Season 5 Wishlist — Episode 51

Kenzi and Hale kissing in End of a Line
Can we get a bit more light in here? Thanks.

Production of Season 5 of Lost Girl is underway, and we discuss our top five wishes for the upcoming season. To no one’s surprise, Annie talks a lot about Doccubus, Kris mentions Crystal and Bo, and Stephanie gets all analytical. We also share wishes from listeners’ wishlists.

Understood Wishes

“Bring Kenzi and Hale back” are understood but not stated wishes on our wishlists. We all would love to see these two characters return in Season 5, but we’re not going to talk about them much because we’re pretty sure that Kenzi is going to come back and that unfortunately Hale isn’t. Sadness.

Stephanie’s Wishlist

1. Brighter lighting

2. More Fae-of-the-week, less serial storytelling

3. End of Bo’s indecisiveness in regards to The Triangle

4. More POC characters in important, not stereotyped roles

Over the seasons, Lost Girl has had fewer and fewer characters played by people of color in prominent, non-stereotyped roles. It’s an unfortunate trend for sci-fi and fantasy shows to have very few people of color as cast members.

5. A threesome involving a gender configuration BESIDES one man and two women

No, the post-event threesome in “La Fae Époque” does not count because Bo was really Dyson, so it was still one man and two women. By extension, both Stephanie and Annie would love to see more male/male pairings on the show. (She doesn’t think the show would ever do it, but Stephanie’s secret desire is that they introduce a male lover from Dyson’s past as a guest star in one episode.)

Kris’s Wishlist

1. Bring Crystal back

2. More goofy, campy delightfulness

3. No more alienation from Bo

4. Character moments! Lots of them!

Kris would watch an entire show of just character moments. Lost Girl has great characters, and we all love when we get great character moments.

5. More Bo & Kenzi time

Annie’s Wishlist

1. On-screen Doccubus sex

2. Honest conversations between Bo and Lauren

3. Quick resolution of the Papaya Horse storyline

Annie would like the Pyrippus storyline to resolve quickly to answer lingering questions from Season 4 and so that the show can return to more Fae-of-the-week type of episodes.

4. Bo treating both Lauren & Dyson as equals

Annie liked where The Triangle ended at the end of Season 4. She likes that both Lauren and Dyson really seem to be equals at this point, and she wants to see Bo continue treating them that way.

5. Further development of Lauren vs. the Fae storyline

Common Listener Wishes




“Old School” Kenzi & Bo



Unique Listener Wishes

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9 Replies to “Season 5 Wishlist — Episode 51

  1. “My horse is a father”…first time tuning into the live podcast and I was not disappointed 🙂

    Agreed with all the wishes that were brought up. They definitely need to fix the lighting situation, it was way too dark in a lot of scenes and even when we got lighter scenes it wasn’t the most flattereing lighting. No doubt this is a very good looking group of people but the lighting really didn’t do them any favours this year.

    I would like to see them pick a narrative structure and stick with it. We’ve seen them try different structures with varying degrees of success, this season aimed to be more seralised and I don’t think it worked. They need to get back to the “Fae of the Week” and put the focus back on the characters. As you guys noted the show is at its best when we get character driven stories, that was severely lacking this season, we got some good character moments scattered through out but not nearly enough. The show has bulit an amazing world with a group of really interesting characters, but it’s been four seasons and I feel the world and charcters remain a mystery to us. There is so much story-telling potential there and I hope we get to see it. Especially where the characters back stories are concerned. Dyson, Trick and Tamsin have been around forever. I would like to see more flashbacks to their pasts, especially Tamsin who we don’t really know a great deal about. I also think it would be fun to see more recent flashbacks ie Dyson and Trick in the 60’s, I think that has the potential for some fun. Obviously Lauren also has alot of back story to tell

    I’d like to see a “Big Bad” that is actually bad and feels like a real threat to the group. I loved the introduction of the Una Mens, I thought that set up some really exciting stories especially what it meant for Kenzi and Lauren. And Trick getting named as temporary Ash. Ultimately those stories didn’t go anywhere and after some empty threats the Una Mens were pretty easily dispatched. And then we ended up with Massimo, who could have also been a pretty good “big bad” but he wasn’t really given much time and he didn’t really pose too much of a threat. I know he killed Hale, but that always felt like more of a way to write Hale out as opposed to making Massimo look like a threat to the group.

    Musical Episode

    And hopefully season 5 shows that the writers do have a plan and season 4 wasn’t just a bunch of WTF.

  2. I would also like to know what kind of Fae Flora was… it was hinted that she had/owned then lost her own forest… was she a wood nymph, a tree shifter, a wolf shifter? And what kind of Shifter was Angel… Dyson at the end of La Fae Epoque said Angel was a fellow shifter… now does that mean she was a wolf shifter or was she actually another kind of shifter? And when Flora and Dyson were fighting… Flora had claws like a wolf or some sort of prey animal… I would just love to see more of Flora’s history and I would love to see Zoie back as Flora… it could happen… Lauren and Flora lived enough years apart that Flora could have come back as human. Maybe. Just an idea.

    1. They said Flora was a “Leshy Fae.” I think it’s interesting that they are classically male given that there’s a big gender switch with Bo and Dyson in this episode.

  3. More sex between Bo and Lauren… I was thinking about it… not once did we see any sex with Bo and Lauren in season 4 (and no, the Flora/Dyson sex scene does not count) but plenty with Bo and Dyson… and in season 3 which was supposed to be about Bo and Lauren’s relationship we still saw some with Bo and Dyson… I think every season, the wolfboy got some sort of sex… and I don’t think it is right that they showed lots of sex between Dyson and Ciara but only one sex scene with Bo and Lauren in season 2… I really wish that Lauren and Bo had been at least naked and under the covers for their talk in Lachlan’s Gambit… I think that would have at least implied that Lauren wanted to have sex with Bo like she was explaining in their talk… just my opinion, I guess. Oh, and just my thoughts… they don’t have to show the sex, but at least start it and show the afterglow… and that would be a good place to have their talks… Once again… just my opinion… 🙂

    1. Nope. No on-screen Doccubus sex in Season 4, like Annie talked about, since the only sex scene was really Bo as Dyson and Flora, not Bo and Lauren. Lauren got sex scenes with Crystal and The Morrigan this year, but only implied off-screen sex with Bo in “Let the Dark Times Roll.” So, yeah, that’s high on a lot of Doccubus shippers’ lists for Season 5.

  4. I want ANSWERS. There are so many dangling plot threads that my head spins.

    I want a strong confident darker Kenzi who can kick ass just like Bo.

    I want a new, more grown up wardrobe for Kenzi. Enough with the goth.

    I want the Triangle to DIE !!! Enough with that plot line

    I want Bo to move out of the Crack-Shack and into something dark and sexy … Like Lauren’s new condo.

    I want Dyson and a Tamsin to have sexy times … ON SCREEN

    I want Lauren to have her own car .. Like a sexy black Jaguar

    I want the Morrigan to stay human and for her to have lots of scenes with Lauren

    I want season 5 to be the best season EVER

    I want a season 6

  5. Uhmm Answers!!! And i wanna know why tamsin is happy and who she really likes
    No more complex love triangle and Bo finally get to choose someone
    Love interest for everybody

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