Bomb Girls
  • Because Kris can’t help herself, she has to point out that Hale and Gladys Witham share very similar backgrounds
  • Both come from affluent, traditional families and reject their stuffiness and snobbery
  • Non-idle rich
  • Political idealists

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2 Replies to “Half Pint: Trick vs. Giles and Hale vs. ??? — Episode 46

  1. I could work up a couple of comparison points between Hale and Xander. Xander is a sidekick to the main muscle. Xander sometimes fails to act positively on his crushes. Xander is 100% loyal.

    1. I can see those comparisons between Hale and Xander. But I guess for me Kenzi is such the Xander of Lost Girl (her humor, her humanness, being “the heart” of the group) I didn’t think to compare the two.

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