Emerald City Comic Con 2014 Report — Episode 50

Kris Holden-Ried and Zoie Palmer at ECCC 2014
Annie had the opportunity to attend Emerald City Comic Con 2014 where Zoie Palmer and Kris Holden-Ried were guests. She talks about her experience at the con, including interacting with Kris and Zoie, cosplaying as part of a trio of Zoie Palmer characters, and meeting other awesome Lost Girl fans.

Kris and Zoie

  • Talked to Zoie about her being cast opposite Ryan Robbins in Cold Blooded, she said she got the script and it just worked out
  • Asked Kris and Zoie how it would be having Michael Grassi as a new showrunner, said they were looking forward to it
  • Joked with Zoie about more on-screen Doccubus sex in Season 5
Zoie Palmer with her cosplayers at ECCC 2014 Annie with Zoie Palmer at ECCC 2014

Zoie Palmer Cosplay Trio

  • It was originally DoccubusDani‘s idea to cosplay as Patsy Sewer from Instant Star. She had gotten her Patsy Sewer/Lauren inspired tattoo. Within a few minutes Morena joined the conversation and said she’d cosplay Frances Jane from Cold Blooded. I joined in and said I’s cosplay Carley Greig in The Guard.
  • We were so nervous to go up to Zoie. She saw Morena first and was amazed and asked if she could take a pic. Then she took a pic of all of us and said she was honored and flattered.
  • Dani had planned to get Zoie to sign under her Patsy/Lauren tattoo and then tattooed Zoie’s autograph on Friday night. Zoie took a pick of the tat and later tweeted it.

Kris Holden-Ried and Zoie Palmer at ECCC 2014

Highlights of the Q&A

  • Kris couch flipping to demonstrate stunts, walking slowly to demonstrate try to be a wolf while injured with a slipped disc
  • The chi sucking demonstration with Kris being overly dramatic again!
  • The young boy asking what their favorite movie was, dressed as Inigo Montoya, Zoie said it was The Princess Bride
  • I had to ask my silly question about “La Fae Epoque” and what it was like filming the sex scenes

If you want to view all the panels from ECCC, you can purchase a pass for $14.95.


  • Michelle Sheppard — drew a gorgeous Lauren drawing
  • Matt Stevens — Matt did a gorgeous Lost Girl piece of the Season 1 cast promo shots against the Toronto skyline, etched metal on a foam core board

Emerald City Comic Con was one of the best cons Annie has ever been to, not just for the love that Kris and Zoie show their fans, but for the comradeship between old and new friends.

Zoie Palmer at ECCC 2014

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