Season 4 Review: Bo — Episode 47

Bo at grave in Dark Horse

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Our Season 4 review begins with a discussion of Bo. Bo’s character arc in Season 4 took a darker turn with Bo doing some downright unlikeable things. We discuss how Bo’s memory loss at the beginning of the season affects her, her eschewing her friends’ assistance, and her evolving relationship with Dyson and Lauren. We’re joined by guest Melanie Killingsworth who is a writer and filmmaker who writes about television, including Lost Girl, at mehlsbells and at TVquila, and you can follow her on Twitter @mehlsbells.

This episode is the first part of our Season 4 review. Listen to part 2 of our review about the rest of the main characters’ arcs and part 3 about the Big Bads and themes.

Character Arc

Bo was separate from the gang, not just physically, but emotionally too, and it just didn’t feel right. – Amy

  • A lot of fans expressed disappointment and frustration with Bo’s character arc in Season 4
    • All her bad qualities, dialed up to 11 (thoughtlessness, selfishness, tendency to flip flop from one romantic partner to another, anger when people disagree with her)
    • Melanie thought the choice was interesting because Anna Silk is so instantly likeable and the show has never really asked the audience to question Bo’s actions even when they weren’t great. The fact that the writers used to guy to explore Bo’s bad qualities may rub some people the wrong way.
  • Feeling helpless, out of control due to memory wipe
    • Bo is exhibiting signs of post-concussive syndrome, and the show mentions Bo has “Wanderer PTSD” in “Groundhog Fae.”
    • Extensive memory loss amongst main characters may have prolonged Bo’s acknowledgment her “Wanderer PTSD.”
  • Rift with friends over Rainer
    • Stephanie felt like she understood why Bo was acting badly at the beginning of the season because of the trauma of not remembering. However, she did not understand Bo’s motivations in regards to Rainer.
    • Kris thinks that the show should have resolved the Rainer situation more clearly.
    • Melanie points out that the handprints on Bo and Rainer suggest that she and perhaps Rainer too was being controlled somehow, but she agrees that the show could have been more clear about their effect.
Bo Is a Hero?

What the..Bo – Dark Bo ..really? Where is the power.. where is that rage.. honestly i found nothing impressive in Season 4 version of Bo .. .. she really was nothing like a hero .. even if a dark one.. Dyson found her .. Lauren helped her .. Kenzi saved her/everyone with her sacrifice ..what exactly did Bo do? – maverick

  • Melanie agrees with maverick that Bo wasn’t really a hero this season.
  • Stephanie thought she still had heroic moments in Season 4, but she certainly wasn’t the hero we expect her to be.
  • Kris says that Bo was trying to resolve her own missing time, and while Melanie agrees she points out that Bo took action toward that goal in very unheroic ways, such as ignoring her friends.
  • Stephanie says she doesn’t mind Bo getting help from other people, and she thinks that Season 4 really emphasized the important of Bo working with her friends as a team. When she tried to go it alone, bad things happened.

Bo, Lauren & Dyson in Destiny's Child

The Triangle

  • Kris thinks the most significant movement on the triangle storyline had nothing to do with Bo, but rather Dyson and Lauren coming to respect each other.
  • Melanie agrees. Dyson has always been the power player, but she thinks that Season 4 really made them equal potential partners for Bo. Like Stephanie, she wonders if the show might be heading toward an open relationship in which Bo is partnered with both of them.
  • Annie was frustrated that Bo said that she couldn’t choose in “Destiny’s Child,” but she liked that both Lauren and Dyson took their own journeys apart from Bo this season.
Bo’s Relationships with Dyson & Lauren
  • Melanie felt like Bo used both Dyson and Lauren in Season 4, Dyson physically and Lauren emotionally.
  • Stephanie feels like Bo was more naive and short-sighted when reuniting with Lauren rather than treating her poorly. However, Melanie thinks that Bo laying down an ultimatum was treating Lauren poorly.
  • Kris thinks that Bo perhaps reacted so strongly to Lauren staying with The Dark because she was taking out her own confusion and frustration about her alliance on Lauren.
End to the (This) Triangle?
  • Bo seems to say to Dyson in “End of the Line” that she doesn’t love him anymore. Does that still stand now that Rainer is gone?
  • Melanie thinks that she says that to Dyson because she is so firmly with Rainer in that moment. She also thinks that statement won’t stand because the writers aren’t ready to give up the Triangle yet.
  • While Stephanie agrees that she thinks the writers aren’t ready to give up on the Triangle, Bo’s confrontation in “Origin” with Lauren makes her question if Bo might have meant it. If Bo’s almost declaration of not being in love with Dyson was due to her relationship with Rainer, shouldn’t she have had a similar conversation with Lauren? Also, in the finale when Dyson tells Bo that he loves her, she doesn’t say that she loves him back.
  • Annie ultimately wants everyone to respect each other and for Bo not to be so indecisive.

With the season finale I felt like they were finally, maybe, hopefully putting an end to the triangle and thank heavens for that. I think it hurts the show and the charcters to have this triangle drawn out any longer. We saw Bo ‘friend-zone” Dyson in 4×11 and I was worried that we would get the same with Lauren, but instead we got the scene in 4×12 with Lauren declaring that everything she’s done has been for Bo and Bo admitting that she chose Lauren but got her heart broken….Plus the necklace and the differences in the Bo/Dyson kiss and the Bo/Lauren kiss in 4×13. – Jess

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3 Replies to “Season 4 Review: Bo — Episode 47

  1. One word or maybe more: Bo WTF ?! I think Rainer is the cause of Bo’s difficulties … in this season she’s more lost than in season one !!

  2. Another great, thought provoking episode. Few thoughts:
    1. Bo did seem to be suffering from PTSD in the initial episodes when she does not have her memory, but that does not explain her continued strange behavior after retrieving her memories. Also, I am reminded of the scene in 4×04 when Bo returns home and the ignus rim that protects against malicious Fae won’t let her enter. I don’t believe Kenzi set it up wrong but rather that something is not right with Bo and that it is linked to the glowing handprint, which would also help explain her continued strange behavior up until she binds with Rainer and opens the Hel Mouth.

    2. Re: the triangle, agree that Dyson had the edge in S1 & S2, Lauren had the edge in S3, and now it does feel like more of a tossup though I still think (hope?) Lauren has the edge, but I could totally see a poly or open relationship in the cards for Bo. Agree that in S4 she treats both Dyson and Lauren poorly: Dyson as a sex toy to release her frustration and Lauren because she won’t do what Bo wants. Seriously, why would Lauren being with the Dark have any impact on a relationship with Bo, who is also Dark, other than in Bo’s head? And Bo went a long way from S1 where she told Lauren “no one owns you” to S4 where she offers to claim (own) Lauren.

    Was also a bit confused by Bo’s sudden inability to choose in 4×09 since she tells Lauren in 4×07 that “there is nothing to go back to” after Flora dies, and in 4×12 when she tells Lauren “I chose you and you broke my heart.” Also, is she ever going to forgive Dyson for what happened with the Norn? Bo tells Kenzi & Tamsin that things weren’t perfect with Dyson or Lauren (uhm, hello, relationships are never perfect) b/c Dyson gave his love away and Lauren is cozy with the Morrigan (which, honestly, I think Bo uses to ignore their much bigger relationship issues).

    While I’m not sure if Bo really meant her insinuation to Dyson that she wasn’t in love with him any more (whammy? no whammy?), her reaction to Dyson and Lauren are really different. With Dyson, it felt like she was trying to let him down gently while with Lauren she seemed to want to have a fight…and she doesn’t say anything about her current feelings for her, though I swear if it weren’t for Rainer’s foresight (all’s fair in love and war) there would have been a Doccubus kiss. Even when Dyson swears his fealty, Bo accepts him as her equal but it doesn’t really feel romantic on her end, as opposed to when she goes to rescue Lauren, puts on the necklace (what does that represent?), and they end up kissing.


    1. I could not agree more about S4. Once Bo found the necklace, assumed they would reconcile and Lauren choosing to stay with the Dark, Bo was furious with Lauren. Dyson was her toy but Lauren was her love, who wasn’t cooperating. lol I cringe every time I watch Origin because their “everything I do is for you scene is brutal. When Rainer walks up, Lauren looked like she was about to kiss Bo or say something nasty. But we will never know because that waste of a character ruined the moment.

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