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Lost Girl Found (Link Roundup): March 30, 2014

March 25, 2014 by Drinks at The Dal

Link Roundup
Here’s a collection of links that might be of interest to Lost Girl fans that we stumbled upon this week.

Season 4 DVDs and Blu-ray Release Date Announced

Funimation has announced a release date of June 24 for the Lost Girl Season 4 DVDs and Blu-ray. The extras will be:

  • Cast Roundtable: Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes
  • Lost Girl: Inside Look at Season 4
  • Lost Girl Panel at San Diego Comic-Con
  • Lost Girl Panel at New York Comic Con


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Recaps and Reviews of “End of a Line”

Convention Appearance Announcements

  • Paul Amos and Rachel Skarsten at Motor City Comic Con 2014



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