Half Pint: Necklaces — Episode 52

Lauren's light fae pendant in Vexed
Lauren’s Light Fae pendant has always been an important symbol on Lost Girl for Lauren’s servitude to The Ash. However, she left the Fae and took off the pendant in Season 3 and has not worn it since. Season 4 introduced another significant necklace, a gift from Lauren to Bo. We discuss how Bo’s necklace serves as an interesting counterpoint to Lauren’s necklace as well as talk about a couple other meaningful necklaces on the show.

Lauren’s Light Fae Pendant

  • Symbol of her indentured servitude
  • Chooses to put it on but she is manipulated both times
  • Bo pulls it off her (and then throws it back at her) in “Vexed”
  • Lauren takes it off and throws it at Lachlan in “Can’t See the Fae-rest”
  • Lauren re-swears herself to the Light in “Masks”
  • Lauren takes it off when she leaves with Taft in “Adventures in Fae-bysitting”
  • Bo finds the discarded necklace in “Hail, Hale”
  • What has happened to the necklace, we wonder.

Bo wearing the labrys necklace in Dark Horse

Bo’s Labrys Necklace

  • Bo finds it in “Turn to Stone” (Sorry, it wasn’t an engagement ring, Annie) with the note “For giving me the freedom to love and I do”
  • Interesting counterpoint to Lauren’s Light Fae pendant, which symbolized captivity
  • Bo chooses to put on Lauren’s necklace, presumably as a symbolic gesture that she still loves her
  • Compliment to Lauren telling Bo freely, “I’m yours”?
  • Copies of the necklace are available for purchase with all proceeds benefiting the Because I Am a Girl initiative
  • Labrys: double-headed axe symbolic of lesbianism and women’s strength and power within the Wiccan/goddess movement

Kenzi wearing Bo's symbol in The Ceremony

Other Significant Necklaces

  • Kenzi is wearing Bo’s symbol as a necklace in “The Ceremony”
  • Bo has Kenzi’s engagement ring on a chain in “Dark Horse”

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8 Replies to “Half Pint: Necklaces — Episode 52

  1. ‘Spoiler’ photo showing Anna at the set wearing the necklace hopefully means something good for Doccubus in S5. Id love to have that *lab necklace too.

  2. Loved this one, y’all. And just received my magical vagina necklace in the mail yesterday! It was a confluence of necklace events.

    1. Woo! Symbolic vaginas! I’m actually wondering what with the labrys and her “Thank goddess” comment if Lauren might not be pagan…

  3. regarding Stephanie’s comment that the necklace Lauren gave to/got for Bo is “so so gay”, I’d like to extra doubletriplequadruple point out that it’s what a straight white male thinks a necklace a lesbian would give her lover looks like (given that it was designed by JF….)… or thinks what a necklace a lesbian fan base would appreciate looks like. THAT’s why it looks so super stereotypical imho.
    cause seriously that necklace could have had ANY design, as long as Lauren gave it to Bo on the show as she did, it would have sold like sliced bread with the lesbian fan base.

  4. Thanks for another good podcast. I really am enjoying the shows.

    In regards to the Freedom to Love necklace, I feel both of you danced around the intended meaning of the necklace. I’m not sure if you were trying to seem to be unbiased about its meaning, or just was hoping the meaning was a bland generic gesture on Lauren and Bo’s part.

    The show made a big deal about the necklace. In the most critical time of the season finally when Bo was about to go up against The Pyripiss, her father, Bo puts the necklace on and goes and rescues Lauren instead. The necklace obviously was a gesture of love and commitment. Bo’s wearing the necklace when rescuing Lauren, and still wearing it weeks later at Kenzi’s grave shows that Bo has finally committed to Lauren. Bo is still a Succubus, but her heart belongs to Lauren.

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you’re enjoying the podcast.

      I don’t think we were trying to seem unbiased or hoping that it was a generic gesture. I think it was a very strong gesture on both Bo and Lauren’s part — Lauren in the giving and Bo in the wearing. But we obviously haven’t seen where their relationship is going in Season 5. I think we both suspect that Bo and Lauren are going to be a couple again next season, but we considered other options and didn’t say anything specific just because we don’t know. But obviously we’ll see when Season 5 starts!

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