Lost Girl Fanfic & Fanvids — Episode 54

FauxKenzi in Faes Wide Shut
Inari is really getting into this Denzi fanfic

Fanfiction and fanvids are great ways for fans to engage with TV shows both to offer their own take on a scene or a character or to just show their appreciation. We share some of our favorite fanfic and fanvids as well as listener’s favorites. Please share links to your favorites in the comments!


Annie’s Favorites

Listener Favorites: Doccubus

Stories that were recommended the most are starred**

  • Doccubus21
  • Doccubuspower
  • hbomba
  • Ladyrocks
  • LostGirlz
  • somewhataddicted
  • sydney563
    • somewhataddicted & Sydney563’s fanclub

Listener Favorites: Valkubus

  • Asunder by UberFaenatic
  • The Distance Between Us by dreiser
  • The Lies You Fake by Wayward Dreamer

Listener Favorites: Kenzi

Listener Favorites: CopDoc

Kenzi, Bo, and Saskia in The Mourning After
Bo: “They do know she’s my mom, right?”


Stephanie’s Picks

Kris’s Picks

Annie’s Picks

Listener Favorites

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6 Replies to “Lost Girl Fanfic & Fanvids — Episode 54

  1. I only found my way to fan fiction through Lost Girl after season 3; that season left me missing all the characters because I felt like I just didn’t get to spend any time with the characters. I literally missed them. And, I had no idea that I actually did have a position on character pairings until I began reading fan fiction. And, I’ve read every single one of the Doccubus stories you have linked. But I have to say that gt2012 is a relatively new writer on this scene, and her (?) stories are incredibly well-thought, creative, well-paced, and balanced in terms of characterizations (e.g., Bo’s characterization does not suffer in light of Lauren’s characterization; I’ve found often that a writer’s character bias is on display and one of the two seems more one-dimensional but not so in gt2012’s stories!). But, I will read anything that Rin1010 and sydney563 shares with this fandom. And, Rainbowwriters cannot be underestimated either. —I began reading very hesitantly, but now I’m hooked!

    As far as the fanvids, I’m also a fan of them. I agree with your lists, my favorites also falling into them. The Toucha Toucha vid and the Lauren injector/Mission Impossible vids were the first I stumbled upon and they remain at the top of my list. But I do love CatAtak12’s Something I Need fan vid because it’s warm and fuzzy about all the love for all the cast.

    Thanks for another great episode!

  2. Thanks for all the wonderful podcasts! There was one fanvid I didn’t see mentioned or listed.
    Red Dress- Lost Girl by hay1ock is by far my favorite. It’s the whole cast and it’s done to a remix of tv on the radio by Glitch Mob. Drinks at the Dal is an awesome place to hang out. Thanks again.

  3. Hello,greeting from myanmar!
    Can anyone tell me where to read dark paradise by sword draconis113..
    When i search from fanfiction.net,i can see only page isnt found 🙁
    Pls.help me really want to reread again

    1. I feel your pain. I have been searching to reread this one too. Plus a couple of other ones I have recently read. If I have any luck I will let you know.

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